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Conference International Conference on Isotopes (3rd : 1999 : Vancouver, B.C.)
Title Isotope production and applications in the 21st century : proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Isotopes, Vancouver, Canada, 6-10 September 1999 / editor, Nigel R. Stevenson.
Imprint Singapore ; River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, [2000]

Conference International Conference on Isotopes (3rd : 1999 : Vancouver, B.C.)
Subject Isotopes -- Congresses.
Radioisotopes -- Congresses.
Alt Name Stevenson, Nigel R.
Add Title Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Isotopes
Description 1 online resource (xxiii, 488 pages) : illustrations
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Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references.
Contents Session A: Opening plenary session. Prospects for the application of isotopes and radiation and the activities of the IAEA / S. Machi -- The main tendencies of modern radiochemistry development and radionuclide production in Russia / B.F. Myasoedov -- Session B: Isotope facilities and programs. AECL's MAPLE research and isotope reactors / J.-P. Labrie, P. Girouard and A. Lee -- The development and progress of radiopharmaceuticals at CIAE / H.-Y. Zhang, J.-R. Zhang and Y.-F. He -- Australian replacement research reactor / H.M. Garnett -- Portrait of IS AC, the new radioactive beam facility at TRIUMF / J.-M. Poutissou -- Session Cl: Radio chemical synthesis -- I. Radioiodination via solid phase organic chemistry / D.H. Hunter [and others] -- Design and synthesis of new neutral RE(V)0 complex derived from benzamide / J. Hu [and others] -- Scandium-47: a replacement for CU-67 in nuclear medicine therapy with [symbol] emitters / L.F. Mausner [and others] -- Synthesis of anti-CMV RPR111423 labeled with carbon-14, deuterium and tritium / B.-C. Kao -- Session C2: Nuclear analytical applications of radioisotopes -- I. The unavoidable use of radioisotopes at RMC / K.S. Nielsen [and others] -- Rapid analysis of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) using high resolution gamma-ray spectrometry / M.J.M. Duke -- Nuclear analytical techniques in the sugar cane agroindustry / E.A. De Nadai Fernandes [and others] -- Advantages of INAA over competing chemical analysis techniques for industrial quality assurance / J. St-Pierre and G.G. Kennedy -- Long range transport of heavy metals over the Great Lakes as determined by neutron activation analysis / S. Landsberger, S.R. Biegalski and F. Iskander -- Session C3: Radioisotope production. Current status of INER's cyclotron-produced radioisotope production / W.J. Lin [and others] -- A technetium-99m generator for the 21s t century / M. Druce and P. Anderson -- Production of radioisotopes in the BR2 reactor / B. Ponsard -- Feasibility study on 123I produced by photonuclear reaction on xenon at electron LINAC of 200 MeV / Y.J. Pei [and others] -- Radionuclide production using fast flux reactor / Ye. A. Karelin [and others].
