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LEADER 00000cam  2201009 i 4500 
001    590 
003    OCoLC 
005    20160701112557.0 
008    690606m19691975vauac    b    001 1 eng   
010    68008536 
019    318773|a63810357 
020    0813902584|q(v. 1) 
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035    (OCoLC)590|z(OCoLC)318773|z(OCoLC)63810357 
049    OXBB 
050 00 PS1449|b.C85 1969 
082 00 813/.4 
100 1  Crane, Stephen,|d1871-1900.|0
240 10 Works.|f1969 
245 14 The University of Virginia edition of the works of Stephen
246 3  Poems and literary remains 
246 3  Great battles of the world 
246 3  Reports of war 
246 3  Tales, sketches and reports 
246 3  His new mittens 
246 3  Tales of Whilomville 
246 3  Tales of adventure 
246 3  O'Ruddy 
246 3  Active service 
246 3  Third violet 
246 3  Red badge of courage 
246 3  George's mother 
246 3  Bowery tales 
246 18 Works of Stephen Crane 
260    Charlottesville :|bUniversity Press of Virginia,|c1969-
300    10 volumes :|billustrations, portraits ;|c25 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  v. 1. Bowery tales: Maggie. George's mother.--v. 2. The 
       red badge of courage.--v. 3. The third violet. Active 
       service.--v. 4. The O'Ruddy.--v. 5. Tales of adventure.--
       v. 6. Tales of war.--v. 7. Tales of Whilomville: The 
       monster. His new mittens. Whilomville stories.--v. 8. 
       Tales, sketches, and reports.--v. 9. Reports of war: War 
       dispatches. Great battles of the world.--v. 10. Poems and 
       literary remains. 
505 00 |gv. 1.|tBowery Tales --|tMaggie : a girl of the streets -
       -|gIntroduction /|rJames B. Colvert --|gTextual 
       introduction /|rFredson Bowers --|tAn appreciation /
       |rWilliam Dean Howells --|tGeorge's mother --
       |gIntroduction /|rJames B. Colvert --|gTextual 
       introduction /|rFredson Bowers. 
505 00 |gv. 2.|tThe red badge of courage --|gDiscarded chapter 
       XII -- Early draft manuscript -- The text : history and 
       analysis /|rFredson Bowers. 
505 00 |gv. 3. The third violet.|tActive service --|gIntroduction
       /|rJ.C. Levenson --|tThe third violet --|tActive service -
       -|gThe text : history and analysis /|rFredson Bowers. 
505 00 |gv. 4.|tThe O'Ruddy --|gIntroduction /|rJ.C. Levenson --
       |tThe O'Ruddy --|gThe text : history and analysis /
       |rFredson Bowers. 
505 00 |gv. 5.|tTales of adventure --|gForeword -- Introduction /
       |rJ.C. Levenson --|gTextual introduction /|rFredson Bowers
       --|tThe pace of youth --|tOne dash : horses --|tThe wise 
       men : a detail of American life in Mexico --|tThe five 
       white mice --|tA man and some others --|tThe open boat --
       |tFlanagan and his short filibustering adventure --|tThe 
       bride comes to Yellow Sky --|tDeath and the child --|tThe 
       blue hotel --|tTwelve o' clock --|tMoonlight on the snow -
       -|tA poker game. 
505 00 |gv. 6.|tTales of war --|gForeword -- Introduction /
       |rJames B. Colvert --|gTextual introduction /|gFredson 
       Bowers --|tThe little regiment --|tThree miraculous 
       soldiers --|tA mystery of heroism --|tAn Indiana campaign 
       --|tA grey sleeve --|tThe veteran --|tAn episode of war --
       |tWounds in the rain --|tThe price of the harness --|tThe 
       lone charge of William B. Perkins --|tThe clan of no-name 
       --|t"God rest ye, merry gentlemen" --|tThe revenge of the 
       Adolphus --|tThe serjeant's private mad-house --|tVirtue 
       in war --|tMarines signaling under fire at Guantanamo --
       |tThis majestic lie --|tWar memories --|tThe second 
       generation --|tSpitzbergen tales --|tThe kicking twelfth -
       -|tThe upturned face --|tThe shrapnel of their friends --
       |t"And if he wills, we must die" --|gAddendum: from
       |t"Things Stephen says." 
