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245 00 Cracks in the schoolyard :|bconfronting Latino educational
       inequality /|cedited by Gilberto Q. Conchas ; with Briana 
       M. Hinga ; foreword by Amanda Datnow. 
264  1 New York :|bTeachers College Press,|c2016. 
300    xi, 206 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gIntroduction:|tEducational inequality and the 
       construction of Latina/o achievement cases /|rGilberto Q. 
       Conchas --|gPart I: Critical case studies centering on 
       race, racism, and inequality --|gCollege student 
       perspectives on racial inequality and opportunity in 
       Latina/o communities: exploring the role of multicultural 
       curriculum and service learning at a large public 
       university /|rGilberto Q. Conchas, Leticia Oseguera, & 
       Isiaah Crawford --|tCritical race case study on college 
       choice: racialization in school culture and climate /
       |rNancy Acevedo-Gil --|tRace, brotherhood, and emotional 
       engagement in the urban context: a case study of 
       structured peer bonding among boys of color /|rIrene I. 
       Vega, Leticia Oseguera, & Gilberto Q. Conchas --|gPart II:
       Critical case studies documenting family, cultural 
       resources, and community strengths --|t"Listen to us": 
       using participatory action research to engage Latina/o 
       high school intellectuals in transforming race and school 
       inequality /|rLouie F. Rodríguez --|tContesting racism, 
       marginalization, and Mexican immigrant youth failure: 
       examining the elusive path toward earning a diploma from a
       nontraditional high school /|rEduardo Mosqueda & Kip 
       Téllez --|t"YES, we care!": understanding the role of 
       community-based organizations and Latina/o parent cultural
       wealth in a large urban city center /|rAlejandra S. 
       Albarran & Gilberto Q. Conchas --|gPart III: Critical case
       studies exploring ethnicity, identity, and immigration --
       |tWhen does resistance begin?: Queer immigrant and U.S.-
       born Latina/o youth, identity, and the infrapolitics of 
       the street /|rCindy Cruz --|tUncertain futures: 
       educational attainment and the children of undocumented 
       Mexican immigrants in the greater Los Angeles area /|rLeo 
       R. Chavez --|tThe promise and reality of Plyler v. Doe: 
       Community resistance to the school-to-deportation pipeline
       /|rEdelina M. Burciaga --|gConclusion:|tReflections on 
       critical achievement cases toward a critical hope: filling
       the cracks in the schoolyard /|rBriana M. Hinga & Gilberto
       Q. Conchas. 
520    "In Cracks in the Schoolyard, Conchas challenges deficit 
       models of schooling and turns school failure on its head. 
       Going beyond presenting critical case studies of social 
       inequality and education, this book features achievement 
       cases that depict Latinos as active actors--not hopeless 
       victims--in the quest for social and economic mobility. 
       Chapters examine the ways in which college students, high 
       school youth, English language learners, immigrant Latino 
       parents, queer homeless youth, the children of Mexican 
       undocumented immigrants, and undocumented immigrant youth 
       all work in local settings to improve their quality of 
       life and advocate for their families and communities. 
       Taken together, these counternarratives will help 
       educators and policymakers fill the cracks in the 
       schoolyard that often create disparity and failure for 
       youth and young adults. This powerful book examines: the 
       processes that operate within and outside of school to 
       push students out and keep them from thriving academically
       and socially ; the patterns that exist among individuals--
       students, teachers, parents, and other caring adults--to 
       resist failure and construct for school success ; and the 
       role of case study methods in illuminating power, 
       inequality, and success in education."--Publisher's 
650  0 Hispanic Americans|xEducation. 
650  0 Discrimination in education|zUnited States. 
650  0 Educational equalization|zUnited States. 
700 1  Conchas, Gilberto Q. 
700 1  Conchas, Gilberto Q.