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Title Comparative psychology : a handbook / Gary Greenberg, Maury M. Haraway, editors.
Imprint New York : Garland Pub., 1998.

Series Garland reference library of social science ; v. 894
Garland reference library of social science ; v. 894.
Subject Psychology, Comparative.
Alt Name Greenberg, Gary.
Haraway, Maury M.
Series Garland reference library of social science ; v. 894
Garland reference library of social science ; v. 894.
Subject Psychology, Comparative.
Alt Name Greenberg, Gary.
Haraway, Maury M.
Description xvi, 914 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
ISBN 0815312814 (hardcover : alk. paper)
OCLC # 38392254
Table of Contents
 Foreword / Douglas K. Candland 
Sect. IHistorical and International Perspectives1
  History of Comparative Psychology in Biographical Sketches / Nancy K. Innis3
  History of Comparative Psychology: Euro-Marxist Perspectives / Charles W. Tolman25
  Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Comparative Psychology / Jean-Louis Gariepy31
  International Perspectives on Comparative Psychology / Ruben Ardila44
Sect. IITheory, Concepts, and Issues49
  Allometry and Comparative Psychology: Technique and Theory / Del Thiessen, Ron Villarreal51
  Anagenesis / Matthew Yarczower66
  Anthropomorphism / Robert Epstein71
  Approach/Withdrawal Theory / Susan J. Raines, Gary Greenberg74
  Behavioral Ecology / Peter Klopfer, Jeffrey Podos81
  Developmental Contextualism / Richard M. Lerner88
  Dynamical Systems and Dialectical Processes in Development and Evolution / Kathryn E. Hood98
  Epigenesis / David B. Miller105
  Evolution / Mae-Wan Ho107
  Gibsonion Theory in Comparative Psychology / Steven B. Flynn, Thomas A. Stoffregen120
  Homology / Greg Burton128
  Individual Differences / Jennifer Mather134
  Instinct / S. A. Barnett138
  Integrative Levels / Ty Partridge, Gary Greenberg150
  Lloyd Morgan's Canon / Roger K. Thomas156
  Motivation / Jerry A. Hogan164
  Rodent Models of Behavior / Richard H. Porter176
  Sociobiology / Celia L. Moore, George F. Michel182
  Species-Typical Behavior / Maury M. Haraway, Ernest G. Maples, Jr.191
  Stimulus-Seeking Behavior / Wojciech Pisula, Jan Matysiak198
  Teaching Considered as Behavior / S. A. Barnett203
  Thermodynamics, Evolution, and Behavior / Rod Swenson207
Sect. IIIMethodology219
  Apparatus in Comparative Psychology / David A. Washburn, Duane M. Rumbaugh, W. K. Richardson221
  Behavior-Genetic Analysis / Scott F. Stoltenberg, Jerry Hirsch226
  Comparative Methods in Behavioral Studies / J. P. Hailman236
  Multivariate Latent Variable Models / Dennis L. Jackson, Charles A. Burdsal247
  Open-Field Procedures / Emily Weiss, Gary Greenberg257
  Research in Zoos and Aquariums / Donna FitzRoy Hardy264
Sect. IVPhysiology, Sensation and Perception275
  Biological Rhythms / J. LeSauter, Rae Silver277
  Chemical Senses / Linda M. Bartoshuk, Valerie B. Duffy282
  Hearing / Henry E. Heffner, Rickye S. Heffner290
  Hormones and Behavior / Colin J. Saldanha, Rae Silver304
  Mammalian Pheromones / Richard L. Doty313
  Physiology of Animal Behavior / James W. Kalat321
  Sleep / W. B. Webb327
  Visual Perception / Robert G. Cook332
Sect. VSpecies and Groups337
  Alleviating Fear in Poultry / R. Bryan Jones339
  Biopsychology of Lizard Reproductive Behavior / Juli Wade, David Crews348
