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PA78.U6 B42 : The teaching of Latin and Greek in the secondary school, by Charles E. Bennett, A.B., and George P. Bristol, A.M.  1911 1
PA78.U6 H36 1998 : Who killed Homer? : the demise of classical education and the recovery of Greek wisdom / Victor Davis Hanson, John Heath.  1998 1
PA85.B4 J4 1899a : Bentley, by R. C. Jebb.  1882 1
PA85.C4 A4 1997 : Correspondence. English  c1997 1
PA85.H33 B43 2000 : The invention of Jane Harrison / Mary Beard.  2000 1
PA91 .J4 1996 : Classical studies : a guide to the reference literature / Fred W. Jenkins.  1996 1
PA111 .B8 : Comparative grammar of Greek and Latin, by Carl Darling Buck ...  c1933 1
PA131 .S8 : The pronunciation of Greek and Latin, the sounds and accents, by E.H. Sturtevant ...  c1920 1
PA161 .W5 : Parallel rules of Greek and Latin syntax. For use in classical schools.  1877 1
PA185 .S3 1883 : An introduction to the rhythmic and metric of the classical languages : To which are added the lyric parts of the Medea of Euripedes and the Antigone of Sophocles, with rhythmical schemes and commentary / By Dr. J. H. Heinrich Schmidt. Tr. from the German, with the author's sanction, by John Williams White.  1883 1
PA227 .A7 : The Greek language, by B.F.C. Atkinson.  1931 1
PA258 .A4 1889 : Greek prose composition ; exercises for writing connected Greek prose .. by Francis G. Allinson.  1889 1
PA258 .B841 : An elementary Greek grammar / by E.E. Bryant and E.D.C. Lake.  1912 1
PA258 .B92 1826 : Greek grammar for the use of schools / from the German of Philip Buttmann.  1826 1
PA258 .C45 1954 : A new introduction to Greek. By Alston Hurd Chase [and] Henry Phillips.  1954 1
PA258 .C685 : A beginner's reader-grammar for New Testament Greek, by Ernest Cadman Colwell, in collaboration with Ernest W. Tune.  1965 1
PA258 .C84 1875 : A grammar of the Greek language : for the use of schools and colleges / by Alpheus Crosby.  1875 1
PA258 .G66 1930 : Greek grammar, by William Watson Goodwin ... revised by Charles Burton Gulick ...  c1930 1
PA258 .H34 1992 : Greek, an intensive course / Hardy Hansen and Gerald M. Quinn.  1992 1
PA258 .R85 1972 : Ancient Greek: a new approach [by] Carl A. P. Ruck.  1972 1
PA258 .V45 1814 : The elements of Greek grammar : with notes, for the use of those, who have made some progress in the language.  1814 1
PA260 .D3 1834 : Collectanea graeca majora, ad usum academicae juventutis accomodata : cum notis philologicis / quas partim colligit, partim scripsit Andreas Dalzel.  1834 1
PA260 .D4 1825 : Analekta hellenika hessona, or Collectanea Graeca minora / with notes, partly compiled, and partly written, by Andreas Dalzel.  1825 1
PA287 .R6 : A practical list of Greek word roots with Greek and English derivatives.  1968 1
PA287 .S813 1976 : Greek word-building / Matthias Stehle ; rev. by Herbert Zimmermann ; translated by F. Forrester Church & John S. Hanson.  c1976 1
PA301.4.I7 T5 1927 : Irony ; an historical introduction, by J. A. K. Thomson.  1927 1
PA313 .H3 1896 : The tragic drama of the Greeks, by A. E. Haigh.  1896 1
PA337 .H6 1889 : The irregular verbs of Attic prose, their forms, prominent meanings, and important compounds ; together with lists of related words and English derivatives, by Addison Hogue.  c1889 1
PA369 .G7 : Syntax of the moods and tenses of the Greek verb, by William Watson Goodwin.  1890 1
PA411 .W6 : Introduction to Greek prosody : in three parts, with an appendix on the metres of Horace : adapted to the use of beginners / by P. Wilson.  1811 1
PA421 .B6 1938 : Dictionnaire etymologique de la langue grecque, etudiee dans ses rapports avec les autres langues indo-europeennes, par Emile Boisacq.  1938 1
PA445.E5 C6 1927z : The classic Greek dictionary ; Greek-English and English-Greek, with an appendix of proper and geographical names prepared by George Ricker Berry.  c1927 1
PA445.E5 L6 1889 : A Greek-English lexicon, compiled by Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott.  1889 1
PA445.E5 L7 1889z : An intermediate Greek-English lexicon / founded upon the seventh edition of Liddell and Scott's Greek-English lexicon.  1889 1
PA459 .C5 1939 : Basic Greek vocabulary.  1939 1
PA610 .S413 : Do you know Greek? How much Greek could the first Jewish Christian have known? By J. N. Sevenster. [Translated by J. de Bruin]  1968 1
PA617 .C6 : A Hellenistic Greek reader ; selections from the koine of the New Testament period with vocabulary and notes, by Ernest Cadman Colwell ... and Julius R. Mantey ...  c1939 1
PA810 .N48   6
PA810 .W7 1903z : A synopsis of the Gospels in Greek ; with various readings and critical notes.  1903 1
PA813 .B513 1961 : A Greek grammar of the New Testament : and other early Christian literature / [by] F. Blass and A. Debrunner. A translation and revision of the 9th-10th German ed., incorporating supplementary notes of A. Debrunner, by Robert W. Funk.  1961 1
PA813 .G45 : The language of the New Testament.  1965 1
PA813 .G5 : Handbook to the grammar of the Greek Testament / Together with a complete vocabulary, and an examination of the chief New Testament synonyms.    1
PA813 .M7 1908   3
PA813 .W6 1882 : A treatise on the grammar of New Testament Greek : regarded as a sure basis for New Testament exegesis / by G. B. Winer; translated from the German, with large additions and full indices by W. F. Moulton.  1882 1
PA817 .C3 : A basic grammar of the Greek New Testament.  1959 1
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