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Title Latin America and the United States : a documentary history / Robert H. Holden, Eric Zolov.
Imprint New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.

Subject Latin America -- Foreign relations -- United States -- Sources.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Latin America -- Sources.
Alt Name Holden, Robert H.
Zolov, Eric.
Description xviii, 363 pages ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0195129946 (pbk. : acid-free paper) : $24.95
OCLC # 41400858
Table of Contents
11811: No Transfer Doctrine The Congress of the United States 
21823: Cuba: "An Apple Severed by the Tempest From Its Native Tree." / John Quincy Adams 
31823: The Monroe Doctrine / James Monroe 
41824: The Congress of Panama / Simon Bolivar 
51829: The United States: "Destined to Plague America with Torments" / Simon Bolivar 
61845: U.S. Participation in the Brazilian Slave Trade / Henry A. Wise 
71845: Texas, Mexico and Manifest Destiny / James K. Polk 
81846: President Polk's War Message to Congress / James K. Polk 
91846: Bidlack Treaty Governments of New Granada and the United States 
101847: The United States: "An Inconceivable Extravaganza" / Domingo Faustino Sarmiento 
111848: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo The Governments of Mexico and the United States 
121850: The Clayton-Bulwer Treaty The Governments of the United States and Great Britain 
131854: The Ostend Manifesto / James Buchanan, J. Y. Mason, Pierre Soule 
141860: Filibuster / William Walker 
151866: Mexico Seeks Support Against a Foreign Aggressor / Matias Romero 
161871: Santo Domingo Seeks Annexation by the United States / Hamilton Fish 
171888: A U.S. Official Interprets Latin America / William Eleroy Curtis 
181889: The First Inter-American Conference / James G. Blaine 
191890: The Lessons of History / Alfred Thayer Mahan 
201892: The Baltimore Affair / Benjamin Harrison 
211894: The Character of the United States / Jose Marti 
221895: The Olney Memorandum / Richard Olney 
231896: The Calvo Clause / Carlos Calvo 
241898: The Decision to Act Against Spain / William McKinley 
251898: The Teller Amendment The Congress of the United States 
261898: Anti-Imperialism in the United States / Andrew Carnegie 
271898: The Treaty of Paris The Governments of the United States and Spain 
281900: "Ariel" / Jose Enrique Rodo 
291901: The Platt Amendment The Congress of the United States 
301901: The Hay-Pauncefote Treaty The Governments of the United States and Great Britain 
311902: Vanity and Ambition on the Rio Grande / Jose Maria Roa Barcena 
321902: The Drago Doctrine / Luis M. Drago 
331903: Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty The Governments of the United States and Panama 
341903: "I Took Final Action in 1903" / Theodore Roosevelt 
351904: "To Roosevelt" / Ruben Dario 
361904: Banana Republics / O. Henry 
371904: The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine / Theodore Roosevelt 
381904-05: The Dominican Republic Challenge / Theodore Roosevelt 
391912: Managing Nicaragua / Adolfo Diaz, Philander C. Knox 
401913: The Pact of the Embassy / Henry Lane Wilson 
411913: The Mobile Speech / Woodrow Wilson 
421914: The Bryan-Chamorro Treaty The Governments of the United States and Nicaragua 
431916: The State Department and Public Opinion / Robert Lansing 
441916: Dollar Diplomacy and Social Darwinism / F. M. Huntington Wilson 
451917: The Zimmermann Telegram / Alfred Zimmermann 
461917: The Jones Act The Congress of the United States 
471922: An Argentine Denunciation of Imperialism / Jose Ingenieros 
481923: The Bucareli Accords The Governments of Mexico and the United States 
491926: A Latin American Doctrine of Anti-Imperialism / Victor Haya de la Torre 
501928: A Defense of Intervention / Charles E. Hughes 
511928: With Sandino in Nicaragua / Carleton Beals 
521928: The Clark Memorandum / J. Reuben Clark 
531933: The Good Neighbor Policy / Franklin Delano Roosevelt 
541933: Mission to Havana / Sumner Welles 
551933: The United States Accepts the Non-Intervention Principle The Delegates to the Seventh International Conference of American States 
561936: Hemispheric Security and Non-Intervention The Delegates to the Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Peace 
571938: Just Compensation for the Good Neighbor / Cordell Hull 
581938: Populist Diplomacy in Mexico / Josephus Daniels 
591938: A Skeptic Views the Good Neighbor Policy / Carleton Beals 
601940: Marketing Pan Americanism The U.S. Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs 
611942: Confronting the Fascist Threat The Delegates to the Third Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics 
621942: The Bracero Program The Governments of Mexico and the United States 
