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Conference International Conference on Scientific & Engineering Computation (2002 : Singapore)
Title Proceedings of the International Conference on Scientific & Engineering Computation (IC-SEC) 2002 : recent advances in computational science & engineering : 3-5 December 2002, Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore / editors H.P. Lee & K. Kumar ; co-organisers, Institute of High Performance Computing, National University of Singapore, in cooperation with Anziam [and others].
Imprint London : Imperial College Press, ©2002.

Conference International Conference on Scientific & Engineering Computation (2002 : Singapore)
Subject Materials science -- Mathematical models -- Congresses.
Engineering -- Mathematical models -- Congresses.
Alt Name Lee, H. P.
Kumar, K. (Kurichi)
Institute of High Performance Computing.
National University of Singapore.
Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Organisation)
Description 1 online resource (xxx, 920 pages) : illustrations
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references.
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Contents Plenary. Multiscale modeling and computation of incompressible flow / T.Y. Hou -- Splitting methods for incompressible viscous flow problems with free and moving boundaries / E.J. Dean [and others] -- Contributed papers. Computational chemistry. Computational chemistry 1. Cation-[pi] interactions in Ag(l)-substitued alkylbenzenes complexes: a theoretical study / Y.P. Wong, K.M. Ng and C.W. Tsang -- Light propagation in biological tissue using Monte Carlo simulation / A. Aggarwal -- Predicting materials properties using first principles electronic structure calculation / Y.P. Feng, A.T.L. Lim and J.C. Zheng -- Correlation of the distribution of essential/trace elements in human hair for lung cancer diagnosis / P.L. Mao [and others] -- Dynamic simulation of an anaerobic digestion process using orthogonal collocation on finite elements method / T.T. Lee and P. Wu -- Computational chemistry 2. Total algebraic system identification for homogeneous catalyzed syntheses of fine chemicals (alkenes to aldehydes) / E. Widjaja, C.Z. Li and M. Garland -- Numerical solution of bound-constrained nonlinear systems in chemical engineering / S. Bellavia, M. Macconi and B. Morini -- Phonon dispersion, structure stability, surface relaxation and surface energy for metals Ni, Cu and Pd / J. Cai and J.S. Wang -- On the development of weighted two-band target entropy minimization for the reconstruction of pure component mass spectra / H.J. Zhang [and others] -- Computer aided additives study for steel hot dip galvanizing / H.M. Jin, H.L. Liu and P. Wu -- Computational chemistry 3. Cation-[pi] interactions in Ag(l)-substituted naphthalene complexes: an ab initio molecular orbital study / H.M. Lee and C.W. Tsang -- Band-target entropy minimization (BTEM) -- a novel approach for pattern recognition in chemical spectrocopy / E. Widjaja and M. Garland -- Development of a web-based statistical process control analysis and reporting system for tablet processing plants / T.T. Lee [and others] -- Monte Carlo simulation of surface segregation in Ni-Co nanoparticles / R. Jayaganthan and G.M. Chow -- First principles studies of the dissociation of protonated alanine (H+-ALA) complex / S. Abirami [and others] -- Molecules and structures for molecular electronic nanodevices / P. Bai [and others] -- Computational fluid dynamics. Computational heat transfer. CFD analysis of film cooling of a cyclindrical leading edge with compound angle injection / B.S. Chufal and A.R. Srikrihnan -- Flow analysis in port and cylinder of a spark ignition engine with oblique valve / M.J. Luo, G.H. Chen and Y.H. Ma -- Analysis of chemical reactions in argon thermal plasma flow using the eddy dissipation concept / K. Sundaravadivelu [and others] -- Numerical simulation of 2-D reacting flow in nozzle of liquid rocket motor / H.F. Qiang, Y.C. Yang and X.L. Xia -- Simulations of the onset of convection in a non-Newtonian liquid under fixed surface temperature boundary condition / K.C. Ting, K.K. Tan and S.Y.T. Choong.
