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019    821881588|a985044523|a1005782798|a1026455399|a1067172751
020    9783642303319|q(electronic bk.) 
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020    9783642303302 
020    |z9783642303302 
024 7  10.1007/978-3-642-30331-9|2doi 
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082 04 616.99/4347|223 
245 00 Prospects for chemoprevention of colorectal neoplasia :
       |bemerging role of anti-inflammatory drugs /|cAndrew T. 
       Chan, Elmar Detering, editors. 
264  1 Berlin ;|aNew York :|bSpringer,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource. 
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347    text file 
347    |bPDF 
490 1  Recent results in cancer research,|x0080-0015 ;|vv. 191 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tAn Emerging Role for Anti-inflammatory Agents for 
       Chemoprevention /|rAndrew T. Chan and Elmar Detering --
       |tMechanistic Aspects of COX-2 Expression in Colorectal 
       Neoplasia /|rDan A. Dixon, Fernando F. Blanco, Annalisa 
       Bruno and Paola Patrignani --|tMode of Action of Aspirin 
       as a Chemopreventive Agent /|rMelania Dovizio, Annalisa 
       Bruno, Stefania Tacconelli and Paola Patrignani --|tCoxibs
       : Pharmacology, Toxicity and Efficacy in Cancer Clinical 
       Trials /|rLuis A. Garcia Rodriguez, Lucia Cea-Soriano, 
       Stefania Tacconelli and Paola Patrignani --|tCOX-2 Active 
       Agents in the Chemoprevention of Colorectal Cancer /
       |rSarah Kraus, Inna Naumov and Nadir Arber --|tNew NSAID 
       Targets and Derivatives for Colorectal Cancer 
       Chemoprevention /|rHeather N. Tinsley, William E. Grizzle,
       Ashraf Abadi, Adam Keeton and Bing Zhu, et al. --|tAspirin
       in Prevention of Sporadic Colorectal Cancer: Current 
       Clinical Evidence and Overall Balance of Risks and 
       Benefits /|rPeter M. Rothwell --|tNutritional Agents with 
       Anti-lnflammatory Properties in Chemoprevention of 
       Colorectal Neoplasia /|rMark A. Hull --|tGenetics, 
       Inheritance and Strategies for Prevention in Populations 
       at High Risk of Colorectal Cancer (CRC) /|rJohn Burn, John
       Mathers and D. Tim Bishop. 
520    The prevention of colorectal cancer is a subject of 
       increasing medical importance, and there have been a 
       number of promising recent developments. This book 
       examines in detail important aspects of the current status
       and future prospects for chemoprevention of colorectal 
       tumors. Research into the mechanisms that lead from early 
       colorectal adenoma to colorectal cancer is discussed. The 
       role and modes of action of available drugs such as 
       celecoxib and sulindac are described, and recent data from
       aspirin trials are analyzed. In addition, the possible 
       impact of nutritional agents with anti-inflammat. 
650  0 Colon (Anatomy)|xCancer|xChemoprevention.|0http:// 
650  0 Rectum|xCancer|0
650  0 Anti-inflammatory agents.|0
650  2 Colonic Neoplasms.|0 
650  2 Rectal Neoplasms.|0 
650  2 Anti-Inflammatory Agents.|0
653  4 Medicine. 
653  4 Internal medicine. 
653  4 Cardiology. 
653  4 Gastroenterology. 
653  4 Oncology. 
653  4 Medicine & Public Health. 
653  4 Colorectal Surgery. 
700 1  Chan, Andrew T.|0
700 1  Detering, Elmar.|0
776 08 |iPrinted edition:|z9783642303302 
830  0 Recent results in cancer research ;|0
       authorities/names/n42020830|vv. 191. 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2013 -
       Full Set|c2021-03-26|yMaster record encoding level change
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2013 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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