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Historical Dictionaries Of The Americas : Historical dictionary of Haiti / Michael R. Hall.  2012 1
Historical Dictionaries Of U S Diplomacy   2
Historical Dictionaries Of U S Historical Eras   4
Historical Dictionaries Of U S History And Politics : Historical dictionary of colonial America / William Pencak.  2011 1
Historical Dictionaries Of War Revolution And Civil Unrest   20
Historical Dictionaries Of War Revolution And Civil Unrest Unnumbered : Historical dictionary of World War II : the war against Germany and Italy / Anne Sharp Wells.  2014 1
Historical Dictionaries Of Women In The World : Historical dictionary of women in the Middle East and North Africa / Ghada Talhami.  2013 1
Historical Dictionary Of American Theater : Historical dictionary of American theater  2009 1
Historical Dictionary Of Environmentalism : Historical dictionary of environmentalism  2009 1
Historical Dictionary Of Lutheranism : Historical dictionary of Lutheranism  2007 1
Historical Dictionary Of Methodism : The A to Z of Methodism / edited by Charles Yrigoyen Jr., Susan E. Warrick.  2009 1
Historical Dictionary Of The Modern Olympic Movement : Encyclopedia of the modern Olympic movement / edited by John E. Findling and Kimberly D. Pelle.  2004 1
Historical Dimension : The U. S., reality distorted [sound recording] : why historians tend to color and alter their accounts.  c1971 1
Historical Directory And Atlas Clinton County Ohio   2
Historical Documents   3
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington : Voyage dans l'interieur des Etats-Unis et au Canada, par le comte de Colbert Maulevrier, avec une introduction et des notes par Gilbert Chinard.  1935 1
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington Cahier 1 : Treaties, etc. United States  1928 1
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington Cahier 11 : Barthelemi Tardiveau, a French trader in the West ; biographical sketch, including letters from B. Tardiveau to St. John de Crevecoeur (1788-1789) by Howard C. Rice.  1938 1
Historical Documents Institut Francais De Washington D C   2
Historical Documents Of World War Ii In The Philippines : The Wainwright papers / edited by Celedonio A. Ancheta, with notes and comments.  c1980- 1
Historical Ecology Series   11
Historical Encyclopedia Of American Labor   2
Historical Endings : The demise of Communist East Europe : 1989 in context / Robin Okey.  2004 1
Historical Ethno And Economic Botany Series   3
Historical Facts : Ancient times / Amanda O'Neill.  c1992 1
Historical Fashion In Detail From The 17th And 18th Centuries : Historical fashion in detail from the 17th and 18th centuries  2009 1
Historical Fine Arts Series : "Glimpses of America"; a pictorial and descriptive history of our country's scenic marvels, delineated by pen and camera. By J. W. Buel. ... Photographs of the picturesque wonderlands of North America, from regions of perpetual ice to lands of perennial sunshine.  c1894 1
Historical Footnotes St Louis Mo : Historical footnotes.  1962- 1
Historical Geography Of North America Series   2
Historical Guide To World War Ii : Historical guide to World War II  1982 1
Historical Guides Ed By C G B Allen : Umbrian towns, compiled by J.W. Cruickshank and Mrs. A.M. Cruickshank.  1901 1
Historical Guides To American Authors   33
Historical Guides To Controversial Issues In America   20
Historical Guides To The Worlds Periodicals And Newspapers   14
Historical Handbook Of Major Biblical Interpreters : Dictionary of major biblical interpreters / edited by Donald K. McKim.  c2007 1
Historical Handbook Series Washington D C   84
Historical Interpretations : The tragedy of Vietnam / Patrick J. Hearden.  c1991 1
Historical Issues In Mental Health   2
Historical Journal Cambridge England : The Historical journal.    1
Historical Journal Of Western Massachusetts : The Ethnic contribution to the American Revolution / edited by Frederick Harling and Martin Kaufman.  c1976 1
Historical Library : The seven wonders of the world, with their associations in art and history; illustrated by W. Harvey.  1878 1
Historical Library Yale Medical Library Publication No 21 : De humani corporis fabrica librorum epitome. English  1949 1
Historical Library Yale University School Of Medicine Publication No 24 : Harvey Cushing: surgeon, author, artist / by Elizabeth H. Thomson ; foreword by John F. Fulton.  1961 1
Historical Linguistics 1995 Selected Papers From The 12th International Con   2
Historical Literature Of Mori Ogai V 1 : The incident at Sakai and other stories / edited by David Dilworth, J. Thomas Rimer ; additional contributions by Richard Bowring ... [et al.].  c1977 1
Historical Literature Of Mori Ogai V 2 : Works. Selections. English. 1977  1977 1
Historical Manuscripts Commission Jp8 : Correspondence of the Reverend Joseph Greene, parson, schoolmaster, and antiquary, 1712-1790. Edited by Levi Fox.  1965 1
Historical Manuscripts Commission Series   10
Historical Manuscripts Commission Series 11th Report Appendix : The manuscripts of the Duke of Hamilton, K.T. Volume 1, 1315-1717 [electronic resource].  c2009 1
Historical Manuscripts Commission Series 15 Appendix   2
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