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Title Behavioral medicine and women : a comprehensive handbook / edited by Elaine A. Blechman, Kelly D. Brownell ; forewords by W. Stewart Agras, Bonnie R. Strickland.
Imprint New York : Guilford Press, c1998.

Subject Women -- Health and hygiene -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Women -- Psychology -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Medicine and psychology -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Women's Health.
Behavioral Medicine.
Women -- psychology.
Alt Name Blechman, Elaine A.
Brownell, Kelly D.
Add Title Behavioral medicine & women
Description xxxiii, 876 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 1572302186
OCLC # 37444012
Table of Contents
ILife Course Perspectives 
 1Section Editors' Overview / Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Julia A. Graber3
 2Brain and Behavior Development / Bryan T. Woods, Leslie D. Rosenstein11
 3Infancy / Evelyn B. Thoman20
 4Maternal Cocaine Use and Fetal Development / Tiffany Field27
 5Maternal Alcohol Use and Fetal Development / Heather Carmichael Olson31
 6Childhood: Gender Role Development / Joel Szkrybalo, Diane N. Ruble39
 7Adolescence / Anne C. Petersen45
 8Puberty / Julia A. Graber, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn51
 9Adolescent Sexuality / Susan G. Millstein, Bonnie L. Halpern-Felsher59
 10Teenage and Adolescent Pregnancy / Janet B. Hardy64
 11Parenting / Amy W. Helstrom, Elaine A. Blechman70
 12Parenting of Adults with Mental Retardation / Marsha Mailick Seltzer75
 13Midlife / Sandra P. Thomas81
 14Aging and Women's Life Course / Phyllis Moen87
IIStress and Coping 
 15Section Editor's Overview / Elaine A. Blechman95
 16Attachment / Steven R. H. Beach103
 17Marital Quality / Frank D. Fincham108
 18Marital Conflict / K. Daniel O'Leary113
 19Social Support / Thomas Ashby Wills118
 20Personality / H. J. Eysenck124
 21Type A Behavior Pattern / Michael R. Basso129
 22Hostility / Timothy W. Smith134
 23Achievement / Sigrid B. Gustafson139
 24Optimism / Charles S. Carver145
 25Hardiness / Salvatore R. Maddi152
 26Resilience / Margaret O'Dougherty Wright156
 27Multiple Roles / Rena L. Repetti162
 28Life Events / Helen Sweeting169
 29Social Comparison / Lisa G. Aspinwall176
 30Positive Mental Health / Carol D. Ryff183
 31Section Editor's Overview / Abby C. King191
 32HIV Prevention / Kathleen J. Sikkema198
 33HIV Prevention among Homeless Women / Joanne E. Mantell, Ezra S. Susser203
 34Breast Cancer Screening: Improving Adherence / Joni A. Mayer208
 35Breast Cancer Screening: When to Begin? / Robert M. Kaplan213
 36Osteoporosis Prevention / Heidi D. Nelson221
 37Smoking Prevention / Joel D. Killen228
 38Preventing Alcohol Problems / Jalie A. Tucker233
 39Nutrition: Diet and Disease / Robert L. Brunner, Sachiko T. St. Jeor238
 40Nutrition: Guidelines, Attitudes, and Behaviors / Robert L. Brunner, Sachiko T. St. Jeor246
 41Nutrition Education / Karen Glanz255
 42Oral Health / John W. Osborne262
 43Exercise / Patricia M. Dubbert268
 44Exercise for Adolescents / Vicki L. Douthitt274
 45Relaxation / Mary Banks Jasnoski Gregerson279
IVHealth Care Paradigms, Policies, and Settings 
 46Section Editor's Overview / Lewayne Gilchrist287
 47Health Care Policy / Margaret Edmunds292
 48Accountability / Rona L. Levy298
 49Medical Curricula and Training / Lila A. Wallis303
 50Substance Abuse and Health Care Utilization / Jacqueline Wallen309
 51School-Based Clinics / Mary Lou Balassone313
 52Worksite Nicotine Treatment / Marlene M. Maheu317
 53The Military and Health / Penny F. Pierce323
 54Access to Prenatal Care / Sarah S. Brown329
 55Self-Administered Interventions / David R. Black, Lisa A. Scott333
 56Alternative Medicine / B. Jane Cornman338
VBody Image and Substance Use 
 57Section Editor's Overview / Kelly D. Brownell345
 58Anorexia Nervosa / Mae S. Sokol, Nicola S. Gray350
 59Bulimia Nervosa / Karen Heffernan358
 60Stress and Coping in Eating Disorders / Nicholas Troop364
 61Dieting, Exercise, and Body Weight / Janet Polivy, Traci L. McFarlane369
 62Social Physique Anxiety / Robert C. Eklund374
 63Negative Body Image / James C. Rosen380
 64The Emergence of Negative Body Images / Thomas F. Cash386
 65Breast Implants / Thomas Pruzinsky392
 66Obesity / Rena R. Wing397
 67Alcoholism / Damaris J. Rohsenow402
