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PR973 .Z3 : A nest of ninnies, and other English jestbooks of the seventeenth century. / Selected and edited by P. M. Zall.  1970 1
PR990 .C495 : Children's literature : an illustrated history / edited by Peter Hunt ; associate editors, Dennis Butts ... [and others].  1995 1
PR990 .W6 : Children's literature of the English Renaissance / Warren W. Wooden ; edited, with an introduction, by Jeanie Watson.  1986 1
PR1109 .A22 1962a   2
PR1109 .B675 1964 : An approach to literature / Cleanth Brooks, John Thibaut Purser [and] Robert Penn Warren.  1964 1
PR1109 .B676 : Understanding poetry; an anthology for college students / by Cleanth Brooks, Jr., and Robert Penn Warren ...  1938 1
PR1109 .B676 1960 : Understanding poetry / by Cleanth Brooks [and] Robert Penn Warren.  1960 1
PR1109 .B83 : Literary masters of England / edited by Nelson S. Bushnell ... Paul M. Fulcher and Warner Taylor ...  1936 1
PR1109 .C627 : Great English short novels.  1953 1
PR1109 .C64 1937 : Hidden treasures in literature; Book 2 / Luella B. Cook ... George W. Norvell ... [and] William A. McCall.  1937 1
PR1109 .C65 : The Copeland reader.  1926 1
PR1109 .C66 1927   5
PR1109 .C8 1929 : Century readings in English literature. / Edited and annotated by John W. Cunliffe, J. F. A. Pyre [and] Karl Young.  1929 1
PR1109 .F37 : Readings from English and American literature.  1919 1
pr 1109 g95 : Before the romantics, an anthology of the Enlightenment.  1946 1
PR1109 .H43 1937   2
PR1109 .H6 1940 : Literature for oral interpretation / with introduction and notes.  1940 1
PR1109 .H6 1945 : Literature for oral interpretation / with introduction and notes by Richard Dennis Teall Hollister.  1945 1
PR1109 .H67   4
PR1109 .M32 : An anthology of English literature / edited by Roger Philip McCutcheon and William Harvey Vann.  1931 1
PR1109 .M325 : Prose and poetry for appreciation; including a story of literature. / Illus. by Guy Brown Wiser.  1934 1
PR1109 .S487 1970 : High-school anthology, English literature  1970 1
PR1109 .S55 1924 : A book of English literature. / Selected and ed. by Franklyn Bliss Snyder and Robert Grant Martin.  1924 1
PR1109 .W3   2
PR1109 .W75 1958 : The literature of England; an anthology and a history / George B. Woods [and others]  1958 1
PR1110.W6 B75 1989 : British women writers : an anthology from the fourteenth century to the present / edited by Dale Spender and Janet Todd.  1989 1
PR1110.W6 W68 2001 : Women's writing, 1778-1838 : an anthology / edited with an introduction and notes by Fiona Robertson.  2001 1
PR1111.A85 M63 : Modern Arthurian literature : an anthology of English and American Arthuriana from the Renaissance to the present / edited by Alan Lupack.  1992 1
PR1111.D7 D4 1939a : Behold, this dreamer! Of reverie, night, sleep, dream, love-dreams, nightmare, death, the unconscious, the imagination, divination, the artist, and kindred subjects.  1939 1
PR1111.H5 H3 : Political writers of eighteenth-century England.  1964 1
PR1111.M95 C58 1999 : Classical mythology in English literature : a critical anthology / edited by Geoffrey Miles.  1999 1
PR1111.R4 L8 : The questing spirit, religion in the literature of our time / selected and edited by Halford E. Luccock and Frances Brentano.  1947 1
PR1119 .A2 1892 : English gilds. The original ordinances of more than one hundred early English gilds: Together with þe olde vsages of þe cite of Wynchestre; the Ordinances of Worcester; the Office of the mayor of Bristol; and the Costomary of the manor of Tettenhall-Regis. From original mss. of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. / Edited, with notes, by the late Toulmin Smith ... With an introduction and glossary, &c., by his daughter, Lucy Toulmin Smith. And a preliminary essay ... On the history and development of gilds, by Lujo Brentano.  1892 1
