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Title Asian religions in America : a documentary history / edited by Thomas A. Tweed, Stephen Prothero.
Imprint New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.

Subject United States -- Religion -- Sources.
Asia -- Religion -- Sources.
Alt Name Tweed, Thomas A.
Prothero, Stephen R.
Description xvi, 416 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references (p. 402-406) and index.
ISBN 0195113381 (cloth : alk. paper)
019511339X (pbk. : alk. paper)
OCLC # 38883781
Table of Contents
 General Introduction / Thomas A. Tweed1
 Introduction to Asian Religions13
Pt. IOrientations, 1784 to 1840 
 1Views from Abroad 
   A Narrative of Voyages and Travels (1817) / Amasa Delano29
   An Account of the Sikhs in India (1814) Christian Disciple32
   Robert Morrison's Letter from China (1809)35
   A Mission in Burma (1832) Adoniram / Ann Judson38
 2Views from Home 
   Benjamin Franklin's Oriental Tale (1788)43
   A Comparison of the Institutions of Moses with Those of the Hindoos and Other Ancient Nations (1799) / Joseph Priestley44
   John Adams to Thomas Jefferson (1813-14)48
   William Bentley on Asian Trade in Salem (1794-1804)51
   A Dictionary of All Religions (1817) / Hannah Adams54
   Religious Ceremonies and Customs (1836) / Charles A. Goodrich57
Pt. IIEncounters, 1840 to 1924 
 3East to America: Immigrant Landings 
   Our Composite Nationality (1869) / Frederick Douglass67
   The Confucian Sage and the Mongolian Bible (1876) / Fung Chee Pang70
   Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)73
   Pagan Temples in San Francisco (1892) / Frederick J. Masters75
   Buddhism in the Kingdom of Liberty (1899) / Shuye Sonoda78
   The Picturesque Immigrant from India's Coral Strand (1909) / Saint Nihal Singh82
   Christ and Oriental Ideals (1923) Swami Paramananda86
   United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923)88
 4Romancing the Orient: Literary Encounters 
   Brahma and Plato (1857, 1850) / Ralph Waldo Emerson92
   A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers (1849) / Henry David Thoreau95
   The Heathen Chinee (1870) / Bret Harte98
   Passage to India (1870) / Walt Whitman100
   The Waste Land (1922) / T. S. Eliot106
 5Journeys in the Study 
   Webster's Dictionary on Hinduism and Buddhism (1828, 1849, 1864)110
   The Progress of Religious Ideas (1855) / Lydia Maria Francis Child111
   Ten Great Religions (1871) / James Freeman Clarke114
 6Postcards for the Pews: Missionaries and their Critics 
   An American Missionary in Japan (1892) / M. L. Gordon119
   The United States of Lyncherdom (1901) / Mark Twain121
   Is Buddhism to Blame? (1902) / Myra E. Withee123
 7The World's Parliament of Religions 
   Words of Welcome (1893) / John Henry Barrows127
   Hinduism (1893) Swami Vivekananda130
   The World's Debt to Buddha (1893) / Anagarika Dharmapala133
   Reply to a Christian Critic (1896) / Soyen Shaku137
 8Turning East: Sympathizers and Converts 
   Old Diary Leaves and The Buddhist Catechism (1900, 1881) / Henry Steel Olcott141
   Memories of Swami Vivekanda (1945) Sister Christine145
   The Dharma (1898) / Paul Carus148
   Insight into the Far East (1925) / Marie de Souza Canavarro151
   William Sturgis Bigelow to Kwanryo Naobayashi (1895)154
Pt. IIIExclusion, 1924 to 1965 
 9Closed Ports and Open Camps 
   Asian Exclusion Act (1924)163
   Executive Order 9066 (1942) / Franklin D. Roosevelt164
   Like a Dream, Like a Fantasy (1978) / Nyogen Senzaki166
   Memoirs of a Buddhist Woman Missionary in Hawaii (1991) / Shigeo Kikuchi169
   Wartime Buddhist Liturgy (1940s) / Julius Goldwater172
 10Hindu Crossings: Gurus and Disciples 
   My Brief Career as a Yogi (1941) / Krishnalal Shridharani178
   Autobiography of a Yogi (1946) Paramahansa Yogananda181
   The Turning Point (1975) Krishnamurti185
