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    Format Year
  Dillard Richard Henry Wilde 1937 -- See Dillard, R. H. W. (Richard H. W.), 1937-
  Dillard Tom -- See Dillard, Tom W.
Dillard Tom W : Statesmen, scoundrels, and eccentrics : a gallery of amazing Arkansans / Tom Dillard.     
      Statesmen, Scoundrels, And Eccentrics : A Gallery Of Amazing Arkansans   EBOOK 2010
Dillard W R : Subsurface geology and oil and gas resources of Osage County, Oklahoma / by N.W. Bass and others.     
      Subsurface Geology And Oil And Gas Resources Of Osage County, Oklahoma. Part 7, Townships 20 And 21 North, Ranges 11 And 12 East. ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1942
Dillaway Newton 1904 1973 : Prophet of America; Emerson and the problems of to-day / by Newton Dillaway.     
      Prophet Of America; Emerson And The Problems Of To-Day MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1936
Dille J Robert    
      The 1980 And 1981 Accident Experience Of Civil Airmen With Selected Visual Pathology ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1983
      Central Nervous System Effects Of Chronic Exposure To Organophosphate Insecticides ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1963
      Circadian Rhythms And The Effects Of Long-Distance Flights ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1968
      Drug And Toxic Hazards In General Aviation ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1968
7 additional entries    
Dille Michael    
      Information Foraging And Change Detection For Automated Science Exploration ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
      Productive Information Foraging ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
Dille Sarah J : Mixing metaphors : God as mother and father in Deutero-Isaiah / Sarah J. Dille.     
      Mixing Metaphors : God As Mother And Father In Deutero-Isaiah   EBOOK 2004
Dillehay Ronald C : Dimensions of authoritarianism : a review of research and theory / John P. Kirscht and Ronald C. Dillehay.     
      Dimensions Of Authoritarianism : A Review Of Research And Theory MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1967
Dillehay Tom D    
      From Foraging To Farming In The Andes : New Perspectives On Food Production And Social Organization   EBOOK 2011
      The Hispanic-Mapuche Parlamentos : Interethnic Geo-Politics And Concessionary Spaces In Colonial America OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
      Monuments, Empires, And Resistance : The Araucanian Polity And Ritual Narratives   EBOOK 2007
      The Settlement Of The Americas : A New Prehistory MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2000
2 additional entries    
Dillehunt Harold Q 1943 : Creativity in children; a comparasion of creativity tests and naturalistic measures of creativity, anxiety and achievement motivation.     
      Creativity In Children; A Comparasion Of Creativity Tests And Naturalistic Measures Of Creativity, Anxiety And Achievement Motivation. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1974
Dillen Wout : Advances in Digital Scholarly Editing : Papers presented at the DiXiT conferences in The Hague, Cologne, and Antwerp.     
      Advances In Digital Scholarly Editing : Papers Presented At The DiXiT Conferences In The Hague, Cologne, And Antwerp.   EBOOK 2017
Dillenberger Felix : On the Anisotropic Plastic Behaviour of Short Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics and Its Description by Phenomenological Material Modelling / Felix Dillenberger.     
      On The Anisotropic Plastic Behaviour Of Short Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics And Its Description By Phenomenological Material Modelling OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
Dillenberger Jane    
      Image And Spirit In Sacred And Secular Art MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1990
      On Art And Architecture MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1987
      Secular Art With Sacred Themes. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1969
      Style And Content In Christian Art : From The Catacombs To The Chapel Designed By Matisse At Vence, France MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1965
Dillenberger John    
      Contours Of Faith : Changing Forms Of Christian Thought. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1969
      God Hidden And Revealed : The Interpretation Of Luther's Deus Absconditus And Its Significance For Religious Thought MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1953
      Images And Relics : Theological Perceptions And Visual Images In Sixteenth-Century Europe OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1999
      On Art And Architecture MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1987
3 additional entries    
Dillenbourg Pierre    
      Collaborative Learning : Cognitive And Computational Approaches   EBOOK 1999
      Interactive Artifacts And Furniture Supporting Collaborative Work And Learning OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2009
      Learning By Effective Utilization Of Technologies : Facilitating Intercultural Understanding   EBOOK 2006
      Times Of Convergence : Technologies Across Learning Contexts ; Third European Conference On Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2008, Maastricht, The OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2008
Dillenburg Sergio R : Geology and geomorphology of Holocene coastal barriers of Brazil / Sergio F. Dillenburg, Patrick A. Hesp.     
      Geology And Geomorphology Of Holocene Coastal Barriers Of Brazil OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2009
Dillender Marcus : Workers' compensation : analysis for its second century / H. Allan Hunt, Marcus Dillender.     
      Workers' Compensation : Analysis For Its Second Century   EBOOK 2017
Diller Angela 1877 1968 : The splendor of music.     
      The Splendor Of Music. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1957
Diller Christian 1976 : Mastering illiquidity : risk management for portfolios of limited partnership funds / Peter Cornelius, Christian Diller, Didier Guennoc and Thomas Meyer.     
      Mastering Illiquidity : Risk Management For Portfolios Of Limited Partnership Funds OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
Diller Dan : Richard G. Lugar : Indiana's Visionary Statesman / Dan Diller, Sara Stefani.     
      Richard G. Lugar : Indiana's Visionary Statesman   EBOOK 2019
Diller Daniel C 1959    
      Russia And The Independent States MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1993
Diller Edward 1925 : A mythic journey : Gunter Grass's Tin drum / Edward Diller.     
