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001    424331276 
003    OCoLC 
005    20170118124853.0 
008    090708s2010    nyu           000 0 eng   
010    2009026275 
015    GBB004298|2bnb 
019    499074678 
020    9780525951537|q(hardcover) 
020    0525951539|q(hardcover) 
035    (OCoLC)424331276|z(OCoLC)499074678 
049    OTCC 
050 00 RA778|b.Z953 2010 
082 00 646.7/2|222 
100 1  Zyla, David. 
245 14 The color of style :|ba fashion expert helps you find 
       colors that attract love, enhance your power, restore your
       energy, make a lasting impression, and show the world who 
       you really are /|cDavid Zyla. 
260    New York :|bDutton,|c©2010. 
300    242 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
520 0  "Ever wonder why your favorite first date outfit hasn't 
       landed you Mr. Right? Feel uncomfortable at job interviews
       in your trendy new power suit? The problem isn't you-it 
       may be that you aren't showing the world your true colors.
       David Zyla knows how color can change a woman's mood and 
       even her life. As the Emmy-nominated head costume designer
       of All My Children and the designer of his own label, he's
       dressed everyone for success from Susan Lucci to Hillary 
       Clinton. In The Color of Style, Zyla helps readers 
       discover their authentic style by showing them how to 
       identify their true colors based on their eyes, their hair,
       the palm of their hands, and the tones of their wrists. 
       Using his unique system, women will know exactly which 
       colors reveal their authentic selves to the world. They'll
       also learn which color to wear for any occasion and how to
       set the tone for any event: Essence Color: to put others 
       at ease ·Tranquil Color: to be at ease ·Vital Color: to 
       inspire romance or show passion ·Energy Color: to boost 
       your sense of well-being ·Dramatic Color: to get a little
       extra attention when you need to stand out Using Zyla's 
       groundbreaking system, women will learn to create their 
       own pop-from-the-pack color brand. By claiming your own 
       authentic style, you'll finally be able to show the world 
       your true colors-and your true beauty. Though it may seem 
       contrarian at first, Zyla has chosen to do this book 
       without color. The colors readers need don't match 
       anything anybody can print: They match what you wear every
       day-your skin, your eyes, your hair. In The Color of Style
       we're bringing you perfection-the exact tone, shade, and 
       intensity that bring out the best in you."--Publisher's 
650  0 Beauty, Personal. 
650  0 Clothing and dress. 
650  0 Color in clothing. 
650  0 Human skin color. 
650  4 Beauty, Personal. 
650  4 Clothing and dress. 
650  4 Color in clothing. 
650  4 Human skin color.