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Title Cephalopod neurobiology / edited by N.J. Abbott, R. Williamson, and L. Maddock.
Imprint Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1995.

Subject Comparative neurobiology.
Cephalopoda -- Physiology.
Alt Name Abbott, N. J. (N. Joan)
Williamson, R. (Roddy)
Maddock, Linda.
Description 542 pages : : illustrations ; ; 24 cm
ISBN 0198547900 (hbk)
OCLC # 31756324
Table of Contents
 List of contributors 
 List of abbreviations 
1The cytoskeleton of the squid giant axon / J. Adjaye, P. A. M. Eagles3
2The nervous system of Loligo pealei provides multiple models for analysis of organelle motility / Philip L. Leopold, Jen-Wei Lin, Mutsuyuki Sugimori, Rodolfo Llinas, Scott T. Brady15
3Cyclic nucleotide homeostasis and axonal G proteins in the squid Loligo forbesi / T. J. A. Allen, B. Rouot35
4The detection and properties of electronic Na[superscript +]-K[superscript +] transport in the squid axon membrane / U. Kishimoto, I. Inoue, I. Tsutsui, T. Ohkawa53
5Resting and active K[superscript +] channels in the squid axon membrane / Isao Inoue73
6Studies of the kinetics of the ionic and gating currents in the axons of Loligo forbesi as a guide to modelling of the sodium channel / Richard D. Keynes85
7An improved voltage clamp for gating current recording from the squid giant axon / Ian C. Forster, Nikolaus G. Greeff97
8Voltage dependence of sodium channel inactivation in the squid giant axon / Nikolaus G. Greeff, Ian C. Forster107
9Tetrodotoxin affects sodium gating current in squid giant axon / Michinori Ichikawa, Gen Matsumoto119
10Single-channel properties and gating of Na[superscript +] and K[superscript +] channels in the squid giant axon / Francisco Bezanilla, Ana M. Correa131
11The effects of internal Ca[superscript 2+] and Mg[superscript 2+] on ion channels in the squid giant axon / Shunichi Yamagishi, Kishio Furuya, Fumio Kukita153
12Anaesthetics, convulsants, and the squid axon membrane / B. M. Hendry161
13Control of the spatial distribution of sodium channels in the squid giant axon and its cell bodies / W. F. Gilly, M. T. Lucero, M. Perri, J. Rosenthal173
14Electrophysiology of squid Schwann cells / N. Joan Abbott, E. R. Brown, Y. Pichon, Fumio Kukita197
15The pharmacology of receptors present on squid giant axon Schwann cells / Peter D. Evans, Vincenzina Reale, Rosa Maria Merzon, Jorge Villegas213
16Periaxonal ion regulation in the squid / Y. Pichon, N. Joan Abbott, E. R. Brown, Isao Inoue, Patricia A. Revest229
17Synaptic transmission in the squid stellate ganglion / R. Llinas, M. Sugimori255
18Multiple calcium signalling pathways in squid giant presynaptic terminals / George J. Augustine, Joachim Deitmer, Michael Hans, Dieter Swandulla, Karl Zipser271
19Chemical transmission at the squid giant synapse / J. B. Messenger, A. De Santis, D. C. Ogden283
20The structure and physiology of cephalopod muscle fibres / Q. Bone, E. R. Brown, M. Usher301
21Organization of cephalopod chromatophore systems: a neuromuscular image-generator / Andrew Packard331
22Neurotransmitters of squid chromatophores / C. J. Cornwell, J. B. Messenger369
23Diffusion properties of the microenvironment of cephalopod brain / Charles Nicholson, Jaleel A. Miyan, Katherine T. Potter, Roddy Williamson, N. Joan Abbott383
24Cephalopod brains: promising preparations for brain physiology / Bernd U. Budelmann, Theodore H. Bullock, Roddy Williamson399
25Intracellular recordings from the chromatophore lobes of Octopus / J. A. Miyan, J. B. Messenger415
26Multiple matrices in the memory system of Octopus / J. Z. Young431
27A novel occluding junction forms the blood-brain barrier in cephalopod molluscs / Magnus Bundgaard, N. Joan Abbott, Nancy J. Lane445
28Cerebrovascular organization and dynamics in cephalopods / N. Joan Abbott, J. A. Miyan459
29Squid rhodopsin / H. R. Saibil, K. A. Langmack, C. Venien-Bryan, J. R. Wilkinson479
30The firefly squid, Watasenia scintillans, has three visual pigments / Masatsugu Seidou, Kinya Narita, Masanao Michinomae, Yuji Kito491
31The statocysts of cephalopods / Roddy Williamson503
32Physiology of squid olfaction / Mary T. Lucero, Wm. F. Gilly521

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