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050  4 RM411|b.A5755 2000 
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082 04 616.9/25061|221 
245 00 Antiviral methods and protocols /|cedited by Derek 
       Kinchington and Raymond F. Schinazi. 
264  1 Totowa, N.J. :|bHumana Press,|c[2000] 
264  4 |c©2000 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 404 pages) :|billustrations. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
490 1  Methods in molecular medicine ;|v24. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Changing methods for discovering antiviral drugs / P.S. 
       Jones-Laboratory safety considerations / P.M. Feorino, 
       J.D. Williamson and R.F. Schinazi-Routine quality control 
       testing of cell cultures : Detection of mycoplasma / A. 
       Stacey and G. Stacey-Hep ad38 assay : A high-throughput, 
       cell-based screen for the evaluation of compounds against 
       hepatitis b virus / R.W. King and S.K. Ladner-Hepatitis b 
       virus cell culture assays for antiviral activity / K. 
       Schmidt and B. Korba-A rapid microtiter assay for duck 
       hepatitis virus reverse transcriptase / M.J. Otto and R.A.
       Whitaker-Assays for measuring hepadnaviral supercoiled DNA
       / S.A. Locamini and G.M. Civitico-Assays for hepatitis b 
       virus DNA-and rna-dependent DNA polymerase activities / T.
       Shaw and S.A. Locarnini-Development of a hepatitis c virus
       rna helicase high throughput assay / A.D. Kwong and C. 
       Risano-Determination of viral infectivity : Hsv, vzv, and 
       cmv / D.R. Harper-Antiviral screening assays for human 
       herpesviruses 6 and 7 / J.B. Black and P.E. Pellett-
       Strategies for evaluation of antiviral agents against 
       epstein-barr virus in culture / J.C. Lin-Monitoring drug 
       resistance for herpesviruses / G. Andrei [and others]-
       Herpesvirus protease assays / P. Ertl, L. Russell and J. 
       Angier-Testing compounds for antiviral activity in cell 
       cultures infected with hiv / D. Devine, N. Mathews and D. 
       Kinchington-Evaluation of compounds that prevent 
       reactivation of hiv-1 in om-10.1 cells / S.T. Butera-
       Assessment of activity of topical virucidal agents / O.C. 
       T-Assays that measure selective killing of virus-infected 
       cells / S. Randall-Evaluating clinical isolates for their 
       phenotypic and genotypic resistance against anti-hiv drugs
       / A.M. Vandamme [and others]-Line probe assay for 
       detecting mutations in hiv-1 reverse transcriptase / L. 
       Stuyver [and others]-Rt-pcr for amplification of specific 
       fragments of hiv-1 genome / M.P. de Bethune and K. Hertogs
       -Evaluation of compounds against recombinant hiv reverse 
       transcriptase / J. Balzarini-Ultrasensitive detection of 
       reverse transcriptase activity by the amp-rt assay : 
       Applications to the measurement of virus loads and 
       phenotypic drug resistance / J. Gerardo, L. Garcia and W. 
       Heneine-Reverse transcriptase assay based on product 
       enhancement for assessing the drug susceptibility of 
       retroviruses / J. Boni and J. Schupbach-Identifying and 
       characterizing hiv protease inhibitors / E.S. Furfine-
       Retroviral integrase : A novel target in antiviral drug 
       development and basic in vitro assays with the purified 
       enzyme / A. Mazumder [and others]-Papillomavirus DNA 
       replication / M.C. Ferran and A.A. McBride-Quantitative 
       immunodetection of viral oncoprotein levels in human 
       papillomavirus-transformed human cells / J.A. Johnson and 
       J.D. Gangemi-Biochemical methods for the characterization 
       of influenza viruses with reduced sensitivity to 4-
       guanidino-neu5ac2en / R.C. Bethell [and others]-
       Virological methods for the generation and 
       characterization of influenza viruses with reduced 
       sensitivity to 4-guanidino-neu5ac2en / J.L. McKimm-
       Breschkin [and others]. 
506    |3Use copy|fRestrictions unspecified|2star|5MiAaHDL 
520    In Antiviral Methods and Protocols, experienced scientists
       describe-in an easily-followed format-their state-of-the-
       art techniques for evaluating antiviral compounds. The 
       assays described include systems for investigating drugs 
       used against herpesviruses, hepatitis viruses, human 
       immunodeficiency viruses, human papillomaviruses, and 
       influenza viruses. These well-tested methods range from 
       cellular assays to some of the most up-to-date molecular 
       approaches for identifying compounds that are active 
       against viral enzymes and the development of viral 
       resistance against drugs currently in use. The detailed 
       protocols also discuss possible pitfalls and ways to 
       overcome them. Timely and comprehensive, Antiviral Methods
       and Protocols offers today's researchers in academia, 
       clinical departments, and the pharmaceutical industry the 
       powerful, reproducible, and novel methods needed to 
       evaluate compounds effective against both acute and 
       chronic infections. 
