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    Year Entries
HF1411 .M9 : An international economy, problems and prospects.  1956 1
HF1411 .M92 : Beyond the welfare state; economic planning and its international implications.  1960 1
HF1411 .O4 : Systems theory and regional integration : the "market model" of international politics / James P. O'Leary.  1978 1
HF1411 .P336 : Discrimination in international trade: the policy issues, 1945-1965.  1966 1
HF1411 .R414 : Reassessing North-South economic relations / a tripartite report by thirteen experts from the European Community, Japan, and North America.  1972 1
HF1411 .S24 : Schaum's outline of theory and problems of international economics / by Dominick Salvatore.  1975 1
HF1411 .S5 : Introduction to international economics.  1954 1
HF1411 .S76 : International economics ; analysis and issues / Charles E. Staley.  1970 1
HF1411 .T45 : Trade, aid, or what? A report based upon a conference on international economic policy at the Merrill Center for Economics, summer, 1953.  1954 1
HF1411 .T47 1965 : International economic integration.  1965 1
HF1411 .T7 : Trade, growth, and the balance of payments ; essays in honor of Gottfried Haberler / by Robert E. Baldwin [and others]  1965 1
HF1411 .U613 : Trade restraints in the Western community with tariff comparisons and selected statistical tables pertinent to foreign economic policy. / Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy of the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States.  1961 1
HF1411 .W56 : Economic cooperation in Latin America, Africa, and Asia; a handbook of documents. / Edited by Miguel S. Wionczek.  1969 1
hf 1413 b35 : The structure of protection in developing countries / Bela Balassa and associates.  1971 1
HF1413 .H3 1967 : Law and policy making for trade among "have" and "have-not" nations; background paper and proceedings. / Stanley D. Metzger, author of the working paper; John Carey, editor.  1968 1
HF1413 .I674 : International economics and development ; essays in honor of Raul Prebisch. / Edited by Luis Eugenio Di Marco.  1972 1
HF1416 .G55 : Global marketing perspectives / Jagdish N. Sheth, Abdolreza Eshghi.  1989 1
HF1455 .A552 : The United States and world trade, challenges and opportunities. Final report of the Committee on Commerce, United States Senate / prepared by its special staff on the study of U. S. foreign commerce, pursuant to S. Res. 243, 86th Congress.  1961 1
HF1455 .B33 : American business and public policy.  1963 1
HF1455 .B6 : The European Economic Community and the United States / [by Robert R. Bowis an Theodore Geiger] Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy of the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States.  1961 1
HF1455 .B85 : Building the American-European market .. ; planning for the 1970's. / [Prepared for] the Atlantic Council of the United States. Editorial chairmen: Theodore C. Achilles, Richard Wallace. Editor: Gene E. Bradley]  1967 1
HF1455 .C5 1968 : Tomorrow's trade: problems of our foreign commerce; guide lines to America's future as reported to the Twentieth Century Fund.  1968 1
HF1455 .C575 : American foreign economic policy; essays and comments / Benjamin J. Cohen.  1968 1
HF1455 .D52 : The United States and the industrial world ; American foreign economic policy in the 1970s / William Diebold, Jr.  1972 1
HF1455 .E68 : The attitude of business toward American foreign policy, 1900-1916.  1967 1
HF1455 .F26 : Readings in U.S. imperialism. / K. T. Fann & Donald C. Hodges, editors.  1971 1
hf 1455 f3 : Facts and fallacies of international business.  1962 1
HF1455 .H28 : It's your business.  1960 1
HF1455 .H3 1968 : Foreign economic policy for the United States. / Edited by Seymour E. Harris.  1968 1
HF1455 .H5 1962 : United Nations and U.S. foreign economic policy.  1962 1
HF1455 .H54 : Informal entente : the private structure of cooperation in Anglo-American economic diplomacy, 1918-1928 / Michael J. Hogan.  1977 1
HF1455 .H54 1991 : Informal entente : the private structure of cooperation in Anglo-American economic diplomacy, 1918-1928 / Michael J. Morgan.  1991 1
HF1455 .H57 : ...International trade and domestic employment / by Calvin B. Hoover...  1945 1
HF1455 .H83 : The United States and the Common Market ; a background study / by Don D. Humphrey.  1962 1
HF1455 .H86 : Rival partners; America and Britain in the postwar world / by Keith Hutchison.  1946 1
HF1455 .M53 : United States economic policy and international relations.  1952 1
HF1455 .P55 : Economic security and the origins of the Cold War, 1945-1950 / Robert A. Pollard.  1985 1
HF1455 .R29 : The communist challenge to American business.  1959 1
HF1455 .S4 1969 : The commercial reciprocity policy of the United States, 1774-1829 / by Vernon G. Setser.  1969 1
HF1455 .S82 : U. S. foreign trade policy.  1962 1
HF1455 .T658 1998 : Trade strategies for a new era : ensuring U.S. leadership in a global economy / edited by Geza Feketekuty with Bruce Stokes.  1998 1
HF1455 .U12 2002 : Understanding unilateralism in American foreign relations / edited by Gwyn Prins.  2000 1
HF1455 .W49 : American business & foreign policy, 1920-1933.  1971 1
HF1456 1957 A532 : Foreign trade policy; compendium of papers on United States foreign trade policy. / Collected by the staff for the Subcommittee on Foreign Trade Policy of the Committee on Ways and Means.  1968 1
HF1456 1961 H4 : A new look at foreign economic policy, in light of the cold war and the extension of the common market in Europe / [by Christian A. Herter and William L. Clayton] Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy of the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States.  1961 1
HF1456 1961 S2 : Import liberalization and employment ; the effects of unilateral reductions in United States import barriers / by Walter S. Salant and Beatrice N. Vaccara.  1961 1
HF1456 1964 C6 : Trade negotiations for a better free world economy; a statement on national policy by the Research and Policy Committee.  1964 1
HF1456 1966 H3 : East West trade and United States policy / by Mose L. Harvey. With a foreword by Ambassador Robert D. Murphy.  1966 1
HF1456 .K5 : Equal opportunity for all as against special benefits to a privileged few / by Frederic E. Kip.  1919? 1
HF1456 .U55 : The United States in the world economy / edited and with an introduction by Martin Feldstein.  1988 1
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