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Mckibben Carol Lynn 1955    
      Beyond Cannery Row : Sicilian Women, Immigration, And Community In Monterey, California, 1915-99 /Carol Lynn McKibben.   EBOOK 2006
      Racial Beachhead : Diversity And Democracy In A Military Town : Seaside, California /Carol Lynn McKibben.   EBOOK 2012
  Mckibben Nathan Eugene Budoff 1962 -- See Budoff, Nathan, 1962-
Mckibben Tom : Is reporting dead? : the evolution of a classic information delivery strategy / Teodor Danciu and Tom McKibben.     
      Is Reporting Dead? : The Evolution Of A Classic Information Delivery Strategy /Teodor Danciu And Tom McKibben. OHIOLINK SAFARI EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2017
  Mckibben William -- See McKibben, Bill
Mckibbin Harper Mary 1873 : The doctor takes a holiday; an autobiographical fragment.     
      The Doctor Takes A Holiday; An Autobiographical Fragment. MUSKINGUM STACKS:TEMP UNAVAIL   BOOK 1941
Mckibbin Karen : Life on the autism spectrum : a guide for girls and women / Karen McKibbin ; foreword by Tony Attwood.     
      Life On The Autism Spectrum : A Guide For Girls And Women /Karen McKibbin ; Foreword By Tony Attwood.   EBOOK 2016
Mckibbin R W Robert W : Material properties affecting the stability of a 50-year-old rock dump in an active mine / D.R. Tesarik and R.W. McKibbin.     
      Material Properties Affecting The Stability Of A 50-Year-Old Rock Dump In An Active Mine /D.R. Tesarik And R.W. McKibbin. ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1999
  Mckibbin Robert W -- See McKibbin, R. W. (Robert W.)
Mckibbin Ross    
      Classes And Cultures : England, 1918-1951 /Ross McKibbin. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1998
      Classes, Cultures, And Politics : Essays On British History For Ross Mckibbin /edited By Clare V.J. Griffiths, James J. Nott And William Whyte. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2011
      Democracy And Political Culture : Studies In Modern British History /Ross McKibbin. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2019
      Parties And People : England 1914-1951 /Ross McKibbin. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2010
Mckibbin Warwick J 1957    
      Arms Reduction : Economic Implications In The Post-Cold War Era /edited By Lawrence R. Klein, Fu-Chen Lo, And Warwick J. McKibbin.   EBOOK 1995
      Climate Change Policy After Kyoto : Blueprint For A Realistic Approach /Warwick J. McKibbin, Peter J. Wilcoxen. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2002
      Climate Change Policy After Kyoto : Blueprint For A Realistic Approach /Warwick J. McKibbin, Peter J. Wilcoxen.   EBOOK 2002
      Globalisation, Regionalism And Economic Interdependence /edited By Filippo Di Mauro, Stephane Dees And Warwick J. McKibbin.   EBOOK 2008
      Sovereign Wealth : The Role Of State Capital In The New Financial Order /editors RenĂ©e A. Fry, Warwick J. McKibbin, & Justin O'Brien.   EBOOK 2011
Mckible Adam : The space and place of modernism : the Russian revolution, little magazines, and New York / Adam McKible.     
      The Space And Place Of Modernism : The Russian Revolution, Little Magazines, And New York /Adam McKible.   EBOOK 2002
Mckie Allison : The Quantum Opportunity Program demonstration : final impacts / Allen Schirm, Elizabeth Stuart, Allison McKie ; submitted by Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.     
      The Quantum Opportunity Program Demonstration : Final Impacts /Allen Schirm, Elizabeth Stuart, Allison McKie ; Submitted By Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 2006
Mckie David 1947 : Eco-impacts and the greening of postmodernity : new maps for communication studies, cultural studies, and sociology / Tom Jagtenberg and David McKie.     
      Eco-Impacts And The Greening Of Postmodernity : New Maps For Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, And Sociology /Tom Jagtenberg And David McKie. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1997
Mckie Douglas : Antoine Lavoisier: scientist, economist, social reformer.     
