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050  4 QB980|b.I62 1999eb 
072  7 SCI|x015000|2bisacsh 
082 04 523.1|222 
111 2  International Workshop on Particle Physics and the Early 
       Universe|n(3rd :|d1999 :|cTrieste, Italy) 
245 10 Cosmo-99 :|bProceedings of the Third International 
       Workshop on Particle Physics and the Early Universe, ICTP,
       Trieste, Italy, 27 September - 2 October 1999 /|ceditors, 
       U. Cotti [and others]. 
260    Singapore ;|aRiver Edge, N.J. :|bWorld Scientific,|c©2000.
300    1 online resource (xv, 483 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
500    "The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical 
       Physics ; UNESCO : United Nations Educational, Scientific 
       and Cultural Organization ; International Atomic Energy 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Dark matter. Dark-matter overview / B. Sadoulet -- Results
       from DAMA experiments / P. Belli [and others] -- 
       Neutralinos as relic particles: implications of the 
       theoretical uncertainties in the neutralino-nucleon cross-
       section / F. Donato -- Hide and seek with neutralino dark 
       matter WIMP / L. Roszkowski -- Relic abundance of dark 
       matter particles: new formulation and new result of 
       abundance calculation / M. Yoshimura -- CP violating 
       phases and the dark matter problem / T. Falk -- Wimpzillas
       / E. Kolb -- A phenomenology of the dark energy / A. 
       Albrecht -- Death of baryonic dark matter in our galactic 
       halo / K. Freese -- Dark matter annihilation at the center
       of the galaxy / P. Gondolo -- Dark mirror matter / Z. 
       Berezhiani -- SUSY dark matter at the LHC / D. Denegri -- 
       A theoretical review of axion / J. Kim -- Dark Matter 
       Caustics / P. Sikivie and W. Kinney -- Cosmological 
       implications of supersymmetric CP violating phases / S. 
       Khalil -- Possible observational evidences of non-baryonic
       (non-compact) microlenses / A. Zakharov -- High energy 
       cosmic rays. Ultra high energy cosmic rays from super 
       heavy relic particles / V. Berezinsky -- Cosmic ray 
       conundra / A. De Rujula -- The most energetic particles in
       the universe / E. Roulet, D. Harari and S. Mollerach -- 
       Cosmic rays signatures of massive relic particles / S. 
       Sarkar -- Energies in the universe. The cosmological 
       constant, nothing or everything?: observation confronts 
       theory / L. Krauss -- Quintessence in tensor-scalar 
       theories of gravity / N. Bartolo and M. Pietroni -- Energy
       conditions and their cosmological implications / M. Visser
       and C. Barcelo -- Global topology of the universe / C. 
       Starkman -- Observed smooth energy is anthropically even 
       more likely as quintessence than as cosmological constant 
       / S. Bludman -- Supernovae data: cosmological constant or 
       ruling out the cosmological principle? / M.N. Celener. 
505 8  Extended quintessence: imprints on the cosmic microwave 
       background spectra / C. Baccigalupi, F. Perrotta and S. 
       Matarrese -- Can the inflaton and the quintessence scalar 
       be the same field? / F. Rosati -- Big bang 
       nucleosynthesis. The current status of big bang 
       nucleosynthesis and related observations / K.A. Olive -- 
       Cosmology, big bang nucleosynthesis, and neutrinos / A. 
       Dolgov -- Lithium-6: a probe of the early universe / K. 
       Jedamzik -- Inflation. Inflation and creation of matter in
       the universe / A. Linde -- Current issues for inflation / 
       D. Lyth -- Spinodal inflation and metric perturbations: 
       applications of non-equilibrium quantum field theory to 
       inflation / R. Holman -- Supergravity in cosmology / R. 
       Kallosh -- Preheating and supergravity / L. Kofman -- 
       Nonthermal production of dangerous relics in the early 
       universe / R. Riotto -- New inflation in supergravity and 
       its observational implications / M. Kawasaki -- Stochastic
       gravitational waves backgrounds: a probe for inflationary 
       and non-inflationary cosmology / M. Giovannini -- Fermion 
       preheating / J. Baacke -- Preheating the dilaton / L.E. 
       Mendes and A. Mazumdar -- Non-perturbative production of 
       gravitinos after inflation / A . L. Maroto and A. Mazumdar
       -- Metric perturbations and inflationary phase transitions
       / D. Cormier and R. Holman -- Interacting fields in 
       Robertson-Walker cosmologies / C. Molina-Paris, P.R. 
       Anderson and S.A. Ramsey -- Nonperturbative production of 
       fermions and the baryon asymmetry / M. Peloso -- 
       Preheating of bosons in super symmetric hybrid inflation /
       M. Bastero-Gil, S.F. King and J. Sanderson -- CMB and 
       structure formation. CMB: present and future / S. Dodelson
       -- An update on non-gaussianity in the COBE data / P. 
       Ferreira -- Back reaction of cosmological perturbations / 
       R.H. Brandenberger. 
505 8  The fractal universe: recent data and theoretical 
       developments / L. Pietronero -- Distribution of dark and 
       luminous matter in the universe / R. Schaeffer -- 
       Cosmological implications of a neutrino asymmetry / J. 
       Lesgourgues and S. Pastor -- Metric perturbation of the 
       FRW universe and the fractal distribution of the luminous 
       matter / R. Mohayaee -- Topological defects. Testing 
       cosmological defect formation in the laboratory / T. 
