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111 2  International Conference on X-ray Lasers|0http://|n(11th :|d2008 :
       |cBelfast, Northern Ireland) 
245 10 X-ray lasers 2008 :|bproceedings of the 11th International
       Conference, August 17-22, 2008, Belfast, UK /|cCiaran L.S.
       Lewis, Dave Riley. 
264  1 Dordrecht :|bSpringer ;|aBristol :|bCanopus Academic,
300    1 online resource (xvii, 562 pages) :|billustrations. 
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490 1  Springer proceedings in physics,|x0930-8989 ;|v130 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Progress in X-Ray Laser Facilities and Infrastructures -- 
       Recent Progress in X-Ray Laser Research in JAEA -- Recent 
       Advances on LASERIX Facility: Development of XUV Sources 
       System and Applications. Perspectives from 2008 to 2010 --
       Recent Progress in Grazing-Incidence-Pumped X-Ray Lasers 
       at Uni-BE -- Review on Recent High Intensity Physics 
       Experiments Relevant to X-Ray and Quantum Beam Generation 
       at JAEA -- Towards an 100 Hz X-Ray Laser Station -- 
       Versatile High-Energy and Short-Pulse Operation of PHELIX 
       -- Central Laser Facility High Power Laser Capabilities 
       Applied to X-Ray Laser Science -- TARANIS: A Pump Source 
       for X-Ray Lasers -- Photon Frontier Network -- Transient 
       Collisional X-Ray Lasers -- Grazing Incidence Pumping 
       (GRIP): Single- vs. Double- Pulse Arrangement -- An 
       Improved Double-Pulse Non-Normal Incidence Pumping 
       Geometry for Transient Collisionally Excited Soft X-Ray 
       Lasers -- Generation of the Circularly Polarized X-Ray 
       Laser Using the Pulse-Power Magnet -- Gain Saturation of 
       the Ni-like Antimony Laser at 11.4 nm in Grazing-Incidence
       Pumping Geometry -- Temporal Coherence and Spectral Line 
       Shape of a GRIP Transient X-Ray Laser -- High Repetition 
       Rate X-Ray Lasers -- High Coherence Injection-Seeded Table
       -Top Soft X-Ray Lasers at Wavelengths Down to 13.2 nm -- 
       Characterization of a Seeded Optical-Field Ionized 
       Collisional Soft X-Ray Laser -- Investigation on the 
       Spatial Properties of Silver X-Ray Laser Using GRIP 
       Schemes -- Spatial Filtering of High Order Harmonics by an
       OFI Plasma Amplifier -- New Driver Laser System for Double
       Target X-Ray Lasers at JAEA -- Optical-Field-Ionised (OFI)
       X-Ray Lasers -- Toward Ultraintense Compact RBS Pump for 
       Recombination 3.4 nm Laser via OFI -- High Brightness 
       Optical-Field-Ionization X-Ray Lasers Driven in Plasma 
       Waveguides -- Temporal Coherence and Spectral Linewidth of
       a Seeded Soft X-Ray Laser Pulse -- Theory and Simulations 
       -- The Scaling of Recombination Following Tunnel 
       Ionisation and its Suitability for Generating X-Ray Laser 
       Gain -- Advances in Understanding the Anomalous Dispersion
       of Plasmas in the X-Ray Regime -- Recent Developments on 
       Seeded or Unseeded Transient X-Ray Lasers -- Influence of 
       the number of atomic levels on the modelling of 
       collisional X-ray lasers -- Modelling of Capillary Z-Pinch
       Recombination Pumping of Hydrogen-Like Ion EUV Lasers -- 
       Propagation of a High-Harmonic Pulse Through a Population-
       Inverted Medium -- Modeling of an Ultra-Short X-Ray Laser 
       Pulse Amplification Through an Optical-Field-Ionized Gas 
       Using a Maxwell-Bloch Treatment -- Effects of 
       Inhomogeneous Incident Line Focus on 2D Hydrodynamic 
       Behaviour of X-Ray Laser Plasma on Slab -- Excitation 
       Rates for Transitions in Ne-Like Ni XIX -- Conversion 
       Efficiency Calculations for Soft X-Rays Emitted from Tin 
       Plasma for Lithography Applications -- Theoretical 
       Investigation of Photo-pumping X-Ray Lasers Using K? Line 
       from Solid Target -- High Harmonic Generation (HHG) -- 
       Coherent Water-Window X-Ray Generation by Phase-Matched 
       High Harmonics in Neutral Media -- Relativisitically 
       Oscillating Mirrors -- an Ultrabright Attosecond Source --
       Spectral Characteristics of Strong High-Harmonics 
       Generated in a Two-Color Laser Field -- Diffraction 
       Limited Harmonic Emission from Laser Produced Plasmas -- 
       XUV Optics and Applications of X-Ray Lasers -- X-Ray 
       Lasers as Probes of Plasma Parameters -- Advances in 
       Nanoscale Resolution Soft X-Ray Laser Microscopy -- 
       Experimental Diagnosis of Plasma Jets by Using X-Ray Laser
       -- Soft X-Ray Holography with Wavelength Resolution -- 
       Ablation Measurements Using Ni-Like Ag X-Ray Laser 
       Transmission -- High Sensitive Characterization of 
       Microdomain Structures in PZN-PT (91/09) by Means of 
       Coherent Soft X-Ray Laser Speckle -- Warm Photoionized 
