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Neuromuscular Junction Diseases Physiopathology   2
Neuromuscular Junction Physiology : The motoneurone and its muscle fibres [electronic resource] / Daniel Kernell.  2006 1
  Neuron Degeneration -- See Nerve Degeneration
Loss of functional activity and trophic degeneration of nerve axons and their terminal arborizations following the destruction of their cells of origin or interruption of their continuity with these cells. The pathology is characteristic of neurodegenerative diseases. Often the process of nerve degeneration is studied in research on neuroanatomical localization and correlation of the neurophysiology of neural pathways.
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses : The neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (Batten disease) / edited by Sara E. Mole, Ruth E. Williams, and Hans H. Goebel ; editorial assistance by G. Machado da Silva.  2011 1
Neuronal Plasticity   22
Neuronal Plasticity Drug Effects   2
Neuronal Plasticity Genetics : Epigenetics, brain, and behavior [electronic resource] / Paolo Sassone-Corsi, Yves Christen, editors.  c2012 1
Neuronal Plasticity Physiology   13
  Neuronavigation -- See Also Surgery, Computer-Assisted
Surgical procedures conducted with the aid of computers. This is most frequently used in orthopedic and laparoscopic surgery for implant placement and instrument guidance. Image-guided surgery interactively combines prior CT scans or MRI images with real-time video.
Neuronavigation Methods   2
Neurons   8
Neurons Afferent Physiology : Bursting : the genesis of rhythm in the nervous system / editors, Stephen Coombes, Paul C. Bressloff.  2005 1
Neurons Classification : Structure of enteric neurons [electronic resource] / A. Brehmer.  c2006 1
Neurons Cytology   2
Neurons Drug Effects : Brain development [electronic resource] : normal processes and the effects of alcohol and nicotine / edited by Michael W. Miller.  2006 1
Neurons Growth And Development : Neural development and stem cells [electronic resource] / Mahendra S. Rao, Melissa Carpenter, Mohan C. Vemuri, editors.  c2012 1
Neurons Metabolism   2
Neurons Physiology   27
Neurons Physiology Congresses : Dynamic coordination in the brain : from neurons to mind / edited by Christoph von der Malsburg, William A. Phillips, and Wolf Singer.  2010 1
Neurons Transplantation : Restorative therapies in Parkinson's disease [electronic resource] / Patrik Brundin, C. Warren Olanow, editors.  c2006 1
  Neuropathies Cranial -- See Cranial Nerve Diseases
Disorders of one or more of the twelve cranial nerves. With the exception of the optic and olfactory nerves, this includes disorders of the brain stem nuclei from which the cranial nerves originate or terminate.
  Neuropeptide -- See Neuropeptides
Peptides released by neurons as intercellular messengers. Many neuropeptides are also hormones released by non-neuronal cells.
Neuropeptide Y : NPY family of peptides in neurobiology, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders [electronic resource] : from genes to therapeutics / Zofia Zukowska, Giora Z. Feuerstein, editors.  c2006 1
Neuropeptide Y Physiology : The NPY family of peptides in immune disorders, inflammation, angiogenesis and cancer [electronic resource] / Zofia Zukowska, Giora Z. Feuerstein, editors.  c2005 1
Neuropeptides : Handbook of neurochemistry and molecular neurobiology. Amino acids and peptides in the nervous system [electronic resource] / Abel Lajtha ... [et al.], editors.  2007 1
Neuropeptides Physiology   3
Neuropharmacology Methods   2
Neurophysiological Monitoring : Neurocritical care monitoring / editors, Chad M. Miller, Michel T. Torbey.  2015 1
Neurophysiology   17
Neurophysiology Congresses : Long-term potentiation : a debate of current issues / edited by Michel Baudry and Joel L. Davis.  1991 1
Neurophysiology Examination Questions : Clinical neurophysiology board review Q & A / Puneet K. Gupta, Pradeep N. Modur, Srikanth Muppidi.  2015 1
Neurophysiology History   3
Neurophysiology Instrumentation : Galvani's spark [electronic resource] : the story of the nerve impulse / Alan J. McComas.  c2011 1
Neurophysiology Methods   9
Neuroprotective Agents   3
Neuroprotective Agents Pharmacology   2
Neuroprotective Agents Therapeutic Use   2
Neuropsychiatry   5
Neuropsychiatry History : Localization and its discontents : a genealogy of psychoanalysis and the neuro disciplines / Katja Guenther.  2015 1
Neuropsychiatry Methods   3
Neuropsychological Tests   22
Neuropsychological Tests Standards : Neuropsychological evaluation of the child / Ida Sue Baron.  2004 1
  Neuropsychology -- See Also Neuropsychiatry
A subfield of psychiatry that emphasizes the somatic substructure on which mental operations and emotions are based, and the functional or organic disturbances of the central nervous system that give rise to, contribute to, or are associated with mental and emotional disorders. (From Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary, 8th ed.)
Neuropsychology   64
Neuropsychology Aged : An assessment guide to geriatric neuropsychology [electronic resource] / Holly Tuokko and Thomas Hadjistavropoulos.  1998 1
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