   What Vedanta Means to Me (1960) / John Yale187
 11Buddhist Crossings: Masters and Students 
   What is Zen? (1959) / Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki191
   Followers of Buddha: An American Brotherhood (1934) / Dwight Goddard193
   Dharma Bums (1958) / Jack Kerouac196
   Zen: A Method for Religious Awakening (1959) / Ruth Fuller Sasaki200
   Entry into the Dharma Gate (1994) / Elson B. Snow203
 12Artists, Preachers, and Missionaries 
   The Christ of the Indian Road (1925) / E. Stanley Jones209
   The Indian Menace (1929) / Mersene Sloan212
   Howard and Sue Bailey Thurman Meet Mahatma Gandhi (1936)215
   Lecture on Nothing (1949) / John Cage218
Pt. IVPassages, 1965 to the Present 
 13Countercultural Appropriations 
   Beginning a Counterculture (1972) / Alan Watts229
   The Buddha as Drop-Out (1968) / Timothy Leary232
   The Only Dance There Is (1974) / Ram Dass235
 14Asian Indian Gurus, Converts, and Movements 
   A TM Catechism (1975)241
   Search for Liberation (1981) The Beatles244
   Awakening the Mind to Prayer (1984) Yogi Bhajan248
   An Experience of Siddha Yoga Meditation (1991) / Margaret Simpson251
   Integral Yoga (1996) Swami Satchidananda253
   Sai Baba and the Resurrection of Walter Cowan (1976) / Elsie Cowan257
 15Buddhist Teachers, Converts, and Movements 
   Posture (1970) / Shunryu Suzuki261
   Mediation in Action (1969) / Chogyam Trungpa264
   The Miracle of Mindfulness (1975) / Thich Nhat Hanh268
   An Interview with Roshi Jiyu Kennett (1986)270
   Women, Buddhism, and Vipassana Meditation (1991)274
   Waking Up to Racism (1994) / Bell Hooks277
   Soka Gakkai and the Power of Chanting (1996) / Jacci Thompson-Dodd281
   Recipes for Social Change (1996) / Bernard Glassman, Rick Fields285
 16Asian Indian Immigrants: Hindu, Jain, and Sikh 
   The Pilgrimage (1994) Anand Mohan289
   Rituals at Sri Venkateswara Temple (1995)294
   Recounting History and Nurturing Youth (1985-95) Sri Ganesha Temple299
   Hinduism in the Public Realm: Hinduism Today on Christianity and Cloning (1996)303
   An Ancient Heritage and a Promising Future (1993) Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago309
   Things That Make You Ask "Kion"? (1994) Sikh Religious Society312
 17Buddhist Immigrants 
   The Buddha's Birthday in a Vietnamese-American Temple (1986)315
   The Dalai Lama Meets the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California (1989)319
   Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara's Tenth Anniversary (1990)322
   Later Generations of Japanese Americans on Jodo Shinshu (1990)324
   DJ or Not We're Still Upset (1994) Thai Youth Club328
   Buddhism Coming to the West (1997) Hsi Lai Temple331
 18Asian Religions in Popular and Elite Culture 
   Tao of Jeet Kune Do (1975) / Bruce Lee335
   The Tao of Pooh (1982) / Benjamin Hoff339
   Smokey the Bear Sutra (1969) / Gary Snyder342
   An Interview with Composer Philip Glass (1991)345
   Boddhisattva Vow (1994) The Beastie Boys349
   Children Responding to Little Buddha (1994)351
   If You Meet the Buddha in the Lane, Feed Him the Ball (1995) / Phil Jackson353
   The Kitchen God's Wife (1991) / Amy Tan357
 19Interreligious Dialogue 
   Letter from Asia (1968) / Thomas Merton362
   Buddhist-Christian Dialogue (1981) / Masao Abe, John Cobb365
   The Jew in the Lotus (1994) / Rodger Kamenetz369
   The Parliament of the World's Religions Centennial (1993)371
   The Kingdom of the Cults (1985) / Walter Martin376
 20Mapping Legal Boundaries: Religion and State 
   Asian Religions According to the Supreme Court (1965) / William Douglas378
   Even Buddhist Prisoners Have Rights (1972) U.S. Supreme Court381
   The Krishna Religion (1992) / William Rehnquist383
   Sikh Kirpans in Public Schools (1994)385
   A Vietnamese Home Temple Zoning Dispute (1996)388
 Further Reading402