Session Dl: Radiochemical synthesis -- II. Preparation and quality control of 131I-MIBG / Y. Huang [and others] -- The preparation of a third generation reverse transcriptase inhibitor (RTI), radioisotopically labeled with carbon-14 or tritium, or stable isotopically labeled with carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 / W.T. Stolle -- Jumbo column generator for 99mTC: feasibility for utilisation of "Mo of medium specific activity and concentration of 99mTC eluates using tandem ion-exchanger / S.K. Sarkar [and others] -- Carrier-free radioisotopes isolated by the gas chemistry methods / V.P. Domanov -- Session D2: Nuclear analytical applications of radioisotopes -- II. Uranium analysis of ores and tailings: a comparison of delayed neutron counting, natural gamma-ray spectrometry, INAA and XRF / M.J.M. Duke, C.A.J. Taylor and A. Fernando -- Assay of Hg in large electrochemical cells by isotope dilution / H.C. Griffin, J.E. Martin and C. Lee -- A study of air luminescence for accurate liquid scintillation counting of low-level radionuclides and the use of air luminescence for calibrating detectors to measure 222Rn / Y. Morita-Murase and Y. Homma -- Photon activation analysis of trace elements in livers, kidneys, and spleens of pig fetuses / M. Fukushima, K. Kajiwara and M. Oizumi -- Session D3: Separation and applications of stable isotopes. Production techniques of stable metal isotopes: current status and future trends / D. Brown and S. Harrison -- The future of stable isotopes at the U.S. Department of Energy / J.S. Carty -- Urenco, ensuring a future secure stable isotope supply / C. Chater and H. Rakhorst -- Enrichment of 15N by coupling three systems of ion-exchange chromatography columns / E. Maximo, J.A. Bendassolli and P.C. 0. Trivelin -- Stable isotopes: Applications in combinatorial chemistry / D.J. Aberhart -- Session E: Industrial applications and radiation safety. Radiological safety and operational health physics of medical cyclotrons / B. Mukherjee -- Isotope radiography for container inspection / J.G. An [and others] -- Staying ahead of the gamma processing momentum / G. Ashfield and D. Merrithew -- Session Fl: Radiopharmaceutical applications and medical imaging -- I. Synthesis and evaluation of a radioiodinated phospholipid ether analog (NM-404) for diagnostic imaging of prostate cancer / R.E. Counsell [and others] -- Evaluation of succinylated streptavidin as the radionuclide carrier in antibody pretargeting of prostate cancer / D.S. Wilbur [and others] -- Permanent mould casting technique for the fabrication of cesium-137 brachytherapy sources / K.L.N. Rao [and others] -- Session F2: Production and applications of isotope tracers in industry -- I. Method to determine the activity of pure [symbol] emitters in closed waste package using [symbol]-spectrometry / S. Takdcs [and others] -- Radioactive corrosion measurements on cladding and container materials for spent fuel elements in brines of practical importance / J. Engelhardt [and others] -- Investigation of flow pattern in an oxidation reactor in a PTA plant using radiotracers / V.N. Yelgaonkar [and others] -- Nuclear data requirements for the production of medical isotopes in fission reactors and particle accelerators / M.A. Garland [and others] -- Session F3: Use of isotopes in environmental studies -- I. Silicon-32: Diatoms, the silicon cycle, and the climate / D.R. Phillips [and others] -- Percutaneous absorption of deuterium labelled xenoestrogensbisphenol A and nonylphenol / M. Wahren, M. Kietzmann and M. Moder.
Session G: Applications of isotopes in medical imaging & therapy. Medical imaging applications in pre-clinical and clinical medicine / L.L Wiebe -- Session H1: Radio pharmaceutical applications and medical imaging -- II. Comparison of various rhenium-188 labeled diphosphonates for the palliation of metastatic bone pain / S.-J. Wang [and others] -- Isotope tracer techniques in cell cultures for the study of plant drugs in relation to receptors and post-receptor signal transduction / Y.E. Hu [and others] -- Session H2: Production & applications of isotope tracers in industry -- II. Polonium-210 alpha-particle sources for solving of ion beam tasks / A.Z. Iliassov and S.L. Faddejev -- Application of 113MIn radiotracer to well logging / W.H Sun [and others] -- Research & development on MCA-based coal ash gauge / Z.F. Wu, X.C. Xiang and L.Q. Wang -- Session H3: Use of isotopes in environmental studies -- II. The role of radiotracer techniques in off-shore contaminant transport studies / P. Airey [and others] -- Dynamic