Computer visualisation of fluid circulation in annuli of heated rotating cylinders of low Prandtl number fluids / Z.D. Xu, Y.L. Huo and T.S. Lee -- Finite element analysis of hollow brick drying in forced and mixed convection environment / H.N. Suresh [and others] -- Computational fluid dynamics 1. High accuracy simulation of multi-medium flow / C.W. Wang, T.G. Liu and B.C. Khoo -- The modified ghost fluid method / T.G. Liu, K.C. Hung and B.C. Khoo -- Gauss quadrature vs. analytic integration for finite-element CFD cdes / M.M. El-Awad, M.J.N. Boyce and F. Tarlochan -- A projection method for solving incompressible viscous flows on domains with moving boundaries / H. Pan [and others] -- Multi-physics simulations of vortex-induced cylinder vibrations / S.Y. Lee and M. Lee -- Computational fluid dynamics 2. Characteristics of airflow in a prototype of a hard disk drive / X.G. Xu [and others] -- Linearized Navier-Stokes equations and its applications in unsteady airfoil flows / R.J. Cao -- Cost-effective formulation of a finite-element model for atmospheric dispersion of dense gases / M.M. El-Awad -- Spatial simulation of 2D Tollmien-Schlichting wave over volume based viscoelastic layer / Z. Wang, K.S. Yeo and B.C. Khoo -- Numerical study of passive displacement ventilation / H.J. Poh, J. Lou and K. Kumar -- Computational fluid dynamics simulation of the dispersion of airborne contaminants in a work environment / S.M. Salim and G. Xu -- Numerial simulation of low Reynolds number channel flow over dimpled surface / Z. Wang [and others] -- Computational fluid dynamics 3. CFD modelling of particle transport and biological reactions in a mixed wastewater treatment vessel / M. Brannock [and others] -- A computer analysis of turbulent flow of acid in the pickling of steel strips / B.C. Khoo [and others] -- Finite element analysis of non linear fluid structure interaction in hydrodynamics using mixed Lagrangian-Eulerian method / N.M. Sudharsan, K. Murali and K. Kumar -- Numerical study of fluid flow through multiple bell-shaped constrictions in a tube / W. Liao, G.C. Li and T.S. Lee -- A mixing interface treatment for numerical simulation of tip clearance flow of a small axial flow fan / R.J. Cao -- CFD simulation of precipitation process / C.N. Lim -- Computational fluid dynamics 4. Effect of rotor's aspect ratio on entropy generation in a rotor-casing assembly / B. Abu-Hijleh, J.Y. Tu and A. Subic -- Lattice Boltzman method on nonuniform mesh / M. Cheng and K.C. Hung -- Numerical study of the effects of check valve closure flow conditions on pressure surges in complex fluid systems with air entrainment / T.S. Lee -- Numerical simulation of Czochralski crystal growth by fixed grid technique / M.A. Suriadi, D. Xu and B.C. Khoo -- A pre/post processor for finite element modelling for coal mining applications / S.G. Chen [and others] -- Evaluation of turbulence models for hydrofoil turbulent boundary layer flow at high Reynolds numbers / N. Mulvany [and others].
Mesh adaptation for time-accurate viscous compressible fluid flow / O. Hassan [and others] -- A numerical study on bubble structure interaction in underwater explosions / K.C. Hung [and others] -- Computational electromagnetics and electronics. Computational electronics. Delay computation of large interconnect network / Y. Cao and E.C. Tan -- Modeling of on-chip buses for placement optimization in integrated circuits / O. Peyran -- Simulation of nano-scale single-electron devices and circuits / P. Bai, E.P. Li and R.M. Patriker -- Surface roughness modeling / R.M. Patrikar and K. Ramanathan -- A novel scheme for simulating quantum effects in hydrodynamics model / E.P. Liu [and others] -- A CAD tool to study thermal distribution for block level placement in embedded systems / R.M. Patrikar, K. Murali and E.P. Li -- Computational electromagnetics applications 1. Comparative to FDTD, PSTD and MRTD methods in studies for planar stratified media / M.S. Tong [and others] -- FDTD analysis effective of printed dipole antenna / M. Tangjitjesada, N. Anatrasirichai and T. Wakabayashi -- Radiation and signal integrity analysis in imperfectly differential transmission lines with full-wave FDTD method / W.L. Yuan and E.P. Li -- Radiated emission prediction in electronics circuit system level / J. Gao, S.B. Wee and E.P. Li -- Web-based electromagnetic simulation / Y. Fan [and others] -- Parallelized FDTD method for analysis of signal integrity in high-speed electronic circuits / H.F. Jin [and others] -- Computational electromagnetics applications 2. Generic approach to overcome the low-frequency breakdown in electromagnetic computations by moment methods / A.J. Lapovok, N.L. Sudov and O.V. Grimalski -- Crosstalk simulation of high speed interconnects by an efficient finite difference method / Y. Xiao, E.P. Lee and K.H. Lee -- Transient simulation of high speed interconnects using coupled model order reduction and FDTD-macromodeling technique / E.X. Liu [and others] -- Zigzag slot antenna with CPW feed / N. Anantrasirichai [and others] -- Analysis electromagnetic field of slot antenna / N. Anantrasirichai [and others] -- Computational electromagnetics applications 3. Load characteristics analysis of a 100kVA synchronous generator with high temperature superconducting field winding using finite element modelling / K.S. Ship, J.K. Sykulski and K.F. Goddard -- Stochastic modeling and characterization of electrical trees in composite insulation structure using fractal concepts / R. Sarathi, C.R. Anilkumar and R. Jayaganthan -- Application of robust design techniques to electromagnetic devices design optimization / X.K. Gao [and others] -- Numerical simulation of nonlinear behavior of electromagnetic pulses inside dielectrics with nonlinear susceptibilities / M.T.M. Ho and T.H. Huang -- The noise-robust variable step-size algorithm for lattice form adaptive IIR notch filter / C. Benjangkaprasert, S. Teerasakworakun and K. Janchitrapongvej.