  Cephalopod Behavior / Jennifer Mather355
  Chimpanzee Behavior: A Comparative Cognitive Perspective / Tetsuro Matsuzawa360
  Cognitive Capacities of Birds / Irene M. Pepperberg376
  Dogs in Service to Humans / A. M. Prestrude, John G. O'Shea386
  Domesticated Ruminant Behavior / Robert M. Murphey, Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda393
  Drosophila Behavior and Ecology / S. A. Crossley405
  Escape and Avoidance in Fishes / Jesse E. Purdy413
  Gibbons: The Singing Apes / Maury M. Haraway, Ernest G. Maples, Jr.422
  Marsupial Behavior / David B. Croft431
  Mountain Sheep / Valerius Geist441
  New World Primates / Charles T. Snowdon446
  Old World Monkeys / Irwin S. Bernstein458
  Orangutans / Lesley Rogers, Gisela Kaplan465
  Sea Turtles / Roger L. Mellgren, Martha A. Mann473
  Siamese Fighting Fish / Paul M. Bronstein477
  Snakes / David Chiszar, Hobart M. Smith485
  Squirrel Foraging Behavior / Jill Devenport, Lynn Devenport492
  Wolves / Erich Klinghammer499
Sect. VILearning and Development507
  Attachment in Mammals / Gary W. Guyot509
  Bird Song Development / Lewis Petrinovich517
  Classical Conditioning / Mauricio R. Papini523
  Comparative Analyses of Learning / William Timberlake, Cynthia M. Hoffman531
  Conditioned Preferences / Elizabeth D. Capaldi543
  Conditioned Taste Aversions / John Garcia, Anthony L. Riley549
  Discrimination Learning Set and Transfer / Duane M. Rumbaugh, David A. Washburn, James L. Pate562
  Imprinting / Eric A. Salzen566
  Operant Conditioning / Richard W. Malott576
  Prenatal Ontogeny of Sensory Responsiveness and Learning / William P. Smotherman, Scott R. Robinson586
  Sexual Learning / Michael Domjan, Kevin S. Holloway602
  Tradition and Imitation in Animals / Bennett G. Galef, Jr.614
Sect. VIISelected Behaviors623
  Aggression / J. Martin Ramirez625
  Agonistic Behavior / Irwin S. Bernstein635
  Courtship / Lee Ehrman, Yong-Kyu Kim637
  Curiosity and Exploratory Behavior / Michael J. Renner649
  Defensive Behaviors / Michael S. Fanselow, Beatrice M. De Oca653
  Foraging / Roger L. Mellgren666
  Grooming Behavior of Primates / Maria L. Boccia674
  Habitat Selection / W. A. Montevecchi679
  Handedness in Animals / Jeannette P. Ward682
  Homing and Related Phenomena / Floriano Papi687
  Laboratory Simulations of Foraging / George Collier, Deanne F. Johnson696
  Locomotor Behavior and Physical Reality / Steven Vogel713
  Peacemaking in Primates / Filippo Aureli, Frans B. M. de Waal720
  Play / Gordon M. Burghardt725
  Psychobiology of Parental Behavior in Mammals / Jay S. Rosenblatt736
  Shoaling and Schooling Behavior of Fishes / Tony J. Pitcher748
  Territoriality / Judy Stamps761
  Territorial Defense / Perri Eason771
  Tonic Immobility / Gordon G. Gallup, Jr.777
  Vertebrate Sexual Behavior / Celia L. Moore783
Sect. VIIICognitive Processes793
  Approaches to the Study of Cognition / H. Wayne Ludvigson795
  Cognition in Animals / W. K. Honig806
  Counting Behavior / E. J. Capaldi817
  Honey Bee "Dance Language" Controversey / Adrian Wenner823
  Language in Animals / William A. Hillix, Duane M. Rumbaugh837
  Self-Recognition in Nonhuman Primates / Karyl B. Swartz849
  Tool Use / Elizabeth C. Johnson, Dorothy M. Fragaszy856
 Species Index861
 Author Index869
 Subject Index903

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