changes in groundwater conditions caused by tunnel excavation at Aspo HRL, Sweden -- changes in isotope hydrology / Y. Mahara [and others] -- The identification of plasma catalytic reactions of N2O, NO, NO2 by means of labelled compounds / J.W. Leonhardt [and others] -- Carbon-14 activity of pore water obtained by vacuum-distillation and one-dimensional compression methods on Yucca Mountain cores / I.C. Yang [and others] -- Session I1: Radiation safety aspects at isotope facilities. Radiation shielding and safety of high energy particle accelerator facilities / T. Nakamura -- Radiation safety considerations for ISAC, the accelerated radioactive ion beam facility at TRIUMF / I.E. Moritz -- Continuous monitoring of possible fuel failure of a pool-type reactor / K.-I. Sasaki [and others] -- Session I2: Applications in agriculture and nutrition. Vegetation changes during the quaternary inferred from carbon isotope analyses on charcoal and soil organic matter, state of Sao Paulo, Southeast Brazil / L.C.R. Pessenda [and others] -- Nitrogen fixation in chickpea and groundnut genotypes as influenced by bradyrhizobial inoculant using 15N technique / M.A. Sattar and A.K. Fodder -- Elemental composition of commercial Brazilian coffee using neutron activation analysis / F.S. Tagliaferro, E.A.N. Fernandes and E.J. Franga -- Kinetics of [symbol]-[14C] carotene in a human subject using accelerator mass spectrometry / S.R. Dueker [and others] -- An approach to evaluate soil organic matter as a scavenger of heavy metals using a radiotracer technique / R. Fujiyoshi [and others] -- Session I3: AMS and radiocarbon dating techniques. Isotopic (14C) and chemical composition of atmospheric volatile organic compound fractions -- precursors to ozone formation / G.A. Klouda [and others] -- The high precision dating of Liulihe Xizhou tombs / X.-L. Zhang, S.-H. Qiu and L.-Z. Cai -- A low energy table-top approach to AMS / R.B. Schubank -- Carbon-14 labelling studies at ultra-high sensitivity in agricultural and horticultural research / P.B. Roberts and K. Kim -- Radiocarbon dating at sites of East Java and Central Java provinces as supporting data for the temple chronology in Indonesia / B. Wasito [and others].
Session J: Poster session. 11C-methylations using tetrabutylammonium fluoride as the base / M.J. Adam [and others] -- A unique target for PET radioisotope production with the superconducting ion cyclotron resonance accelerator / B. Mukherjee [and others] -- Yield of the 123Te(p, p')123mTe reaction at 15 MeV / V. Jakovlev and L. Solin -- Regeneration of tellurium dioxide in iodine-123 production / B.K. Kudelin [and others] -- Medical and ecological isotope production at the MGC-20 cyclotron / L.M. Solin [and others] -- Distribution and inventory of 239+240Pu and 137Cs in marine sediments from the Japanese coast / M. Yamada and Y. Nagaya -- Determination of 239,240pu and 137Cs concentrations in marine organisms from the seas around Japan / T. Aono, M. Yamada and S. Hirano -- Production of neptunium-235 tracer for laboratory use / J. Aaltonen [and others] -- A novel boron-isotope specific resin having triethanolamine groups / A. Sonoda [and others] -- Modelling atmospheric Pb-212 concentration / E.C.Y. Ho and D.F. Measday -- Recovery of Ge-68 from target cooling water / K.L. Kolsky [and others] -- Xenon-127 revisited / L.F. Mausner [and others] -- A convenient method to prepare [14C]PNU-171829, a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor / E. Fontana, A. Pignatti and F. Abrate -- Synthesis of isotopically labeled 1-[(2,4-Di-1-pyrrolidinyl-9H-pyrimido[4,5-B]indol-9-yl)-acetyl)p yrrolidine monohydrochloride, PNU-142731A, an orally active antiasthma agent / J.A. Easter -- Synthesis of several analogues of a new class of synthetic antibacterials, oxazolidinones, radiolabeled with carbon-14 and tritium, and stablelabeled with carbon-13 and deuterium -- J.A. Easter, E.H. Chew and R.S.P. Hsi -- Using natural radionuclides to trace sources of pollutants in the Mansfeld mining district, Central Germany / P.C Schreck, K. Freyer and H.-C. Treutler -- Synthesis of [14C] SDZ 267-489 / G. Ciszewska, L. Jones and T. Duelfer -- Evaluation of antibody biotinylation reagents for application to targeted radiotherapy / D.K. Hamlin [and others] -- Synthesis of two imidazole cytokine inhibitors labelled with carbon-14 / K.T. Games [and others] -- A simplified method to measure GFR in pediatric patients / S. Yu [and others] -- Sn-117 and Sn-119 high enrichment assay (more than 95%) attainment using centrifugal technology / V.A. Antsoupov [and others].
