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Title Psychologists' desk reference / editors, Gerald P. Koocher, John C. Norcross, Sam S. Hill III.
Imprint New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.

Subject Clinical psychology -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Alt Name Koocher, Gerald P.
Norcross, John C., 1957-
Hill, Sam S.
Description xx, 613 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents Pt. I. Assessment and diagnosis-- Pt. II. Psychological testing-- Pt. III. Psychotherapy and treatment-- Pt. IV. Pharmacotherapy-- Pt. V. Ethical and legal issues-- Pt. VI. Forensic matters-- Pt. VII. Practice management-- Pt. VIII. Professional resources.
ISBN 0195111869 (acid-free)
OCLC # 38504308
Table of Contents
1Lifetime Prevalence of Mental Disorders in the General Population / Brian J. O'Leary, John C. Norcross3
2Mental Status Examination / Robert W. Baker, Paula T. Trzepacz6
3Improving Diagnostic and Clinical Interviewing / Rhonda S. Karg, Arthur N. Wiens11
4Clinical Purposes of the Multimodal Life History Inventory / Arnold A. Lazarus, Clifford N. Lazarus15
5Key Principles in the Assessment of Psychotherapy Outcome / Michael J. Lambert, Kara Cattani-Thompson22
6Increasing the Accuracy of Clinical Judgment (and Thereby Treatment Effectiveness) / David Faust25
7Adult Neuropsychological Assessment / Aaron Nelson, Margaret O'Connor29
8Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment / Jane Holmes Bernstein, Betsy Kammerer, Penny Prather [et al.]34
9Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Through the Life Span / Robert J. Resnick39
10Assessment of Suicidal Risk / Kenneth S. Pope, Melba J. T. Vasquez41
11Clinical Assessment of Defense Mechanisms / Phebe Cramer44
12Ego Strength and Ego Development: Assessment and Clinical Application / Le X. Hy50
13Assessment of Malingering on Psychological Measures: A Synopsis / Richard Rogers53
14Conceptualization and Assessment of Secondary Gain / Richard Rogers, Vianey R. Reinhardt57
15Identification and Assessment of Alcohol Problems / Linda C. Sobell, Mark B. Sobell62
16Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adults / William F. Flack, Jr., Terence M. Keane67
17Measures of Acculturation / Juan Carlos Gonzalez70
18Interviewing Parents / Carolyn S. Schroeder, Betty N. Gordon73
19Medical Evaluation of Children With Behavioral or Developmental Disorders / James L. Lukefahr79
20DSM-IV Multiaxial System89
21Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Scale98
22Child and Adolescent Diagnosis With DSM-IV / Stuart M. Goldman100
23Clinical Assessment of Ethnic Minority Children Using the DSM-IV / Ronn Johnson103
24Normal Medical Laboratory Values and Measurement Conversions / Gerald P. Koocher, Samuel Z. Goldhaber108
25Clinical Scales of the MMPI-2 / John R. Graham117
26Assessing MMPI-2 Profile Validity / James N. Butcher122
27Empirical Interpretation of the MMPI-2 Codetypes / James N. Butcher126
28Characteristics of High and Low Scores on the MMPI-2 Clinical Scales / John R. Graham130
29Using the MMPI-2 in Assessing Alcohol or Drug Abuse / Roger L. Greene138
30Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI-III) / Theodore Millon, Roger D. Davis142
31Thumbnail Guide to the Rorschach Inkblot Method / Barry A. Ritzler148
32Rorschach Differentiation of Schizophrenia and Affective Disorder / Irving B. Weiner151
33Measures of Children's Psychological Development / Karen Levine154
34Child Behavior Observations / Janice Ware158
35Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI) / Theodore Millon, Roger D. Davis162
36Assessing the Quality of a Psychological Testing Report / Gerald P. Koocher169
37Types of Test Scores and Their Percentile Equivalents / Thomas P. Hogan171
38Popular Psychological Tests / Pamela Brouillard176
39Sources of Information About Psychological Tests / Thomas P. Hogan181
40Publishers of Psychological and Psychoeducational Tests / John C. Norcross184
41Patients' Rights in Psychotherapy / Dorothy W. Cantor189
42Sample Psychotherapist-Patient Contract / Eric A. Harris, Bruce E. Bennett191
43Client-Therapist Compatibility / Sam S. Hill III197
44Choice of Treatment Format / John F. Clarkin199
45Compendium of Current Psychotherapy Treatment Manuals / Michael J. Lambert, Jeremy A. Chiles, Shelli R. Kesler [et al.]202
46Empirically Validated Treatments / Dianne L. Chambless209
47Thumbnail Systematic Assessment and Treatment Matching / Larry E. Beutler, Oliver B. Williams219
48Psychotherapy Treatment Plan Writing / Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr.225
49Stages of Change: Prescriptive Guidelines for Behavioral Medicine and Psychotherapy / James O. Prochaska, Carlo C. Diclemente, John C. Norcross230
50Enhancing Adherence / Mireika Kobayashi, Thomas P. Smith, John C. Norcross236
51Early Termination and Referral of Clients in Psychotherapy / Manferd D. Koch240
52Guidelines for Relapse Prevention / Lisa J. Roberts, G. Alan Marlatt243
53Play Therapy / Charles E. Schaefer248
54Child Sexual Abuse: Treatment Issues / Kathryn Kuehnle252
55Principles of Treatment With the Behaviorally Disordered Child / Esther Calzada, Arwa Aamiry, Sheila M. Eyberg257
56Psychological Interventions in Childhood Chronic Illness / Robert J. Thompson, Jr., Kathryn E. Gustafson261