      Antoine Lavoisier: Scientist, Economist, Social Reformer. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1952
Mckie James W    
      IBM And The U.S. Data Processing Industry : An Economic History /Franklin M. Fisher, James W. McKie, Richard B. Mancke. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1983
      Social Responsibility And The Business Predicament /James W. McKie, Editor ; Essays By James W. McKie ... [And Others]. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1975
      Tin Cans And Tin Plate; A Study Of Competition In Two Related Markets. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1959
Mckie Linda    
      Families In Society : Boundaries And Relationships /edited By Linda McKie And Sarah Cunningham-Burley ; Consultant Editor, Jo Campling.   EBOOK 2005
      Families, Violence And Social Change /Linda McKie.   EBOOK 2005
Mckie Ronald Cecil Hamlyn 1909 1991 : The emergence of Malaysia / by Ronald McKie.     
      The Emergence Of Malaysia /by Ronald McKie. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1973
Mckie Roy : Snow / Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman.     
      Snow /Roy McKie And P.D. Eastman. MUSKINGUM CHILDREN'S PREK-3:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1990
Mckie Stewart : E-business best practices : leveraging technology for business advantage / Stewart McKie.     
      E-Business Best Practices : Leveraging Technology For Business Advantage /Stewart McKie. OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2001
Mckiernan Daniel J : Catch-per-unit-effort and biological parameters from the Massachusetts coastal lobster (Homarus americanus) resource : description and trends / Bruce T. Estrella, Daniel J. McKiernan.     
      Catch-Per-Unit-Effort And Biological Parameters From The Massachusetts Coastal Lobster (Homarus Americanus) Resource : Description And Trends /Bruce T. Estrella, Daniel J. McKiernan. ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1989
Mckiernan Peter : Hidden champions in CEE and Turkey : carving out a global niche / Peter McKiernan, Danica Purg, editors.     
      Hidden Champions In CEE And Turkey : Carving Out A Global Niche /Peter McKiernan, Danica Purg, Editors. OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
Mckillen Elizabeth 1957 : Making the world safe for workers : labor, the Left, and Wilsonian internationalism / Elizabeth McKillen.     
      Making The World Safe For Workers : Labor, The Left, And Wilsonian Internationalism /Elizabeth McKillen.   EBOOK 2013
Mckilligan Neil 1940 : Herons, egrets and bitterns : their biology and conservation in Australia / Neil McKilligan.     
      Herons, Egrets And Bitterns : Their Biology And Conservation In Australia /Neil McKilligan.   EBOOK 2005
  Mckillip Patricia -- See McKillip, Patricia A.
Mckillip Patricia A : The forgotten beasts of Eld / Patricia A. McKillip.     
      The Forgotten Beasts Of Eld /Patricia A. McKillip. MUSKINGUM CHILDREN'S PREK-3:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1977
  Mckillip Patricia A Patricia Anne 1948 -- See McKillip, Patricia A.
Mckillip R M Robert Miller    
      Design Of An Active Helicopter Control Experiment At The Princeton Rotorcraft Dynamics Laboratory : Interim Report Covering The Period January 1988-Ma /Andrew M. Marraffa, R. M. McKillip, Jr. ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1989
      High-Speed Data Acquisition For The Princeton University Dynamic Model Track : Interim Report Covering The Period January 1987-January 1988 /Michael G. Demko, R. M. McKillip, Jr. ONLINE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION:ONLINE   COMPUTER FILE 1988
  Mckillip Robert Miller -- See McKillip, R. M. (Robert Miller)
Mckillop A Alexander 1944    
      Advanced Problems In Organic Reaction Mechanisms /Alexander McKillop.   EBOOK 1997
      Aliphatic Chemistry : A Review Of The Literature Published During 1975, Vol. 5 /senior Reporter A. McKillop.   EBOOK 1977
Mckillop A B    
      A Critical Spirit : The Thought Of William Dawson LeSueur /edited And With Critical Commentary By A.B. McKillop.   EBOOK 1977
      A Disciplined Intelligence : Critical Inquiry And Canadian Thought In The Victorian Era /A.B. McKillop.   EBOOK 2001
      William Lyon Mackenzie : A Reinterpretation /by William Dawson Le Sueur ; Edited And With An Introd. By A.B. McKillop.   EBOOK 1979
Mckillop Alan Dugald 1892 1974    
      The Background Of Thomson's Seasons. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1961
      The Castle Of Indolence, And Other Poems. /Edited By Alan Dugald McKillop. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1961
      The Early Masters Of English Fiction. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1956
      English Literature From Dryden To Burns. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1948
2 additional entries    
  Mckillop Alexander 1944 -- See McKillop, A. (Alexander), 1944-
Mckillop Ann Margaret : Handbook of literacy and technology : transformations in a post-typographic world / edited by David Reinking ... [and others].     
