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245 00 Muslim communities in North America /|cedited by Yvonne 
       Yazbeck Haddad and Jane Idleman Smith. 
264  1 Albany, N.Y. :|bState University of New York Press,
264  4 |c©1994 
300    1 online resource (xxx, 545 pages) :|billustrations. 
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490 1  SUNY series in Middle Eastern studies 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 521-533) and 
505 0  A minority within a minority : the case of the Shi'a in 
       North America / Abdulaziz Sachedina -- The sun of Islam 
       will rise in the west : Minister Farrakhan and the nation 
       of Islam in the latter days / Mattias Gardell -- Urban 
       Muslims : the formation of the Dar ul-Islam movement / 
       R.M. Mukhtar Curtis -- Tradition and innovation in 
       contemporary American Islamic spirituality : the Bawa 
       Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship / Gisela Webb -- The five 
       percenters : a teenage nation of gods and earths / Yusuf 
       Nuruddin -- Muslims in Los Angeles / Ron Kelley -- The 
       Muslims of San Diego / M.K. Hermansen -- Muslims of 
       Seattle / Miriam Adeney, Kathryn De Master -- To "achieve 
       the pleasure of Allah" : immigrant Muslim communities in 
       New York City 1893-1991 / Marc Ferris -- Activities of the
       immigrant Muslim communities in Chicago / Asad Husain, 
       Harold Vogelaar -- The Muslims of Indianapolis / Steve A. 
       Johnson -- Diversity in Rochester's Islamic community / 
       Tamara Sonn -- The Islamic center of New England / Mary 
       Lahaj -- Muslims of Montreal / Sheila McDonough. 
505 0  The Shi'a Mosques and their congregations in Dearborn / 
       Linda S. Walbridge -- Bektashi Tekke and the Sunni Mosque 
       of Albanian Muslims in America / Frances Trix -- Voluntary
       associations in the old Turkish community of metropolitan 
       Detroit / Barbara Bilge -- Elderly Muslim immigrants : 
       needs and challenges / Fariyal Ross-Sheriff -- The Yemenis
       of Delano : a profile of a rural Islamic community / 
       Jonathan Friedlander -- Secular immigrants : religiosity 
       and ethnicity among Iranian Muslims in Los Angeles / 
       George Sabagh, Mehdi Bozorgmehr -- Masjid ul-Mutkabir : 
       the portrait of an African American Orthodox Muslim 
       community / Christine Kolars -- Attitudes of immigrant 
       women and men in the Dearborn area toward women's 
       employment and welfare / Barbara Aswad. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Islam|zUnited States.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Haddad, Yvonne Yazbeck,|d1935-|0
700 1  Smith, Jane I.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|tMuslim communities in North America.
       |dAlbany, N.Y. : State University of New York Press, ©1994
       |z0791420191|w(DLC)   93036564|w(OCoLC)28963341 
830  0 SUNY series in Middle Eastern studies.|0
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970 01 |tContributors 
970 01 |tPreface 
970 11 |tMuslim Communities in North America: Introduction 
970 11 |lCh. 1|tA Minority Within a Minority: The Case of the 
       Shi'a in North America|cAbdulaziz Sachedina|fSachedina, 
970 11 |lCh. 2|tThe Sun of Islam Will Rise in the West: Minister 
       Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in the Latter Days
       |cMattias Gardell|fGardell, Mattias|p15 
970 11 |lCh. 3|tUrban Muslims: The Formation of the Dar ul-Islam 
       Movement|cR. M. Mukhtar Curtis|fCurtis, R. M. Mukhtar|p51 
970 11 |lCh. 4|tTradition and Innovation in Contemporary American
       Islamic Spirituality: The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship
       |cGisela Webb|fWebb, Gisela|p75 
970 11 |lCh. 5|tThe Five Percenters: A Teenage Nation of Gods and
       Earths|cYusuf Nuruddin|fNuruddin, Yusuf|p109 
970 11 |lCh. 6|tMuslims in Los Angeles|cRon Kelley|fKelley, Ron.
970 11 |lCh. 7|tThe Muslims of San Diego|cM. K. Hermansen
       |fHermansen, Marcia K.|p169 
970 11 |lCh. 8|tMuslims of Seattle|cMiriam Adeney|fAdeney, Miriam,
       1945-|cKathryn DeMaster|fDeMaster, Kathryn|p195 
970 11 |lCh. 9|tTo "Achieve the Pleasure of Allah": Immigrant 
       Muslim Communities in New York City 1893-1991|cMarc Ferris
       |fFerris, Marc|p209 
970 11 |lCh. 10|tActivities of the Immigrant Muslim Communities 
       in Chicago|cAsad Husain|fHusain, Asad|cHarold Vogelaar
       |fVogelaar, Harold|p231 
970 11 |lCh. 11|tThe Muslims of Indianapolis|cSteve A. Johnson
       |fJohnson, Steve A.|p259 
970 11 |lCh. 12|tDiversity in Rochester's Islamic Community
       |cTamara Sonn|fSonn, Tamara, 1949-|p279 
970 11 |lCh. 13|tThe Islamic Center of New England|cMary Lahaj
       |fLahaj, Mary|p293 
970 11 |lCh. 14|tMuslims of Montreal|cSheila McDonough|fMcDonough,
970 11 |lCh. 15|tThe Shi'a Mosques and their Congregations in 
       Dearborn|cLinda S. Walbridge|fWalbridge, Linda S.|p337 
970 11 |lCh. 16|tBektashi Tekke and the Sunni Mosque of Albanian 
       Muslims in America|cFrances Trix|fTrix, Frances.|p359 
970 11 |lCh. 17|tVoluntary Associations in the Old Turkish 
       Community of Metropolitan Detroit|cBarbara Bilge|fBilgé, 
       Barbara, 1931-|p381 
970 11 |lCh. 18|tElderly Muslim Immigrants: Needs and Challenges
       |cFariyal Ross-Sheriff|fRoss-Sheriff, Fariyal, 1940-|p407 
970 11 |lCh. 19|tThe Yemenis of Delano: A Profile of a Rural 
       Islamic Community|cJonathan Friedlander|fFriedlander, 
970 11 |lCh. 20|tSecular Immigrants: Religiosity and Ethnicity 
       Among Iranian Muslims in Los Angeles|cGeorges Sabagh
       |fSabagh, Georges.|cMehdi Bozorgmehr|fBozorgmehr, Mehdi.
970 11 |lCh. 21|tMasjid ul-Mutkabir: The Portrait of an African 
       American Orthodox Muslim Community|cChristine Kolars
       |fKolars, Christine|p475 
970 11 |lCh. 22|tAttitudes of Immigrant Women and Men in the 
       Dearborn Area Toward Women's Employment and Welfare
       |cBarbara Aswad|fAswad, Barbara C.|p501 
970 01 |tBibliography|p521 
970 01 |tIndex|p535 
971    |d19980821 
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