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Deal Robert L Robert Leslie    
      The Density And Distribution Of Sitka Spruce And Western Hemlock Seedling Banks In Partially Harvested Stands In Southeast Alaska ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2010
      Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due : Increasing Landowner Compensation For Ecosystem Services ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2011
      Integrated Restoration Of Forested Ecosystems To Achieve Multiresource Benefits : Proceedings Of The 2007 National Silviculture Workshop ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2008
      Integrated Restoration Of Forested Ecosystems To Achieve Multiresource Benefits : Proceedings Of The 2007 National Silviculture Workshop ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2008
2 additional entries    
Deal S : Santa Ana Fire Department experiment at 1315 South Bristol, July 14, 1994 / A. D. Putorti Jr.; W. D. Walton; W. H. Twilley; S. Deal; J. C. Albers.     
      Santa Ana Fire Department Experiment At 1315 South Bristol, July 14, 1994 ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1994
Deal Scot : Corridor : a routine for estimating the initial wave front resulting from high temperature fire exposure to a corridor / Harold E. Nelson and Scot Deal ; prepared for U.S. Department of Commerce, Technology Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology [and] General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service, Office of Real Property Management and Safety.     
      Corridor : A Routine For Estimating The Initial Wave Front Resulting From High Temperature Fire Exposure To A Corridor ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1992
Deal Teri : Juvenile Justice Model Data Project : final technical report / Teri Deal.     
      Juvenile Justice Model Data Project : Final Technical Report MUSKINGUM ONLINE GOVT DOCUMENTS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
  Deal Terrence -- See Deal, Terrence E.
Deal Terrence : Leadership in Action: Battles and Beliefs: Rethinking the Roles of Today's Leaders / Bolman, Lee.     
      Leadership In Action: Battles And Beliefs: Rethinking The Roles Of Today's Leaders OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2009
Deal Terrence E    
      The Leader's Companion : Insights On Leadership Through The Ages MUSKINGUM STACKS:MISSING   BOOK 1995
      Corporate Celebration : Play, Purpose, And Profit At Work   EBOOK 1998
      Escape From Cluelessness : A Guide For The Organizationally Challenged OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2000
      How Great Leaders Think : The Art Of Reframing OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2014
11 additional entries    
  Deal Terry -- See Deal, Terrence E.
Deal William E    
      Theory For Religious Studies MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2004
      Theory For Religious Studies   EBOOK 2004
Deale Cynthia S    
      Archaeological Resources & Sustainability : A Case Study Of Tourism In The Ancient Ruins Of Thebes OHIOLINK SAGE BUSINESS CASES:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
      A Case Study Of Sustainability In Jackson County, North Carolina OHIOLINK SAGE BUSINESS CASES:ONLINE   EBOOK 2011
      A Case Study Of The Training Needs Of Bed And Breakfast Operators OHIOLINK SAGE BUSINESS CASES:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
      Food 'trucks' For Thought OHIOLINK SAGE BUSINESS CASES:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
2 additional entries    
Deale Frank E : Human rights, labor rights, and international trade / edited by Lance A. Compa and Stephen F. Diamond.     
      Human Rights, Labor Rights, And International Trade OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1996
Deale Nickole Bennett : Sex crimes at sporting mega events : a case study / Nickole Bennett Deale, Robert O'Halloran.     
      Sex Crimes At Sporting Mega Events : A Case Study OHIOLINK SAGE BUSINESS CASES:ONLINE   EBOOK 2015
  Dealey Rhonda Peterson -- See Peterson Dealey, Rhonda
Dealey William L William Learned 1891 : Typewriting behavior; psychology applied to teaching and learning typewriting / by August Dvorak ... Nellie L. Merrick ... William L. Dealey ... [and] Gertrude Catherine Ford ...     
      Typewriting Behavior; Psychology Applied To Teaching And Learning Typewriting MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1936
  Dealings With Fairies Author Of 1824 1905 -- See MacDonald, George, 1824-1905
  Dealtry Richard -- See Dealtry, T. Richard
Dealtry T Richard : The future of corporate universities : how your company can benefit from value and performance-driven organisational development / Richard Dealtry.     
      The Future Of Corporate Universities : How Your Company Can Benefit From Value And Performance-Driven Organisational Development   EBOOK 2017
Dealy Glen Caudill : Caudillos : dictators in Spanish America / edited with an introduction and notes by Hugh M. Hamill.     
      Caudillos : Dictators In Spanish America MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1992
Dealy John M    
      Melt Rheology And Its Applications In The Plastics Industry OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
      Rheology And Its Role In Plastics Processing. OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
Dealy Michael T : Hydrology of the Ogallala Aquifer in Ford County, southwestern Kansas / by Joseph M. Spinazola and Michael T. Dealy ; prepared in cooperation with the Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District no. 3.     
      Hydrology Of The Ogallala Aquifer In Ford County, Southwestern Kansas MUSKINGUM ONLINE GOVT DOCUMENTS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1984
Dealy Ross : The stoic origins of Erasmus' philosophy of Christ / Ross Dealy.     
