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    Year Entries
PR1136 .A84 no.13, 22, 31, 46-47 : The theatre (1720) / with an introd. by John Loftis.  1948 1
PR1136 .A84 no.14-18 : The gamester (1753) With an introd. by Charles H. Peake and a bibliographical note by Philip R. Wikelund.  1948 1
PR1136 .A84 no.19-21, 23-24 : The busie body (1709) With an introd. by Jess Byrd.  1949 1
PR1136 .A84 no.25-30 : The fine lady's airs (1709) With an introd. by John Harrington Smith.  1950 1
PR1136 .A84 no.32-36 : Prefaces to fiction: Georges de Scudéry, Preface to Ibrahim (1674) Mary De la Riviere Manley, Preface to The secret history of Queen Zarah (1705) Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, marquis d'Argens, The Jewish spy (1744), letter 35. William Warburton, Preface to volumes III and IV (1748) of Richardson's Clarissa. Samuel Derrick, Preface to d'Argens's Memoirs of the Count Du Beauval (1754) With an introd. by Benjamin Boyce.  1952 1
PR1136 .A84 no.37-42 : A Pindarick ode on painting, addressed to Joshua Reynolds, Esq. (1767) With a pref. by Frederick W. Hilles and a biographical introd. by J. T. Kirkwood.  1952 1
PR1136 .A84 no.43-45, 48 : An essay on the sublime (1747) With an introd. by Samuel Holt Monk.  1953 1
PR1136 .A84 no.49-54 : The usefulness of church musick, a sermon, 1696 Sampson Estwick. Church-musick vindicated, a sermon, 1697 [by] Nicholas Brady. With an introd. by James E. Phillips.  1955 1
PR1136 .A84 no.55-60 : An essay on the harmony, variety, and power of numbers (1745) With an introd. by Paul Fussell, Jr.  1956 1
PR1136 .A84 no.61-66 : An apology for the study of northern antiquities, 1715. / Introd. by Charles Peake.  1956 1
PR1136 .A84 no.67-72 : The voyages of Mr. Job Vinegar, from the Champion, 1740. / Edited with an introd. by S. J. Sackett.  1958 1
PR1136 .A84 no.73-78 : Notes to Shakespeare. / Edited, with an introd., by Arthur Sherbo.  1956- 1
PR1136 .A84 no.79-84 : Poems (1660) Edited, with an introd., by Gaby E. Onderwyzer.  1959 1
PR1136 .A84 no.85-90 : Essays on the theatre from eighteenth-century periodicals.  1960 1
PR1136 .A84 no.98 : Select hymns taken out of Mr. Herbert's Temple, 1697. / Introd. by William E. Stephenson.  1962 1
PR1136 .A84 no.109 : An essay upon the original and nature of government (1680). / Introd. by Robert C. Steensma.  1964 1
PR1136 .A84 no.110 : Selected poems, 1685-1700. / Introd. by Spiro Peterson.  1964 1
PR1136 .A84 no.111 : Political justice; a poem. (Anonymous, 1736) Introd. by Burton R. Pollin and John W. Wilkes.  1965 1
PR1136 .A84 no.112 : An essay on fable (1764). / Introd. by Jeanne K. Welcher and Richard Dircks.  1965 1
PR1136 .A84 no.113 : An Essay concerning critical and curious learning / / T. R. (1698). Introd. by Curt A. Zimansky.  1965 1
PR1136 .A84 no.114 : Two poems against Pope: One epistle to Mr. A. Pope / Leonard Welsted. (1730) The blatant beast, anonymous. (1740) Introd. by Joseph V. Guerinot.  1965 1
PR1136 .A84 no.115 : Accounts of the apparition of Mrs. Veal / Daniel Defoe and others. Introd. by Manuel Schonhorn.  1965 1
PR1136 .A84 no.116 : The Covent Garden Theatre; or Pasquin turn'd Drawcansir, (1752). / Introd. by Jean B. Kern.  1965 1
