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Conference Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics (13th : 2012 : Sendai, Japan)
Title Proceedings of the 13th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics : ionics for a sustainable world: Sendai Japan, 17-20 July 2012 / editors, B.V.R. Chowdari [and others].
Imprint Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, [2013]

Conference Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics (13th : 2012 : Sendai, Japan)
Subject Semiconductors -- Congresses.
Solid state electronics -- Congresses.
Ions -- Congresses.
Alt Name Chowdari, B. V. R.
Asian Society for Solid State Ionics.
Add Title Solid state ionics
Ionics for a sustainable world
Description 1 online resource (xxvi, 737 pages)
polychrome rdacc
Note "Asian Society for Solid State Ionics."
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents 1. Electrospun [symbol] nanofibers as cathode for lithium ion batteries / Xuan Zhao [and others] -- 2. Fabrication and properties of manganese monoxide nanoparticles as anode materials for lithium-ion battery / Yingying Hu [and others] -- 3. Variation of ionic coductivity with annealing temperature in argyrodite solid electrolytes / R. Prasada Rao, Maohua Chen, Stefan Adams -- 4. Structural and conductivity studies on lanthanum doped [symbol] prepared by polyol method / S. Karthickprabhu [and others] -- 5. Synthesis and electrochemical studies of [symbol] cathode material by sol-gel method / D. Prakash, C. Sanjeeviraja -- 6. A novel concept for all-solid-state lithium-sulfur battery using RTIL -- Li-salt quasi-solidified electrolytes / Hideyuki Ogawa, Atsushi Unemoto, Itaru Honma -- 7. Development of all-solid-state lithium battery using quasi-solid-state RTIL -- Li-salt -- silica nano-composite electrolytes / Atsushi Unemoto [and others] -- 8. Lithium ion polymer electrolyte based on PVA-PAN / F. Kingslin Mary Genova [and others] -- 9. Electrochemical evaluation of [symbol] used as cathode materials for lithium ion batteries / Zhiyong Yu [and others] -- 10. Development of ferrite based polymer electrolyte solid state rechargeable battery / Markandey Singh [and others] -- 11. Fast hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical property of [symbol] / Jun Qian [and others] -- 12. Synthesis of nano-sized [symbol] powders by citrate-nitrate gel combustion process and their electrochemical properties / Lan Yao [and others] -- 13. Size control of [symbol]/C cathode material by surface treated [symbol] with citric acid / Jianhe Hong [and others] -- 14. Crystal and local structure of lithium cobalt oxide studied by neutron diffraction / Dyah S. Adipranoto [and others] -- 15. Pyrrole-[symbol] CO-coated lithium anode for rechargeable lithium batteries / Meifen Wu, Zhaoyin Wen, Jun Jin -- 16. Synthesis and electrochemical property of [symbol] thin film by electrodeposition method / Zhen Quan [and others] -- 17. Detection of degradation in [symbol] thin films by in situ micro Raman microscopy / Naoaki Kuwata [and others] -- 18. Electrical and electrochemical properties of new [symbol] -- ion conducting polymer electrolyte membranes / R.C. Agrawal [and others] -- 19. Improvement of sealing performance for NAS battery by a surface modification process / Gaoxiao Zhang [and others] -- 20. Ion transport and all-solid-state battery characterization studies on [symbol]-ion conducting nano-composite polymer electrolyte (NCPEs): ([symbol]) + x MgO / R.C. Agrawal [and others] -- 21. High power density solid oxide fuel cells using [symbol] peroskite oxide thin film prepared by PLD method / Young Wan Ju, Tatsumi Ishihara -- 22. Materials science viewpoint for recent development of solid oxide fuel cells / Harumi Yokokawa -- 23. Preparation and mixed conductivity of Mn-doped Bi-Sr-Fe-based perovskite type oxides / Doohyun Baek, Hitoshi Takamura.
