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LEADER 00000cam  2200421 i 4500 
001    318878796 
003    OCoLC 
005    20100624075205.0 
008    090730s2010    miuab    b   s001 0 eng   
010    2009031168 
020    9780814333501 (pbk. : alk. paper) 
020    0814333508 (pbk. : alk. paper) 
035    (OCoLC)318878796 
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043    e-gx--- 
049    MSCC 
050 00 DS134.26|b.W4 2010 
082 00 940.53/1814|222 
245 00 "We are here" :|bnew approaches to Jewish displaced 
       persons in postwar Germany /|cedited by Avinoam J. Patt 
       and Michael Berkowitz. 
264  1 Detroit :|bWayne State University Press,|c[2010] 
264  4 |c©2010 
300    x, 357 pages :|billustrations, map ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Entangled histories and lost memories: Jewish survivors in
       occupied Germany, 1945-49 / Atina Grossmann -- A folk 
       monument to our destruction and heroism: Jewish historical
       commissions in the displaced persons camps of Germany, 
       Austria, and Italy / Laura Jockusch -- Representing the 
       experiences of children in the Holocaust: children's 
       survivor testimonies published in Fun Letsten Hurbn, 
       Munich, 1946-49 / Boaz Cohen -- Living in Landsberg, 
       dreaming of Deganiah: Jewish displaced youths and Zionism 
       after the Holocaust / Avinoam J. Patt -- Face to face: 
       American Jews and Holocaust survivors, 1946-54 / Beth B. 
       Cohen -- Perceptions of Jewish displaced persons as 
       criminals in early Postwar Germany: lingering stereotypes 
       and self-fulfilling prophecies / Michael Berkowitz and 
       Suzanne Brown-Fleming -- The reshaping of Jewish 
       communities and identities in Frankfurt and Zeilsheim in 
       1945 / Laura J. Hilton -- The experience of the displaced 
       persons in Bergen-Belsen: unique or typical case? / Hagit 
       Lavsky -- Jewish observance in Amalek's shadow: mourning, 
       marriage, and birth rituals among displaced persons in 
       Germany / Margarete Myers Feinstein -- "We long for a 
       home": songs and survival among Jewish displaced persons /
       Shirli Gilbert -- Dangling roots? Yiddish language and 
       culture in the German diaspora / Tamar Lewinsky. 
650  0 Jews|zGermany|xHistory|y1945-1990.|0
650  0 Holocaust survivors|0
       authorities/names/n80125931|xHistory|y20th century.|0http:
650  0 Holocaust survivors|0
       authorities/names/n80125931|xSocial conditions|y20th 
650  0 Jewish refugees|0
       n80125931|xHistory|y20th century.|0
651  0 Germany|xEthnic relations|0
       subjects/sh2008105263|xHistory|y20th century.|0http:// 
700 1  Patt, Avinoam J.|0
700 1  Berkowitz, Michael.|0
970 01 |tIntroduction|cAvinoam J. Patt|fPatt, Avinoam J.|cMichael
       Berkowitz|fBerkowitz, Michael|p1 
970 21 |tEntangled Histories and Lost Memories: Jewish Survivors 
       in Occupied Germany, 1945-49|cAtina Grossmann|fGrossmann, 
970 11 |tThe Past and Future of the Jewish People 
970 21 |tA Folk Monument to Our Destruction and Heroism: Jewish 
       Historical Commissions in the Displaced Persons Camps of 
       Germany, Austria, and Italy|cLaura Jockusch|fJockusch, 
970 21 |tRepresenting the Experiences of Children in the 
       Holocaust: Children's Survivor Testimonies Published in 
       Fun Letsten Hurbn, Munich, 1946-49|cBoaz Cohen|fCohen, 
970 21 |tLiving in Landsberg, Dreaming of Deganiah: Jewish 
       Displaced Youths and Zionism after the Holocaust|cAvinoam 
       J. Patt|fPatt, Avinoam J.|p98 
970 21 |tFace to Face: American Jews and Holocaust Survivors, 
       1946-54|cBeth B. Cohen|fCohen, Beth B.|p136 
970 11 |tLife in a Transitional Present 
970 21 |tPerceptions of Jewish Displaced Persons as Criminals in 
       Early Postwar Germany: Lingering Stereotypes and Self-
       fulfilling Prophecies|cMichael Berkowitz|fBerkowitz, 
       Michael|cSuzanne Brown-Fleming|fBrown-Fleming, Suzanne
970 21 |tThe Reshaping of Jewish Communities and Identities in 
       Frankfurt and Zeilsheim in 1945|cLaura J. Hilton|fHilton, 
       Laura J.|p194 
970 21 |tThe Experience of the Displaced Persons in Bergen-Belsen
       : Unique or Typical Case?|cHagit Lavsky|fLavsky, Hagit
970 11 |tDaily Life, Religion, Culture 
970 21 |tJewish Observance in Amalek's Shadow: Mourning, Marriage,
       and Birth Rituals among Displaced Persons in Germany
       |cMargarete Myers Feinstein|fFeinstein, Margarete Myers
970 21 |t"We Long for a Home": Songs and Survival among Jewish 
       Displaced Persons|cShirli Gilbert|fGilbert, Shirli|p289 
970 21 |tDangling Roots? Yiddish Language and Culture in the 
       German Diaspora|cTamar Lewinsky|fLewinsky, Tamar|p308 
970 11 |tGlossary of Hebrew and Yiddish Terms|p335 
970 01 |tContributors|p337 
970 01 |tIndex|p341 
971    |d20100413 

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