PR1119 .A2 no.2 : Arthur; a short sketch of his life and history in English verse. / Edited from the Marquis of Bath's ms. Liber rubeus bathoniae, 1428 A.D. by Frederick J. Furnivall.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.6 1965 : Lancelot of the Laik; a Scottish metrical romance, about 1490-1500 A.D. / Re-edited from a manuscript in the Cambridge University Library, with an introd., notes, and glossarial index, by W. W. Skeat.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.8 : Morte Arthure : or The death of Arthur / edited from Robert Thornton's ms. in the Library of Lincoln Cathedral by Edmund Brock.  1961 1
PR1119 .A2 no.9 : Animaduersions vppon the Annotacions and corrections of some imperfections of impressiones of Chaucer's workes <sett downe before tyme, and nowe> reprinted in the yere of our lorde 1598 / sett downe by Francis Thynne. Now newly ed. from the ms. in the Bridgewater library by G. H. Kingsley. Revised edition by F. J. Furnivall, 1875.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.10,21,36 & 112   2
PR1119 .A2 no.14 : King Horn, Floriz and Blaunchefleur, The Assumption of Our Lady. / First edited in 1866 by J. Rawson Lumby, and now re-edited from the manuscripts, with introduction, notes, and glossary by George H. McKnight.  1962 1
PR1119 .A2 no.15 : Political, religious, and love poems / (some by Lydgate, Sir Richard Ros, Henry Baradoun, Wm. Huchen, etc.) from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lambeth MS. no. 306, and other sources, with a fragment of the romance of Peare of Provence and the fair Maguelone, and a sketch, with the prolog and epilog, of the romance of The Knight Amoryus and the Lady Cleopes by John Metham, scholar of Cambridge, A.D. 1448-9.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.22 : Roman de Mélusine. English  1969 1
PR1119 .A2 no.23 : Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt : or remorse of conscience. Richard Morris's transcription now newly collated with the unique manuscript British Museum Ms. Arundel 57 / by Pamela Gradon.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.28,38,54,67,81   4
PR1119 .A2 no.30 : Pierce the Ploughmans crede (about 1394 A.D.) Transcribed and edited from MS. Trin. Coll., Cam., R. 3, 15, collated with MS. bibl. reg. 18. B. XVII. in the British Museum, and with the old printed text of 1553; to which is appended God spede the plough (about 1500 A.D.) from MS. Lansdowne 762. / By Walter W. Skeat.  1969 1
PR1119 .A2 no.31 : Instructions for parish priests.  1902 1
PR1119 .A2 no.32 : The babees book, Aristotle's A B C, Urbanitatis, Stans puer ad mensam, The lytille childrenes lytil boke, the bokes of nurture of Hugh Rhodes and John Russell, Wynkyn de Worde's Boke of keruynge, The booke of demeanor, The boke of curtasye, Seager's Schoole of vertue, &c. &c. with some French and Latin poems on like subjects, and some forewords on education in early England. / Edited by Frederick J. Furnivall.  1868 1
PR1119 .A2 no.33 : Livre du chevalier de La Tour Landry pour l'enseignement de ses filles. English  1969 1
PR1119 .A2 no.44 : Joseph of Arimathie: otherwise called, The romance of the Seint Graal, or Holy Grail. An alliterative poem written about A.D. 1350, and now first printed from the unique copy in the Vernon MS. at Oxford. / Edited, with notes and glossarial indices by Walter W. Skeat.  1969 1
PR1119 .A2 no.46 : Legends of the Holy Rood ; symbols of the Passion and cross-poems. / Edited ... with introd., translations, and glossarial index, by Richard Morris.  1969 1
PR1119 .A2 no.125 : The medieval records of a London city church (St. Mary at Hill) A.D. 1420-1559 / transcribed and edited, with facsimiles and an introduction, by Henry Littlehales.  1904- 1
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