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Title Percutaneous absorption : drugs--cosmetics--mechanisms--methodology / edited by Robert L. Bronaugh, Howard I. Maibach.
Imprint New York : Dekker, [1999]
Edition Third edition, revised and expanded.

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Series Drugs and the pharmaceutical sciences ; 97.
Drugs and the pharmaceutical sciences ; v. 97.
Subject Transdermal medication.
Skin absorption.
Skin -- Permeability.
Skin Absorption.
Alt Name Bronaugh, Robert L., 1942-
Maibach, Howard I.
NetLibrary, Inc.
Description xxi, 955 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Edition Third edition, revised and expanded.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Boulder, Colo. : NetLibrary, 2000. Available via the World Wide Web. Available in multiple electronic file formats. Access may be limited to NetLibrary affiliated libraries.
ISBN 0585138680 (electronic bk.) : $225.00
0824719662 (alk. paper)
OCLC # 44958498
Additional Format Original (DLC) 99014994 (OCoLC)41096075.
Table of Contents
 Preface to the Third Edition 
 Preface to the First Edition 
IMechanisms of Absorption 
 1Mathematical Models in Percutaneous Absorption / Michael S. Roberts, Yuri G. Anissimov, Richard A. Gonsalvez3
 2Cutaneous Metabolism During In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption [et al.] / Robert L. Bronaugh, Margaret E. K. Kraeling, Jeffrey J. Yourick57
 3Cutaneous Metabolism of Xenobiotics / Saqib J. Bashir, Howard I. Maibach65
 4Occlusion Does Not Uniformly Enhance Penetration In Vivo / Daniel Bucks, Howard I. Maibach81
 5Regional Variation in Percutaneous Absorption / Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach107
 6In Vivo Relationship Between Percutaneous Absorption and Transepidermal Water Loss / Andre Rougier, Claire Lotte, Howard I. Maibach117
 7Skin Contamination and Absorption of Chemicals from Water and Soil / Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach133
 8Characterization of Molecular Transport Across Human Stratum Corneum In Vivo [et al.] / Aarti Naik, Yogeshvar N. Kalia, Fabrice Pirot149
 9Relationship Between H-Bonding of Penetrants to Stratum Corneum Lipids and Diffusion / William John Pugh177
 10In Vivo Percutaneous Absorption: A Key Role for Stratum Corneum/Vehicle Partitioning / Andre Rougier193
 11In Vivo Methods for Percutaneous Absorption Measurements / Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach215
 12Determination of Percutaneous Absorption by In Vitro Techniques [et al.] / Robert L. Bronaugh, Harolyn L. Hood, Margaret E. K. Kraeling229
 13Will Cutaneous Levels of Absorbed Material Be Systemically Absorbed? / Robert L. Bronaugh, Harolyn L. Hood235
 14Dermal Decontamination and Percutaneous Absorption / Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach241
 15Partitioning of Chemicals from Water into Powdered Human Stratum Corneum (Callus) - A Model Study [et al.] / Xiaoying Hui, Ronald C. Wester, Philip S. Magee255
 16In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption of Model Compounds Glyphosate and Malathion from Cotton Fabric into and Through Human Skin / Ronald C. Wester, Danyi Quan, Howard I. Maibach271
 17Vaginal Absorption of Prostaglandin E[subscript 1] in Rhesus Monkey [et al.] / Ronald C. Wester, Joseph L. Melendres, Steffany Serranzana283
 18Human Cadaver Skin Viability for In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption: Storage and Detrimental Effects of Heat Separation and Freezing [et al.] / Ronald C. Wester, Julie Christoffel, Tracy Hartway289
 19Interrelationships in the Dose Response of Percutaneous Absorption / Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach297
 20Blood Flow as a Technology in Percutaneous Absorption: The Assessment of the Cutaneous Microcirculation by Laser Doppler and Photoplethysmographic Techniques / Ethel Tur315
 21Drug Concentration in the Skin [et al.] / Christian Surber, Eric W. Smith, Fabian P. Schwarb347
 22Stripping Method for Measuring Percutaneous Absorption In Vivo [et al.] / Andre Rougier, Didier Dupuis, Claire Lotte375
 23Tape-Stripping Technique / Christian Surber, Fabian P. Schwarb, Eric W. Smith395
 24Interference with Stratum Corneum Lipid Biogenesis: An Approach to Enhance Transdermal Drug Delivery [et al.] / Peter M. Elias, Vivien Mak, Carl Thornfeldt411