 68Alcohol Metabolism / Enrique Baraona407
 69Drug Abuse / Mary E. McCaul414
 70Drug Abuse Treatment / Sharon Hall420
 71Cigarette Smoking / Corinne G. Husten425
VISexuality and Reproduction 
 72Section Editor's Overview / Elizabeth L. Williams433
 73Sexual Functioning / Patricia J. Morokoff440
 74Reproductive Endocrinology / Michelle P. Warren, Arneli A. Solidum447
 75Premenstrual Disorders / Jessica Motherwell McFarlane457
 76Gynecological Pain / Alcuin Wilkie, Ulrike Schmidt463
 77Sexual Abuse / Ami Laws470
 78Pregnancy and Childbirth / Christine Dunkel-Schetter, Marci Lobel475
 79Pregnancy in Women with Disabilities / Judith G. Rogers483
 80Postpartum Depression / Ian H. Gotlib489
 81Breastfeeding / Ruth A. Lawrence495
 82The Lactational Amenorrhea Method / Miriam H. Labbok501
 83Contraception / Susan A. Ballagh506
 84Abortion / Nancy E. Adler, Lauren B. Smith510
 85Reproductive Technologies / Linda C. Giudice515
 86Menopause / Katherine A. O'Hanlan520
 87Sexuality and Aging / Antonette M. Zeiss528
VIIPhysiological Disorders with Behavioral and Psychosocial Components 
 88Section Editors' Overview / Beth E. Meyerowitz, Gerdi Weidner537
 89Alzheimer's Disease: A General View / William E. Haley546
 90Alzheimer's Disease: Impact on Women / Ilene C. Siegler551
 91Arthritis: Behavioral and Psychosocial Aspects / Alex J. Zautra554
 92Arthritis: Medical Aspects / Sanford H. Roth559
 93Arthritis and Osteoporosis / Patricia A. Wisocki562
 94Asthma / Karen B. Schmaling566
 95Breast Cancer: Biobehavioral Aspects / Barbara L. Andersen570
 96Breast Cancer: Psychosocial Aspects / Julia H. Rowland577
 97Cancer: Behavioral and Psychosocial Aspects / Annette L. Stanton588
 98Cancer: Medical Aspects / Patricia A. Ganz595
 99Cardiovascular Disorders / C. David Jenkins604
 100Coronary Heart Disease / Catherine M. Stoney609
 101Diabetes: Biopsychosocial Aspects / Laurie Ruggiero615
 102Diabetes: Medical Aspects / Judith Wylie-Rosett623
 103The Endocrine System and Endocrine Disorders / David O. Norris628
 104Gastrointestinal Physiology / William E. Whitehead639
 105Gastrointestinal Syndromes and Disorders / William E. Whitehead646
 106Headache / Edward B. Blanchard654
 107HIV Infection / Jean L. Richardson659
 108Hormonal Influences on Epileptic Seizures / Marilyn Newsom664
 109Hypertension / Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller667
 110The Immune System / Henry N. Claman673
 111Immunity and Behavior / Mark L. Laudenslager676
 112Lupus / M. Karen Newell, Claire Coeshott682
 113Multiple Sclerosis / Frederick W. Foley688
 114Pain / Richard J. Bodnar695
 115Raynaud's Disease / Robert R. Freedman700
 116Respiratory Disorders / Mark H. Hermanoff706
 117Syndrome X / Phyliss D. Sholinsky713
VIIILinkages Between Behavioral, Psychosocial, and Physical Disorders 
 118Section Editor's Overview / Barbara G. Melamed723
 119Anxiety Disorders / Amy K. Bach, Risa B. Weisberg, David H. Barlow731
 120Panic Disorder / William C. Sanderson737
 121Rape and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder / Edna B. Foa742
 122Bipolar Disorders / David J. Miklowitz747
 123Depression / Peter McLean, Sheila Woody752
 124Depression and Comorbid Disorders / W. Edward Craighead, Fiona C. Vajk757
 125Depression and Acupuncture / John J. B. Allen, Rosa N. Schnyer764
 126Borderline Personality Disorder / Amy W. Wagner770
 127Schizophrenia / Richard R. J. Lewine778
 128Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Barbara G. Melamed783
 129Chronic Pain / Linda LeResche788
 130Sleep and Sleep Disorders / Suzanne L. Woodward793
 131Psychoneuroimmunology / Julienne E. Bower799
 132Stress-Related Disorders / Thomas G. Pickering806
IXGender, Culture, and Health 
 133Section Editors' Overview / Amy W. Helstrom, Elaine A. Blechman813
 134Culture and Women's Health / Marcia Westkott816
 135African-American Women's Health / Lily D. McNair, George W. Roberts821
 136Asian-American Women's Health / Amy W. Helstrom, Colleen Coffey, Priya Jorgannathan826
 137Hispanic Women and Health Care / Albert M. Woodward833
 138Native American Women and Health Care / David R. Baines839
 139Lesbian Health / Melissa J. Perry, Katherine A. O'Hanlan843
 140Physician Gender and Physician-Patient Interaction / Klea D. Bertakis849
 141What We Know About Women's Health / Elaine A. Blechman, Kelly D. Brownell, Amy W. Helstrom854