PR1136 .A84 no.117 : Citt and Bumpkin (1680). / Introd. by B.J. Rahn.  1965 1
PR1136 .A84 no.118 : Enthusiasmus triumphatus (1662) Introd. by M. V. DePorte.  1966 1
PR1136 .A84 no.119 : Meditations on the six days of the creation (1717) Introd. by George Robert Guffey.  1966 1
PR1136 .A84 no.120 : Aesop dress'd; or, A collection of fables writ in familiar verse (1704). / Introd. by John S. Shea.  1966 1
PR1136 .A84 no.123 : Cursory observations on the poems attributed to Thomas Rowley (1782). / Introd. by James M. Kuist.  1966 1
PR1136 .A84 no.124 : The Female wits. / Introd. by Lucyle Hook.  1967 1
PR1136 .A84 no.125 : The Scribleriad (anonymous, 1742) The difference between verbal and practical virtue (1742) Lord Hervey. Introd. by A. J. Sambrook.  1967 1
PR1136 .A84 no.126 : Lutrin. English  1967 1
PR1136 .A84 no.129 : Prefaces to Terence's comedies, and Plautus's comedies (1694) Introd. by John Barnard.  1968 1
PR1136 .A84 no.130 : Democritus Platonissans, 1646. / Introd. by P. G. Stanwood.  1968 1
PR1136 .A84 no.132 : An essay on satire, particularly on the Dunciad (1730) Introd. by Thomas B. Gilmore.  1968 1
PR1136 .A84 no.133 : A poetical review of the literary and moral character of the late Samuel Johnson (1786). / Introd by Robert E. Kelley.  1969 1
PR1136 .A84 no.134 : Roscius Anglicanus (1708). / Introd. by John Loftis.  1969 1
PR1136 .A84 no.135 : Hypochondriasis, a practical treatise. / Introd. by G. S. Rousseau.  1969 1
PR1136 .A84 no.136 : A discourse, being introductory to his course of lectures on elocution and the English language (1759) Introd. by G.P. Mohrmann.  1969 1
PR1136 .A84 no.137 : The Englishman from Paris. / Introd. by Simon Trefman.  1969 1
PR1136 .A84 no.138 : Olinda's adventures; or, The amours of a young lady (1718) Introd. by Robert Adams Day.  1969 1
PR1136 .A84 no.139 : An essay on the lyric poetry of the ancients (1762) Introd. by Wallace Jackson.  1970 1
PR1136 .A84 no.140 : A learned dissertation on dumpling. / (Anonymous) (1726). Pudding and dumpling burnt to pot; or, A compleat key to the dissertation on dumpling. (Anonymous) (1727). Introd. by Samuel L. Macey.  1970 1
PR1136 .A84 no.141 : Selections from The observator (1681-1687) Introd. by Violet Jordain.  1970 1
PR1136 .A84 no.142 : A discourse concerning ridicule and irony in writing (1729) Introd. by Edward A. Bloom and Lillian D. Bloom.  1970 1
PR1136 .A84 no.143 : A Letter from a clergyman to his friend, with an account of the Travels of Captain Lemuel Gulliver. / (Anonymous). (1726). Introd. by Martin Kallich.  1970 1
PR1136 .A84 no.144 : The art of architecture; a poem in imitation of Horace's Art of poetry. (Anonymous). (1742). / Introd. by William A. Gibson.  1970 1
PR1136 .A84 no.145/146 : A tutor to Tachygraphy, or, Short-writing. Tachygraphy. / Introd. by William Matthews.  1970 1
PR1136 .A84 no.147/148 : Deformities of Dr. Samuel Johnson. / Selected from his works. Introd. by Gwin J. Kolb and J. E. Congleton.  1971 1
PR1136 .A84 no.149 : Poeta de Tristibus; or, the poet̕s complaint (1682). / Introd. and notes by Harold Love.  1971 1
PR1136 .A84 no.150 : Momus triumphans; or, The plagiaries of the English stage. / Introd. by David Stuart Rodes.  1971 1
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