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    Year Entries
  Munoz Adalberto Ramirez -- See Ramirez Muñoz, Adalberto
Munoz Adrian : Yogi heroes and poets : histories and legends of the Naths / edited by David N. Lorenzen and Adrián Muñoz.  2011 1
Munoz Alan 1977 : Implementing and Managing a High-performance Enterprise Infrastructure with Nutanix on IBM Power Systems / Quintero, Dino.  2020 1
  Munoz Alfonso Ceballos -- See Ceballos Muñoz, Alfonso
Munoz Alfredo N : The Filipinos in America / by Alfredo N. Munoz.  1971 1
Munoz Andres : Agriculture and environment perspectives in intelligent systems / edited by Andrés Muñoz and Jaehwa Park.  2019 1
  Munoz Andres Moreira -- See Moreira-Muñoz, Andrés
  Munoz Antonio Moreno -- See Moreno-Muñoz, Antonio
  Munoz Antonio Ortiz -- See Ortiz Muñoz, Antonio
  Munoz Armando Barreto -- See Barreto-Munoz, Armando
Munoz Armas Simon : Development of the chick heart / by María Victoria de la Cruz, Simon Muñoz-Armas, and Luis Muñoz-Castellanos.  1972 1
Munoz Arriola Francisco 1969 : Resilience, response, and risk in water systems : shifting management and natural forcings paradigms / Manish Kumar, Francisco Munoz-Arriola, Hiroaki Furumai, Tushara Chaminda, editors.  2020 1
Munoz Arteaga Jaime : HCI for children with disabilities / Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros, Jaime Munoz-Arteaga, Cesar A. Collazos, editors.  2017 1
Munoz Arturo : Afghanistan's local war : building local defense forces / Seth G. Jones, Arturo Munoz.  2010 1
Munoz Avila Hector : Case-based reasoning research and development : 6th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ICCBR 2005, Chicago, IL, USA, August 23-26, 2005 : proceedings / Hector Munoz-Avila, Francesco Ricci (eds.).  2005 1
Munoz Batista Mario J : Heterogeneous photocatalysis : recent advances / Mario J. Munoz-Batista, Alexander Navarrete Munoz, Rafael Luque, editors.  2020 1
  Munoz Blas De Otero -- See Otero, Blas de
Munoz Bonilla Alexandra : Polymeric materials with antimicrobial activity : from synthesis to applications / edited by Alexandra Muñoz-Bonilla, María Cerrada and Marta Fernández-García.  2013 1
  Munoz Calvo Micaela -- See Muñoz, Micaela
  Munoz Carlos Javier Velasquez -- See Velásquez Muñoz, Carlos Javier
Munoz Carmen   3
Munoz Caro Guillermo Manuel 1971 : Laboratory astrophysics / Guillermo M. Munoz Caro, Rafael Escribano, editors.  2018 1
  Munoz Carolina Bank -- See Bank Muñoz, Carolina
Munoz Castellanos Luis : Development of the chick heart / by María Victoria de la Cruz, Simon Muñoz-Armas, and Luis Muñoz-Castellanos.  1972 1
Munoz Cesar   3
Munoz Cesar A 1968   7
Munoz Cobo J L   3
  Munoz Coral Calero 1968 -- See Calero, Coral, 1968-
Munoz Corcuera Alfonso : Barrie, Hook and Peter Pan : studies in contemporary myth = Barrie, Hook and Peter Pan : estudios sobre un mito contemporǹeo / edited by Alfonso Muñoz Corcuera and Elisa T. Di Biase.  2012 1
Munoz David 1968 : El espinazo del diablo = Devil's backbone / Agustín y Pedro Almodóvar presentan ; una producción El Deseo S.A., Tequila Gang ; una película de Guillermo del Toro ; guión, Guillermo del Toro, Antonio Trashorras, David Muñoz ; productore, Agustín Almodóvar, Bertha Navarro ; dirección, Guillermo del Toro.  2013 1
Munoz David A 1985 : Healthcare systems engineering / Paul M. Griffin, Harriet B. Nembhard, Christopher J. DeFlitch, Nathaniel D. Bastian, Hyojung Kang, David A. Munoz.  2016 1
Munoz De Cote Enrique : Applications for future internet : International Summit, AFI 2016, Puebla, Mexico, May 25-28, 2016, Revised selected papers / Enrique Sucar, Oscar Mayora, Enrique Munoz de Cote (eds.).  2017 1
  Munoz De Cote Flores Enrique -- See Muñoz de Cote, Enrique
Munoz De La Pena David : Networked and distributed predictive control : methods and nonlinear process network applications / Panagiotis D. Christofides, Jinfeng Liu, David Munoz de la Pena.  2011 1
Munoz De Morales Romero Marta : Towards a rational legislative evaluation in criminal law / Adan Nieto Martin, Marta Munoz de Morales Romero, editors.  2016 1
  Munoz Diana Abad 1943 -- See Abad Muñoz, Diana, 1943-
  Munoz Dolores Romero -- See Romero, Dolores
Munoz Emilio : Careers in science and technology : an international perspective / Advisory Committee, Office of Scientific and Engineering Personnel and Committee on International Organizations and Programs, Office of International Affairs, National Research Council.  1995 1
  Munoz Ernesto R Acevedo 1968 -- See Acevedo-Muñoz, Ernesto R., 1968-
Munoz Espin Daniel : Senolytics in disease, ageing and longevity / edited by Daniel Munoz-Espin, Marco Demaria.  2020 1
Munoz Felix : La marca de la felicidad / Felix Munoz ; prologo de Miguel Angel Furones Ferre.  2013 1
  Munoz Francisco A -- See Muñoz Muñoz, Francisco
  Munoz Francisco Javier Duran -- See Duran, Francisco (Francisco Javier Durán Muñoz)
  Munoz Francisco Lopez -- See López-Muñoz, Francisco
  Munoz Francisco Munoz -- See Muñoz Muñoz, Francisco
Munoz Frederic : Works. Selections  2004 1
Munoz Gallarte Israel : Plutarch in the religious and philosophical discourse of late antiquity / edited by Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, Israel Műnoz Gallarte.  2012 1
Munoz Gama Jorge : Conformance checking and diagnosis in process mining : comparing observed and modeled processes / Jorge Muniz-Gama.  2017 1
  Munoz Garcia Adrian -- See Muñoz, Adrián
Munoz Garcia Felix   2
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