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M1746.T5 O8 1962 : Orpheus Caledonius; a collection of Scots songs. / Foreword by Henry George Farmer.  1962 1
M1756 .S76355 : A collection of Russian folk songs / [compiled and arranged] by Nikolai Lvov and Ivan Prach ; edited by Malcolm Hamrick Brown ; with an introduction and appendixes by Margarita Mazo.  1987 1
M1760 .B97 : Folk-dances of Finland; containing sixty-five dances / Translated and edited by Elizabeth Burchenal.  1943 1
M1779.P343 C3 1958   2
M1833.E3 R4 : Egyptian folk songs / compiled and translated into English by Baheega Sidky Rasheed.  1958 1
M1840.L65 F4 : Favourite Australian bush songs / compiled by Lionel Long and Graham Jenkin.  1964 1
M1852 .I222 1973   4
M1940 .W588 : Student life in song : a choice collection of college melodies selected from the songs of the German, English and American universities including a complete directory of American colleges / by Henry Randall White. With an introduction by Charles Dudley Warner.  1879 1
M1958 .M57   2
M1958 .M8 1928z   2
M1960 .P55 : Songs of Phi Mu.  1946 1
M1977.C5 B88 : Folk songs from Sussex.  1913 1
M1977.C5 F65   3
M1977.C5 W29 : I'll sing you one o : words of more familiar folk songs for campfire, ceilidh and club / edited by Tony Wales.  1971 1
M1977.C5 W295 : I'll sing you two o: words of more familiar folk songs for campfire, ceilidh and club / edited by Tony Wales.  1973 1
M1977.C5 W297 : The Yetties song book. / Musical transcription by Dave Kettlewell.  1971 1
M1977.C5 W42 : Songs of Northumbria.  1973 1
M1977.M64 S22 : Lorena : old Zanesville house scene of broken romance that inspired song, Lorena / by Norris F. Schneider and illustrated by W. W. Higgins.  1959 1
M1977.S2 G6 : Songs of the sea; chanteys, historical songs [and] ballads. / [Compiled and edited by] Paul Glass and Louis C. Singer. Arr. for voice and piano, with guitar chords.  1966 1
M1977.T8 S8 : Strike the bell : transport by road, canal, rail and sea in the nineteenth century through songs, ballads and contemporary accounts / selected and edited by Roy Palmer.  1978 1
M1985 .W5 : Come and caper; creative rhythms, pantomimes and plays / with music by various composers, by Virginia Bennett Whitlock; music selected and edited by Nothera Barton.  1932 1
M1990.K23 H4 : Hebrew songs for children; 10 Hebrew nursery rhymes set to music / with English and Hebrew texts.  1966 1
M1990.P68 S6 : Songs of a little child's day / Words by Emilie Poulsson. Music by Eleanor Smith. With 15 full-page illustrations by Ruth E. Newton.  1928 1
M1992.F54 S55 : Songs of childhood. / Verses by Eugene Field. Music by Reginald De Koven, and others.  1907 1
M1993 .B95 : Dances of the people : a second volume of Folk-dances and singing games; containing twenty-eight folk-dances of the United States, Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Switzerland; with the music, full directions for performance and numerous illustrations / collected and described by Elizabeth Burchenal.  1913 1
M1993.C47 N3 : Natural rhythms and dances / by Gertrude K. Colby.  1922 1
M1993.E88 C5 : Childhood rhythms; a program of rhythmic activities for children of elementary school age / by Ruth Evans [and] Emma Battis.  1955 1
M1993.L33 R4 : Rhythms and dances for elementary schools, grades one to eight.  1926 1
M1993 .L7 : The festival book; May-day pastime and the May-pole; dances, revels and musical games for the playground, school and college / by Jennette Emeline Carpenter Lincoln.  1912 1
M1993 .M883 : The second folk dance book / comp. by C. Ward Crampton.  1916 1
M1993.O2 D6   2
M1993.P925 S6 : The source book of play party games.  1949 1
M1993.S49 F5 : Folk dances for boys and girls / by Mary Effie Shambaugh.  1929 1
M1994.D275 C57 : Concord junior song and chorus book : (boys and girls) for unison and part singing (with piano accompaniment) for grades VII, VIII and IX / compiled and edited for use in school and home by Archibald T. Davison, Thomas Whitney Surette [and] Augustus D. Zanzig.  1927 1
M1994.D275 C6 : --Concord song book : for women's voices : unison, two-, three-, and four-part : for use by colleges, schools and choral societies / compiled and edited by Archibald T. Davison and Thomas Whitney Surette.  1935 1
M1994.E53 H3 : The harp of Judah; a collection of sacred music, for choirs, musical conventions, singing schools, and the home circle. / By L.O. Emerson.  1863 1
M1994.F78 S6 1953 : Songs. Selections; arranged  1953 1
M1994.K38 B6 : A book of descants.  1958 1
M1994.N99 S5 : Singing with children / Robert and Vernice Nye, Neva Aubin [and] George Kyme.  1965 1
M1994 .T65 1910 : The laurel music-reader. / Edited by W. L. Tomlins.  1917 1
M1994.W27 K5 : A kindergarten book of folk-songs / collected and arranged by Lorraine d'Oremieulx Warner.  1922 1
M1997.C73 L83 : Lullabies of the world.  1967 1
M1997.S34 R45 : Rhythm & rhyme 'round the year.  1956 1
M1997.W58 C5 : Children's songs from Japan / Florence White and Kazuo Akiyama. Illus. by Toshihiko Suzuki.  1960 1
M2000.D25 P54 : The play of Daniel; a thirteenth-century drama. / Edited for modern performance by Noah Greenberg. Based on the transcription from British Museum Egerton 2615, by Rembert Weakland. Narration by W. H. Auden.  1959 1
M2000.H22 M36 1969 : Autograph des Oratoriums "Messias"  1969 1
M2000.H22 M36 K3 : Messiah. English & German    1
M2000.H22 S45 : Semele. Vocal score. English.    1
M2000.H35 J32 : Jahreszeiten. English & German  1986 1
M2000.P25 H6 1972 : Hora novissima. English & Latin  1972 1
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