57Guidelines for Conducting Adolescent Psychotherapy / Alice K. Rubenstein265
58Guidelines for Conducting Couple and Family Therapy / Jay L. Lebow269
59Treating High-Conflict Couples / Susan Heitler274
60Treatment of Marital Infidelity / Don-David Lusterman279
61Principles of Brief and Time-Effective Therapies / Brett N. Steenbarger, Simon H. Budman283
62Treatment and Management of the Suicidal Patient / Bruce Bongar287
63Crisis Intervention / Kenneth France294
64Impact of Disasters / Eric M. Vernberg, R. Enrrique Varela298
65Key Principles in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder / John F. Clarkin, Pamela A. Foelsch303
66Psychotherapy With Reluctant and Involuntary Clients / Stanley L. Brodsky306
67Treatment Matching in Substance Abuse / Carlo C. Diclemente311
68Motivational Interviewing / Theresa B. Moyers315
69Anxiety/Anger Management Training / Richard M. Suinn318
70Psychological Interventions in Adult Disease Management / Carol D. Goodheart321
71Thumbnail Guide to Medical Crisis Counseling / Irene S. Pollin, Gerald P. Koocher325
72Assessing and Treating Normative Male Alexithymia / Ronald F. Levant330
73Assessing and Treating Male Sexual Dysfunction / Joseph Lopiccolo, Lynn M. Van Male333
74Assessing and Treating Female Sexual Dysfunction / Joseph Lopiccolo, Lynn M. Van Male338
75Psychotherapy With Clients Recovering Memories of Childhood Trauma / Laura S. Brown343
76Hypnosis, Imagery, and Suggestion: Do's and Do Not's / Ray William London348
77Group Psychotherapy: An Interpersonal Approach / Victor J. Yalom353
78Assessing and Reducing Risk of Infection With the Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Michael P. Carey358
79Guidelines for Treating Women in Psychotherapy / Susan L. Williams-Quinlan362
80Assessment and Treatment of Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals / Robin A. Buhrke, Douglas C. Haldeman365
81Psychotherapy With Older Adults / Margaret Gatz, Bob G. Knight370
82Refusal Skills Training / Robert Henley Woody, Jennifer Kate Henley Woody373
83APSAC Study Guides / Jeannie Baker, Sam S. Hill III379
84Practice Guidelines for Major Disorders / Sam S. Hill III384
85Therapist Self-Care Checklist / James D. Guy, Jr., John C. Norcross387
86Adult Psychopharmacology 1: Common Usage / Joseph K. Belanoff, Charles Debattista, Alan F. Schatzberg395
87Adult Psychopharmacology 2: Side Effects and Warnings / Elaine Orabona400
88Pediatric Psychopharmacology / Timothy E. Wilens, Thomas J. Spencer, Joseph Biederman404
89American Psychological Association's Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct413
90Guide to Dealing With Licensing Board and Ethics Complaints / Gerald P. Koocher, Patricia Keith-Spiegel434
91Defending Against Legal Complaints / Robert Henley Woody437
92Basic Principles for Dealing With Legal Liability Risk Situations / Gerald P. Koocher442
93Dealing With Subpoenas / Gerald P. Koocher444
94Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization (Civil Commitment): Adult and Child / Stuart A. Anfang, Paul S. Appelbaum446
95Sexual Feelings, Actions, and Dilemmas in Psychotherapy / Kenneth S. Pope450
96Expert Testimony: Deposition Versus Courtroom / Geoffrey R. Mckee457
97Mental Health Records / Gerald P. Koocher461
98Privacy, Confidentiality, and Privilege / Gerald P. Koocher463
99Basic Elements of Consent / Gerald P. Koocher465
100Basic Elements of Release Forms / Gerald P. Koocher467
101How to Confront an Unethical Colleague / Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Gerald P. Koocher469
102Sixteen Hints on Money Matters and Ethical Issues / Gerald P. Koocher, Sam S. Hill III474
103Guide to Interacting With the Media / Gerald P. Koocher, Patricia Keith-Spiegel476
104Forensic Evaluations and Testimony / Stanley L. Brodsky483
105Forensic Evaluation Outline / David L. Shapiro485
106Forensic Assessment Instruments / Randy Borum487
107Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial / Paul D. Lipsitt492
108Model for Clinical Decision Making With Dangerous Patients / Leon Vandecreek496
109Sequence of Steps and Critical Assessment Targets of a Comprehensive Custody Evaluation / Barry Bricklin499
110Interviewing Children When Sexual Abuse Is Suspected / Karen J. Saywitz, Joyce S. Dorado503
111Glossary of Legal Terms of Special Interest in Mental Health Practice / Gerald P. Koocher509
112Essential Features of Professional Liability Insurance / Bruce E. Bennett517
113Making Successful Referrals / Brian J. O'Leary, John C. Norcross524
114Contracting With Managed Care Organizations / Stuart L. Koman, Eric A. Harris527
115Accepting Legal Referrals / Geoffrey R. McKee530
116Establishing a Consultation Agreement / Len Sperry534
117Utilization Review Checklist / Gerald P. Koocher537
118Billing Issues / Gerald P. Koocher539
119Psychotherapists' Fees and Incomes / John C. Norcross543
120Computerized Billing and Office Management Programs / Edward L. Zuckerman545
121Major Professional Associations555
122Common Clinical Abbreviations and Symbols556
123National Self-Help Groups and Organizations562
124Recognizing, Assisting, and Reporting the Impaired Psychologist / Gary Richard Schoener570
125Highly Rated Self-Help Books and Autobiographies / Jennifer S. Clifford, John C. Norcross575
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