631943: A Historian Defends U.S. Policy / Samuel Flagg Bemis 
641944: "Rum and Coca-Cola" / Lionel Belasco 
651945: The Act of Chapultepec The Delegates to the Inter-American Conference on Problems for War and Peace 
661946: The Blue Book on Argentina (Braden Report) U.S. State Department / Spruille Braden 
671946: Chilean Labor and U.S. Capital U.S. Department of State 
681947 and 1954: A Charter for Covert Action? The Congress of the United States and the Doolittle Committee 
691947: The Rio Treaty The Governments of the United States and Latin America 
701948: The Charter of the Organization of American States The Delegates to the Ninth International Conference of American States 
711948: The Menace of Communism The Delegates to the Ninth International Conference of American States 
721950: A Realist Views Latin America / George F. Kennan 
731950: A New Economic Model for Latin America / Raul Prebisch 
741954: Terminating a Revolution in Guatemala - A View from Washington / John C. Dreier 
751954: Terminating a Revolution in Guatemala - A View from Guatemala / Luis Cardoza y Aragon 
761955: On the Road to Mexico / Jack Kerouac 
771956: Taming a Revolution in Bolivia / George Jackson Eder 
781957: With Castro in the Sierra Maestra / Herbert L. Matthews 
791958: Operation Pan America / Juscelino Kubitschek 
801960: The Act of Bogota The Committee of 21 
811960: Debating Cuba and Castro / Richard M. Nixon, John F. Kennedy 
821960: Listen, Yankee / C. Wright Mills 
831961: The Alliance for Progress / John F. Kennedy 
841961: Lessons of the Bay of Pigs / John F. Kennedy 
851961: The Charter of Punta del Este The Delegates to the Special Meeting of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council 
861961: The Shark and the Sardines / Juan Jose Arevalo 
871962: The Hickenlooper Amendment The Congress of the United States 
881962: The Principles of Economic Development - According to Washington / Thomas C. Mann 
891963: The Wine is Bitter / Milton Eisenhower 
901963: The Foco Theory / Ernesto "Che" Guevara 
911965: Intervention in the Dominican Republic / J. William Fulbright 
921966: Two, Three, Many Vietnams / Ernesto "Che" Guevara 
931967: The Tlatelolco Treaty The Governments of Latin America 
941967: The Lost Alliance / Eduardo Frie Montalva 
951967: Transferring the Tools of Counterinsurgency / Albert H. Smith, Jr. 
961967: Songs of Protest from Latin America The First Protest Song Conference 
971968: Massacre in Mexico U.S. Department of State 
981969: The Rockefeller Report / Nelson A. Rockefeller 
991969: The Principles of Economic Development - According to the Dependentistas / Fernado H. Cardoso, Enzo Faletto 
1001969: Playa Giron / Silvio Rodriguez 
1011972: The Culture of Imperialism / Ariel Dorfman, Armand Mattelart 
1021975: The Church Committee Report on CIA Covert Action U.S. Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations 
1031975 and 1978: Human Rights and Foreign Aid The Congress of the United States 
1041976: Soft Spots in the "Brazilian Model" / G. A. Costanzo 
1051977: The Panama Canal Treaties The Governments of the United States and Panama 
1061979: Saving the New World from Communism The Committee of Sante Fe 
1071984: Central America in Revolt: A Reagan Administration View The National Bipartisan Commission on Central America 
1081984: The Fear of Communism in Central America / Ronald Reagan 
1091984: Teaching Sabotage / The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency 
1101986: The United States Condemned The International Court of Justice 
1111986: The Pentagon Prepares for Prolonged War The U.S. Department of Defense 
1121986: Solidarity / Audrey Seniors 
1131987: The Esquipulas II Accords The Governments of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua 
1141987: A School of the American "Study Manual" The U.S. Department of Defense 
1151988: "We Say No" / Eduardo Galeano 
1161990: The United States Invades Panama: "We Never Heard The Truth" / Ramsey Clark 
1171992: The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development The Delegates to the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development 
1181994: The North American Free Trade Agreement The Governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico 
1191994: Insurgency After the Cold War The Zapatista Army of National Liberation 
1201994: Proposition 187 The Voters of California 
1211994: The Summit of the Americas The Heads of State of Thirty-Four American Nations 
1221995: Drugs and Democracy in Bolivia Human Rights Watch 
1231996: Sweat-Shop Labor The Organizacion Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores 
1241997: The First Americans The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights 

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