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001    850927991 
003    OCoLC 
005    20181101051930.1 
006    m     o  d         
007    cr cnu---unuuu 
008    130626s2013    gw a    ob    101 0 eng d 
019    849488245 
020    9783642390593|q(electronic bk.) 
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020    |z9783642390586|q(Print) 
024 7  10.1007/978-3-642-39059-3|2doi 
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050  4 QA76.9.A25|bA25 2013 
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082 04 005.8|223 
111 2  ACISP (Conference)|n(18th :|d2013 :|cBrisbane, Qld.)|0http
245 10 Information security and privacy :|b18th Australasian 
       Conference, ACISP 2013, Brisbane, Australia, July 1-3, 
       2013. Proceedings /|cColin Boyd, Leonie Simpson (eds.). 
246 3  ACISP 2013 
264  1 Berlin ;|aNew York :|bSpringer,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource (xi, 434 pages) :|billustrations (black 
       and white). 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
347    text file|2rdaft|0
490 1  Lecture notes in computer science,|x0302-9743 ;|v7959 
490 1  LNCS sublibrary. SL 4, Security and cryptology 
500    International conference proceedings. 
500    Includes author index. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tCryptanalysis I.|tAnalysing the IOBC Authenticated 
       Encryption Mode /|rChris J. Mitchell --|tA Chosen IV 
       Related Key Attack on Grain-128a /|rSubhadeep Banik [and 
       others] --|tCryptanalysis of Helix and Phelix Revisited /
       |rZhenqing Shi, Bin Zhang, Dengguo Feng --|tRSA.|tAttacks 
       on Multi-Prime RSA with Small Prime Difference /|rHui 
       Zhang, Tsuyoshi Takagi --|tFactoring Multi-power RSA 
       Modulus N=prq with Partial Known Bits /|rYao Lu, Rui Zhang,
       Dongdai Lin --|tToward Separating the Strong Adaptive 
       Pseudo-freeness from the Strong RSA Assumption /|rMasayuki
       Fukumitsu [and others] --|tMinkowski Sum Based Lattice 
       Construction for Multivariate Simultaneous Coppersmith's 
       Technique and Applications to RSA /|rYoshinori Aono --
       |tLattices and Security Proofs.|tAdaptive Precision 
       Floating Point LLL /|rThomas Plantard, Willy Susilo, 
       Zhenfei Zhang --|tBetter Lattice Constructions for Solving
       Multivariate Linear Equations Modulo Unknown Divisors /
       |rAtsushi Takayasu, Noboru Kunihiro --|tKey-Dependent 
       Message Chosen-Ciphertext Security of the Cramer-Shoup 
       Cryptosystem /|rBaodong Qin, Shengli Liu, Zhengan Huang --
       |tBlack-Box Separations and Their Adaptability to the Non-
       uniform Model /|rAhto Buldas, Margus Niitsoo. 
505 80 |tPublic Key Cryptography.|tAttribute-Based Identification
       : Definitions and Efficient Constructions /|rHiroaki Anada,
       Seiko Arita, Sari Handa, Yosuke Iwabuchi --|tRelations 
       among Privacy Notions for Signcryption and Key Invisible 
       "Sign-then-Encrypt" /|rYang Wang, Mark Manulis, Man Ho Au,
       Willy Susilo --|tInjective Encodings to Elliptic Curves /
       |rPierre-Alain Fouque, Antoine Joux, Mehdi Tibouchi --
       |tMembership Encryption and Its Applications /|rFuchun Guo,
       Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, Vijay Varadharajan --|tHashing.
       |tSecurity Proofs for Hash Tree Time-Stamping Using Hash 
       Functions with Small Output Size /|rAhto Buldas, Risto 
       Laanoja --|tImproved Boomerang Attacks on SM3 /|rDongxia 
       Bai, Hongbo Yu, Gaoli Wang, Xiaoyun Wang --|tInvited Talk.
       |tExpressive Cryptography: Lattice Perspectives /|rXavier 
       Boyen --|tCryptanalysis II.|tRelated-Key Boomerang Attacks
       on KATAN32/48/64 /|rTakanori Isobe, Yu Sasaki, Jiageng 
       Chen --|tHighly Accurate Key Extraction Method for Access-
       Driven Cache Attacks Using Correlation Coefficient /
       |rJunko Takahashi [and others]. 
505 80 |tUpper Bounds for the Security of Several Feistel 
       Networks /|rYosuke Todo --|tSignatures.|tFairness in 
       Concurrent Signatures Revisited /|rWilly Susilo, Man Ho Au,
       Yang Wang, Duncan S. Wong --|tFormalizing Group Blind 
       Signatures and Practical Constructions without Random 
       Oracles /|rEssam Ghadafi --|tPasswords and Mobile 
       Security.|tAnalysis of the Non-perfect Table Fuzzy Rainbow
       Tradeoff /|rByoung-Il Kim, Jin Hong --|tComplexity of 
       Increasing the Secure Connectivity in Wireless Ad Hoc 
       Networks /|rSeyit A. Camtepe --|tTowards Privacy 
       Preserving Mobile Internet Communications -- How Close Can
       We Get? /|rKristian Gjsteen, George Petrides, Asgeir 
       Steine --|tCount-Min Sketches for Estimating Password 
       Frequency within Hamming Distance Two /|rLeah South, 
       Douglas Stebila --|tSecret Sharing.|tA Rational Secret 
       Sharing Protocol with Unconditional Security in the 
       Synchronous Setting /|rYang Yu, Zhanfei Zhou --|tSecret 
       Sharing Schemes with Conversion Protocol to Achieve Short 
       Share-Size and Extendibility to Multiparty Computation /
       |rRyo Kikuchi [and others] --|tInvited Talk.|tPublic Key 
       Cryptography for Mobile Cloud /|rYuliang Zheng. 
520    This book constitutes the refereed conference proceedings 
       of the 18th Australasian Conference on Information 
       Security and Privacy, ACISP 2013, held in Brisbane, 
       Australia, in July 2013. The 28 revised full papers 
       presented were carefully selected from 78 submissions. 
       Conference papers are organized in technical sessions, 
       covering topics of Cryptoanalysis, RSA, Lattices and 
       Security Proofs, Public Key Cryptography, Hashing, 
       Signatures, Passwords, Mobile Security, and Secret 
650  0 Computer security|vCongresses.|0
650  0 Computer networks|xSecurity measures|vCongresses.|0http:// 
650  2 Computer Security.|0 
650  2 Privacy.|0 
653  4 Computer science. 
653  4 Data protection. 
653  4 Data encryption (Computer science) 
653  4 Coding theory. 
653  4 Information systems. 
653  4 Systems and Data Security. 
653  4 Management of Computing and Information Systems. 
653  4 Coding and Information Theory. 
653  4 e-Commerce/e-business. 
655  2 Congress.|0 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  4 Ebook. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0http:// 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Boyd, Colin,|d1959-|0
700 1  Simpson, Leonie,|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aACISP (Conference) (18th : 2013 : 
       Brisbane, Qld.).|tInformation security and privacy.
       |dBerlin ; New York : Springer, 2013 ACISP (Conference) 
       (18th : 2013 : Brisbane, Qld.).|z9783642390586
830  0 Lecture notes in computer science ;|0
830  0 LNCS sublibrary.|nSL 4,|pSecurity and cryptology.|0http:// 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2013 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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