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Conference International Symposium on Flow Modeling and Turbulence Measurements (8th : 2001 : Tokyo, Japan)
Title Advances in fluid modeling & turbulence measurements : proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Flow Modeling and Turbulence Measurements : Tokyo, Japan, 4-6 December 2001 / editors, A. Wada, H. Ninokata, N. Tanaka.
Imprint River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, ©2002.

Conference International Symposium on Flow Modeling and Turbulence Measurements (8th : 2001 : Tokyo, Japan)
Subject Fluid mechanics -- Congresses.
Turbulence -- Congresses.
Alt Name Ninokata, H. (Hisashi)
Wada, Akira.
Tanaka, N. (Nobukazu)
Add Title Advances in fluid modeling and turbulence measurements
Description 1 online resource (xvi, 870 pages) : illustrations
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
Note Print version record.
Contents 1. General topic. At the crossroads of turbulence modelling and turbulence simulation: opportunities and challenges / M.A. Leschziner -- 2. River and open channel flows. Brief introduction on key hydraulic issues of the three gorges project / G. Li -- Similarity law in open-channel flows with favorable-pressure gradients / K. Onitsuka and I. Nezu -- Hydraulic characteristics of open-channel flow with a side concavity / J. Fujita, J. Ozawa and K, Nagahama -- Secondary flow structures in curved open channels with cylindrical roughness / A. Tominaga and I. Nezu -- Simulation of secondary flow in curved channels / Y. Jia, K. Blanckaert and S.S.Y. Wang -- A depth averaged model of open channel flows with lag between main flows and secondary currents in a generalized curvilinear coordinate system / T. Hosoda [and others] -- Numerical tests of Reynolds stress models in the computations of open-channel flows / S.U. Choi and H. Kang -- Turbulence generation and surface fluctuation in weak hydraulic jumps / K.M. Mok and K.K. Leong -- Prediction of flow characteristics over a rib in open channels by empirical model and non-linear [symbol] -- [symbol] model / J. Kimura, T. Hosoda and K. Motoki -- Hydrodynamic force on a vertical plate in a subcritical flow / I. Ohtsu, Y. Yasuda and Y. Yamanaka -- 2-D and 3-D numerical analysis of flow around submersible groins in series / H. Kawaguchi, S. Fukuoka and A. Watanabe -- An investigation of scour around attracting spur-dikes / E. Elawady, M. Michiue and O. Hinokidani -- Complex flow through constriction scoured by oscillatory open channel flow / T. Ishigaki and R. Funahashi -- Numerical model for simulating channelization and its validation / T. Goto, T. Tsujimoto and T. Kitamura -- Calculations of turbulent flows and bed variations in the crooked mountain river with sand-gravel mixture / A. Kadota -- Experimental and numerical analysis of riverbank erosion mechanism / S. Fukuoka [and others] -- Study of energy dissipation on low Froude Number flow / G. Li -- Probability concept in flow modeling and measurement / C.L. Chiu.
3. Turbulence measurements. LDA measurements of side-cavity open-channel flows: wando models in rivers / I. Nezu and K. Onitsuka -- Velocity and turbulence measurement of river flows by LSPIV / S. Aya [and others] -- Experimental investigation of the velocity and turbulence structures of turbulent jets using PIV / I.W. Seo, S. Lyu and Y.S. Park -- Simultaneous measurement of interaction between horizontal jet and free surface using stereo-PIV and Specklegram Method / G. Tanaka [and others] -- Near-wall coherent structures in open-channel flow: time-resolved stereo PIV measurements in the cross-stream plane / K. Kishida [and others] -- Development of PTV hardware and software for turbulent measurements with very high temporal and spatial resolutions / T.G. Etoh and K. Takehara -- Experimental study of narrow free surface turbulent flows on steep slopes / P. Prey and J.L. Reboud -- 3D flow field measurements in lagoon-environments by means of ADV / F. Cioffi, G. Troiani and G. Sbocchelli -- Turbulence measurements in oscillatory flow over rippled beds / J.J. Wijetunge and J.F.A. Sleath -- Turbulent flow over the wind-induced gravity waves in rectangular duct / Y. Tsuji [and others] -- Cavitation Monitoring by Means of Acoustic Approach / D. Zhang [and others] -- 4. Developing numerical methods. Incorporation of surface fluctuation effects in direct simulation of open-channel flow at subcritical froude numbers / A. Nakayama and S. Yokojima -- Vortex-Shedding Flows Computed Using a New, Hybrid Turbulence Model / B. Basara, S. Jakirlic and V. Przulj -- Parallel Computation of Oscillating Flows Including Granular Mixture / S. Ushijima and I. Nezu -- Flux-difference splitting scheme for gravity currents / A.K. Jha, J. Akiyama and M. Ura -- Efficient computational algorithm in three dimensional heat transfer management / T. Futagami, H. Yamaji and Y. Ishii -- Pseudo-symplectic lagrangian scheme for three-dimensional advection problem / N. Tanaka and T. Shimizu -- Three-dimensional finite element computations of incompressible viscous fluid flows at high Reynolds Number / K. Kakuda and N. Tosaka -- Numerical study on SUPG upwinding effects on incompressible navier-stokes solutions / Y. Eguchi -- Implementation of FVM numerical scheme for 2D flood flows on unstructured Grid system / M. Shigeda [and others] -- Numerical analysis of turbidity currents using k -- [symbol] turbulence model / T. Etoh and Y. Fukushima -- Two attempts of turbulence modelling in smoothed particle hydrodynamics / D. Violeau, S. Piccon and J.P. Chabard -- CFD code FLUENT turbulence models application: ANSALDO's ADS prototype modeling / A. Pẽna, G. Esteban and F. Legarda -- Comparison between numerical simulation and experiment for intake channel flow with 90-degree bend and gradual expansion / Y. Kumagai and H. Tanaka.
