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LEADER 00000cam  2200973Ii 4500 
001    897810335 
003    OCoLC 
005    20201009145337.3 
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007    cr cnu|||unuuu 
008    141209s2014    cau     o     001 0 eng d 
019    899607425|a907259846|a1005837378|a1026445862|a1048129593
020    9781430260295|q(electronic bk.) 
020    1430260297|q(electronic bk.) 
020    |z9781430260288 
020    |z1430260289|q(print) 
020    |z9781430260288|q(print) 
024 7  10.1007/978-1-4302-6029-5|2doi 
035    (OCoLC)897810335|z(OCoLC)899607425|z(OCoLC)907259846
037    CL0500000525|bSafari Books Online 
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050  4 QA76.774.I67 
072  7 COM|x051380|2bisacsh 
072  7 UY|2bicssc 
082 04 005.26/8|223 
100 1  Privat, Michael,|eauthor. 
245 10 Pro iOS persistence :|busing core data /|cMichael Privat, 
       Robert Warner. 
264  1 [Berkeley, CA] :|bFriends of Ed/Apress,|c[2014] 
264  4 |c2014 
300    1 online resource 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
347    text file|bPDF|2rda 
500    Includes index. 
505 0  At a Glance; Contents; About the Authors; About the 
       Technical Reviewers; Acknowledgments; Introduction; 
       Chapter 1: Touring Core Data; What Is Core Data?; Core 
       Data Components; Creating a New Core Data Project; 
       Creating the Project; Touring the Core Data Components; 
       Initializing the Core Data Components; Creating a Managed 
       Object Model; Adding Some Objects; Viewing the Data; 
       Adding Core Data to an Existing Project; Creating a Core 
       Data-less Application; Adding the Core Data Framework; 
       Adding a Managed Object Model; Adding and Initializing the
       Core Data Stack; Creating the Object Model. 
505 8  Adding Objects to PersistenceAppWrapping Up; Chapter 2: 
       Building Data Models; Designing Your Database; Relational 
       Database Normalization; Building a Simple Model; Entities;
       Attribues; Key-Value Coding; Generating Classes; 
       Relationships; Relationship Properties; Delete Rule; 
       Ordered Properties; Storing and Retrieving Data; Inserting
       New Managed Objects; Retrieving Managed Objects; 
       Predicates; Fetched Properties; Notifications; 
       Notification upon Creation; Notification upon Fetch; 
       Notification upon Change; Registering an Observer; 
       Receiving the Notifications; Conclusion. 
505 8  Chapter 3: Advanced QueryingBuilding WordList; Creating 
       the Application; Building the Data Model; Creating the 
       User Interface; Loading and Analyzing the Word List; 
       Getting a Count; Displaying the Statistics; Querying 
       Relationships; Understanding Predicates and Expressions; 
       Viewing Your SQL Queries; Creating Single-Value 
       Expressions; Creating Collection Expressions; Comparing 
       Expressions Using Different Predicate Types; Using 
       Different Comparison Modifiers; Using Different Options; 
       Adding It Up: Using Compound Predicates; Aggregating; 
       Using @count to Retrieve Counts. 
505 8  Getting the Average Length of All Words-Two WaysUsing a 
       Function as an Rvalue; Using Subqueries; Sorting; Summary;
       Chapter 4: Attending to Data Quality; Seeding Data; Using 
       the Seed Store; Updating Seeded Data in Subsequent 
       Releases; Updating the Seed Data Store; Updating Existing 
       Users; Undoing and Redoing; Undo Groups; Limiting the Undo
       Stack; Disabling Undo Tracking; Adding Undo to BookStore; 
       Experimenting with the Undo Groups; Dealing with Errors; 
       Handling Core Data Operational Errors; Handling Validation
       Errors; Handling Validation Errors in BookStore. 
505 8  Implementing the Validation Error-Handling RoutineSummary;
       Chapter 5: Integrating with the User Interface; Displaying
       Table Data with NSFetchedResultController; Creating a 
       Fetched Results Controller; The Fetch Request; The Managed
       Object Context; The Section Name Key Path; The Cache Name;
       Creating the Fetched Results Controller Delegate; Building
       the CoreDump Application; Examining the 
       NSFetchedResultsController in the CoreDump Application; 
       Accessing fetchedResultsController; Displaying Data in the
       Table; Adding an Event; Deleting an Event; Showing the 
       Detail; Updating the Core Data Model. 
520    Pro iOS Persistence explains how to build apps in 
       Objective-C and Swift that persist and use data most 
       effectively including the popular Core Data framework. 
       Covering common and advanced persistence patterns, this 
       book prepares any iOS developer to store and retrieve data
       accurately and efficiently. This book starts by giving you
       a solid grounding in Core Data, providing a foundation for
       the rest of the book. With this knowledge, you'll have all
       you need to master Core Data and power your data-driven 
       applications. You'll see how to work with SQLite and how 
       to create an efficient data model to represent your data. 
       Once you've established your data model, you'll learn how 
       to work with data objects and refine result sets to get 
       the most out of the stored data. The advanced portions of 
       the book begin by showing you how to tune your apps' 
       performance and memory usage, to give you a truly 
       professional edge. You'll see how to version and migrate 
       your data as well, to ensure your data stays organized and
       efficient. Finally, the book covers managing table views 
       with NSFetchedResultsController. 
588 0  Vendor-supplied metadata. 
630 00 iOS (Electronic resource) 
630 07 IOS (Electronic resource)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01784820 
650  0 Application software|xDevelopment. 
650  0 Database management. 
650  7 COMPUTERS|xProgramming|xMicrosoft Programming.|2bisacsh 
650  7 Application software|xDevelopment.|2fast
650  7 Database management.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00888037 
653 00 computerwetenschappen 
653 00 computer sciences 
653 00 gegevensverwerking 
653 00 data processing 
653 00 computertechnieken 
653 00 computer techniques 
653 10 Information and Communication Technology (General) 
653 10 Informatie- en communicatietechnologie (algemeen) 
700 1  Warner, Robert,|eauthor. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aPrivat, Michael.|tPro iOS persistence.
       |d[Berkeley, California] : Apress, [2014]|z9781430260288
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Online Learning: Academic/Public
       Library Edition|c2020-10-09|yKB collection name change
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2014 -
       Full Set|c2018-11-30|yMaster record variable field(s) 
       change: 650|5OH1 
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2018-11-02|yMaster record variable 
       field(s) change: 505|5OH1 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2014 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2018-10-22|yNew collection 
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