24. Effect of lanthanum-strontium-cobaltite cathode current-collecting layer on the performance of anode supported type planar solid oxide fuel cells / Sun-Young Park [and others] -- 25. An electrical energy storage system based on solid oxide fuel cells / T. Luo [and others] -- 26. Characterisation of proton conducting polymer electrolyte based on PAN / S. Nithya [and others] -- 27. Microstructure dependence of oxygen-ion conductivity of samarium-doped ceria ceramics / Duan-Ping Huang [and others] -- 28. Chemical stability of [symbol] under different oxygen partial pressure / Fang Wang [and others] -- 29. Effects of a phase transition and oxygen nonstoichiometry on elastic modulus of [symbol] / Yuta Kimura [and others] -- 30. [symbol]: thermal, structural and electrical analysis / Arun Kumar Dorai [and others] -- 31. Proton conducting polymer electrolyte based on PVA-PAN / S. Siva Devi [and others] -- 32. Preparation of binary and ternary oxides by molten salt method and its electrochemical properties / M.V. Reddy [and others] -- 33. correlation between electrical conductivity and glass transition temperature of [symbol] glasses / A.V. Deshpande, N.S. Satpute -- 34. Milling effects on local structure and electrical conduction in aluminum doped lithium manganese oxides / Koichi Nakamura [and others] -- 35. Inelastic neutron scattering on solid electrolyte [symbol] / Evvy Kartini [and others] -- 36. Ion mobility in [symbol] (A = Li and Na) synthesised by solution combustion technique / Lakshmi Vijayan, Rajesh Cheruku, G. Govindaraj -- 37. Thermal decomposition and phase formation of cerate-zirconate ceramics prepared with different chelating agents / Nafisah Osman, Nur Athirah Abdullah, Sharizal Hasan -- 38. Conductivity and [symbol] NMR studies on PVP: [symbol] polymer electrolyte / N. Vijaya [and others] -- 39. Proton conduction and impedance analysis in submucosa membrane / Yasumitsu Matsuo, Junko Hatori, Hiroshi Oyama -- 40. Improved oxide ionic conductivity in [symbol] -- [symbol] (PNCG-SDC) layer by layer film / Junji Hyodo, Hidehisa Hagiwara, Tatsumi Ishihara -- 41. Structural and electrochemical properties of layered structure [symbol] / Muhammad Iqbal [and others] -- 42. Phase-inversion tape casting and oxygen permeation properties of [symbol] dual-phase mixed conducting composite membranes / Wei He [and others] -- 43. Study of structural and dielectric behaviour on carbon nano tube (CNT) dispersed {X PVF: (1-X) [symbol]} electrolyte / S.L. Agrawal [and others] -- 44. Preparation and properties of chitosan-graft-poly(acrylic acid)/graphene oxide nanocompostie hydrogels / Yiwan Huang [and others] -- 45. Structural and electrical relaxation studies of nanocrystalline [symbol] material / Rajesh Cheruku, Lakshmi Vijayan, G. Govindaraj -- 46. Conduction of Li ion and application to Li batteries of Li ion conductors / Naoto Ojima, Shinji Ono, Masashi Kotobuki -- 47. Fast ion conduction in [symbol] garnets / Stefan Adams, Gu Wenyi, R. Prasada Rao.
48. Composition optimization of Al-doping lithium manganese oxide from [symbol] ternary system / Gang He [and others] -- 49. Study of ion transport behaviour in [symbol] nano composite polymer electrolyte / Mridula Tripathi [and others] -- 50. Study of the effect on ionic conductivity and structral morphology of the Sr doped lanthanum gallate solid electrolyte / Kapil Sood, K. Singh, O.P. Pandey -- 51. Structural prerequisites for fast Li[symbol] ion migration in [symbol] / Stefan Adams -- 52. Preparation, structural characterization and ionic conductivity studies of calcium doped [symbol] / M. Prabu [and others] -- 53. Synthesis and characterization of ltihium nickel vanadate nanocrystallites / A. Sakunthala [and others] -- 54. Effect of Nb-doping on the ionic conductivity of lithium orthosilicate / Xiangwei Wu [and others] -- 55. Synthesis and characterization of [symbol] multiferroic composites / Gonglan Ye [and others] -- 56. Synthesis and vitrification of nasicon type lithium borophosphate glasses / H. Nithya [and others] -- 57. Electrical relaxation studies of [symbol] prepared by two different techniques / Viswarupa Mohanty [and others] -- 58. Synthesis of [symbol]-MnOOH nanorods by hydrothermal methods / A.K. Jahja, W. Honggowiranto, E. Kartini -- 59. Synthesis and characterization of LiMnO[symbol] nanoparticles / W. Honggowiranto, A.K. Jahja, E. Kartini -- 60. Electrochemical behaviour of polypyrrole films in