A new constant modulus algorithm for adaptive equalizer / P. Tupchai, C. Benjangkaprasert and O. Sangaroon -- Computing engineering in communication. The variable step size blind adaptive decorrelating detector PIC in DS/CDMA System / S. Benchapornkullanij, C. Benjangkaprasert and M. Lertwatechakul -- Performance evaluation of finite-length MMSE-DFE in wideband mimo channel / P. Changsuwan [and others] -- The efficiency of WI-FI (IEEE 802.11B) in presence of bluetooth system indoor propagation / T. Subson [and others] -- A study of self-similar pseudorandom teletraffic generators for simulation / J.S.R. Lee, H.W. Park and H.D.J. Jeong -- The delay-bounded source model / S. Ruttanawit, M. Lertwatechakul and P. Sooraksa -- Invertible integer FFT and DCT applied on lossless image compression / Y.S. Van [and others] -- Fast and parallel electromagnetics computation 1. Solution of scattering by homogeneous dielectric bodies using parallel P-FFT algorithm / W.B. Ewe [and others] -- The common component architecture (CCA) applied to sequential and parallel computational electromagnetic applications / D.S. Katz, E.R. Tisdale and C.D. Norton -- A fast algorithm for three-dimensional electrostatic analysis: fast Fourier transform on multipole (FFTM) / E.T. Ong [and others] -- An alternative implementation of interpolation in multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM) / C.P. Lim [and others] -- Fast matrix algorithms for hierarchically semi-separable representations / S. Chandrasekaran, T. Pals and M. Gu -- Parallel fast multipole method for large-scale computation of electromagnetic scattering / Y.J. Zhang [and others] -- Fast and parallel electromagnetics computation 2. Two classes of preconditioning techniques for electromagnetic wave scattering problems / J. Zhang, J.H. Lee and C.C. Lu -- Arbitrary order edge element methods for 2D EM scattering / K. Morgan [and others] -- Parallelization of pre-corrected FFT in scattering field computation / Y.J. Wang, L.W. Li and E.P. Li -- Finite element analysis of photonic crystal fibres / R. Yang and Y.L. Lu -- Parallelization of fast multipole method using MPI on IBM high performance computers / F. Wu [and others] -- Parallel unstructured meshes approach for the simulation of electromagnetic scattering / O. Hassan [and others] -- Computational mechanics. Virtual design. Development of parting line generation tools for a 3D CAD injection mould system / W.M. Chan and S.L. Lieow -- Simulation of temperature and stress field in deposition process for RPST by homogenization method / G.L. Wang, Z.H. Xu and H.O. Zhang -- Geometric model and numerical simulation for the laying process of wire rope / G.L. Wang, J.F. Sun and H.O. Zhang -- Agent-based composable simulation for virtual prototyping / W. Xiang, S.C. Fok and G. Thimm -- Knowledge-based rapid virtual engineering system for product and tooling design / R.D. Jiang, T.W. Lim and B.T. Choek -- Virtual aesthetic design: architecture and some results / W.S. Li [and others].
