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245 00 School choice and school improvement /|cedited by Mark 
       Berends, Marisa Cannata, and Ellen B. Goldring. 
260    Cambridge, Mass. :|bHarvard Education Press,|c©2011. 
300    vi, 311 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 255-293) and 
505 00 |tSchool choice debates, research, and context : toward 
       systematic understanding and better educational policy /
       |rMark Berends, Marisa Cannata, and Ellen B. Goldring --
       |tSchool vouchers in the nation's capital : summary of 
       experimental impacts /|rPatrick J. Wolf [and others] --
       |tCharter school effects in Indianapolis : an analysis of 
       student achievement gains /|rAnna Nicotera, Maria 
       Mendiburo, and Mark Berends --|tEighth graders and 
       compliance : social capital and school sector impacts on 
       the noncognitive skills of early adolescents /|rPaul E. 
       Peterson and Martina G. Viarengo --|tDoes intradistrict 
       transfer make the grade? : a case study of the effects of 
       school choice on achievement /|rKristie J.R. Phillips, 
       Charles S. Hausman, and Elisabeth S. Larsen --|tDo parents
       do as they say? : choosing Indianapolis charter schools /
       |rMarc L. Stein, Ellen B. Goldring, and Xiu Cravens --
       |tBarriers to access : high school choice processes and 
       outcomes in Chicago /|rW. David Stevens, Marisa de la 
       Torre, and David W. Johnson --|tCommunication breakdown : 
       informing immigrant families about high school choice in 
       New York City /|rCarolyn Sattin-Bajaj --|tHow do 
       principals respond to charter school competition? : 
       understanding the mechanisms of the competitive effects of
       choice /|rMarisa Cannata --|tShaking up public schools 
       with competition : are they changing the way they spend 
       money? /|rDavid Arsen and Yongmei Ni --|tCharter schools :
       do they cream skim, increasing student segregation? /|rRon
       Zimmer [and others] --|tDoes parental choice foster 
       segregated schools? : insights from the Netherlands /
       |rHelen F. Ladd, Edward B. Fiske, and Nienke Ruijs. 
520    Brings together a collection of exemplary, policy-relevant
       papers that examine how communities, districts, and states
       use choice as a strategy for improving schools and student
       learning. This book includes sophisticated and insightful 
       research on private schools and vouchers; charter schools 
       and traditional public schools; and intradistrict transfer
       programs, adding depth and perspective to the ongoing 
       debates about school choice options. 
650  0 School choice|xResearch|zUnited States. 
650  0 School improvement programs|xResearch|zUnited States. 
700 1  Berends, Mark,|d1962- 
700 1  Cannata, Marisa. 
700 1  Goldring, Ellen B.|q(Ellen Borish),|d1957- 
700 1  Berends, Mark,|d1962- 
700 1  Cannata, Marisa. 
700 1  Goldring, Ellen B.|q(Ellen Borish),|d1957- 
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