 25Percutaneous Drug Delivery to the Hair Follicle / Andrea C. Lauer427
 26Relative Contributions of Human Skin Layers to Partitioning of Chemicals with Varying Lipophilicity [et al.] / Tatiana E. Gogoleva, John I. Ademola, Ronald C. Wester451
 27Effect of Single Versus Multiple Dosing in Percutaneous Absorption / Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach463
 28Measurement of Short-Term Dermal Uptake In Vitro Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry / Garrett A. Keating, Kenneth T. Bogen, John S. Vogel475
 29New Developments in the Methodology Available for the Assessment of Topical Corticosteroid-Induced Skin Blanching / John M. Haigh, Eric W. Smith, Howard I. Maibach487
 30Raman Spectroscopy / Adrian C. Williams, Brian W. Barry499
 31Stratum Corneum and Barrier Performance: A Model Lamellar Structural Approach / Hamid R. Moghimi, Brian W. Barry, Adrian C. Williams515
 32Role of In Vitro Release Measurement in Semisolid Dosage Forms / Vinod P. Shah, Jerome S. Elkins, Roger L. Williams555
 33Percutaneous Absorption of Salicylic Acid, Theophylline, 2,4-Dimethylamine, Diethyl Hexyl Phthalic Acid, and p-Aminobenzoic Acid in the Isolated Perfused Porcine Skin Flap Compared to Humans In Vivo [et al.] / Ronald C. Wester, Joseph L. Melendres, Lena Sedik571
 34Transepidermal Water Loss Measurements for Assessing Skin Barrier Functions During In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption Studies / Avinash Nangia, Bret Berner, Howard I. Maibach587
IIIDrug and Cosmetic Absorption 
 35Percutaneous Penetration as a Method of Delivery to Skin and Underlying Tissues / Parminder Singh597
 36Phonophoresis / Joseph Kost, Samir Mitragotri, Robert Langer615
 37Facilitated Transdermal Delivery by Iontophoresis / Parminder Singh, Puchun Liu, Steven M. Dinh633
 38Percutaneous Penetration as It Relates to the Safety Evaluation of Cosmetic Ingredients / Jeffrey J. Yourick, Robert L. Bronaugh659
 39Percutaneous Absorption of Fragrances / Jeffrey J. Yourick, Harolyn L. Hood, Robert L. Bronaugh673
 40Hair Dye Absorption / William E. Dressler685
 41Percutaneous Absorption of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids in Human Skin / Margaret E. K. Kraeling, Robert L. Bronaugh717
 42Optimizing Patch Test Delivery: A Model / Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach733
 43Permeation of N-Nitrosamines Through Human Skin / Keith R. Brain, Stephen D. Gettings, Kenneth A. Walters741
 44Nail Penetration: Focus on Topical Delivery of Antifungal Drugs for Onychomycosis Treatment [et al.] / Ying Sun, Jue-Chen Liu, Jonas C. T. Wang759
 45Topical Dermatological Vehicles: A Holistic Approach / Eric W. Smith, Christian Surber, Howard I. Maibach779
 46Human In Vivo and In Vitro Hydroquinone Topical Bioavailability, Metabolism, and Disposition [et al.] / Ronald C. Wester, Joseph L. Melendres, Xiaoying Hui789
 47Human Skin In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption of Gaseous Ethylene Oxide from Fabric [et al.] / Ronald C. Wester, Tracy Hartway, Steffany Serranzana809
 48In Vivo Percutaneous Absorption of Acetochlor in Rhesus Monkey: Dose Response and Exposure Risk Assessment / Ronald C. Wester, Joseph L. Melendres, Howard I. Maibach815
 49The Development of Skin Barrier Function in the Neonate [et al.] / Lourdes B. Nonato, Yogeshvar N. Kalia, Aarti Naik825
 50Percutaneous Absorption of Sunscreens / Kenneth A. Walters, Stephen D. Gettings, Michael S. Roberts861
 51Microemulsions / Reinhard H. H. Neubert, Ulrike Schmalfuss879
 52Bioavailability of [[superscript 14]C]Hydroquinone in F344 Rat and Rhesus Monkey [et al.] / Xiaoying Hui, Ronald C. Wester, Joseph L. Melendres887
 53Dermatopharmacokinetics of Topical BCX-34 Cream in Human Skin [et al.] / Xiaoying Hui, Ronald C. Wester, Steffany Serranzana901
 54In Vitro Cutaneous Disposition of a Topical Diclofenac Lotion in Human Skin: Effect of a Multidose Regimen [et al.] / Philip G. Hewitt, Nicholas Poblete, Ronald C. Wester915
 55An Innovative Method to Determine Percutaneous Absorption: Real-Time Breath Analysis and Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling / Karla D. Thrall, Torka S. Poet, Richard A. Corley929
 56Role of Calcium Ions in Relation to Skin Barrier Function / Hanafi Tanojo, Howard I. Maibach939