Numerical simulation and experiment on prediction for retention force / H.Z. Dong, T.W. Lim and B.H. Low -- Couple field analysis and nanostructured material. Failure probability of wire bonding packages / F. Wang, Y.Y. Wang and C. Lu -- Shape control of smart composite plate structures based on actuator shape optimisation / Q. Nguyen and L.Y. Tong -- Numerical investigation of micro-scale sheet metal bending using laser beam scanning / Z.Q. Zhang, G.R. Liu and X.M. Tan -- Three-dimensional finite element study of the elastic fields in quantum dot structures / Q.X. Pei and C. Lu -- Directional dependence of surface morphological evolution of heteroepitaxial films / P. Liu, Y.W. Zhang and C. Lu -- Forming of nanostructured materials: numerical analysis in equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) of magnesium, aluminium and titanium alloys / B.H. Hu and J.V. Kreij -- CAD mechanical design 1. The development of standard part database for progressive die design / Z.H. Wang -- The application of sensitivity analysis to modifying car body configuration / X.R. Zhang and M. Zhu -- The simulation of the [pi]-type constraint bending process / H.Z. Xu -- Optimising the dimensions of cylindrical ultrasonic motor / Q.G. Yang and S.P. Lim -- Design and analysis of a high-efficiency MR valve / W.H. Li, H. Du and N.Q. Guo -- Computer design and visualization on new loop worm transmission / Q.S. Luo and B.L. Han -- CAD mechanical design 2. A computer-aided optimisation approach for the design of cooling channels and selection of process parameters in plastic injection moulding / L.Y. Zhai [and others] -- Wavelets-based multiresolution representation and manipulation of closed B-spline curve / G. Zhao [and others] -- A piping modeling and calculation system / H.X. Gao -- Optimization of injection molded part based on the CAE simulation / Y. Li and C.R. Pan -- Evaluating plane-strain forging of magnesium alloy AZ31 using finite element analysis -- S.C.V. Lim, M.S. Yong and C.M. Choy -- Numerical structural analysis 1. Comparative structural evaluation of protective helmets using the finite element method / A. Subic, M. Takla and C. Mitrovic -- Buckling analysis of composite spherical panels with random material properties / B.N. Singh, N.G.R. Iyenagar and D. Yadav -- Numerical analysis of adhesively bonded cylindrically curved lap joints / C.Y. Qian and L.Y. Tong -- Numerical analysis of the effect of interphase on the deformation of particle-reinforced composites / W.X. Zhang, F.P. Yang and T.J. Wang -- Numerical finite deformation analysis on solid propellant grain using finite element method / Y.C. Yang [and others] -- Investigation on the counter-intuitive phenomenon of elastic-plastic beams / Y.M. Liu, G.W. Ma and Q.M. Li -- Numerical structural analysis 2. Computational material testing of pre-damaged metals using damage mechanics models / Y. Toi and S. Hirose.
Study of the influence of the suspension parameters on suspension kinematics characteristic / D. Hua, Z.M. Tao and X.C. Gao -- Computational study of vapor pressure assisted crack growth at polymer/ceramic interfaces / C.W. Chong, T.F. Guo and L. Cheng -- Distortion prediction using finite element method / Y.C. Tse [and others] -- Interface pressure distribution in automotive drum brake / A. Toma, M. Takla and A. Subic -- A new high precision direct integration scheme for nonlinear rotor-seal system / J. Hua [and others] -- Numerical structural analysis 3. Delamination identification using piezoelectric fiber reinforced composite sensors / P. Tan and L.Y. Tong -- A simple model for predication of crack spacing in concrete pavements / G. Chen and G. Baker -- Hellinger-Riessner mixed formulation for the nonlinear frame element with lateral deformable supports / S. Limkatanyu -- Energy approach to numerical modelling of crack spacing in reinforced concrete / G. Chen and G. Baker -- Effect of bolt connections on dynamic response of cylindrical shell structures / Q.H. Cheng, S. Zhang and Y.Y. Wang -- Simulation of ductile fracture in tubular joints through a void nucleation model / X.D. Qian, Y.S. Choo and J.Y.R. Liew -- Stress intensity factors for doubler-plate reinforced tubular joint subjected to axial load / R. Jiang and Y.S. Choo -- Computational dynamics. Vibrational analysis of poroelastic bar / T.Z. Chen, Z. Zong and K.C. Hung -- Finite element failure