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Title Readings in medieval philosophy / [edited by] Andrew B. Schoedinger.
Imprint New York : Oxford University Press, 1996.

Subject Philosophy, Medieval.
Alt Name Schoedinger, Andrew B.
Description ix, 853 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 0195092929 (cloth)
0195092937 (paper : alk. paper)
OCLC # 32465086
Table of Contents
1The Free Choice of the Will, Book II, Chapters 3-15 / St. Augustine3
2The Proof of God's Existence from The Metaphysica of Avicenna (Ibn Sina); Chapters 18-28 / Avicenna24
3Proslogium, Preface and Chapters I-IV; An Appendix in Behalf of the Fool by Gaunilon and Anselm's Apologetic / St. Anselm, Gaunilon35
4The Trinity, Or The First Principle, Chapters I-III / William of Auvergne51
5Summa Theologica Part I: Question I, Articles 1 and 2, Question II, Articles 1, 2 and 3 / St. Thomas Aquinas59
6"On the Existence of God" from A Treatise on God as First Principle / John Duns Scotus67
7"The Nature of Evil" from The Divine Names, Chapter Four / Pseudo-Dionysius83
8The Improvement of the Moral Qualities / Solomon Ibn Gabirol99
9Ethics, Prologue and Chapters I-XVI / Peter Abelard120
10Laws Concerning Character Traits / Moses Maimonides143
11"Disputed Questions Concerning Evil" from De Malo; Question One, Articles 1-4 and Question Three, Article 1 / St. Thomas Aquinas163
12God and Creatures; The Quodlibetal Questions; Question 18, Articles I-III / John Duns Scotus175
13The Consolation of Philosophy, Book V / Boethius191
14Foreknowledge and Free Choice, Chapters 1-4 / St. Anselm203
15"On God's Knowledge" from On the Harmony of Religion and Philosophy / Averroes209
16"God's Causality and Foreknowledge"; Quodlibeta, III, Question iii and Ordinatio, D. XXXVIII, Question unica / William of Ockham214
17The Wars of the Lord, Book III, Divine Knowledge / Levi ben Getson220
18A Quodlibetal Question on Future Contingents disputed at Louvain in the year 1465 / Peter de Rivo252
19On the Immortality of the Soul / St. Augustine263
20Letter to Charlemagne: On the Being (Substantia) of Nothing and Shadows / Fridugisus of Tours275
21"On the Trinity" from Periphyseon, Book II, 561C-579D / John Scotus Friugena280
22Letter On Divine Omnipotence, Selections / St. Peter Damian296
23Grace and Free Choice / St. Anselm304
24Disputed Questions on the Mystery of the Trinity; Question II, Articles I and II / St. Bonaventure322
25The Perfect State, Section V; Chapter 15 / Al-Farabi339
26The Policraticus, Book Four, Prologue and Chapters I-IV / John of Salisbury347
27On Kingship to the King of Cyprus, Book One, Chapters I, II and VI, Book Two, Chapter III / St. Thomas Aquinas357
28On Royal and Papal Power, Prologue and Chapters 1-7 / John of Paris368
29The Defender of Peace, Discourse One, Chapters II and VIII-XIII / Marsilius of Padua393
30Eight Questions on the Power of the Pope, Question II, Chapters I and VII; Dialogus de Potestate Papae et Imperatoris, Part Three: Treatise ii; Book II, Chapters 26-28 / William of Ockham415
31The Trinity, Selections on Knowledge / St. Augustine427
32Summa Theologica, Part I, Question LXXXIV, Articles 6-8; Question LXXXV, Articles 1-8; Question LXXXVI, Articles 1-4 and Question LXXXVIII, Articles 1-3 / St. Thomas Aquinas438
33Disputed Questions on Faith and Knowledge, Question I / Matthew of Aquasparta468
34Two Letters to Bernard of Arezzo / Nicolaus of Autrecourt482
35Commentary on Aristotle's De anima, Book II, Question 9-11 / Jean Buridan493
36Prologue and Chapter One, "On The Causes of Marvels Involving Vision," from De causis mirabilium / Nicole Oresme514
37Glosses on Porphyry from Logica Ingredientibus, "On Universals" / Peter Abelard529
38The Metalogicon, Book II, Chapters 17-20 / John of Salisbury539
39Concerning Being and Essence, Introduction and Chapters 1-4 / St. Thomas Aquinas558
40The Principle of Individuation, Questions One-Six / John Duns Scotus570
41Summa logicae, Part I, Chapters 14-17; Quodlibet 4, Question 35 and Quodlibet 5, Questions 12 and 13 / William of Ockham603
42"On Universals" / Walter Burley619
43On Division / Boethius647
44Introduction to Logic, Chapter Five, "Properties of Terms" / William of Sherwood663
45"Treatise On Distributions" from Summulae Logicales / Peter of Spain682
46"The Nature of Logic" and "Dialectic and Demonstration" from De ortu scientiarum / Robert Kilwardby694
47Sophismata, Chapter VIII, "Insolubles" / Jean Buridan707
48"On Entailment Propositions" from Logica Magna / Paul of Venice734
49On Light / Robert Grosseteste763
50Letter to Sigerus de Foucaucourt: On the Magnet / Peter Peregrinus of Maricourt771
51Opus Majus, Part IV: Distinctions I, II and III / Roger Bacon780
52Perspectiva communis, Part II, Reflection / John Pecham800
53"The Impectus Theory of Projectile Motion" from Questions on the Eight Books of the Physics of Aristotle, Book VIII, Question 12; "On the Free Fall of Bodies" and "On the Diurnal Rotation of the Earth" from Questions on the Four Books on the Heavens and the World of Artistotle, Book II, Questions 12 and 22 / Jean Buridan830
54Concerning Experiments in Weight / Nicholas of Cusa842

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