      The Stoic Origins Of Erasmus' Philosophy Of Christ   EBOOK 2017
Deam Charles Clemon 1865 1953    
      Shrubs Of Indiana. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1932
  Deam Charlie 1865 1953 -- See Deam, Charles Clemon, 1865-1953
  Deamer D W -- See Deamer, David W., 1939-
Deamer D W : Early life on earth / Nobel Symposium no. 84 ; Stefan Bengtson, editor.     
      Early Life On Earth MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1994
  Deamer D W David W 1939 -- See Deamer, David W., 1939-
Deamer David    
      Deleuze's Cinema Books : Three Introductions To The Taxonomy Of Images   EBOOK 2016
      Environmental Evolution : Effects Of The Origin And Evolution Of Life On Planet Earth MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1992
Deamer David W 1939    
      First Life : Discovering The Connections Between Stars, Cells, And How Life Began   EBOOK 2011
      The Hunt For FOXP5 : A Genomic Mystery Novel OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
Deamer Peggy : The architect as worker : immaterial labor, the creative class, and the politics of design / edited by Peggy Deamer.     
      The Architect As Worker : Immaterial Labor, The Creative Class, And The Politics Of Design   EBOOK 2015
Deamicis Jan : Americans abroad : a comparative study of emigrants from the United States / originally coauthored by Arnold Dashefsky, Jan Deamicis, the late Bernard Lazerwitz and Ephraim Tabory.     
      Americans Abroad : A Comparative Study Of Emigrants From The United States OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
  Dean 1954 -- See Dean, Robert, 1954-
Dean A C R : Growth, function and regulation in bacterial cells / by A. C. R. Dean and Sir Cyril Hinshelwood.     
      Growth, Function And Regulation In Bacterial Cells MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1966
Dean A Hendrickson : Standing between life and extinction : ethics and ecology of conserving aquatic species in North American deserts / edited by Kevin Bestgen, Jack Williams, David Propst, Christopher Hoagstrom.     
      Standing Between Life And Extinction : Ethics And Ecology Of Conserving Aquatic Species In North American Deserts OHIOLINK UNIV PRESS SCHOLARSHIP:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
  Dean A M Angela M -- See Dean, Angela (Angela M.)
  Dean Aaron Charles Sheehan -- See Sheehan-Dean, Aaron Charles
  Dean Aaron Sheehan -- See Sheehan-Dean, Aaron Charles
Dean Adam K : Linux administration cookbook : insightful recipes to work with system administration tasks on Linux / Adam K. Dean.     
      Linux Administration Cookbook : Insightful Recipes To Work With System Administration Tasks On Linux OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
Dean Adam Wesley : An agrarian republic : farming, antislavery politics, and nature parks in the Civil War era / Adam Wesley Dean.     
      An Agrarian Republic : Farming, Antislavery Politics, And Nature Parks In The Civil War Era   EBOOK 2015
Dean Alan : DNA repair protocols : prokaryotic systems / edited by Pat Vaughan.     
Dean Alan Ph D : Chaos and intoxication : complexity and adaptation in the structure of human nature / Alan Dean.     
      Chaos And Intoxication : Complexity And Adaptation In The Structure Of Human Nature   EBOOK 1997
  Dean Alastair Campbell Ross -- See Dean, A. C. R.
  Dean Alex Alexander -- See Dean, Alexander
Dean Alexander : Event Streams in Action / Crettaz, Valentin.     
      Event Streams In Action OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2019
Dean Alexander 1893 1939    
      Fundamentals Of Play Directing MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1988
      Little Theatre Organization And Management, For Community, University And School : Including A History Of The Amateur In Drama MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1926
Dean Amber 1975 : Feminist praxis revisited : critical reflections on university-community engagement / Amber Dean, Jennifer L. Johnson, and Susanne Luhmann, editors.     
      Feminist Praxis Revisited : Critical Reflections On University-Community Engagement   EBOOK 2018
Dean Amber Richelle 1975 : Remembering Air India : the art of public mourning / Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean & Angela Failler, editors.     
      Remembering Air India : The Art Of Public Mourning   EBOOK 2017
Dean Amy B 1962 : A new new deal : how regional activism will reshape the American labor movement / Amy B. Dean and David B. Reynolds ; foreword by Harold Meyerson.     
      A New New Deal : How Regional Activism Will Reshape The American Labor Movement   EBOOK 2009
  Dean And Chapter Of Canterbury Cathedral -- See Canterbury Cathedral
Dean And Chapter Of Westminster : Acts of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, 1543-1609. Pt. 1, The First Collegiate Church (1543-1556) / edited by C.S. Knighton.     
      Acts Of The Dean And Chapter Of Westminster, 1543-1609. Pt. 1, The First Collegiate Church (1543-1556) OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1997
Dean Andrew : Developing Skills in a Changing World of Work : Concepts, Measurement and Data Applied in Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring Across Europe.     
      Developing Skills In A Changing World Of Work : Concepts, Measurement And Data Applied In Regional And Local Labour Market Monitoring Across Europe.   EBOOK 2018
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