533    Electronic reproduction.|b[S.l.] :|cHathiTrust Digital 
538    Master and use copy. Digital master created according to 
       Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs
       and Serials, Version 1. Digital Library Federation, 
       December 2002.|u
583 1  digitized|c2010|hHathiTrust Digital Library|lcommitted to 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Antiviral agents|0
       sh85005787|vLaboratory manuals.|0
650 12 Hepatitis, Viral, Human|xdrug therapy.|0https:// 
650 22 Antiviral Agents|xtherapeutic use.|0
650 22 DNA Virus Infections|xdrug therapy.|0https:// 
650 22 RNA Virus Infections|xdrug therapy.|0https:// 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Handbooks and manuals.|2fast|0
655  7 Laboratory manuals.|2lcgft|0
700 1  Kinchington, Derek.|0
700 1  Schinazi, Raymond F.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|tAntiviral methods and protocols.|dTotowa,
       N.J. : Humana Press, ©2000|z0896035611|w(DLC)   99025099
830  0 Methods in molecular medicine ;|0
912    .b1435553xJOHNC 
912    .b14892674JOHNC 
970 01 |tPreface 
970 01 |tList of Contributors 
970 11 |l1|tChanging Methods for Discovering Antiviral Drugs
       |cPhilip S. Jones|fJones, Philip S.|p1 
970 11 |l2|tLaboratory Safety Considerations|cPaul M. Feorino
       |fFeorino, Paul M.|cJohn D. Williamson|fWilliamson, John 
       D.|cRaymond F. Schinazi|fSchinazi, Raymond F.|p13 
970 11 |l3|tRoutine Quality Control Testing of Cell Cultures: 
       Detection of Mycoplasma|cAlison Stacey|fStacey, Alison
       |cGlyn Stacey|fStacey, G. (Glyn)|p27 
970 11 |l4|tHep AD38 Assay: A High-Throughput, Cell-Based Screen 
       for the Evaluation of Compounds Against Hepatitis B Virus
       |cRobert W. King|fKing, Robert W.|cStephanie K. Ladner
       |fLadner, Stephanie K.|p43 
970 11 |l5|tHepatitis B Virus Cell Culture Assays for Antiviral 
       Activity|cKaren Schmidt|fSchmidt, Karen|cBrent Korba
       |fKorba, Brent|p51 
970 11 |l6|tA Rapid Microtiter Assay for Duck Hepatitis Virus 
       Reverse Transcriptase|cMichael J. Otto|fOtto, Michael J.
       |cRichard A. Whitaker|fWhitaker, Richard A.|p69 
970 11 |l7|tAssays for Measuring Hepadnaviral Supercoiled DNA
       |cStephen A. Locarnini|fLocarnini, Stephen A.|cGilda M. 
       Civitico|fCivitico, Gilda M.|p77 
970 11 |l8|tAssays for Hepatitis B Virus DNA- and RNA-Dependent 
       DNA Polymerase Activities|cTimothy Shaw|fShaw, Timothy
       |cStephen A. Locarnini|fLocarnini, Stephen A.|p87 
970 11 |l9|tDevelopment of a Hepatitis C Virus RNA Helicase High 
       Throughput Assay|cAnn D. Kwong|fKwong, Ann D.|cChristine 
       Risano|fRisano, Christine|p97 
970 11 |l10|tDetermination of Viral Infectivity: HSV, VZV, and 
       CMV|cDavid R. Harper|fHarper, David R. (David Richard)
970 11 |l11|tAntiviral Screening Assays for Human Herpesviruses 6
       and 7|cJodi B. Black|fBlack, Jodi B.|cPhilip E. Pellett
       |fPellett, Philip Edwin, 1954-|p129 
970 11 |l12|tStrategies for Evaluation of Antiviral Agents 
       Against Epstein-Barr Virus in Culture|cJung-Chung Lin|fLin,
970 11 |l13|tMonitoring Drug Resistance for Herpesviruses
       |cGraciela Andrei|fAndrei, Graciela|cPierre Fiten|fFiten, 
       Pierre|cErik De Clercq|fDe Clercq, Erik|d[et al.]|p151 
970 11 |l14|tHerpesvirus Protease Assays|cPeter Ertl|fErtl, Peter
       |cLinda Russell|fRussell, Linda|cJane Angier|fAngier, Jane