       Plasmas Created by Soft X-Ray Laser Irradiation of Solid 
       Targets -- Development of Multilayer Optics in EUV, Soft X
       -Ray and X-Ray Range at IPOE -- Highly Efficient Surface 
       Modification of Solids by Dual Action of XUV/Vis-NIR Laser
       Pulses -- Strand Breaks in DNA Samples Induced with 
       LASERIX -- High Resolution X-Ray Laser Backlighting of 
       Plasmas Using Spatial Filtering Technique -- Development 
       of Soft X-Ray Fourier Transform Holography with Fresnel 
       Zone Plate -- Lensless Imaging Using Table-Top Soft X-Ray 
       Lasers and High Harmonics Sources Reaching 70 nm 
       Resolution -- Gas Phase Study of The Reactivity of Optical
       Coating Materials with Hydrocarbons Using a Compact Soft X
       -Ray Laser -- Gas Phase Studies of Catalytic Processes 
       Involving Vmon Clusters and their Reaction with Alcohols, 
       Alkenes, Nox, and Nh3 Using a Desk-Top Size Soft X-Ray 
       Laser -- Time-of-Flight Measurements of Ion and Electron 
       from Xenon Clusters Irradiated with a Soft X-Ray Laser 
       Pulse -- Calibration of a High Resolution Soft X-Ray 
       Spectrometer -- XUV Probing as a Diagnostic of Rayleigh-
       Taylor Instability Growth -- Line Focus Geometry for 
       Grazing Incidence Pumped X-Ray Lasers -- Resolution and 
       Feature Size Assessment in Soft X-Ray Microscopy Images --
       An Approach to the Generation of Uniform Line Foci for Use
       in X-Ray Laser Experiments -- Interferometric Lithography 
       with a Desk-Top Size Soft X-Ray Laser -- Time-Resolved 
       Fluorescence Spectrum of Wide-Gap Semiconductors Excited 
       by 13.9 nm X-Ray Laser -- Alternative Approaches for 
       Sources of Bright X-Rays -- Application of Extremely 
       Bright and Coherent Soft and Hard X-Ray Free-Electron 
       Laser Radiation -- Design Study of Compact Thomson X-Ray 
       Sources for Material and Life Sciences Applications -- An 
       Attempt to Generate an Inner-Shell Photo-Ionisation Pumped
       X-Ray Laser Using the ASTRA Laser at RAL -- Electron Self-
       Injection and Radiation in the Laser Plasma Accelerator --
       Emission Spectroscopy from an XUV Laser Irradiated Solid 
       Target -- Innershell X-Ray Laser in Sodium Vapor: Final 
       Steps Towards Experimental Verification. 
520    This book provides a thorough account of the current 
       status of achievements made in the area of soft X-ray 
       laser source development and of the increasingly diverse 
       applications being demonstrated using such radiation 
       sources. There is significant effort worldwide to develop 
       very bright, short duration radiation sources in the X-ray
       spectral region - driven by the multitude of potential 
       applications in all branches of science. This book 
       contains updates on several different approaches for 
       comparative purposes but concentrates on developments in 
       the area of laser-produced plasmas, whereby transient 
       population inversion and gain between ion states is pumped
       by optical lasers interacting with pre-formed plasmas. The
       most significant development here is the demonstrated 
       increasing feasibility to produce useful soft X-ray laser 
       beams with high repetition rates in a typical, small, 
       university-class laboratory - as opposed to the 
       requirement of access to a national facility some 20 years
       ago. Experimental progress and the underlying theory 
       associated with different plasma-based soft X-ray laser 
       schemes are covered. In particular, grazing incidence 
       pumping of transient collisional X-ray lasers, injection 
       seeding of amplifiers and beam characterisation techniques
       are discussed in detail. The justification for this work 
       is clearly demonstrated in the large section describing 
       the wide-ranging applications now possible in areas as 
       diverse as biology, chemistry and materials science, as 
       well as in plasma physics itself. Plans and projections 
       for new work are also presented, boding well for the 
       future of the subject area. 
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655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0http:// 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Lewis, Ciaran L. S.|0
700 1  Riley, Dave,|cPh. D.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Conference on X-ray Lasers
       (11th : 2008 : Belfast, Northern Ireland).|tX-ray lasers 
       2008.|dDordrecht : Springer ; Bristol : Canopus Academic, 
830  0 Springer proceedings in physics ;|0
       authorities/names/n84710690|vv. 130. 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2009 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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