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    Year Entries
Studies In American Literature Hague Netherlands : Edward Albee : the poet of loss / Anita Maria Stenz.  1978 1
Studies In American Literature Lewiston N Y : Poems  1991 1
Studies In American Religion   2
Studies In American Thought And Culture   19
Studies In Anabaptist And Mennonite History   62
Studies In Anabaptists And Mennonite History : The golden years of the Hutterites : the witness and thought of the communal Moravian Anabaptists during the Walpot Era, 1565-1578 / Leonard Gross.  1980 1
Studies In Ancient Greek Narrative : Time in ancient Greek literature / edited by Irene J.F. de Jong, René Nünlist.  2007 1
Studies In Ancient History : Assyrian colonies in Cappadocia / by Louis Lawrence Orlin.  2016 1
Studies In Ancient Medicine   16
Studies In Ancient Near Eastern Records   2
Studies In Ancient Near Eastern Records Saner   3
Studies In Anglican History   3
Studies In Anthropological Linguistics   6
Studies In Anthropology   2
Studies In Anthropology Academic Press : Computer simulation in human population studies, edited by Bennett Dyke [and] Jean Walters MacCluer.  c1974 1
Studies In Anthropology And Material Culture : Costume as communication : ethnographic costumes and textiles from Middle America and the Central Andes of South America in the collections of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University, Bristol, Rhode Island / by Margot Blum Schevill ; E.M. Franquemont, Andean consultant and essayist.  c1986 1
Studies In Anthropology Economy And Society : Muslims in Australia : immigration, race relations and cultural history / Nahid Afrose Kabir.  2004 1
Studies In Anthropology Lexington Ky : Eskimo boyhood : an autobiography in psychosocial perspective / Nathan Kakianak ; [edited by] Charles C. Hughes.  1974 1
Studies In Anthropology Mouton Publishers   5
Studies In Antiquity And Christianity : Ascetic behavior in Greco-Roman antiquity : a sourcebook / Vincent L. Wimbush, editor.  c1990 1
Studies In Antisemitism Bloomington Ind   3
Studies In Antisemitism Unnumbered   6
Studies In Applied Electromagnetics And Mechanics   16
Studies In Applied Linguistics London England : Metaphor Analysis : Research Practice in Applied Linguistics, Social Sciences and the Humanities / edited by Lynne Cameron and Robert Maslen.  2010 1
Studies In Applied Philosophy Epistemology And Rational Ethics   43
Studies In Applied Philosophy Epistomology And Rational Ethics : Understanding violence : the intertwining of morality, religion and violence : a philosophical stance / Lorenzo Magnani.  2011 1
Studies In Arabic Linguistics   4
Studies In Arabic Literature   3
Studies In Archaeological Science : Methods of physical examination in archaeology [by] M. S. Tite.  1972 1
Studies In Archaeological Sciences   2
Studies In Archaeology   2
Studies In Archaeology Series : The stone age archaeology of Southern Africa [by] C. Garth Sampson.  1974 1
Studies In Archeology   3
Studies In Archeology Academic Press   3
Studies In Architecture And Culture   2
Studies In Art Historiography : British Romanticism and the Reception of Italian Old Master Art, 1793-1840.  2014 1
Studies In Arthurian And Courtly Cultures   2
Studies In Arts Based Educational Research : Arts-research-education : connections and directions / Linda Knight, Alexandra Lasczik Cutcher, editors.  2018 1
Studies In Asia Pacific Business : ASEAN business in crisis / editors, Mhinder Bhopal, Michael Hitchcock.  2002 1
Studies In Asian Art And Archaeology   4
Studies In Asian Security   12
Studies In Atlantic Canada History   2
Studies In Autobiography : Diaries of girls and women : a midwestern American sampler / edited by Suzanne L. Bunkers.  2001 1
Studies In Avian Biology   8
Studies In Aviation Psychology And Human Factors : Fatigue in aviation : a guide to staying awake at the stick / John A. Caldwell and J. Lynn Caldwell.  2016 1
Studies In Banking And Financial History : Banking and finance in the Mediterranean : a historical perspective / edited by John Consiglio [and others].  2012 1
Studies In Banking History   3
Studies In Bible And Amp Early Christianity : Reading Issues of Wealth and Poverty in Luke-Acts.  2000 1
Studies In Biblical Literature   3
Studies In Biblical Literature Society Of Biblical Literature   6
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