      A Mythic Journey : Gunter Grass's Tin Drum   EBOOK 1974
Diller Elizabeth : Gender space architecture : an interdisciplinary introduction / edited by Jane Rendell, Barbara Penner and Iain Borden.     
      Gender Space Architecture : An Interdisciplinary Introduction MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2000
Diller George Ellmaker 1906 : La France, d'autrefois et d'aujourd'hui / Charles R. Bagley and George E. Diller.     
      La France, D'autrefois Et D'aujourd'hui MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1961
Diller Gerhard Paul : Pulmonary hypertension in adult congenital heart disease / Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Gerhard-Paul Diller, editors.     
      Pulmonary Hypertension In Adult Congenital Heart Disease OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2017
  Diller Gisela Buschle -- See Buschle-Diller, Gisela
  Diller J D Jesse Dennis -- See Diller, Jesse D. (Jesse Dennis)
Diller J S Joseph Silas 1850 1928    
      The Educational Series Of Rock Specimens, Collected And Distributed By The United States Geological Survey ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1898
      The Geology And Petrography Of Crater Lake National Park ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1902
      Geology Of The Taylorsville Region, California ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1908
      Guidebook Of The Western United States. Part D, The Shasta Route And Coast Line ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1915
5 additional entries    
Diller Janelle M : Securing dignity and freedom through human rights : Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights / by Janelle M. Diller.     
      Securing Dignity And Freedom Through Human Rights : Article 22 Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights   EBOOK 2012
Diller Jeanine : Models of God and alternative ultimate realities / edited by Jeanine Diller, Asa Kasher.     
      Models Of God And Alternative Ultimate Realities OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
Diller Jesse D Jesse Dennis    
      Decay Under Basementless Houses Prevented By Soil Covers ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1954
      Moisture-Barrier Performance Of Ground Covers In Basementless Homes ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1958
      A Potential Timber-Type Chinese Chestnut ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1954
      Sweetgum Blight And Dieback Of Associated Hardwoods On The Beltsville Experimental Forest In Maryland ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1960
      Testing American Chestnuts For Blight Resistance ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1957
  Diller Joseph Silas 1850 1928 -- See Diller, J. S. (Joseph Silas), 1850-1928
Diller K R Kenneth R : Biotransport : principles and applications / Robert J. Roselli, Kenneth R. Diller.     
      Biotransport : Principles And Applications OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2011
Diller Karl Conrad    
      Individual Differences And Universals In Language Learning Aptitude MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1981
  Diller Kenneth R -- See Diller, K. R. (Kenneth R.)
Diller Leonard : Handbook of holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation : outpatient rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury / Yehuda Ben-Yishay, Leonard Diller.     
      Handbook Of Holistic Neuropsychological Rehabilitation : Outpatient Rehabilitation Of Traumatic Brain Injury   EBOOK 2011
Diller Stephen : Making meaning : how successful businesses deliver meaningful customer experiences / Steve Diller, Nathan Shedroff, Darrel Rhea.     
      Making Meaning : How Successful Businesses Deliver Meaningful Customer Experiences OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2006
Diller Theodore 1863 : Pioneer medicine in western Pennsylvania / by Theodore Diller ... with a foreword by J.J. Buchanan, M.D., with twenty-six full page illustrations.     
      Pioneer Medicine In Western Pennsylvania MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1927
Dillet Benoit    
      The Edinburgh Companion To Poststructuralism   EBOOK 2013
      Philosophising By Accident : Interviews With √Člie During   EBOOK 2017
      Radiographing Philosophy.   EBOOK 2017
Dilley Arthur D : Numerical analysis of convection/transpiration cooling / David E. Glass, Arthur D. Dilley, H. Neale Kelly.     
      Numerical Analysis Of Convection/Transpiration Cooling ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 1999
Dilley Becca : The master cheesemakers of Wisconsin / James Norton and Becca Dilley.     
      The Master Cheesemakers Of Wisconsin   EBOOK 2009
Dilley Carrie : Thatched roofs and open sides : the architecture of Chickees and their changing role in Seminole society / Carrie Dilley ; foreword by Paul N. Backhouse.     
      Thatched Roofs And Open Sides : The Architecture Of Chickees And Their Changing Role In Seminole Society   EBOOK 2015
Dilley Deborah K : Essentials of banking / Deborah K. Dilley.     
      Essentials Of Banking   EBOOK 2008
Dilley Frank B : Metaphysics and religious language / Frank B. Dilley.     
      Metaphysics And Religious Language MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1964
Dilley Joseph J 1838 : Tom Pinch.     
Dilley Patrick    
      Queer Theory In Education OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1998
      Gay Liberation To Campus Assimilation : Early Non-Heterosexual Student Organizing At Midwestern Universities. OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2019
      Queer Man On Campus : A History Of Non-Heterosexual College Men, 1945 To 2000   EBOOK 2002
      The Transformation Of Women's Collegiate Education : The Legacy Of Virginia Gildersleeve OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2017
Dilley Roy 1954    
      Nearly Native, Barely Civilized : Henri Gaden's Journey Through Colonial French West Africa (1894-1939)   EBOOK 2014
Dilley Thomas : Chicago vs. Asian longhorn beetle : a portrait of success, a case study / by Judy Antipin and Thomas Dilley.     
      Chicago Vs. Asian Longhorn Beetle : A Portrait Of Success, A Case Study ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2004
Dilley Whitney Crothers    
      The Cinema Of Ang Lee : The Other Side Of The Screen   EBOOK 2015
      The Cinema Of Wes Anderson : Bringing Nostalgia To Life   EBOOK 2017
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