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Title Current issues in nursing.
Imprint St. Louis, Mo. : Mosby Elsevier, [2006]
Edition Seventh edition / [edited by] Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead.

Subject Nursing.
Ethics, Nursing.
Nursing Theory.
Alt Name Cowen, Perle Slavik.
Moorhead, Sue.
Description xxiv, 865 pages : illustrations
Edition Seventh edition / [edited by] Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 9780323036528
OCLC # 70119656
Table of Contents
 Overview : the richness of nursing / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead2
1What is nursing and why do we ask? / Meridean L. Maas5
2Staff nurses working in hospitals : who they are, what they do, and what are their challenges? / Victoria T. Grando11
3Clinical nurse specialists : who they are, what they do, and what are their challenges? / Jo Ann Appleyard, Ann Henrick17
4Nurse practitioners : who they are, what they do, and what are their challenges? / Patricia Clinton24
5Nurse executives : critical thinking for rapid change / SueEllen Pinkerton, Rose Rivers33
6Nursing faculty : opportunities and challenges / Paula R. Mobily, Anita M. Stineman37
7Nurse researchers : who they are, what they do, and what are their challenges? / Nancy A. Stotts, Deirdre Wipke-Tevis45
 Overview : nursing education in transition / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead54
8The future of nursing education : educational models for future care / Mary T. Champagne57
9Educational challenges : the crisis in quality / Kathryn J. Dolter68
10International graduate nursing education : a critical examination / Michele J. Upvall86
11Critical thinking : what is it and how do we teach it? / Sharon Staib93
12Collaborative institutional approaches to nursing education / V. Jane Muhl, Pam Scheibel100
13Using academic-service collaborative partnerships to expand professional nursing programs / Chris L. Latham105
14Integrating nursing theory, nursing research, and nursing practice / Howard Karl Butcher112
15Standardized terminologies and integrated information systems : building blocks for transforming data into nursing knowledge / Suzanne Bakken, Leanne M. Currie123
16Electronic information and methods for improving education : realities and assumptions / Jo Eland134
17Web-based education / Diane J. Skiba139
 Overview : a nurse is not a nurse is not a nurse / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead146
18Moving the care : from hospital to home / Lucille A. Joel150
19Adult health medical-surgical nursing practice : recent changes and current issues / Cecelia Gatson Grindel, Noel Kerr171
20Alternative and complementary therapies : recent changes and current issues / Charlotte Eliopoulos167
21Ambulatory care nursing : challenges for the twenty-first century / Sheila A. Haas, Ida M. Androwich171
22Gerontological nursing : recent changes and current issues / Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher, Marilyn J. Rantz183
23Hospice and palliative care : recent changes and current issues / Jeanne A. Martinez192
24Parish nursing : recent changes and current issues / P. Ann Solari-Twadell198
25Pediatric nursing : recent changes and current issues / Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Rosalind Bryant, Cheryl Rodgers204
26Perinatal nursing : recent changes and current issues / Kathleen Rice Simpson212
27Perioperative nursing : recent changes and current issues / Nancy Girard219
28Psychiatric nursing : recent changes and current issues / Gail W. Stuart225
29Forensic nursing : recent changes and current issues / Virginia A. Lynch235
30Disease management : are nurses ready? / Rufus Howe252
 Overview : role of nursing in achieving quality health care systems / Kathryn J. Dolter, Guest Editor260
31Institute of medicine recommendations : can we meet the challenges? / Ada Sue Hinshaw263
32Nursing care priority area : patient safety / Audrey Nelson, Gail Powell-Cope270
33Leadership by example : resources for nurses involved in health system process improvements / Kathryn J. Dolter283
34Nursing care priority area : prevention / Janet D. Allan295
35Nursing care priority area : chronic conditions / Connie Davis303
36Nursing care priority area : frailty, palliative, end of life / June R. Lunney312
 Overview : challenges to nursing leadership in a changing nursing practice world / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead322
37Who should provide nursing care? / Polly Gerber Zimmermann324
38Leadership in transition in acute care hospitals / Colleen J. Goode, Kathy A. Boyle332
39Nursing employment issues : unions, mandatory overtime, patient/staff ratios / Thomas R. Clancy, Catherine H. Abrams340
40Shared governance models in nursing : what is shared, who governs, and who benefits / Janet P. Specht, Meridean L. Maas348
 Overview : system reform : opportunity or threat? / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead362
41From a medical care system for a few to a comprehensive health care system for all / Mary Margaret Mooney365
42Business coalitions : defining, purchasing, and providing health care / Patricia Hinton Walker, Karen L. Elberson, Sandra C. Garmon Bibb371