5. Application to coastal engineering. Development and applications of a Grid-Averaged Lagrangian LES model for multiphase turbulent flow / K. Nadaoka and Y. Nihei -- Theoretical prediction for vertical distribution of undertow in surf zone on sloping bottom / N. Honda and H. Hirayama -- Turbulent structure of the breaking wave process caused by the plunging jet / T. Ogasawara, T. Yasuda and N. Mizutani -- Analysis of turbulence and sediment transport in the large-scale shallow waters based on the development of new quasi 3-D models / H. Tamura and K. Nadaoka -- The investigations on turbulent characteristics in surf zone / H.H. Hwung, K.S. Hwang and H.C. Wang -- Direct measurement of bottom shear stress under irregular waves / T. Suzuki [and others] -- A quasi-3D turbulence model of wave-induced currents in the surf zone using one-equation for turbulent kinetic energy / M. Kuroiwa [and others] -- On the Interaction between the primary circulation and the secondary flow in a wind-wave tank / S. Mizuno -- Characteristics of water surface bursting layer with intensive turbulence generated by winds and breakers / K. Isaka, T. Yasuda and N. Mizutani -- Numerical simulation of impulsive breaking-wave pressures on a vertical wall based on VOF method / T. Arikawa, M. Isobe and S. Takahashi -- Assimilation of ocean surface current data measured by Doppler radar into 3-D baroclinic flow model / M. Ishizuka, K. Nakatsuji and S. Nishida -- Turbulent measurements of the coastal shallow waters with a free-rising micro-scale profiler / M. Nagao [and others] -- Numerical investigation on mass transport mechanism in Hakata Bay / T. Komatsu [and others] -- Tidal current forecasting system in the Kanmon Strait / S. Sato [and others] -- The relationship between flow fields and topographical changes around Mailiao Coast / R. Hsu and H.H. Hwung -- Flow and salinity modelling in the Meghna Estuary, Bangladesh / M.A. Samad [and others] -- The consideration of M[symbol] component for numerical modeling of tidal Current in the Seto Inland Sea / K. Murakami -- A laterally averaged two-dimensional model for saltwater intrusion in Estuary / T.H. Yoon, Y.S. Cho and B.H. Lee -- Interactions between standing waves and horizontal turbulent jet / N. Mori, N. Tanaka and K.A. Chang -- Utilization of two-layer turbulence models to analyze an oscillatory boundary layer on a smooth bottom / A. Sana and H. Tanaka -- Numerical simulation of effluent flow at the Natori River mouth using boundary-fitted coordinates / H. Tanaka and N. Itonaga -- 6. Application to mechanical engineering. Development of magnetically driven mini and micro pump / C.J. Chen [and others] -- Fundamentals of bio-magnetic fluid mechanics and its applications / C.J. Chen [and others] -- Study on flow behavior in draft tube for hydraulic turbine / M. Maekawa, K. Miyagawa and Y. Kawata -- Computational modeling of trochoidal propulsor / A. Brakez and A. Mir -- Computation of wake-induced unsteady flow on a flat plate using two-layer turbulence models / C. Breitbach and B. Stoffel -- Multi-Scale Viscosity Model (MSV) of turbulence / V. Kriventsev, A. Yamaguchi and H. Ninokata.