505 00 |gv. 7.|tTales of Whilomville --|gForeword -- Introduction
       /|rJ.C. Levenson --|t"The monster" --|gTextual 
       introduction /|rFredson Bowers --|t"His new mittens" --
       |gTextual introduction /|rFredson Bowers --|tWhilomville 
       stories --|gTextual introduction /|rFredson Bowers --|tThe
       angel-child --|tLynx-hunting --|tThe lover and the tell-
       tale --|t"Showin' off" --|tMaking an orator --|tShame --
       |tThe carriage-lamps --|tThe knife --|tThe stove --|tThe 
       trial, execution, and burial of Homer Phelps --|tThe fight
       --|tThe city urchin and the chaste villagers --|tThe 
       little pilgrim. 
505 00 |gv. 8.|tTales, sketches, and reports --|gForeword -- 
       Introduction /|rEdwin H. Cady --|gI. Tales and sketches.
       |tUncle Jake and the bell-handle --|tGreed rampant --|tThe
       captain --|tThe reluctant voyagers --|tWhy did the young 
       clerk swear? --|tAt Clancy's wake --|tSome hints for play-
       makers --|tAn ominous baby --|tA great mistake --|tA dark-
       brown dog --|tAn excursion ticket --|tThe snake --
       |tStories told by an artist --|tThe silver pageant --|tA 
       desertion --|gNotebook draft --|tA Christmas dinner won in
       battle --|tThe voice of the mountain --|tHow the donkey 
       lifted the hills --|tThe victory of the moon --|tThe 
       judgment of the sage --|tArt in Kansas City --|tA tale of 
       mere chance --|tThe camel --|tA freight car incident --|tA
       prologue --|tA yellow under-sized dog --|tA detail --
       |gEarly draft --|tDiamonds and diamonds --|tThe auction --
       |tA man by the name of Mud --|tA self-made man --|tAt the 
       pit door. --|tTales of the Wyoming Valley: The Battle of 
       Forty Fort --|tThe surrender of Forty Fort --|t"Ol' 
       Bennet" and the indians --|tAn illusion in red and white -
       -|tManacled --|tThe ghost --|tThe man from Duluth --|tThe 
       squire's madness. --|gII. Sketches. --|tSullivan County 
       sketches:|tThe last of the Mohicans --|tHunting wild hogs 
       --|tThe last panther --|tNot much of a hero --|tSullivan 
       County bears --|tThe way in Sullivan County --|tA 
       reminiscence of indian war --|tFour men in a cave --|tThe 
       octopush --|gEarly draft -- Manuscript fragments --|tBear 
       and panther --|tA ghoul's accountant --|tThe black dog --
       |tTwo men and a bear --|tKilling his bear --|tA tent in 
       agony --|tThe cry of a huckleberry pudding --|tThe holler 
       tree --|tAn explosion of seven babies --|tThe mesmeric 
       mountain. --|tNew York City sketches.|tThe broken down van
       --|tA night at the millionaire's club --|tAn experiment in
       misery --|tThe experiment in luxury --|tSailing day scenes
       --|tMr. Binks' day off --|tThe art students' league 
       building --|tThe men in the storm --|tConey Island's 
       failing days --|tIn a Park Row restaurant --|gNotebook 
       draft --|tHeard on the street election night --|gNotebook 
       draft --|tThe fire --|tWhen man falls, a crowd gathers --
       |gNotebook draft --|tThe duel that was not fought --
       |gNotebook draft --|tA lovely jag in a crowded car --
       |tOpium's varied dreams --|tNew York's bicycle speedway --
       |tIn the Broadway cable cars --|tThe roof gardens and 
       gardeners of New York --|tAn eloquence of grief --|tIn the
       Tenderloin : a duel between an alarm clock and a suicidal 
       purpose --|tThe "Tenderloin" as it really is --|tIn the 
       "Tenderloin" --|tYen-Hock Bill and his sweetheart --
       |tStephen Crane in Minetta Lane. 
