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    Format Year
  Friederich Werner Paul 1905 -- See Friederich, Werner P. (Werner Paul), 1905-1993
Friederich Willard J : Scenery design for the amateur stage / Willard J. Friederich [and] John H. Fraser.     
      Scenery Design For The Amateur Stage MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1950
Friederich Willard J 1916 : Teaching speech in high schools [by] Willard J. Friederich [and] Ruth A. Wilcox.     
      Teaching Speech In High Schools [By] Willard J. Friederich [And] Ruth A. Wilcox. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1953
Friederichs Katrin : Wine + space : architectural design for vinotheques, wine bars and shops / Heinz-Gert Woschek, Denis Duhme, Katrin Friederichs.     
      Wine + Space : Architectural Design For Vinotheques, Wine Bars And Shops   EBOOK 2015
Friederichs Katrin 1971 : Wine and architecture / [Heinz-Gert Woschek, Denis Duhme, Katrin Friederichs].     
      Wine And Architecture   EBOOK 2012
Friederichsen Kathleen Hockman Mrs : Doctor Bob Hockman, surgeon of the cross / by Kathleen H. Friederichsen.     
Friederici Angela D    
      Early Language Development : Bridging Brain And Behaviour   EBOOK 2008
      Language In Our Brain : The Origins Of A Uniquely Human Capacity OHIOLINK MIT PRESS DIRECT:ONLINE, OHIOLINK UNIV PRESS SCHOLARSHIP:ONLINE   EBOOK 2017
Friederici Nicolas 1985 : Digital entrepreneurship in Africa : how a continent is escaping Silicon Valley's long shadow / Nicolas Friederici, Michel Wahome, and Mark Graham.     
      Digital Entrepreneurship In Africa : How A Continent Is Escaping Silicon Valley's Long Shadow OHIOLINK MIT PRESS DIRECT:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
Friederici Peter 1963 : Nature's restoration : people and places on the front lines of conservation / Peter Friederici.     
      Nature's Restoration : People And Places On The Front Lines Of Conservation   EBOOK 2006
  Friederike Margravine Consort Of Friedrich Margrave Of Bayreuth 1709 1758 -- See Wilhelmine, Margravine, consort of Friedrich, Margrave of Bayreuth, 1709-1758
Friedersdorf Lisa E : Women in nanotechnology : contributions from the atomic level and up / Pamela M. Norris, Lisa E. Friedersdorf, editors.     
      Women In Nanotechnology : Contributions From The Atomic Level And Up OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
Friedery Reka 1976 : Family reunification : international, European and national perspectives / Réka Friedery, Luigino Manca, Ralf Roßkopf (eds.).     
      Family Reunification : International, European And National Perspectives   EBOOK 2018
Friedewald Michael 1965    
      Privacy And Identity Management : 15th IFIP WG 9. 2, 9. 6/11. 7, 11. 6/SIG 9. 2. 2 International Summer School, Maribor, Slovenia, September 21-23, 20 OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2021
      Privacy And Identity Management : Data For Better Living : 14th IFIP WG 9. 2, 9. 6/11. 7, 11. 6/SIG 9. 2. 2 International Summer School, Windisch, Swi OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2020
  Friedewald V E Vincent E 1941 -- See Friedewald, Vincent E., 1941-
  Friedewald Vince Vincent E 1941 -- See Friedewald, Vincent E., 1941-
Friedewald Vincent E 1941    
      Clinical Guide To Bioweapons And Chemical Agents OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2008
      Clinical Guide To Cardiovascular Disease OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2016
Friedfel Alan : The pocket idiot's guide to surviving an audit / by Alan Friedfel with Rich Mintzer.     
      The Pocket Idiot's Guide To Surviving An Audit OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2010
Friedfertig Marc : The electronic day trader / Marc Friedfertig and George West.     
      The Electronic Day Trader OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1998
  Friedgut Bella Kotik -- See Kotik-Friedgut, Bella
Friedgut Theodore H    
      Iuzovka And Revolution Volume 2, Politics And Revolution In Russia's Donbass, 1869-1924   EBOOK 2017
      Political Participation In The USSR MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1979
      Political Participation In The USSR   EBOOK 1979
      Stepmother Russia, Foster Mother America : Identity Transitions In The New Odessa Jewish Commune, Odessa, Oregon, New York, 1881-1891   EBOOK 2014
Friedheim Arthur 1859 1932 : Life and Liszt; the recollections of a concert pianist. / Edited by Theodore L. Bullock.     
      Life And Liszt; The Recollections Of A Concert Pianist. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1961
Friedheim Emmanuel : Rabbinisme et paganisme en Palestine romaine : étude historique des Realia talmudiques (Ier-IVème siècles) / par Emmanuel Friedheim.     
      Rabbinisme Et Paganisme En Palestine Romaine : étude Historique Des Realia Talmudiques (Ier-IVème Siècles)   EBOOK 2006
Friedheim Robert L    
      Negotiating The New Ocean Regime   EBOOK 1993
      The Seattle General Strike   EBOOK 2018
      Toward A Sustainable Whaling Regime   EBOOK 2001
      Handbook Of Global Environmental Policy And Administration OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1999
      Understanding The Debate On Ocean Resources MUSKINGUM QUARTO:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1969
  Friedheim Robert Lyle 1934 -- See Friedheim, Robert L.
Friedhofen Philipp : Erlesene Welten : Überlegungen zur Poetik des höfischen Romans.     