7. Application to thermal hydraulics and nuclear and engineering. Peculiarities of natural convective heat removal from complex pools / G. Groetzbach -- Numerical simulation of stream-water two-phase flows for nuclear reactors: state-of-the-art and perspective at EDF / J.P. Chabard [and others] -- Verification of models for bubble turbulent diffusion and bubble diameter in multi-dimensional two-fluid model / A. Ohnuki and H. Akimoto -- Numerical simulation of gas-liquid two-phase flow in Siphon outlets of pumping plants / A. Minato [and others] -- Structural studies on gas-phase turbulence modification in annular two-phase flow / K. Yoshida [and others] -- Mixing of horizontally-injected high-density solution in vertically-upward water flow / H. Kumamaru [and others] -- Turbulence mixing and temperature fluctuation of hot and cold fluids in tee pipes / S. Takahashi and K. Shiina -- Numerical investigations of fluid-structure thermal interaction phenomena at a T-junction of liquid metal fast reactor piping systems / T. Muramatsu -- Investigation on convective mixing of triple-jet-evaluation of turbulent quantities using particle image velocimetry and direct numerical simulation / N. Kimura, M. Igarashi and H. Kamide -- An application of the model of flow pulsation to the rod gap in the nuclear fuel assembly / T. Ikeno -- Benchmark analysis of Rapid Boron Dilution transient by the PLASHY/IMPACT Code / T. Morii, H. Terasaka and E. Hirano -- Thermal experiments in the model of ADS target / A. Efanov [and others] -- An engineering model of thermal stratification in a branch pipe with a closed end / T. Shiraishi, K. Tanimoto and S. Suzuki -- Flow characteristics in a rectangular vessel due to gas entrainment / M. Ochiai, S. Endo and A. Wada -- 8. Atmospheric environment. Characteristics of Concentration Fluctuations in Plumes Dispersion in neutrally and unstably stratified atmospheric boundary layer / A. Sato and K. Sada -- Three dimensional non-hydrostatic model of turbulent atmospheric boundary layer / D.N Hai and N.T. Due -- Wall modeling for LES of high reynolds number flow over gentle topography / A. Nakayama and S.N. Vengadesan -- Modeling the budgets of heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide within a tree / H. Hiraoka -- Numerical calculation of flow and stack gas concentration fluctuation around a meshed truss cubical building / K. Sada and A. Sato -- A preliminary study on the possibility of isolating CO[symbol] using 3-dimensional flow model with satellite NSCAT and SSM/I data in the Pacific Ocean / K. Hasegawa, A. Wada and K. Takano -- Numerical prediction of the vortex shedding from rectangular bodies in the wind as for the bodies vibration / K. Shimada and T. Matsuda -- Experimental and numerical study on determination of cross-sectional shape of artificial embankment / K. Hatanaka, H. Tanaka and S. Hotta.
9. Environmental fluid mechanics. Numerical study of hydrothermal dynamics of Lake Yanaka / G. Huang, N. Tamai and H. Ishida -- Dynamics regulating characteristic distribution of water temperatures in northern area of Ise Bay, Japan, in winter / Y. Sugiyama [and others] -- On the possibility of improving the flow and water quality environment in a closed inland bay using cooling water from a power generating plant / M. Shibasaki, T. Takano and A. Wada -- A robust and efficient dual multi-level urbane drainage model / A. Bascia and T. Tucciarelli -- Diel variation of resuspension and effect of resuspension on phosphate release rate from the sediment / T. Inoue and Y. Nakamura -- Numerical study on airlift pump performance for drawing up deep seawater / R. Yamamoto and N. Tanaka -- 10. Groundwater. FEM analysis of seawater intrusion in multi-layered aquifer as an advection-dispersion phenomenon / T. Kawatani and M. Saito -- Simulation of heat, moisture and DNAPL transport in different unsaturated land elements / R.R. Giri, K. Sato and A. Wada -- Modeling of DNAPL penetration proccesses through saturated porous medium / T. Ueno, R.R. Giri and K. Sato -- Numerical modeling of 3-dimensional 3-phase flow through fissure networks / H.R. Ghafouri and J. Noorzaei -- In-situ removal of heavy metal from groundwater by electromigration / S. Shiba and Y. Hirata -- Numerical analyses of coupled VOC, heat and mass transport in unsaturated porus medium / T. Miura [and others].
Summary This book is an essential reference for engineers and scientists working in the field of turbulence. It covers a variety of applications, such as: turbulence measurements; mathematical and numerical modeling of turbulence; thermal hydraulics; applications for civil, mechanical and nuclear engineering; environmental fluid mechanics; river and open channel flows; coastal problems; ground water.
Note English.
ISBN 9789812777591 (electronic bk.)
9812777598 (electronic bk.)
OCLC # 824699013
Additional Format Print version: International Symposium on Flow Modeling and Turbulence Measurements (8th : 2001 : Tokyo, Japan). Advances in fluid modeling & turbulence measurements. River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, ©2002 9810249314 (DLC) 2005298141 (OCoLC)51112707

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