505 00 |gv. 9.|tReports of war --|gForeword -- Introduction /
       |rJames B. Colvert --|gWar dispatches. Greece --|tAn 
       impression of the "Concert" --|tThe spirit of the Greek 
       people --|tStephen Crane says Greeks cannot be curbed --
       |tGreek war correspondents --|g(I)|tCrane at Velestino --
       |g(II)|tStephen Crane at Velestino --|tA fragment of 
       Velestino --|tThe blue badge of cowardice --|tYale man 
       arrested --|tThe dogs of war --|tStephen Crane tells of 
       war's horrors --|tGreeks waiting at Thermopylae --|tMy 
       talk with "Soldiers Six" --|tThe man in the white hat --
       |tA portrait of Smolenski --|tThe eastern question --|tThe
       Turkish army.|gFlorida.|tStephen Crane's own story --|tThe
       filibustering industry. --|gCuba.|tThe terrible captain of
       the captured Panama --|tSampson inspects harbor at Mariel 
       --|tInaction deteriorates the Key West fleet --|tStephen 
       Crane's pen-picture of C.H. Thrall --|tWith the blockade 
       on the Cuban Coast --|tSayings of the turret Jacks in our 
       blockading fleets --|tHayti and San Domingo favor the 
       United States --|tNarrow escape of the three friends --
       |tHow Sampson closed his trap --|tChased by a big "Spanish
       man-o'-war" --|tIn the first land fight four of our men 
       are killed --|tOnly mutilated by bullets --|tCrane tells 
       the story of the disembarkment --|tThe Red Badge of 
       Courage was his wig-wag flag --|tStephen Crane at the 
       front of the world --|tRoosevelt's Rough Riders' loss due 
       to a gallant blunder --|tHunger has made Cubans fatalists 
       --|tPando hurrying to Santiago --|tArtillery duel was 
       fiercely fought on both sides --|tNight attack on the 
       Marines and a brave rescue --|tStephen Crane's vivid story
       of the Battle of San Juan --|tSpanish deserters among the 
       refugees at El Caney --|tCaptured Mausers for volunteers -
       -|tRegulars get no glory --|tA soldier's burial that made 
       a native holiday --|tGrand Rapids and Ponce --|tThe Porto 
       Rican "Straddle" --|tHavana's hate dying, says Stephen 
       Crane --|tStephen Crane sees free Cuba --|tStephen Crane 
       fears no Blanco --|tStephen Crane's views of Havana --
       |tThe grocer blockade --|tAmericans and beggars in Cuba --
       |tMemoirs of a Private --|tThe Private's story --|tStephen
       Crane makes observations in Cuba's capital --|tHow they 
       leave Cuba --|tStephen Crane in Havana --|tHow they court 
       in Cuba --|tStephen Crane on Havana --|t"You Must!" "We 
       Can't!" --|tMr. Crane, of Havana --|tSpaniards two --|tIn 
       Havana as it is to-day --|tOur sad need of diplomats --
       |tMr. Stephen Crane on New America --|tHow Americans make 
       war. --|gEngland.|tThe little stilettos of the modern Navy
       which stab in the dark --|tSome curious lessons from the 
       Transvaal --|tStephen Crane says: Watson's criticisms of 
       England's war are not unpatriotic --|tStephen Crane says: 
       The British soldiers are not familiar with the "business 
       end" of modern rifles --|gManuscript notes --|tThe great 
       Boer Trek --|tThe talk of London. --|tImogene Carter.|tWar
       seen through a woman's eyes --|tWoman correspondent at the
       front --|tImogene Carter's adventure at Faisal --|tImogene
       Carter's pen picture of the fighting at Velestino --
       |gManuscript notes. --|gGreat battles of the world.|tThe 
       brief campaign against New Orleans --|tThe storming of 
       Badajoz --|tThe siege of Plevna --|tThe battle of Bunker 
       Hill --|t"Vittoria" --|tA Swede's campaign in Germany: 
       Leipzig ; Lutzen --|tThe battle of Solferino --|tThe 
       storming of Burkersdorf Heights --|gThe text : history and
       analysis /|rFredson Bowers. 
