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E621 .A34 1960 : Hospital sketches. Edited by Bessie Z. Jones.  1960 1
E621 .B66 2007 : Well satisfied with my position : the Civil War journal of Spencer Bonsall / edited by Michael A. Flannery and Katherine H. Oomens.  c2007 1
E621 .L79 : My story of the war : a woman's narrative of four years personal experience as nurse in the Union army, and in relief work at home, in hospitals, camps, and at the front, during the war of rebellion. With anecdotes, pathetic incidents, and thrilling reminiscences portraying the lights and shadows of hospital life and the sanitary service of the war. By Mary A. Livermore ...  1889 1
E621 .S35 2004 : Women at the front : hospital workers in Civil War America / Jane E. Schultz.  c2004 1
E621 .W25 2015 : Civil War nurse narratives, 1863-1870 / Daneen Wardrop.  2015 1
E625 .B33 1994 : A Confederate nurse : the diary of Ada W. Bacot, 1860-1863 / edited by Jean V. Berlin.  c1994 1
E625 .C8 1959 : Kate: the journal of a Confederate nurse. Edited by Richard Barksdale Harwell.  1959 1
E625 .P39 1959 : A Southern woman's story ; life in Confederate Richmond. Including unpublished letters written from the Chimborazo Hospital. Edited by Bell Irvin Wiley.  1959 1
E628 .B52 2003 : They fought like demons : women soldiers in the American Civil War / DeAnne Blanton and Lauren M. Cook.  2003 1
E628 .B864 : Woman's work in the civil war: a record of heroism, patriotism and patience, by L. P. Brockett and Mary C. Vaughan. With an introduction, by Henry W. Bellows.  1867 1
E628 .E36 1999 : Nurse and spy in the Union Army  1999 1
E628 .E375 2003 : Women in the Civil War : extraordinary stories of soldiers, spies, nurses, doctors, crusaders, and others / Larry G. Eggleston.  c2003 1
E628 .F35 1996 : Mothers of invention : women of the slaveholding South in the American Civil War / Drew Gilpin Faust.  c1996 1
E628 .G54 2000 : Civil War sisterhood : the U.S. Sanitary Commission and women's politics in transition / Judith Ann Giesberg.  2000 1
E628 .M3 : Bonnet brigades.  1966 1
E628 .R3 1989 : Civil wars : women and the crisis of Southern nationalism / George C. Rable.  c1989 1
E628 .R63 2003 : The Confederate belle / Giselle Roberts.  c2003 1
E628 .W368 2009 : Wanted--correspondence : women's letters to a Union soldier / edited by Nancy L. Rhoades and Lucy E. Bailey.  c2009 1
E628 .W9 1996 : A woman's war : southern women, civil war, and the Confederate legacy / edited by Edward D.C. Campbell, Jr., and Kym S. Rice ; essays by Joan E. Cashin ... [et al.] ; with a foreword by Suzanne Lebsock.  c1996 1
E635 .W75 2001 : While God is marching on : the religious world of Civil War soldiers / Steven E. Woodworth.  c2001 1
E641 .N44 2005 : Honoring the Civil War dead : commemoration and the problem of reconciliation / John R. Neff.  c2005 1
E641 .S6 2017 : "Altogether fitting and proper" : Civil War battlefield preservation in history, memory, and policy, 1861-2015 / Timothy B. Smith.  2017 1
E642 .S31 : Memorial day. Decoration day; its celebration, spirit, and significance as related in prose and verse, with a non-sectional anthology of the civil war, ed. by Robert Haven Schauffler.  1911 1
E647 .S85 : The poetry of the American Civil War.  1960 1
E649 .M15 : Grant, Lee, Lincoln and the radicals ; essays on Civil War leadership.  1964 1
E649 .R28 : Turning points of the Civil War / James A. Rawley.  1966 1
E649 .W23 1995 : War comes again : comparative vistas on the Civil War and World War II / edited by Gabor Boritt ; preface by David Eisenhower ; essays by Stephen E. Ambrose ... [et al.].  1995 1
E655 .C49 2000 : The Civil War chronicle : the only day-by-day portrait of America's tragic conflict as told by soldiers, journalists, politicians, farmers, nurses, slaves, and other eyewitnesses / general editor, J. Matthew Gallman ; introduction by Eric Foner ; edited by David Rubel and Russell Shorto.  c2000 1
E655 .D44 1887 : Pictorial book of anecdotes of the Rebellion ; or the funny and pathetic side of the war, embracing the most brilliant and remarkable anecdotal events of the great conflict in the United States, from the time of the memorable toast of Andrew Jackson, uttered in 1830, in the presence of the original secession conspirators, to the assassination of President Lincoln, and the end of the war. With famous words and deeds of women. By Frazar Kirkland [pseud.] With an introduction by Benson J. Lossing.  c1887 1
E655 .M875 : Sparks from the camp fire ; or tales of the old veterans. Thrilling stories of heroic deeds, brave encounters, desperate battles, bold achievements, reckless daring, lofty patriotism, terrible suffering and wondrous fortitude. As re-told today around the modern camp fire.  c1891 1
E655 .T74 : Anecdotes of the civil war in the United States, by E. D. Townsend.  c1883 1
E656 .G5679 2006 : Glory [videorecording] / TriStar Pictures presents ; a Freddie Fields production, an Edward Zwick film ; directed by Edward Zwick ; screenplay by Kevin Jarre ; produced by Freddie Fields.  2006 1
E660 .B6 : Political discussions, legislative, diplomatic, and popular, 1856-1886, by James G. Blaine.  1887 1
E660 .D4 1890 : Orations and after-dinner speeches.  1890 1
E660 .D52 : Speeches and literary contributions at fourscore and four, by Chauncey M. Depew.  1918 1
E660 .G74   32
E660 .H29 1892 : Speeches of Benjamin Harrison, twenty-third President of the United States. A complete collection of his public addresses from February 1888, to February, 1892, chronologically classified; embracing all his campaign speeches, letter of acceptance, inaugural address, and the numerous speeches delivered during his several tours; also extracts from his messages to Congress, compiled by Charles Hedges.  c1892 1
E660 .H31 : Views of an ex-president, by Benjamin Harrison; being his addresses and writings on subjects of public interest since the close of his administration as President of the United States, comp. by Mary Lord Harrison.  1901 1
E660 .M145 : Speeches and addresses of William McKinley, from his election to Congress to the present time.  1893 1
E660 .M6 : From Hayes to McKinley; national party politics, 1877-1896 [by] H. Wayne Morgan.  1969 1
E660 .R884 1991 : The strenuous life / Theodore Roosevelt.  c1991 1
E660 .W717   69
E661 .B42 2008 : Age of betrayal : the triumph of money in America, 1865-1900 / Jack Beatty.  2008 1
E661 .B63   2
E661 .B84 : The road to reunion, 1865-1900.  c1937 1
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