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    Year Entries
HC517.G6 C7 : Studies in finance and development - the Gold Coast (Ghana) experience, 1914-1950 / by N. A. Cox-George.  1974 1
HC517.G62 V64 : The changing economy of the Lower Volta, 1954-1967: a study in the dynamics of rural economic growth / by Rowena M. Lawson.  1972 1
HC517.K4 A4 1965 : African Socialism and its application to planning in Kenya.  1965 1
HC517.K4 I5 : The economic development of Kenya / report of a mission organized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the request of the Governments of Kenya and the United Kingdom.  1963 1
HC517.K4 M36 1972b : African entrepreneur, a study of entrepreneurship and development in Kenya / Peter Marris and Anthony Somerset.  1972 1
HC517.N48 A63 : Foundations of an African economy ; a study of investment and growth in Nigeria.  1966 1
HC517.N48 C58 1969a : Reconstruction and development in Nigeria; proceedings of a national conference. / Edited by A. A. Ayida and H. M. A. Onitiri.  1971 1
HC517.N48 D35 : Social change and economic development in Nigeria / edited by Ukandi G. Damachi [and] Hans Dieter Seibel.  1973 1
HC517.N48 E4 : Growth and development of the Nigerian economy / edited by Carl K. Eicher and Carl Liedholm.  1970 1
HC517.N48 H43 : Peasant agriculture, government, and economic growth in Nigeria / Gerald K. Helleiner.  1966 1
HC517.N48 I5 1955 : The economic development of Nigeria, report of a mission organized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the request of the Governments of Nigeria and the United Kingdom.  1955 1
HC517.N48 K54 : Industrialization in an open economy: Nigeria, 1945-1966.  1969 1
HC517.N48 N34 : African capitalism : a case study in Nigerian entrepreneurship / E. Wayne Nafziger.  1977 1
HC517.N48 O55 : Problems of industrial planning and management in Nigeria / C.C. Onyemelukee.  1966 1
HC517.N48 S88 : Planning without facts ; lessons in resource allocation from Nigeria's development / by Wolfgang F. Stolper. With an input-output analysis of the Nigerian economy, 1959-60 by Nicholas G. Carter.  1966 1
HC517.R43 A7 : The political economy of Rhodesia.  1967 1
HC517.S7 H63 : The South African economy.  1964 1
HC517.U2 I5 : The economic development of Uganda ; report of a mission organized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the request of the Government of Uganda.  1962 1
HC517.W5 H66 : An economic history of West Africa / A. G. Hopkins.  1973 1
HC533 .M4 : Growth and structural change in the Egyptian economy / by Donald C. Mead.  1967 1
HC535 .H21 : Egypt / by Bent Hansen, Karim Nashashibi.  1975 1
HC535 .I74 : Egypt in revolution; an economic analysis.  1963 1
HC535 .O2 : The revolution in Egypt's economic system : from private enterprise to socialism, 1952-1965 Patrick O'Brien.  1966 1
HC537.G3 V36 : Benefits and burdens : a report on the West Bank and Gaza Strip economies since 1967 / Brian Van Arkadie ; with a prologue by Larry L. Fabian.  1977 1
HC547.D3 P6 : Dahomey and the slave trade ; an analysis of an archaic economy / Karl Polanyi in collaboration with Abraham Rotstein. Foreword by Paul Bohannan.  1966 1
HC547.M3 I5 1968 : Mauritania: guidelines for a four-year development program / report of a mission organized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the request of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania [by] R.M. Westebbe.  1968 1
HC547.T8 D8 : Economic development in Tunisia; the impact and course of government planning.  1967 1
HC557.T3 B85 : Tanganyika; preplanning.  1965 1
HC557.T3 I5 : The economic development of Tanganyika ; report of a mission organized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the request of the governments of Tanganyika and the United Kingdom.  1961 1
HC557.T3 S6 : Readings in economic development and administration in Tanzania / edited by Hadley E. Smith.  1966 1
HC567.L5 I5 : The economic development of Libya ; report of a mission organized at the request of the Government of Libya.  1960 1
HC591.A33 F34 : The politics of starvation / by Jack Shepherd ; with an afterword by Stephen J. Green.  1975 1
HC591.L6 G7 : Growth without development.  1966 1
HC591.M8 A77 : Morocco-Tunisia; politics and planning. / Pref. by Bertram M. Gross.  1965 1
HC601 .C572 1964 : Profits in the modern economy .. selected papers. / Edited by Harold W. Stevenson and J. Russell Nelson.  1967 1
HC603 .W648 : Australia, its resources and development / edited by G.L.Wood, with a foreword by W.S. Robinson.  1947 1
HC622 .C6 : New Zealand in the making: a survey of economic and social development / by J. B. Condliffe.  1930 1
HC622 .L32 : Land and society in New Zealand; essays in historical geography. / Edited by R. F. Watters for the Wellington Branch, New Zealand Geographical Society.  1965 1
HC627 .H6 : Australia's open north, a study of northern Australia bearing on the urgency of the times.  1963 1
HC683 .B76 : Melanesia: a geographical interpretation of an island world / H. C. Brookfield with Doreen Hart.  1971 1
HC704 .I5 : The Communist economic challenge / by David Ingram.  1965 1
HC704 .S66 1971 : Socialist management & planning; topics in comparative socialist economics.  1971 1
HC705 .W54 : Socialist economic development and reforms; from extensive to intensive growth under central planning in the USSR, Eastern Europe, and Yugoslavia / J. Wilczynski.  1972 1
HC840.Z9 F34 : An African winter / Preston King ; with a note on ecology and famine by Richard Leakey.  1986 1
HC845 .T44 : Economic development and nation building in Ethiopia / Daniel Teferra.  1986 1
HC910 .S95 : Zimbabwe : the terrain of contradictory development / Christine Sylvester.  1991 1
HD20 .A3 : A manager's guide to operations research / Russell L. Ackoff [and] Patrick Rivett.  1963 1
HD20 .D49 : Operations research models for business and industry / by Giuseppe M. Ferrero di Roccaferrera.  1964 1
HD20 .E3 1962 : Operational research in management / by R.T. Eddison, K. Pennycuick and B.H.P. Rivett.  1962 1
HD20 .H68 : Managers and scientists ; some human problems in industrial research organizations / by Ralph M. Hower and Charles D. Orth 3rd.  1963 1
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