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Historical Dictionaries Of U S Diplomacy   4
Historical Dictionaries Of U S Historical Eras   4
Historical Dictionaries Of U S History And Politics   2
Historical Dictionaries Of U S Politics And Political Eras : Historical dictionary of the American frontier / Jay H. Buckley, Brenden W. Rensink.  2015 1
Historical Dictionaries Of War Revolution And Civil Unrest   20
Historical Dictionaries Of War Revolution And Civil Unrest Unnumbered   3
Historical Dictionaries Of Women In The World : Historical dictionary of women in the Middle East and North Africa / Ghada Talhami.  2013 1
Historical Dictionary Of American Theater : Historical dictionary of American theater  2009 1
Historical Dictionary Of Descartes And Cartesian Philosophy : The A to Z of Descartes and Cartesian philosophy [electronic resource] / Roger Ariew ... [et al.].  2010 1
Historical Dictionary Of Environmentalism : Historical dictionary of environmentalism  2009 1
Historical Dictionary Of Lutheranism : Historical dictionary of Lutheranism  2007 1
Historical Dictionary Of Methodism : The A to Z of Methodism / edited by Charles Yrigoyen Jr., Susan E. Warrick.  2009 1
Historical Dictionary Of The Modern Olympic Movement : Encyclopedia of the modern Olympic movement / edited by John E. Findling and Kimberly D. Pelle.  2004 1
Historical Dictionary Of The Progressive Era 1890 1920 : The A to Z of the Progressive Era [electronic resource] / Catherine Cocks, Peter C. Holloran, Alan Lessoff.  2009 1
Historical Dimension : The U. S., reality distorted [sound recording] : why historians tend to color and alter their accounts.  c1971 1
Historical Directory And Atlas Clinton County Ohio   2
Historical Documents   3
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington : Voyage dans l'interieur des Etats-Unis et au Canada, par le comte de Colbert Maulevrier, avec une introduction et des notes par Gilbert Chinard.  1935 1
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington Cahier 1 : Treaties, etc. United States  1928 1
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington Cahier 11 : Barthelemi Tardiveau, a French trader in the West ; biographical sketch, including letters from B. Tardiveau to St. John de Crevecoeur (1788-1789) by Howard C. Rice.  1938 1
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington D C   2
Historical Documents Of World War Ii In The Philippines : The Wainwright papers / edited by Celedonio A. Ancheta, with notes and comments.  c1980- 1
Historical Ecology Series   11
Historical Encyclopedia Of American Labor   2
Historical Endings : The demise of Communist East Europe : 1989 in context / Robin Okey.  2004 1
Historical Ethno And Economic Botany Series   3
Historical Facts : Ancient times / Amanda O'Neill.  c1992 1
Historical Fashion In Detail From The 17th And 18th Centuries : Historical fashion in detail from the 17th and 18th centuries  2009 1
Historical Footnotes St Louis Mo : Historical footnotes.  1962- 1
Historical Geography Of North America Series   2
Historical Guide To World War Ii : Historical guide to World War II  1982 1
Historical Guides Ed By C G B Allen : Umbrian towns, compiled by J.W. Cruickshank and Mrs. A.M. Cruickshank.  1901 1
Historical Guides To American Authors   33
Historical Guides To Controversial Issues In America   6
Historical Guides To The Worlds Periodicals And Newspapers   11
Historical Handbook Of Major Biblical Interpreters : Dictionary of major biblical interpreters / edited by Donald K. McKim.  c2007 1
Historical Handbook Series Washington D C   94
Historical Interpretations : The tragedy of Vietnam / Patrick J. Hearden.  c1991 1
Historical Issues In Mental Health   2
Historical Journal Cambridge England : The Historical journal.    1
Historical Journal Of Western Massachusetts : The Ethnic contribution to the American Revolution / edited by Frederick Harling and Martin Kaufman.  c1976 1
Historical Library : The seven wonders of the world, with their associations in art and history; illustrated by W. Harvey.  1878 1
Historical Library Yale Medical Library Publication No 21 : De humani corporis fabrica librorum epitome. English  1949 1
Historical Library Yale University School Of Medicine Publication No 24 : Harvey Cushing: surgeon, author, artist / by Elizabeth H. Thomson ; foreword by John F. Fulton.  1961 1
Historical Linguistics 1995 Selected Papers From The 12th International Conference On Historical Linguistics Manchester Augus   2
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