modelling of corrugated panel subjected to dynamic blast loading / J.W. Boh, LA. Louca and Y.S. Choo -- Simulation of acoustic radiation and scattering using boundary element method / Z.Y. Yan, K.C. Hung and H. Zheng -- Numerical characterization of RC plate response and fragmentation under blast loading / K. Xu, Y. Lu and H.S. Lim -- Dynamic analysis of brick-concrete structure by using Wilson-[theta] method / D.M. Hou [and others] -- A new computational mathematical model of hydraulic damper / Y.B. Wang and D.M. Hou -- Broadband echoes from underwater targets / H. Lew and B. Nguyen -- High performance computing and numerical methods 1. Competing risks for reliability analysis using Cox's model / F.A.M. Elfaki [and others] -- Parallel multibody dynamics using the message passing interface / B. Fox [and others] -- Some computation aspects in model-order reduction of flexible structures / R. Saragih -- Meshless analysis of the obstacle problem for Timoshenko beams based on a locking-free formulation / J.R. Xiao, F. Wang and Q.H. Cheng -- Efficient parallel algorithm for large-scale molecular dynamics simulation in microscale thermophysics / B. Wang [and others] -- Improving the cell mapping method and determining domains of attraction of a nonlinear structural system / Q. Ding, Z.S. Liu and J.J. Li -- High performance computing and numerical methods 2. High rate dynamic response of structure using SPH method / Z.S. Liu, S. Swaddiwudhipong and C.G. Koh.
The generalized differential quadrature rule / T.Y. Wu, Y.Y. Wang and G.R. Liu -- Recovery based submodeling finite element analysis / H. Gu and Z. Zong -- A hierarchical approach to surface partition of polygonal meshes / J. Shen and D. Yoon -- A combined meshfree method and molecular dynamics in the multiscale length simulation / Q.X. Wang [and others] -- Computational science. Computational science 1. Self-similar problems in multidimensional conservation laws / S. Canic, B.L. Keyfitz and E.H. Kim -- Variance reduction of Monte Carlo methods for option pricing under stochastic volitility models / X.Q. Liu and Y.Y. Wong -- A superlinearly convergent algorithm for large scale multistage stochastic nonlinear programming / F.W. Meng, R. Tan and G.Y. Zhao -- Computation of network delay with prioritised traffic involving the multi-priority dual queue / A. Bedford and P. Zeephongeskul -- Simulation solutions of networks with prioritised traffic involving the multi-priority dual queue / A. Bedford and P. Zeephongeskul -- Inverse of a certain band toeplitz matrix / K.J. Lim -- Computational science 2. Time-splitting sine-spectral approximation for the nonlinear Schrödinger equations / W.Z. Bao -- Calculating global minimizers of a nonconvex energy potential / D. Gao and P. Lin -- A QR-type method for computing the SVD of a general matrix product/quotient / D.L. Chu -- Newton's method for non-differentiable equations: convergence and applications / D.F. Sun -- Numerical solution of blow-up problems using mesh-dependent variable temporal steps / K.W. Liang, P. Lin and R.C.E. Tan -- Nonlinear boundary layers of the Boltzmann equation / S. Ukai, T. Yang and S.H. Yu -- Computational science 3. A new algorithm for division of polynomials / L.H. Fan -- Ginzburg-Landau system and superconductivity near critical temperature / X.B. Pan -- Geodesic approximations of 2D hydrodynamics / W. Lawton -- Multi-phase flow models and methods for lava lamps and life sciences / J. Shuo -- A Reynolds-uniform numerical method for Prandtl's boundary layer problem for flow past a plate with mass transfer / J.S. Butler, J.J.H. Miller and G.I. Shishkin -- Grid computing. Grid computing and related issues. Constructing an Ogsa-based grid computing platform / W. Jie [and others] -- An Ogsa-based directory service / Z. Lei, T.Y. Zang and W. Jie -- Grid resource management information services for scientific computing / H.N. Lim [and others] -- An open producer and consumer management system for grid environment / T.Y. Zang, Z. Lei and W. Jie -- Replica selection framework for bio-grid computing / L.Z. Wang [and others] -- A grid testbed supporting MPI applications / W. Jie [and others] -- Running MPI application in the hierarchical grid environment / L.Z. Wang, W. Jie and W. Xue -- Clustering systems and applications. Cluster-based parallel simulation for large-scale power system dynamics / J.F. Yan [and others].