      Handbook Of Literacy And Technology : Transformations In A Post-Typographic World /edited By David Reinking ... [And Others]. OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1998
Mckillop Heather : The Managed mosaic : ancient Maya agriculture and resource use / edited by Scott L. Fedick.     
      The Managed Mosaic : Ancient Maya Agriculture And Resource Use /edited By Scott L. Fedick. OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 1996
Mckillop Heather Irene 1953    
      The Ancient Maya : New Perspectives /Heather McKillop. OHIOLINK ABC-CLIO EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2004
      In Search Of Maya Sea Traders /Heather McKillop.   EBOOK 2005
  Mckillup S C Stephen Charles -- See McKillup, Steve
  Mckillup Stephen -- See McKillup, Steve
Mckillup Steve    
      Geostatistics Explained : An Introductory Guide For Earth Scientists /Steve McKillup, Central Queensland University, Melinda Darby Dyar, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts.   EBOOK 2010
      Statistics Explained : An Introductory Guide For Life Sciences /Steve McKillup.   EBOOK 2005
Mckim A Elizabeth    
      Life And Narrative : The Risks And Responsibilities Of Storying Experience /edited By Brian Schiff, A. Elizabeth McKim, Sylvie Patron. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2017
      Reading Our Lives : The Poetics Of Growing Old /William L. Randall, A. Elizabeth McKim. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2008
Mckim Allison : Addicted to rehab : race, gender, and drugs in the era of mass incarceration / Allison McKim.     
      Addicted To Rehab : Race, Gender, And Drugs In The Era Of Mass Incarceration /Allison McKim.   EBOOK 2017
  Mckim Ann 1911 1979 -- See Dvorak, Ann, 1911-1979
  Mckim Don -- See McKim, Donald K.
Mckim Donald K    
      The Authority And Interpretation Of The Bible : An Historical Approach /by Jack B. Rogers & Donald K. McKim. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1979
      Calvin And The Bible /edited By Donald K. McKim.   EBOOK 2006
      The Cambridge Companion To Martin Luther /edited By Donald K. McKim.   EBOOK 2003
      The Confessional Mosaic : Presbyterians And Twentieth-Century Theology /edited By Milton J. Coalter, John M. Mulder, Louis B. Weeks ; Essays By Donald K. McKim ... [And Others]. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1990
4 additional entries    
Mckim Kelly K : Digital qualitative research methods / edited by Bella Dicks.     
      Digital Qualitative Research Methods /edited By Bella Dicks. MUSKINGUM STACKS:TEMP UNAVAIL   BOOK 2012
Mckim Margaret G Margaret Grace 1914    
      Developing A Curriculum For Modern Living. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1947
      Guiding Growth In Reading In The Modern Elementary School. MUSKINGUM STACKS:WITHDRAWN   BOOK 1955
      Learning To Teach In The Elementary School /Margaret G. McKim, Carl W. Hansen [And] William L. Carter. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 1959
  Mckim Margaret Grace 1914 -- See McKim, Margaret G. (Margaret Grace), 1914-
Mckim Robert    
      Climate Change And Its Impacts : Risks And Inequalities /Colleen Murphy, Paolo Gardoni, Robert McKim, Editors. OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2018
      The Morality Of Nationalism /edited By Robert McKim & Jeff McMahan.   EBOOK 1997
      On Religious Diversity /Robert McKim. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2012
      Religious Ambiguity And Religious Diversity. OHIOLINK OXFORD EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2001
Mckimm Breschkin Jennifer L : Antiviral methods and protocols / edited by Derek Kinchington and Raymond F. Schinazi.     
      Antiviral Methods And Protocols /edited By Derek Kinchington And Raymond F. Schinazi. OHIOLINK NETLIBRARY EBOOKS:ONLINE, OHIOLINK SPRINGER EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2000
Mckimm Judy    
      Clinical Teaching Made Easy : A Practical Guide To Teaching And Learning In Clinical Settings /by Judy Mckimm, Tim Swanwick.   EBOOK 2010
      Essential Simulation In Clinical Education /edited By Kirsty Forrest, Judy McKimm, Simon Edgar. OHIOLINK WILEY EBOOKS:ONLINE   EBOOK 2013
Mckinion Steven A Steven Alan : Isaiah 1-39 / edited by Steven A. McKinion ; general editor, Thomas C. Oden.     
      Isaiah 1-39 /edited By Steven A. McKinion ; General Editor, Thomas C. Oden. MUSKINGUM STACKS:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2004
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