505 00 |gv. 10.|tPoems and literary remains --|gForeword -- 
       Introduction /|rJames B. Colvert.|gPoems.|tBlack riders 
       and other lines.|tBlack riders came from the sea --|tThree
       little birds in a row --|tIn the desert --|tYes, I have a 
       thousand tongues --|tOnce there came a man --|tGod 
       fashioned the ship of the world carefully --|tMystic 
       shadow, bending near me --|tI looked here --|tI stood upon
       a high place --|tShould the wide world roll away --|tIn a 
       lonely place --|tWell, then, I hate Thee, unrighteous 
       picture --|tIf there is a witness to my little life --
       |tThere was crimson clash of war --|t"Tell brave deeds of 
       war" --|tCharity, thou art a lie --|tThere were many who 
       went in huddled procession --|tIn Heaven --|tA god in 
       wrath --|tA learned man came to me once --|tThere was, 
       before me --|tOnce I saw mountains angry --|tPlaces among 
       the stars --|tI saw a man pursuing the horizon --|tBehold,
       the grave of a wicked man --|tThere was set before me a 
       mighty hill --|tA youth in apparel that glittered --
       |t"Truth," said a traveller --|tBehold, from the land of 
       the farther suns --|tSupposing that I should have the 
       courage --|tMany workmen --|tTwo of three angels --|tThere
       was One I met upon the road --|tI stood upon a highway --
       |tA man saw a ball of gold in the sky --|tI met a seer --
       |tOn the horizon the peaks assembled --|tThe ocean said to
       me once --|tThe livid lightings flashed in the clouds --
       |tAnd you love me? --|tLove walked alone --|tI walked in a
       desert --|tThere came whisperings in the winds --|tI was 
       in the darkness --|tTradition, thou art for suckling 
       children --|tMany red devils ran from my heart --|t"Think 
       as I think," said a man --|tOnce there was a man --|tI 
       stood musing in a black world --|tYou say you are holy --
       |tA man went before a strange god --|tWhy do you strive 
       for greatness, fool? --|tBlustering god --|t"It was wrong 
       to do this" said the angel --|tA man toiled on the burning
       road --|tA man feared that he might find an assassin --
       |tWith eye and gesture --|tThe sage lectured brilliantly -
       -|tWalking in the sky --|tUpon the road of my life --
       |tThere was a man and a woman --|tThere was a man who 
       lived a life of fire --|tThere was a great cathedral --
       |tFriend, your white beard sweeps the ground --|tOnce, I 
       knew a fine song --|tIf I should cast off this tattered 
       coat --|tGod lay dead in Heaven --|tA spirit sped. --|tWar
       is kind.|tDo not weep, maiden, for war is kind --|t"What 
       says the sea, little shell? --|tTo the maiden --|tA little
       ink more or less! --|t"Have you ever made a just man?" --
       |tI explain the silvered passing of a ship at night --|t"I
       have heard the sunset song of the birches --|tFast rode 
       the night --|tForth went the candid man --|tYou tell me 
       this is God? --|tOn the desert --|tA newspaper is a 
       collection of half-injustices --|tThe wayfarer --|tA slant
       of sun on dull brown walls --|tOnce a man clambering to 
       the house-tops --|tThere was a man with a tongue of wood -
       -|tThe successful man has thrust himself --|tIn the night 
       --|tThe chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top --|tThe 
       impact of a dollar upon the heart --|tA man said to the 
       universe --|tWhen the prophet, a complacent fat man --
       |tThere was a land where lived no violets --|tThere was 
       one I met upon the road --|tAye, workman, make me a dream 
       --|tEach small gleam was a voice --|tThe trees in the 
       garden rained flowers --|t"Intrigue": Thou art my love --
       |t"Intrigue": Love forgive me if I wish you grief --
       |t"Intrigue": Ah, God the way your little finger moved --
       |t"Intrigue": Once I saw thee idly rocking --|t"Intrigue":
       Tell me why, behind thee --|t"Intrigue": And yet I have 
       seen thee happy with me --|t"Intrigue": I heard thee laugh
       --|t"Intrigue": I wonder if sometimes in the dusk --
       |t"Intrigue": Love met me at noonday --|t"Intrigue": I 
       have seen thy face aflame. 
505 80 |tWestern Sketches.|tNebraska's bitter fight for life --
       |tSeen at Hot Springs --|tGrand opera in New Orleans --
       |tThe City of Mexico --|tThe Viga Canal --|tThe Mexican 
       lower classes --|tStephen Crane in Mexico (I) --|tFree 
       silver down in Mexico --|tStephen Crane in Mexico (II) --
       |tA jag of pulque is heavy --|tThe fete of Mardi Gras --
       |tHats, shirts, and spurs in Mexico --|tStephen Crane in 
       Texas --|tGalveston, Texas, in 1895. --|tIrish Sketches.