43The challenge : participate in the era of politics - choose an ideology and lead / Catherine Dodd381
44The corporatization of health care : mergers and acquisitions / Marjorie Beyers390
45Nurse practitioners : issues within a managed care environment / Rufus Howe400
46Contracting for nursing services / Donna Zazworsky407
47Magnet designation : gold standard for nursing excellence / Rose Rivers, SueEllen Pinkerton412
 Overview : a concern for costs / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead416
48Controlling health care costs : is there an answer? / Joseph W. York, Mary M. Gibson418
49Managed care, prospective payment, and reimbursement trends : impact and implications for nursing / P. J. Maddox429
50The costs of home health care : changes and challenges / Mary Ann Anderson, Mara Clarke, Marie E. Dusio449
51Reimbursement for alternative providers / Judy Lee455
52Impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) / Ann M. Rhodes469
53Drugs are too cheap / Tess Judge-Ellis, Bernard Sorofman475
 Overview : colleagues and conflict / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead482
54Collaboration issues between nurses and physicians / Gail Keenan, Dana Tschannen484
55Feminism and nursing : reclaiming nightingale's vision / Peggy L. Chin499
56Entering collegial relationships : the demise of nurse as victim / Adele W. Pike, Meridean L. Maas506
57Health professions education in community-based settings : a collaborative journey / Joellen B. Edwards, Susan Grover, Joy E. Wachs512
58Some reflections on conflict resolution in nursing : the implications of negotiating at an uneven table / Phyllis Beck Kritek520
 Overview : diversity in nursing : a challenge for the United States / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead532
59Why isn't nursing more diversified? / Maria R. Warda535
60Minority representation in nursing : is cultural competency in nursing achievable and when? / Patricia T. Castiglia544
61Nursing at the crossroads : men in nursing / Vern L. Bullogh559
62Bridging cultures : blacks and nursing / Betty Pierce Dennis569
63Narrowing the health disparities gap : Asians and Pacific Islanders and nursing / Jillian Inouye578
64Bridging cultures : Hispanics/latinos and nursing / Sara Torres, Helen Castillo586
65Bridging cultures : American Indians and nursing / Bette Keltner, Debra Smith, Mechem Slim593
 Overview : ethical, legal, and social concerns in a changing health care world / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead608
66Ethics of health care reform : should health care be rationed? / Karen Dunn Lopez611
67The nurse as patient advocate : is there a conflict of interest? / Karen Markus620
68Ethical issues and resources for nurses across the continuum / Margo R. Zink, Jeanne Potter, Kristi Chirlin626
69Sexual harassment / Anne M. Fiedler633
70Health care for the poor and underserved / Sara Groves639
71Legal, ethical, and moral considerations in caring for individuals with Alzheimer's disease / Nancy Edwards645
72Advance directives : promoting self-determination or hampering autonomy / Diane K. Kjervik652
73Managed care and the violation of ethical principles : research vignettes / Mary Cipriano Silva, Kathleen O. Williams660
74Learning a practice of uncertainty : clinical ethics and the nurse / Laurie Zoloth668
 Overview : violence : the expanding role of nursing in prevention and care / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead680
75Child maltreatment : developmental and health effects / Perle Slavik Cowen684
76Child neglect prevention : the pivotal role of nursing / Perle Slavik Cowen702
77Care of African American women survivors of intimate partner violence / Janette Y. Taylor727
78Nursing care : victims of violence-elder mistreatment / Kristin Lemko, Terry Fulmer732
79Nursing care : preventive gun safety / Mary Fran Hazinski738
80Nursing care during terrorist events / Terry Fulmer, Rose P. Knapp, Rebecca A. Terranova, Ian Portelli743
81Nursing practice in homeland security / Mary W. Chaffee, Roberta P. Lavin, Lynn A. Slepski750
82Nursing in wars / Richard Garfield, Anne Marie Rafferty762
83Bioterrorism and emerging infections : emergency preparedness for nurses / Terri Rebmann768
84Nursing care : combat - jungles to deserts / Catherine H. Abrams778
 Overview : nursing : a global view / Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead784
85Nursing in Southern Africa : an overview of health care, nursing education, and practice / Esther Salang Seloilwe, Sheila Dinotshe Tlou788
86Nursing in Canada : an overview of health care, nursing education, and practice / Janet C. Ross-Kerr796
87Nursing in Britain : an overview of health care, nursing educations and practice / June Clark804
88Nursing in Japan : meeting the health care challenges of the twenty-first century / Teruko Takahashi, Cheryl L. Brandi814
89Nursing in Latin America : an overview of health care, nursing education, and practice / Maria Mercedes Duran De Villalobos821
90Nursing in Russia : an overview of health care, nursing education, and practice / Linda S. Smith828
91Nursing in the Gambia : an overview of health care, nursing education, and practice / Kenneth Culp843

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