Hardware impact on communication performance of Beowulf Linux cluster / Y. Tang, Y.Q. Zhang and Y.C. Lee -- D-GRIDMST: clustering large distributed spatial databases / J. Zhang and Y. Cao -- Massively parallel sequence analysis with hidden Markov models / B. Schmidt and H. Schröder -- Tabu search and simulated annealing on the scheduling of pipelined multiprocessor tasks / M.F. Ercan and Y.F. Fung -- Distributed systems and applications. TME -- a distributed resource handling tool / T. Imamura [and others] -- Protecting integrity in a distributed computing platform / T.T. Tay and Y.Y. Chu -- An integrated distributed computing platform on a decentralized architecture / T.T. Tay and Y.Y. Chu -- Grid based problem solving environment for scientists / E. Sindhu, U. Periathampy and M. Kantharaj -- Management of EJB applications using Java management extensions / J.K. Park, J.B. Kim and D.J. Sohn -- High end computations. Data mining. On applications of data mining to human resources data / V. Kamalesh and V. Kuralmani -- Linguistic rule extraction by GA combining DDR and RBF neural networks / X.J. Fu and L.P. Wang -- Web-based configuration and control of HLA-based distributed simulations / N. Julka [and others] -- Competing risks with censored data: a simulation study / I. Lukman [and others] -- Combining support vector machine (SVR) with genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize the initial positions of agents in the land combat simulation / L.J. Cao [and others] -- Acquisition of background coefficient / X.Y. Qi, C. Lu and Z.G. Liu -- Visualization. A framework for a real-time distributed rendering environment / H.B. Zhu and K.Y.T. Chan -- Immersive visualisation of nano-indentation simulation of Cu / S.H. Xu [and others] -- Distributed processing and visualisation of MEG data / S. Date [and others] -- A fast algorithm of level set method for 3D prostate surface detection / F. Shao, K.V. Ling and W.S. Ng -- A pathological diagnosis system for brain white matter lesions / S.H. Han and F. Li -- Using streaming SIMD extension on high level image processing / M.F. Ercan and Y.F. Fung -- An approach for optimization of imaging parameters for ground surface inspection using machine vision / V. Sivasankaran [and others] -- Micro-electro-mechanical systems. Model development and behavior simulation of pH-stimulus-responsive hydrogels / H. Li, T.Y. Ng and Y.K. Yew -- Fringe-field and ground plane effects for electrostatic MEMS simulations / A. Ongkodjojo and F.E.H. Tay -- A coupled multi-field formulation for stimuli-responsive hydrogel subject to electric field / Z. Yuan [and others] -- Numerical simulation of electromechanical behavior for MEMS optical switch / F. Wang, C. Lu and Z.S. Liu -- Design and modelling high-efficiency accelerometers / A.T. Ng [and others] -- A finite element analysis for piezoelectric smart plates including peel stresses / Q.T. Luo and L.Y. Tong -- Meshing. A study on three-dimensional mesh generation for coal mining modeling / S.G. Chen [and others].
Linear and torsion spring analogies for dynamic unstructured meshes in fluid structure interaction problems -- a comparative study / R. Ajaykumar [and others] -- Solving Biot's consolidated model using sparse matrix technology / Y.L. Li and K.H. Lee -- 3-D multi-block orthogonal grid generated by Laplace equation with sliding boundary condition / Z.K. Zhang -- Meshing human brain with hexahedral meshes from images slices using mesh mapping method / Y.L. Li and K.H. Lee.
Summary IC-SEC 2002 serves as a forum for engineers and scientists who are involved in the use of high performance computers, advanced numerical strategies, computational methods and simulation in various scientific and engineering disciplines. The conference creates a platform for presenting and discussing the latest trends and findings about the state of the art in their particular field(s) of interest. IC-SEC also provides a forum for the interdisciplinary blending of computational efforts in various diversified areas of science, such as biology, chemistry, physics and materials science, as well as all branches of engineering. The proceedings cover a broad range of topics and an application area which involves modelling and simulation work using high performance computers.
ISBN 9781860949524 (electronic bk.)
1860949525 (electronic bk.)
OCLC # 262581691
Additional Format Print version: International Conference on Scientific & Engineering Computation (2002 : Singapore). Proceedings of the International Conference on Scientific & Engineering Computation (IC-SEC) 2002. London : Imperial College Press, ©2002 1860943454 9781860943454 (OCoLC)51838026

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