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PR933 .K4 : The cankered muse; satire of the English Renaissance.  1959 1
PR935 .R6 : Grub Street: studies in a subculture.  1972 1
PR935 .S26 1972 : The satirist's art. / Edited by H. James Jensen & Malvin R. Zirker, Jr.  1972 1
PR935 .S8 : The art of the satirist; essays on the satire of Augustan England / by W.O.S. Sutherland, Jr  1965 1
PR936 .D94 1997 : British satire and the politics of style, 1789-1832 / Gary Dyer.  1997 1
PR937 .G7 : Three modern satirists: Waugh, Orwell, and Huxley.  1965 1
PR972 .A7 1970 : Chap-books of the eighteenth century. / New foreword by Victor Neuburg.  1970 1
PR973 .C8 1970 : Curiosities of street literature / [compiled by] Charles Hindley.  1970 1
PR973 .Z3 : A nest of ninnies, and other English jestbooks of the seventeenth century. / Selected and edited by P. M. Zall.  1970 1
PR990 .C495 : Children's literature : an illustrated history / edited by Peter Hunt ; associate editors, Dennis Butts ... [and others].  1995 1
PR990 .W6 : Children's literature of the English Renaissance / Warren W. Wooden ; edited, with an introduction, by Jeanie Watson.  1986 1
PR1109 .A22 1962a   2
PR1109 .B675 1964 : An approach to literature / Cleanth Brooks, John Thibaut Purser [and] Robert Penn Warren.  1964 1
PR1109 .B676 : Understanding poetry; an anthology for college students / by Cleanth Brooks, Jr., and Robert Penn Warren ...  1938 1
PR1109 .B676 1960 : Understanding poetry / by Cleanth Brooks [and] Robert Penn Warren.  1960 1
PR1109 .B83 : Literary masters of England / edited by Nelson S. Bushnell ... Paul M. Fulcher and Warner Taylor ...  1936 1
PR1109 .C627 : Great English short novels.  1953 1
PR1109 .C64 1937 : Hidden treasures in literature; Book 2 / Luella B. Cook ... George W. Norvell ... [and] William A. McCall.  1937 1
PR1109 .C65 : The Copeland reader.  1926 1
PR1109 .C66 1927   5
PR1109 .C8 1929 : Century readings in English literature. / Edited and annotated by John W. Cunliffe, J. F. A. Pyre [and] Karl Young.  1929 1
PR1109 .F37 : Readings from English and American literature.  1919 1
pr 1109 g95 : Before the romantics, an anthology of the Enlightenment.  1946 1
PR1109 .H43 1937   2
PR1109 .H6 1940 : Literature for oral interpretation / with introduction and notes.  1940 1
PR1109 .H6 1945 : Literature for oral interpretation / with introduction and notes by Richard Dennis Teall Hollister.  1945 1
PR1109 .H67   4
PR1109 .M32 : An anthology of English literature / edited by Roger Philip McCutcheon and William Harvey Vann.  1931 1
PR1109 .M325 : Prose and poetry for appreciation; including a story of literature. / Illus. by Guy Brown Wiser.  1934 1
PR1109 .S487 1970 : High-school anthology, English literature  1970 1
PR1109 .S55 1924 : A book of English literature. / Selected and ed. by Franklyn Bliss Snyder and Robert Grant Martin.  1924 1
PR1109 .W3   2
PR1109 .W75 1958 : The literature of England; an anthology and a history / George B. Woods [and others]  1958 1
PR1110.W6 B75 1989 : British women writers : an anthology from the fourteenth century to the present / edited by Dale Spender and Janet Todd.  1989 1
PR1110.W6 W68 2001 : Women's writing, 1778-1838 : an anthology / edited with an introduction and notes by Fiona Robertson.  2001 1
PR1111.A85 M63 : Modern Arthurian literature : an anthology of English and American Arthuriana from the Renaissance to the present / edited by Alan Lupack.  1992 1
PR1111.D7 D4 1939a : Behold, this dreamer! Of reverie, night, sleep, dream, love-dreams, nightmare, death, the unconscious, the imagination, divination, the artist, and kindred subjects.  1939 1
PR1111.H5 H3 : Political writers of eighteenth-century England.  1964 1
PR1111.M95 C58 1999 : Classical mythology in English literature : a critical anthology / edited by Geoffrey Miles.  1999 1
PR1111.R4 L8 : The questing spirit, religion in the literature of our time / selected and edited by Halford E. Luccock and Frances Brentano.  1947 1
PR1119 .A2 1892 : English gilds. The original ordinances of more than one hundred early English gilds: Together with þe olde vsages of þe cite of Wynchestre; the Ordinances of Worcester; the Office of the mayor of Bristol; and the Costomary of the manor of Tettenhall-Regis. From original mss. of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. / Edited, with notes, by the late Toulmin Smith ... With an introduction and glossary, &c., by his daughter, Lucy Toulmin Smith. And a preliminary essay ... On the history and development of gilds, by Lujo Brentano.  1892 1
PR1119 .A2 no.2 : Arthur; a short sketch of his life and history in English verse. / Edited from the Marquis of Bath's ms. Liber rubeus bathoniae, 1428 A.D. by Frederick J. Furnivall.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.6 1965 : Lancelot of the Laik; a Scottish metrical romance, about 1490-1500 A.D. / Re-edited from a manuscript in the Cambridge University Library, with an introd., notes, and glossarial index, by W. W. Skeat.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.8 : Morte Arthure : or The death of Arthur / edited from Robert Thornton's ms. in the Library of Lincoln Cathedral by Edmund Brock.  1961 1
PR1119 .A2 no.9 : Animaduersions vppon the Annotacions and corrections of some imperfections of impressiones of Chaucer's workes <sett downe before tyme, and nowe> reprinted in the yere of our lorde 1598 / sett downe by Francis Thynne. Now newly ed. from the ms. in the Bridgewater library by G. H. Kingsley. Revised edition by F. J. Furnivall, 1875.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.10,21,36 & 112   2
PR1119 .A2 no.14 : King Horn, Floriz and Blaunchefleur, The Assumption of Our Lady. / First edited in 1866 by J. Rawson Lumby, and now re-edited from the manuscripts, with introduction, notes, and glossary by George H. McKnight.  1962 1
PR1119 .A2 no.15 : Political, religious, and love poems / (some by Lydgate, Sir Richard Ros, Henry Baradoun, Wm. Huchen, etc.) from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lambeth MS. no. 306, and other sources, with a fragment of the romance of Peare of Provence and the fair Maguelone, and a sketch, with the prolog and epilog, of the romance of The Knight Amoryus and the Lady Cleopes by John Metham, scholar of Cambridge, A.D. 1448-9.  1965 1
PR1119 .A2 no.22 : Roman de Mélusine. English  1969 1
PR1119 .A2 no.23 : Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt : or remorse of conscience. Richard Morris's transcription now newly collated with the unique manuscript British Museum Ms. Arundel 57 / by Pamela Gradon.  1965 1
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