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LEADER 00000cam  2200421 i 4500 
001    38243637 
003    OCoLC 
005    20020410083834.0 
008    980122s1998    fluab    b    101 0 eng d 
010    98117270 
020    1884015743 
040    WaU|beng|erda|cDLC|dWAU|dAGX|dYAM|dOCL|dMUQ 
042    lccopycat 
049    MSCC 
050 04 QL391.A6|bE25 1998 
072  0 L300|aL700 
082 00 592/.64|221 
245 00 Earthworm ecology /|cedited by Clive A. Edwards. 
264  1 Boca Raton, Fla. :|bSt. Lucie Press,|c[1998] 
264  4 |c©1998 
300    vi, 389 pages :|billustrations, maps ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Edited papers from the Fifth International Symposium on 
       Earthworm Ecology, held in Columbus, Ohio, July 1994. 
500    "Soil and Water Conservation Society." 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Earthworms and earth history / S. James -- The status of 
       earthworm biogeography, diversity, and taxonomy in North 
       America revisited with glimpses into the future / John W. 
       Reynolds -- Factors affecting earthworm abundance in soils
       / J.P. Curry -- Earthworm biology and ecology- a case 
       study: the genus Octodrilus Omodeo, 1956 (Oligochaeta, 
       Lumbricidae), from the Carpathians / Victor V. Pop -- 
       Large-scale effects of earthworms on soil organic matter 
       and nutrient dynamics / Patrick Lavelle, Beto Pashanasi, 
       Fabienne Charpentier, Cécile Gilot, Jean-Pierre Rossi, 
       Laurent Derouard, Jean Andre, Jean-François Ponge, and 
       Nicolas Bernier -- Earthworms and nutrient cycling 
       processes: integrating across the ecological hierarchy / 
       Robert W. Parmelee, Patrick J. Bohlen, and John M. Blair -
       - Consequences of earthworms in agricultural soils: 
       aggregation and porosity / W.M. Edwards and M.J. Shipitalo
       -- Earthworm interactions with soil organization / André 
       Kretschmar -- Life in a complex community: functional 
       interactions between earthworms, organic matter, 
       microorganisms, and plants / Bernard M. Doube and George 
       G. Brown -- Impacts of earthworms on the community 
       structure of other biota in forest soils / Dennis 
       Parkinson and Mary Ann McLean -- The ecology, management, 
       and benefits of earthworms in agricultural soils, with 
       particular reference to southern Australia / G.H. Baker --
       Earthworms in agroecosystems: a summary of current 
       research / Paul F. Hendrix -- The use of earthworms in 
       ecotoxicological evaluation and risk assessment: new 
       approaches / A.J. Reinecke and S.A. Reinecke -- Earthworms
       in environmental research: still a promising tool / H. 
       Eijsackers -- The use of earthworms in the breakdown and 
       management of organic wastes / Clive A. Edwards -- 
       Earthworms: nature's gift for utilization of organic 
       wastes / Radha D. Kale. 
650  0 Earthworms|0
650  0 Earthworms|0
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Edwards, C. A.|q(Clive Arthur),|d1925-|0
710 2  Soil and Water Conservation Society (U.S.)|0http:// 
711 2  International Symposium on Earthworm Ecology|0http://|n(5th :|d1994 :
       |cColumbus, Ohio) 
970 01 |tPreface|cC. A. Edwards|fEdwards, C. A. (Clive Arthur), 
970 11 |l1|tEarthworms and Earth History|cS. James|fJames, S.|p3 
970 11 |l2|tThe Status of Earthworm Biogeography, Diversity, and 
       Taxonomy in North America Revisited with Glimpses into the
       Future|cJohn W. Reynolds|fReynolds, John W.|p15 
970 11 |l3|tFactors Affecting Earthworm Abundance in Soils|cJ. P.
       Curry|fCurry, J. P.|p37 
970 11 |l4|tEarthworm Biology and Ecology - A Case Study: The 
       Genus Octodrilus Omodeo, 1956 (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae), 
       from the Carpathians|cVictor V. Pop|fPop, Victor V.|p65 
970 11 |l5|tLarge-Scale Effects of Earthworms on Soil Organic 
       Matter and Nutrient Dynamics|cPatrick Lavelle|fLavelle, 
       Patrick|cBeto Pashanasi|fPashanasi, Beto|cFabienne 
       Charpentier [et al.]|fCharpentier, Fabienne|p103 
970 11 |l6|tEarthworms and Nutrient Cycling Processes: 
       Integrating Across the Ecological Hierarchy|cRobert W. 
       Parmelee|fParmelee, Robert W.|cPatrick J. Bohlen|fBohlen, 
       P. J. (Patrick J.)|cJohn M. Blair|fBlair, John M.|p123 
970 11 |l7|tConsequences of Earthworms in Agricultural Soils: 
       Aggregation and Porosity|cW. M. Edwards|fEdwards, W. M.
       |cM. J. Shipitalo|fShipitalo, M. J.|p147 
970 11 |l8|tEarthworm Interactions with Soil Organization|cAndre 
       Kretschmar|fKretschmar, Andre|p163 
970 11 |l9|tLife in a Complex Community: Functional Interactions 
       Between Earthworms, Organic Matter, Microorganisms, and 
       Plants|cBernard M. Doube|fDoube, B. (Bernard)|cGeorge G. 
       Brown|fBrown, George G.|p179 
970 11 |l10|tImpacts of Earthworms on the Community Structure of 
       Other Biota in Forest Soils|cDennis Parkinson|fParkinson, 
       Dennis|cMary Ann McLean|fMcLean, Mary Ann|p213 
970 11 |l11|tThe Ecology, Management, and Benefits of Earthworms 
       in Agricultural Soils, with Particular Reference to 
       Southern Australia|cG. H. Baker|fBaker, G. H.|p229 
970 11 |l12|tEarthworms in Agroecosystems: A Summary of Current 
       Research|cPaul F. Hendrix|fHendrix, Paul F.|p259 
970 11 |l13|tThe Use of Earthworms in Ecotoxicological Evaluation
       and Risk Assessment: New Approaches|cA. J. Reinecke
       |fReinecke, A. J.|cS. A. Reinecke|fReinecke, S. A.|p273 
970 11 |l14|tEarthworms in Environmental Research: Still a 
       Promising Tool|cH. Eijsackers|fEijsackers, H.|p295 
970 11 |l15|tThe Use of Earthworms in the Breakdown and 
       Management of Organic Wastes|cClive A. Edwards|fEdwards,  
       C. A. (Clive Arthur), 1925-|p327 
970 11 |l16|tEarthworms: Nature's Gift for Utilization of Organic
       Wastes|cRadha D. Kale|fKale, Radha D.|p355 
970 01 |tIndex|p377 
971    |d19980821 

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