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    Year Entries
JA33 .D47 : The Development of political science : a comparative survey / edited by David Easton, John G. Gunnell, and Luigi Graziano.  1991 1
JA35 .P86 : Public service professional associations and the public interest. / Editor: Don L. Bowen.  1973 1
JA36 .C48 1949 : The clash of political ideals ; a source book on democracy, communism and the totalitarian state / selected and annotated by Albert R. Chandler.  1949 1
JA36 .E25 1960 : Great political thinkers: Plato to the present.  1960 1
JA37 / .n48 : Options for Micronesia; a potential crisis for America's Pacific Trust Territory / Stanley A. de Smith.  1969 1
JA37 .D45   11
JA37 .D45 v.1 : Decisions of nationhood ; political and social development in the British Caribbean / Wendell Bell and Ivar Oxaal.  1964 1
JA37 .D45 v.1 no.1 : Political modernization : the single-party system / Rupert Emerson.  1963 1
JA37 .D45 v.2 no.1 : The Middle East in the muted cold war / John C. Campbell.  1964? 1
JA37 .D45 v.2 no.2 : Problem solving in the Department of State / Dean G. Pruitt.  1964? 1
JA37 .D45 v.2 no.3 : Political change in a traditional African clan: a structural-functional analysis of the Nsits of Nigeria / James R. Scarritt.  1965 1
JA37 .D45 v.2 no.4 : Career motivations of administrators and their impact in the European community / by Robert L. Peterson.  1974 1
JA37 .D45 v.3 no.1 : United Nations peacekeeping activities; a case study in organizational task expansion.  1965 1
JA37 .D45 v.3 no.2 : The politics of economics in Latin American regionalism : the Latin American Free Trade Association after four years of operation / by Ernst B. Haas and Philippe C. Schmitter.  1965 1
JA37 .D45 v.3 no.3 : The Canadian bureaucracy and federalism, 1947-1965.  1966 1
JA37 .D45 v.3 no.4 : Africa and the European Common Market; a perspective.  1966 1
JA37 .D45 v.4 no.1 : National policy and international law; case studies from American canal policy / by Edwin C. Hoyt.  1967? 1
JA37 .D45 v.4 no.2 : Arms control in Europe: proposals and political constraints / by Bruce M. Russett and Carolyn C. Cooper.  1967 1
JA37 .D45 v.4 no.3 : The politics of innovation: patterns in Navy cases.  1967 1
JA37 .D45 v.4 no.4 : Changes in the Central Committee: Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1961-1966.  1967 1
JA37 .D45 v.5 no.1 : Collective security and the future international system / by Ernst B. Haas.  1968 1
JA37 .D45 v.5 no.2 : Sweden: a multiparty system in transition? By M. Donald Hancock.  1968 1
JA37 .D45 v.5 no.3/4 : African political thought: Lumumba, Nkrumah, Touré. / W. A. E. Skurnik, editor.  1968 1
JA37 .D45 v.6 no.1 : The cold war 1947 to 1967: a quantitative study / by Frederick H. Gareau.  1969 1
JA37 .D45 v.6 no.2 : Germany, Czechoslovakia, and the Grand Alliance in the May crisis, 1938 / by Henderson B. Braddick.  1969 1
JA37 .D45 v.6 no.3 : Understanding the debate on ocean resources / by Robert L. Friedheim.  1969 1
JA37 .D45 v.6 no.4 : Evaluating the results of foreign policy: Soviet and American efforts in India / by Richard L. Siegel.  1969 1
JA37 .D45 v.7 no.1 : On predicting international relations, the year 2000.  1969 1
JA37 .D45 v.7 no.2 : Race in international politics: a dialogue in five parts / by James N. Rosenau.  1970 1
JA37 .D45 v.7 no.3 : Mexican university students in politics: rebels without allies? By William S. Tuohy and Barry Ames.  1970 1
JA37 .D45 v.7 no.4 : Secondary modernization: societal changes of newly developing nations, a theoretical essay in comparative sociology / by Karl H. Hoerning.  1970 1
JA37 .D45 v.8 no.1 : Conflict issues and international civil aviation decisions: three cases / by Young W. Kihl.  1971 1
JA37 .D45 v.9 no.1/2 : The political process in Colombia.  1972 1
JA37 .D45 v.9 no.4 : The French left and European integration / by Sue Ellen M. Charlton.  1972 1
JA37 .D45 v.10 no.1 : Nationalism and political change in Eastern Europe: the Slovak question and the Czechoslovak reform movement.  1973 1
JA37 .D45 v.10 no.2 : The Bundeswehr and the national people's army: a comparative study of German civil-military polity.  1973 1
JA37 .D45 v.10 no.3 : The management of world power: a theoretical analysis.  1973 1
JA37 .D45 v.10 no.4 : Social origins and political orientations of officer corps in a world perspective / by George A. Kourvetaris [and] Betty A. Dobratz.  1973 1
JA37 .D45 v.11 no.3 : Patterns of uneven development: causes and consequences in Zambia / by Robert H. Bates.  1974 1
JA37 .D45 v.12 no.1 : The politics of weapons procurement; the role of Congress / by Craig Liske [and] Barry Rundquist.  1974 1
JA37 .D45 v.13 no.1 : A study in social survival : the katun in Bileća Rudine / Wayne S. Vucinich.  1975 1
JA37 .D45 v.13 no.2 : Political development and political change in Eastern Europe : a comparative study / by Jan F. Triska and Paul M. Johnson.  1975 1
JA37 .D45 v.14 no.1 : Three perennial themes of anti-colonialism : the Irish case / by Daniel J. O'Neil.  1976 1
JA37 .D45 v.14 no.2 : United States national security policy and aid to the Thailand police / by Thomas Lobe.  1977 1
JA37 .D45 v.14 no.4 : Spectre of a Middle Eastern holocaust : the strategic and diplomatic implications of the Israeli nuclear weapons program / by Robert E. Harkavy.  1977 1
JA37 .D45 v.15 no.1 : Arabesque : untangling the patterns of supply of conventional arms to Israel and the Arab States and the Implications for United States policy on supply of "lethal" weapons to Egypt / by Lewis W. Snider.  1977 1
JA37 .D45 v.15 no.2 : The seabed arms control negotiations : a study of multilateral arms control conference diplomacy / by Bennett Ramberg.  1978 1
JA37 .D45 v.15 no.3 : The political economy of public goods and international cooperation / by Todd M. Sandler, William Loehr, Jon T. Cauley.  1978 1
JA37 .D45 v.16 no.1&2 : Sino-Soviet-American relations, conflict, communication and mutual threat - / by Sophia Peterson.  1979 1
JA37 .D45 v.16 no.3-4 : The Soviet-Indian alignment : quest for influence / by Robert H. Donaldson.  1979 1
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