       Kibble -- Vortex phases in condensed matter and cosmology 
       / M. Laine -- Old and new cosmic and other defect string 
       models / B. Carter -- Dark matter and cosmic strings in 
       particle models / X. Zhang -- The fate of cosmic string 
       zero modes / A.-C. Davis, S.C. Davis and W.B. Perkins -- 
       New regime for dense string networks / C.S. Aulakh -- 
       Dilatonic, current-carrying cosmic strings / C.N. Ferreira,
       M.E.X. Guimariies and J.A. Helayel-Neto -- Phase 
       transitions and magnetic fields. High temperature symmetry
       nonrestoration / B. Bajc -- The origin of cosmic magnetic 
       fields / O. Tornkvist -- Primordial magnetic fields and 
       electroweak baryogenesis / D. Grasso -- Wess-Zumino 
       wallpaper / P.M. Saffin -- Non-equilibrium dynamics of hot
       Abelian Higgs model / A. Rajantie -- Mass shift ofaxion in
       magnetic field / N.V. Mikheev, A. Ya. Parkhomenko and L.A.
       Vassilevskaya -- Cosmological magnetic fields by 
       parametric resonance? / F. Finelli -- First-order phase 
       transitions in an early-universe environment / M. Lilley -
       - Q-balls. Cosmology of SUSY Q-balls / A. Kusenko -- Q-
       ball formation through Affleck-Dine mechanism / S. Kasuya 
       -- Energy losses of Q-balls in matter, earth and detectors
       / M. Ouchrif -- Neutrinos. Recent results from Super-
       Kamiokande / M. Takita -- Neutrino oscillations at the 
       accelerators/reactors / S. Mishra -- Non-accelerator 
       neutrino mass searches / K. Zuber -- Neutrinoless double 
       beta decay and new physics in the neutrino sector / H.V. 
       Klapdor-Kleingrothaus and H. Pas. 
505 8  Theoretical implications of recent neutrino discoveries / 
       R.N. Mohapatra -- Mirror neutrinos and the early universe 
       / R.R. Volkas -- Neutrino scattering in strong magnetic 
       fields / K. Bhattacharya and P.B. Pal -- Effects of a 
       general set of interactions on neutrino propagation in 
       matter / E. Nardi -- Active-sterile neutrino oscillations 
       in the early universe and the atmospheric neutrino anomaly
       / P. Di Bari -- R-parity violation and neutrino masses / 
       E.J. Chun -- Baryogenesis. Recent progress in Affleck-Dine
       baryogenesis / K. Enqvist -- Sources for electroweak 
       baryogenesis / K. Kainulainen -- Supersymmetric 
       electroweak baryogenesis / N. Rius -- The quantum 
       Boltzmann equation in a nontrivial background / M. Joyce, 
       K. Kainulainen and T. Prokopec -- Making baryons below the
       electroweak scale / M. Trodden -- Electroweak baryogenesis
       from preheating / J. Garcia-Bellido -- Baryon number 
       asymmetry induced by coherent motions of a cosmological 
       axion-like pseudoscalar / R. Brustein and D.H. Oaknin -- 
       Reconciling neutrino oscillations with SO(10) leptogenesis
       / E. Nezri and J. Orloff -- The muon mass and a neutrino 
       asymmetry: a minimal baryogenesis Mechanism / J. March-
       Russell -- String cosmology. String cosmology: an update /
       G. Veneziano -- Cosmology of strongly coupled strings / P.
       Binetruy -- Cosmological aspects of heterotic M-theory / 
       T. Barreiro and B. de Carlos -- Remarks of anomalous U(1) 
       symmetries in string theory / H.P. Nilles -- Extra 
       dimensions. Large extra space and time dimensions: some 
       cosmological issues / G. Gabadadze -- Large radius 
       generation and phase transitions with extra dimensions / 
       K.R. Dienes [and others] -- Our world as an expanding 
       shell / M. Gogberashvili -- Cosmological expansion in the 
       Randall-Sundrum warped compactification / J.M. Cline -- 
       Pre-big bang string cosmology and holography / J. 
520    This volume presents the newest results and developments 
       in the fast-moving field of astroparticle physics. The 
       following topics are covered: dark matter, baryogenesis, 
       neutrino physics and astrophysics, inflation, topological 
       defects, cosmic ray physics and cosmological implications 
       of grand unification, supersymmetry, superstrings and 
       extra dimensions. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Cosmology|vCongresses. 
650  0 Particles (Nuclear physics)|vCongresses. 
650  0 Astrophysics|vCongresses. 
650  6 Cosmologie|vCongrès. 
650  6 Particules (Physique nucléaire)|vCongrès. 
650  6 Astrophysique|vCongrès. 
650  7 SCIENCE|xCosmology.|2bisacsh 
650  7 Astrophysics.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00819797 
650  7 Cosmology.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00880600 
650  7 Particles (Nuclear physics)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01054130 
700 1  Cotti, U. 
710 2  Centro de Estudios Científicos de Santiago. 
710 2  Unesco. 
710 2  International Atomic Energy Agency. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Workshop on Particle 
       Physics and the Early Universe (3rd : 1999 : Trieste, 
       Italy).|tCosmo-99.|dSingapore ; River Edge, N.J. : World 
       Scientific, ©2000|z9810244568|w(DLC)  2005297932
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