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    Year Entries
E672 .L5 : Letters from Lloyd Lewis, showing steps in the research for his biography of U.S. Grant. / With an introd. by Robert Maynard Hutchins.  1950 1
E672 .M15 : Grant : a biography / William S. McFeely.  1981 1
E672 .R522 1885a : A personal history of Ulysses S. Grant ... / By Albert D. Richardson.  1885 1
E672 .S59 : Ulysses S. Grant chronology. / Introd. by Bruce Catton.  1963 1
E672 .T64 : A man named Grant / by Helen Todd; illustrated by John O'Hara Cosgrove.  1940 1
E672 .W81 : Ulysses S. Grant.  1900 1
E672 .W87   2
E680 .G44 1885 : A political crime; the history of the great fraud / by A.M. Gibson ...  1885 1
E680 .G44 1969 : A political crime; the history of the great fraud / by A. M. Gibson. New York, W. S. Gottsberger, 1885.  1969 1
E680 .P73 : The politics of inertia; the election of 1876 and the end of Reconstruction.  1973 1
E681 .W83 : Reunion and reaction; the compromise of 1877 and the end of reconstruction.  1951 1
E682 .B3 : Rutherford B. Hayes, and his America.  1954 1
E682 .C76 1877 : Life and public services of Rutherford B. Hayes, president of the United States / by Russell H. Conwell.  1877 1
E682 .D38   2
E682 .E19 1963 : Rutherford B. Hayes; statesman of reunion / assisted by Pocahontas Wilson Wight.  1963 1
E682 .H45   6
E682 .H48   2
E682 .H78 : Rutherford B. Hayes : warrior and president / Ari Hoogenboom.  1995 1
E682 .T74 2002 : Rutherford B. Hayes / Hans L. Trefousse.  2002 1
E682 .W7   2
E686 .P5 : The awkward years ; American foreign relations under Garfield and Arthur.  1962 1
E687 .B852   2
E687 .C77 : The life, speeches, and public services of James A. Garfield, including an account of his assassination, lingering pain, death, and burial. / With an introduction by John D. Long.  1881 1
E687 .G232 : Garfield-Hinsdale letters; correspondence between James Abram Garfield and Burke Aaron Hinsdale / edited by Mary L. Hinsdale.  1949 1
E687 .H67 : President Garfield and education. Hiram college memorial. / By B. A. Hinsdale.  1881 1
E687 .M11 1881a : Our martyred President ... The life and public services of Gen. James A. Garfield ... / Together with the history of his assassination ... by James D. McCabe ...  1881 1
E687 .P24 : A life of Grover Cleveland; with a sketch of Adlai E. Stevenson / by George F. Parker.  1892 1
E687 .R559 : --The life and work of James A. Garfield ; embracing an account of the scenes and incidents of his boyhood; the struggles of his youth ... his valor as a soldier; his career as a statesman; his election to the presidency; and the tragic story of his death / By John Clark Ridpath.  1881 1
E687 .T22 1970 : Garfield of Ohio, the available man / John M. Taylor.  1970 1
E692 .K37 2004 : Chester Alan Arthur / Zachary Karabell.  2004 1
E697 .C63 : Letters of Grover Cleveland, 1850-1908 / selected and edited by Allan Nevins.  1933 1
E697 .G73 2002 : Grover Cleveland / Henry F. Graff.  2002 1
E697 .M14   3
E697 .M14 v.1 : Grover Cleveland, the man and the statesman ; an authorized biography / by Robert McElroy ...  1923 1
E697 .M4   2
E697 .N467 : Grover Cleveland; a study in courage / by Allan Nevins...  1933 1
E697 .P25 : Recollections of Grover Cleveland / by George F. Parker ...  1909 1
E697 .T8 : Grover Cleveland / Rexford G. Tugwell.  1968 1
E701 .B78 : Men and issues of '92. A grand national portrait gallery, containing photographs of leading men of all parties; with a full and fair presentation of the great national questions of the day ... Also the lives of Republican and Democratic candidates for president and vice-president, with national platforms. / By James P. Boyd ...  1892 1
E702 .M58 : Life of Gen. Benjamin Harrison. A full account of his ancestry ... and recent political triumphs, with a sketch of the life and public services of Whitelaw Reid, together with both sides of the question; protection and free trade. / Protection by Hon. James G. Blaine ... value of protection by Hon. Wm. M'Kinley, jr. ... free trade by the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone ... account of the national convention, Minneapolis, June 7-10, 1892 ... Sketches of the lives of all the Presidents ... from Washington to Harrison.  1892 1
E702 .W25 1888 : Life of Gen. Ben Harrison / By Lew Wallace.  1888 1
E702 .W28 1888 : Life of Gen. Ben Harrison / by Gen. Lew Wallace. Also Life of Hon. Levi P. Morton, sketches of former presidents, Citizens' hand-book, etc.  1888 1
E705 .K57 : The presidential campaign and election of 1892 / by George Harmon Knoles ...  1942 1
E706 .M29 : The politics of depression; political behavior in the Northeast, 1893-1896 Samuel T. McSeveney.  1972 1
E710 .J6 : The presidential election of 1896 Stanley L. Jones.  1964 1
E711 .D3 : A journal of the McKinley years. / Edited, and with a foreword, by Bascom N. Timmons.  1950 1
E711.6 .C57 : William McKinley; a biographical study / by A. Elwood Corning; with introductory address by President Roosevelt.  1907 1
E711.6 .G76 : William McKinley, his life and work / by Charles H. Grosvenor.  1901 1
E711.6 .H19 : Life and distinguished services of Hon. Wm. McKinley and the great issues of 1896 ; containing also a sketch of the life of Garret A. Hobart / by Murat Halstead ; with chapters by John Sherman, C. H. Grosvenor, and Albert Halstead, of Governor McKinley's staff ; with an introduction by Chauncey M. Depew.  1896 1
E711.6 .H25 1901 : The illustrious life of William McKinley, our martyred president. Anarchy, its history, influences and dangers, with a sketch of the life of the assassin. Superbly illustrated with numerous engravings made from original photographs.  1901 1
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