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111 2  International Materials Research Congress|n(22nd :|d2013 :
       |cCancún, Mexico) 
245 10 Structural and chemical characterization of metals, alloys
       and compounds II :|bselected, peer reviewed papers from 
       the XXII International Materials Research Congress (IMRC 
       2013) August 11-15, 2013, Cancun, Mexico /|cedited by 
       Ramiro Pérez Campos, Antonio Contreras Cuevas and Rodrigo 
       A. Esparza Muñoz. 
264  1 Zürich, Switzerland :|bTrans Tech Publications,|c2014. 
264  4 |c©2014 
300    1 online resource (183 pages) :|billustrations (some 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Materials Science Forum,|x1662-9752 ;|vVolume 793 
504    Includes bibliographical references at the end of each 
       chapters and index. 
505 0  Structural and Chemical Characterization of Metals, Alloys
       and Compounds II; Preface; Table of Contents; Impact 
       Behavior Characterization on Fractured Pins of AISI E52100
       Steel; Influence of Cr and Nb on the Overlay Deposited on 
       D2 Steel by Plasma Transferred Arc Process; Mechanical 
       Response and Microstructure of Al-SiO2 Composites Prepared
       by Means of a Solid-State Route; On the Mechanical Milling
       of the AlCuFe Icosahedral Phase with Water; CuAl2 
       Intermetallic Alloy Subjected to the Hydrogen 
       Embrittlement Reaction by Using Mechanical Attrition in 
505 8  Densification Study of Cu-Al-SiC Composite Powders 
       Prepared by Mechanical MillingCarbon Nanotubes 
       Functionalized by Nanoparticles of Platinum; Combination 
       of Grinding and Wet Welding to Repair Localized Cracking 
       in T-Welded Connections; Electrochemical Characterization 
       of X60 Steel Corrosion at Different Overvoltages: A 
       Cathodic Protection Study; Electrochemical Noise Study on 
       Corrosion of Low Carbon Pipeline Steel in Sour Solutions; 
       Modeling of Surface and Size Effects on Various Shape of 
       Spin-Crossover Nanoparticles 
505 8  Influence of the Chemical Composition on the Ausferritic 
       Transformation in Carbide-Free Bainitic Cast SteelResidual
       Stress Assessment of Multiple Welding Repairs of Girth 
       Welds in Pipeline Used in Oil Industry; Behavior of the 
       Nano Alumina Powder Conformed by Slip Casting under 
       Microwave Sintering; Systematic Study of Polycrystalline 
       Flow during In Situ Tension Test by SEM of Pb-50%Sn at 
       Room Temperature; Synthesis of Synthetic Hematite with 
       Substituted Aluminum by Sol-Gel Method; CuAl2 
       Intermetallic Hydrogen Evaluation after Mechanical 
       Activation of Powders 
505 8  Characterization of Constrained Sintering of Powders on 
       Solid SubstratePhase Evaluation and its Hydrogen 
       Correlation of the FeAl3 and FeAl2 Intermetallic Alloys 
       during Mechanical Ball-Milling with Water; Rheological, 
       Structural and Mechanical Characterization of Monolithic 
       Zircon-Alumina Bodies; The Role of Residual Stresses in 
       Circumferential Welding Repairs of Pipelines in SCC 
       Susceptibility; Corrosion Behavior of Low Carbon Steel 
       Exposed to Different Soils; Keywords Index; Authors Index 
520    The XXII International Materials Research Congress (IMRC) 
       was held in Cancun Mexico from 11 to 15 August 2013. It 
       was organized by the Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales (SMM)
       and the Materials Research Society (MRS). The IMRC 2013 
       included 5 plenary lectures, 1 science luncheon, 287 
       invited talks, and 1851 oral and poster presentations 
       distributed in 30 different symposia, in addition, 6 
       tutorial courses were presented. About 1600 specialized 
       scientists from more than 40 countries participated during
       the congress. The aim of the IMRC is provide an 
       interactive forum to discuss and exchange ideas about the 
       advances in synthesis, characterization, properties, 
       processing, applications, basic research trends, corrosion
       prevention, and more, all related to the area of materials
       science and engineering. This event provides an excellent 
       opportunity for materials scientists around the world to 
       have a space to exchange their ideas and to discuss their 
       results. Keyword: synthesis, characterization, properties,
       processing, corrosion prevention, mechanical properties, 
       diffraction, stractural materials The 22 papers are from 
       the Symposium 5C, after which the volume is named. The 
       topics include the carbon nanotubes functionalized by 
       nanoparticles of platinum, combining grinding and wet 
       welding to repair localized cracking in T-welded 
       connections, modeling surface and size effects on various 
       shapes of spin-crossover nanoparticles, the behavior of 
       the nano-alumina powder conformed by slip casting under 
       microwave sintering, characterizing the constrained 
       sintering of powders on solid substrate, and the corrosion
       of low carbon steel exposed to different soils. -- 
       Chemical engineering-- Materials science-- Materials 
       science -- Research. 
588 0  Online resource; title from PDF title page (ebrary, viewed
       June 20, 2014). 
650  0 Metals|xStructure|vCongresses. 
650  0 Alloys|xStructure|vCongresses. 
650  7 TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING|xEngineering (General)|2bisacsh 
650  7 TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING|xReference.|2bisacsh 
700 1  Pérez Campos, Ramiro,|eeditor. 
700 1  Contreras Cuevas, Antonio,|eeditor. 
700 1  Esparza Muñoz, Rodrigo A.,|eeditor. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Materials Research 
       Congress (22nd : 2013 : Cancún, Mexico).|tStructural and 
       chemical characterization of metals, alloys and compounds.
       II.|dZürich, Switzerland : Trans Tech Publications, 2014
830  0 Materials science forum ;|vv. 793. 
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