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LEADER 00000cam  2200409 i 4500 
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003    OCoLC 
005    19980915153911.0 
008    970805s1997    nyua     b    001 0 eng   
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015    GB97-76239 
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050 00 GN799.T6|bP76 1997 
082 00 930.1/028/5|221 
245 00 Projectile technology /|cedited by Heidi Knecht. 
264  1 New York :|bPlenum Press,|c[1997] 
264  4 |c©1997 
300    xviii, 408 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Interdisciplinary contributions to archaeology 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  The history and development of projectile technology 
       research / Heidi Knecht -- Factors influencing the use of 
       stone projectile tips: an ethnographic perspective / 
       Christopher J. Ellis -- Middle Paleolithic spear point 
       technology / John J. Shea -- The microwear and morphology 
       of microliths from Gleann Mor / Bill Finlayson and Steven 
       Mithen -- Side-notched and unnotched arrowpoints: 
       assessing functional differences / Andrew L. Christenson -
       - Sinew-reinforced and composite bows: technology, 
       function, and social implications / Christopher A. Bergman
       and Edward McEwen -- Contributions of multidisciplinary 
       experimentation to the study of Upper Paleolithic 
       projectile points / Jean-Michel Geneste and Serge Maury --
       Projectile points of bone, antler, and stone: experimental
       explorations of manufacture and use / Heidi Knecht -- 
       Hunting during the Upper Paleolithic: bow, spearthrower, 
       or both? / Pierre Cattelain -- Self-barbed antler 
       spearpoints and evidence of fishing in the Late Upper 
       Paleolithic of Cantabrian Spain / James Pokines and Marcy 
       Krupa -- Technology and variation in arrow design among 
       the Agta of northeastern Luzon / P. Bion Griffin -- 
       Hunting and multifunctional use of bows and arrows: 
       ethnoarchaeology of technological organization among Pumé 
       hunters of Venezuela / Russell D. Greaves -- A comparison 
       of Kua (Botswana) and Hadza (Tanzania) bow and arrow 
       hunting / Laurence E. Bartram, Jr. -- Each according to 
       need and fashion: spear and arrow use among San hunters of
       the Kalahari / Robert Hitchcock and Peter Bleed -- 
       Projectile points: form, function, and design / Margaret 
       C. Nelson. 
650  0 Projectile points|0
650  0 Projectile points|0
650  0 Tools, Prehistoric.|0
650  0 Stone implements.|0
700 1  Knecht, Heidi.|0
830  0 Interdisciplinary contributions to archaeology.|0http:// 
970 11 |lCh. 1|tThe History and Development of Projectile 
       Technology Research|cHeidi Knecht|fKnecht, Heidi|p3 
970 11 |lCh. 2|tFactors Influencing the Use of Stone Projectile 
       Tips: An Ethnographic Perspective|cChristopher J. Ellis
       |fEllis, Christopher J.|p37 
970 11 |lCh. 3|tMiddle Paleolithic Spear Point Technology|cJohn 
       J. Shea|fShea, John J.|p79 
970 11 |lCh. 4|tThe Microwear and Morphology of Microliths from 
       Gleann Mor|cBill Finlayson|fFinlayson, Bill|cSteven Mithen
       |fMithen, Steven J.|p107 
970 11 |lCh. 5|tSide-Notched and Unnotched Arrowpoints: Assessing
       Functional Differences|cAndrew L. Christenson|fChristenson,
       Andrew L.|p131 
970 11 |lCh. 6|tSinew-Reinforced and Composite Bows: Technology, 
       Function, and Social Implications|cChristopher A. Bergman
       |fBergman, Christopher A.|cEdward McEwen|fMcEwen, Edward
970 11 |lCh. 7|tContributions of Multidisciplinary 
       Experimentation to the Study of Upper Paleolithic 
       Projectile Points|cJean-Michel Geneste|fGeneste, Jean-
       Michel|cSerge Maury|fMaury, Serge|p165 
970 11 |lCh. 8|tProjectile Points of Bone, Antler, and Stone: 
       Experimental Explorations of Manufacture and Use|cHeidi 
       Knecht|fKnecht, Heidi|p191 
970 11 |lCh. 9|tHunting during the Upper Paleolithic: Bow, 
       Spearthrower, or Both?|cPierre Cattelain|fCattelain, 
970 11 |lCh. 10|tSelf-Barbed Antler Spearpoints and Evidence of 
       Fishing in the Late Upper Paleolithic of Cantabrian Spain
       |cJames Pokines|fPokines, James|cMarcy Krupa|fKrupa, Marcy
970 11 |lCh. 11|tTechnology and Variation in Arrow Design among 
       the Agta of Northeastern Luzon|cP. Bion Griffin|fGriffin, 
       P. Bion|p267 
970 11 |lCh. 12|tHunting and Multifunctional Use of Bows and 
       Arrows: Ethnoarchaeology of Technological Organization 
       among Pume Hunters of Venezuela|cRussell D. Greaves
       |fGreaves, Rusty|p287 
970 11 |lCh. 13|tA Comparison of Kua (Botswana) and Hadza 
       (Tanzania) Bow and Arrow Hunting|cLaurence E. Bartram, Jr.
       |fBartram, Laurence E.|p321 
970 11 |lCh. 14|tEach According to Need and Fashion: Spear and 
       Arrow Use among San Hunters of the Kalahari|cRobert 
       Hitchcock|fHitchcock, Robert|cPeter Bleed|fBleed, Peter
970 11 |lCh. 15|tProjectile Points: Form, Function, and Design
       |cMargaret C. Nelson|fNelson, Margaret Cecile, 1951-|p371 
970 01 |tIndex|p385 
971    |d19980821 

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