high concentrated aqueous electrolytes / M.J.M. Jafeen, M.A. Careem -- 61. Laser Raman, XRD, DSC and AC-impedance analysis of polymer blend electrolyte based on eco-friendly PVA-PVP blend with [symbol] / N. Rajeswari [and others] -- 62. Investigations on PVA: [symbol] composite polymer electrolytes / K.P. Radha [and others] -- 63. Studies on proton conducting polymer electrolytes based on PVDF-PVA with [symbol] / M. Muthuvinayagam [and others] -- 64. Preparation and characterisation of PVA doped with beta alanine / R. Bhuvaneshwari [and others] -- 65. Proton ion conducting polymer electrolyte PAN: [symbol] / S. Sikkanthar [and others] -- 66. Structural variation of [symbol] by oxygen nonstoichiometry / Eiki Niwa [and others] -- 67. Pressure dependence of crystal structure of [symbol] by X-ray diffraction measurement / T. Wada [and others] -- 68. Millimeter wave absorption bands of silver/copper iodides-phosphate glasses / Teruyoshi Awano, Toshiharu Takahashi -- 69. Electrical relaxation studies of LiNaSO[symbol] using a new anomalous relaxation function / N.S. Krishna Kumar, K.N. Ganesha, G. Govindaraj -- 70. conduction characteristics of some lithium fluoride based systems / Dipak Kumar Khatua, Prashant Dabas, K. Hariharan -- 71. preparation and characterization of nano-thickness polypyrrole films / M.J.M. Jafeen, M.A. Careem, S. Skaarup -- 72. Study of glass and glass ceramics in the 45PbO:30TiO[symbol] system / V.K. Deshpande, V.U. Rahangdale.
73. Fast ion conduction of copper iodide doped chalcogenide glasses / T. Usuki [and others] -- 74. XAFS study of platinum group metals occluded in LaScO[symbol]-based perovskite oxide by solid-phase reaction at high temperatures / Hiroyuki Kageyama [and others] -- 75. Quasi solidpolymer electrolytes for dye sensitized solar cells / M.A.K. Lakshman Dissanayake -- 76. Structure -- conductivity correlations in battery materials / Stefan Adams -- 77. Effects of the indirect ionic interaction on the diffusion of the cation in the silver halide crystals with the rock-salt structure / Yoshitaka Michihiro [and others] -- 78. Complex hopping ion dynamics in ion conducting solids / G. Govindaraj -- 79. Analysis of elastic properties of metal borohydrides / Yutaro Noguchi, Masaru Aniya -- 80. Mechanical, thermal and conduction characteristics of binary phosphate glasses / Prashant Dabas, K. Hariharan -- 81. Simulation and performance analysis of lithium battery bank mounted on the hybrid power system for mobile public health center / Pratondo Busono, Evvy Kartini -- 82. Investigation on VO[symbol]/CNTS nanocomposites act as electrode of supercapacitors / Quanyao Zhu [and others] -- 83. Temperature dependence of elastic parameters of ionic conductors / Haruhito Sadakuni, Masaru Aniya -- 84. A theoretical analysis of physical properties of aqueous trehalose with borax / Sahara, Masaru Aniya -- 85. Vibrational study on fast proton conduction of single crystal [symbol] / O. Kamishima [and others] -- 86. Structure and atomic dynamics in molten [symbol] by molecular dynamics simulation / Shigeki Matsunaga.
Summary Solid state ionics is a multidisciplinary scientific and industrial field dealing with ionic transport phenomena in solids. In a couple of decades, solid state ionics has become one of the largest disciplines closely related to energy technologies, such as batteries, fuel cells, and so on. So far, a large number of scientists and engineers in Asia as well as in Europe and US are engaged in the research in solid state ionics. In the context of such a situation, the Asian Society for Solid State Ionics was founded in 1986, and a series of academic conferences has been held biennially since 1988. In 2012, the 13th conference is organized in Sendai, Japan. This book provides research papers describing the latest developments and findings in the field of solid state ionics. The selected contributions from prominent researchers in the Asian Society for Solid State Ionics, which are presented at the 13th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics, can be found. The papers in this book are detailed and suitable to understand recent research trends in solid state ionics, and thus will be a valuable resource for physicists, chemists, and material scientists.
ISBN 9789814415040 (electronic bk.)
9814415049 (electronic bk.)
OCLC # 847001098
Additional Format 9789814439909

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