DANDER2 for simulations of neutron activation and shielding of neutrons and activation 7s in irradiation geometries / W.B. Wilson, T.R. England and R.E. Schenter -- Utilization of the sulfur (Na234SO4) applied to the soil by rice and crotalaria juncea / P. CO. Trivelin [and others] -- Production of 89Sr using (n, [symbol]) and (n, p) reactions / Yu. G. Toporov [and others] -- 113Sn and 117mSn production technology / O.I. Andreyev [and others] -- Intrinsic radiolabeling of nutrients for human nutrition studies using accelerator mass spectrometry / A.J. Clifford [and others] -- Basic trends in radionuclide production of the V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute / V.V. Fedorov [and others] -- Radioisotope production with horizontally-oriented solid targets / A. Wong [and others] -- Investigation of thermal-mechanical properties of solid targets for radioisotope production / R. Wong [and others] -- The transport of carbohydrates and cell constituents in plants using AMS detection of carbon-14 tracers / P.B. Roberts and K. Kim -- Mapping of pharmaceutical degradation products in tablets using radiotracers -- a study with 14C-labelled levormeloxifene / C. Foged [and others] -- Synthesis and stability of substance P antagonists [14C] CJ-11,974-01 and [14C]CJ-11,972-01 / K.S. Zandi [and others] -- Comparison between blood plasma models (ECCLES) for 153Sm and 166Ho complexed to diphosphonate ligands (possible radiotherapeutic bone agents) and their in vivo behaviour as studied in non-human primates / J.R. Zeevaart [and others] -- Session K: Applications of isotopes in environmental studies. Isotope studies on coastal environment / S.M. Rao -- Assessment of erosion and accretion in catchment areas based on 210Pb and 137Cs contents in soil and sediment / P.S. Hai [and others] -- Origin and dynamics of soil organic matter and vegetation changes in a forest-savanna ecotone, Southern Brazilian Amazon region / L.C.R. Pessenda [and others] -- Session L1: Production and applications of short-lived radioisotopes. Optimisation of the single pass gas phase synthesis of 11C-methyl bromide from 11C-methane / K.R. Buckley [and others] -- Tumor imaging with PET using the short-lived praseodymium-140 from the 140Nd/140Pr in vivo generator / S.K. Zeisler and D.W. Becker -- Studies of nitrogen absorption and assimilation in plants by use of 13N / D.T. Britto, A.D.M. Glass and H.J. Kronzucker -- Session L2: Labeling compounds and other applications of tritium. Tritium labeling for investigation of structure-function relationship in tobacco mosaic virus / E.V. Lukashina [and others] -- Uniform tritium labeling of combinatorial libraries for affinity selection screening / B. Surber [and others] -- Session L3: Novel applications of isotopes and opportunities for technology transfer. Contraband detection based on 13C(p, [symbol])14N / R. Ruegg [and others] -- Radio-chromatography under GPL-conditions / G. Dietzel, R. Grugel and E. Rausch -- Production of tungsten-188 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory / J.A. Klein [and others] -- About an opportunity of application of an isotope label on the basis of stable isotopes to mark various products / A. Pokidychev and M. Pokidycheva -- Session M: Closing plenary session: "Isotope production and applications in the 21st century". "Excess" nuclear materials hold keys to nuclear medicine, research, and space power / K.K.S. Pillay -- The bulk radioisotope portfolio of the Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa Limited -- technical and marketing developments / D.G. Robertson, P.A. Louw and P.L. van der Walt.
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