970 11 |l15|tTesting Compounds for Antiviral Activity in Cell 
       Cultures Infected with HIV|cDonna Devine|fDevine, Donna
       |cNaomi Mathews|fMathews, Naomi|cDerek Kinchington
       |fKinchington, Derek|p185 
970 11 |l16|tEvaluation of Compounds That Prevent Reactivation of
       HIV-1 in OM-10.1 Cells|cSalvatore T. Butera|fButera, 
       Salvatore T.|p201 
970 11 |l17|tAssessment of Activity of Topical Virucidal Agents
       |cTimothy O'Connor|fO'Connor, Timothy|p207 
970 11 |l18|tAssays That Measure Selective Killing of Virus-
       Infected Cells|cSharon Randall|fRandall, Sharon|p213 
970 11 |l19|tEvaluating Clinical Isolates for Their Phenotypic 
       and Genotypic Resistance Against Anti-HIV Drugs|cAnne-
       Mieke Vandamme|fVandamme, Anne-Mieke|cMyriam Witvrouw
       |fWitvrouw, Myriam|cChristophe Pannecouque|fPannecouque, 
       Christophe|d[et al.]|p223 
970 11 |l20|tLine Probe Assay for Detecting Mutations in HIV-1 
       Reverse Transcriptase|cLieven Stuyver|fStuyver, Lieven
       |cAnn Wyseur|fWyseur, Ann|cGonda Verpooten|fVerpooten, 
       Gonda|d[et al.]|p259 
970 11 |l21|tRT-PCR for Amplification of Specific Fragments of 
       HIV-1 Genome|cMarie-Pierre de Bethune|fde Bethune, Marie-
       Pierre|cKurt Hertogs|fHertogs, Kurt|p269 
970 11 |l22|tEvaluation of Compounds Against Recombinant HIV 
       Reverse Transcriptase|cJan Balzarini|fBalzarini, Jan|p283 
970 11 |l23|tUltrasensitive Detection of Reverse Transcriptase 
       Activity by the Amp-RT Assay: Applications to the 
       Measurement of Virus Loads and Phenotypic Drug Resistance
       |cJ. Gerardo Garcia Lerma|fLerma, J. Gerardo Garcia|cWalid
       Heneine|fHeneine, Walid|p291 
970 11 |l24|tReverse Transcriptase Assay Based on Product 
       Enhancement for Assessing the Drug Susceptibility of 
       Retroviruses|cJurg Boni|fBoni, Jurg|cJorg Schupbach
       |fSchüpbach, Jörg|p301 
970 11 |l25|tIdentifying and Characterizing HIV Protease 
       Inhibitors|cEric S. Furfine|fFurfine, Eric S.|p313 
970 11 |l26|tRetroviral Integrase: A Novel Target in Antiviral 
       Drug Development and Basic In Vitro Assays with the 
       Purified Enzyme|cAbhijit Mazumder|fMazumder, Abhijit
       |cNouri Neamati|fNeamati, Nouri|cSanjay Sunder|fSunder, 
       Sanjay|d[et al.]|p327 
970 11 |l27|tPapillomavirus DNA Replication|cMaureen C. Ferran
       |fFerran, Maureen C.|cAlison A. McBride|fMcBride, Alison 
970 11 |l28|tQuantitative Immunodetection of Viral Oncoprotein 
       Levels in Human Papillomavirus-Transformed Human Cells
       |cJeffery A. Johnson|fJohnson, Jeffery A.|cJ. David 
       Gangemi|fGangemi, J. David|p361 
970 11 |l29|tBiochemical Methods for the Characterization of 
       Influenza Viruses with Reduced Sensitivity to 4-Guanidino-
       Neu5Ac2en|cRichard C. Bethell|fBethell, Richard C.|cGraham
       J. Hart|fHart, Graham J.|cTony J. Blick|fBlick, Tony J.
       |d[et al.]|p367 
970 11 |l30|tVirological Methods for the Generation and 
       Characterization of Influenza Viruses with Reduced 
       Sensitivity to 4-Guanidino-Neu5A2en|cJennifer L. McKimm-
       Breschkin|fMcKimm-Breschkin, Jennifer L.|cAnjali 
       Sahasrabudhe|fSahasrabudhe, Anjali|cTony J. Blick|fBlick, 
       Tony J.|d[et al.]|p375 
970 01 |tIndex|p383 
971    |d20000127 
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