      Erlesene Welten : Überlegungen Zur Poetik Des Höfischen Romans.   EBOOK 2019
  Friedhofer H W Hugo William -- See Friedhofer, Hugo
Friedhofer Hugo    
      Adventures Of Marco Polo. Selections. MUSKINGUM:ONLINE   MUSICAL RECORDING 2004
      Lodger. Selections. MUSKINGUM:ONLINE   MUSICAL RECORDING 2004
      The Adventures Of Marco Polo ; The Lodger ; The Rains Of Ranchipur ; Seven Cities Of Gold MUSKINGUM:ONLINE   MUSICAL RECORDING 2004
      Rains Of Ranchipur. Selections. MUSKINGUM:ONLINE   MUSICAL RECORDING 2004
      Seven Cities Of Gold. Selections. MUSKINGUM:ONLINE   MUSICAL RECORDING 2004
Friedhoff Arnold J 1923 : Psychopathology and psychopharmacology. / Edited by Jonathan O. Cole, Alfred M. Freedman, and Arnold J. Friedhoff.     
      Psychopathology And Psychopharmacology. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1973
Friedhoff Benjamin : Design of contemporary inland waterway vessels : the case of the Danube River / Dejan Radojcic, Aleksandar Simic, Nikola Momcilovic, Milorad Motok, Benjamin Friedhoff.     
      Design Of Contemporary Inland Waterway Vessels : The Case Of The Danube River OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2021
Friedhoff Paul 1907 : That time cannot be forgotten : a correspondence on the Holocaust / Dr. Emil Georg Sold & Paul Friedhoff ; translated from the German and edited by Ivan Fehrenbach ; afterword by John K. Roth.     
      That Time Cannot Be Forgotten : A Correspondence On The Holocaust OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2002
Friedhoff Stephanie : Parallel-in-Time integration methods : 9th Parallel-in-Time Workshop, June 8-12, 2020 / Benjamin Ong, Jacob Schroder, Jemma Shipton, Stephanie Friedhoff, editors.     
      Parallel-In-Time Integration Methods : 9th Parallel-In-Time Workshop, June 8-12, 2020 OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2021
  Friedhoffer Hugo -- See Friedhofer, Hugo
  Friedjung Heinr Heinrich 1851 1920 -- See Friedjung, Heinrich, 1851-1920
Friedjung Heinrich 1851 1920 : The struggle for supremacy in Germany, 1859-1866. / Translated by A. J. P. Taylor and W. L. McElwee.     
      The Struggle For Supremacy In Germany, 1859-1866. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1966
  Friedkin Billy -- See Friedkin, William
Friedkin Noah E 1947 : Social influence network theory : a sociological examination of small group dynamics / Noah E. Friedkin, Eugene C. Johnsen.     
      Social Influence Network Theory : A Sociological Examination Of Small Group Dynamics   EBOOK 2011
Friedkin William : Rules of engagement / Seven Arts Pictures ; director, William Friedkin ; produced by Scott Rudin, Richard D. Zanuck ; co-producer, Arne Schmidt ; screenwriter, Stephen Gaghan ; story, James Webb.     
Friedl Alfred E : Teaching science to children: the inquiry approach applied / Alfred E. Friedl.     
      Teaching Science To Children: The Inquiry Approach Applied MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1972
  Friedl Birgit Bednar -- See Bednar-Friedl, Birgit
Friedl Erika    
      Children Of Deh Koh : Young Life In An Iranian Village OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1997
      Folksongs From The Mountains Of Iran : Culture, Poetics And Everyday Philosophies   EBOOK 2018
Friedl Gabriela : Aquatic chemistry : interfacial and interspecies processes / Chin Pao Huang, Charles R. O'Melia, James J. Morgan, [editors].     
      Aquatic Chemistry : Interfacial And Interspecies Processes MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1995
Friedl Gunther    
      Case Studies In Strategic Management OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2019
      Real Options And Investment Incentives OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2007
      Valuing Corporate Innovation : Strategies, Tools, And Best Practice From The Energy And Technology Sector OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
Friedl Jeffrey E F    
      Mastering Regular Expressions OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2006
      Mastering Regular Expressions : Powerful Techniques For Perl And Other Tools OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1997
      Regulare Ausdrucke OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2009
Friedl John : Kippel: a changing village in the Alps.     
      Kippel: A Changing Village In The Alps. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1974
Friedl Karl 1954    
      Load Carriage In Military Operations : A Review Of Historical, Physiological, Biomechanical, And Medical Aspects ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2010?
      Military Quantitative Physiology : Problems And Concepts In Military Operational Medicine ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   EBOOK 2012
      Water Requirements And Soldier Hydration ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2010?
Friedl Karl E    
      Body Composition And Physical Performance : Applications For The Military Services OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1992
      Body Composition And Physical Performance : Applications For The Military Services OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1992
      Essentials Of Strength Training And Conditioning MUSKINGUM QUARTO:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2000
      The Role Of Protein And Amino Acids In Sustaining And Enhancing Performance OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1999
      Not Eating Enough : Overcoming Underconsumption Of Military Operational Rations OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1995
Friedl Stefan 1973 : 3-manifold groups / Matthias Aschenbrenner, Stefan Friedl, Henry Wilton.     
      3-Manifold Groups   EBOOK 2015
Friedl2ander Saul 1932 : Holocaust : origins, implementation, aftermath / edited by Omer Bartov.     
      Holocaust : Origins, Implementation, Aftermath MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2000
  Friedlaender Ann F Ann Fetter -- See Friedlaender, Ann Fetter
Friedlaender Ann Fetter    
      The Dilemma Of Freight Transport Regulation MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1969
      Government Finance: Economics Of The Public Sector MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1973
      Studies In Economic Stabilization MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1968
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