       |tQueenstown --|tBallydehob --|tThe royal Irish 
       constabulary --|tA fishing village --|tAn old man goes 
       wooing. --|gIII. Reports.|tNews from Asbury Park.|tAvon 
       seaside assembly --|tAvon's school by the sea --|tBiology 
       at Avon-by-the-Sea --|tHowells discussed at Avon-by-the-
       sea --|tMeetings begun at Ocean Grove --|tCrowding into 
       Asbury Park --|tJoys of seaside life --|tSummer dwellers 
       at Asbury Park and their doings --|tOn the boardwalk --
       |tAlong the Shark River --|tParades and entertainments --
       |tThe Seaside assembly's work at Avon --|tThe Seaside 
       assembly (II) --|tThe Seaside hotel hop.|tPossible 
       attributions.|tMr. Yatman's conversions --|tA prosperous 
       year at Asbury Park --|tWorkers at Ocean Grove --|tJoys of
       the Jersey Coast --|tLightning's pranks at Asbury Park --
       |tGuests at Avon-by-the-Sea --|tThrongs at Asbury Park --
       |tHigh tide at Ocean Grove --|tThe babies on parade at 
       Asbury Park --|t"Pinafore" at Asbury Park --|tAsbury Park 
       --|tAsbury Park's big broad walk --|tImprovements at Ocean
       Grove --|tLightning on the Jersey Coast --|tArriving at 
       Ocean Grove --|tStatuary at Asbury Park --|tImprovements 
       at Avon-by-the-Sea --|tOn the banks of Shark River --|tAll
       open in spite of Mr. Bradley --|tThe Seaside assembly (I) 
       --|tA baby parade on the board walk --|tThe guests rose to
       the occasion --|tArt at Avon-by-the-sea --|tFlowers at 
       Asbury Park --|tA multitude of guests at Asbury Park --
       |tBaby parade at Asbury Park --|tSummer athletic sports at
       Asbury Park --|tThe height of the season at Asbury Park.
       |tNews, commentary, and descriptions.|tHenry M. Stanley --
       |tBaseball --|tThe king's favor --|tA foreign policy, in 
       three glimpses --|tGreat bugs in Onondaga --|tThe wreck of
       the new era --|tAcross the covered pit --|tThe gratitude 
       of the nation --|tIn the depths of a coal mine --|gFirst 
       draft --|tPike County puzzle --|tHowells fears the 
       realists must wait --|tGhosts on the Jersey Coast --|tMiss
       Louise Gerard, soprano --|tThe ghostly sphinx of 
       Metedeconk --|tSix years afloat --|tAsbury Park as seen by
       Stephen Crane --|tAdventures of a novelist --|gManuscript 
       fragment -- Typescript --|tThe devil's acre --|tHarvard 
       University against the Carlisle Indians --|tHow Princeton 
       met Harvard at Cambridge --|tA birthday word from novelist
       Stephen Crane --|tOuida's masterpiece --|tNew invasion of 
       Britain --|tLondon impressions --|tThe european letters --
       |tHow the Afridis made a Ziarat --|tHarold Frederic --
       |tConcerning the English "Academy" --|tThe blood of a 
       martyr --|tThe scotch express --|tFrance's would-be hero -
       -|t"If the cup once gets over here--" --|tStephen Crane 
       says: Edwin Markham is his first choice for the American 
       academy. --|tPossible attributions.|tLondon's firemen fall
       from grace --|tEngland a land of anxious mothers --|gThe 
       text : history and analysis /|rFredson Bowers. 
505 80 |gUncollected poems.|t"I'd Rather Have__": Last Christmas 
       they gave me a sweater --|tAh, haggard purse, why ope thy 
       mouth --|tLittle birds of the night --|tA god came to a 
       man --|tOne came from the skies --|tThere is a grey thing 
       that lives in the tree-tops --|tIntermingled --|tA soldier,
       young in years, young in ambitions --|tA row of thick 
       pillars --|tChant you loud of punishments --|tIf you would
       seek a friend among men --|tA lad and a maid at a curve in
       the stream --|t"Legends": A man builded a bugle for the 
       storms to blow --|t"Legends": When the suicide arrived at 
       the sky --|t"Legends": A man said: "Thou tree!" --
       |t"Legends": A warrior stood upon a peak and defied the 
       stars --|t"Legends": The wind that waves the blossoms --
       |tOh, a rare old wine ye brewed for me --|tTell me not in 
       joyous numbers --|tWhen a people reach the top of a hill -
       -|tA man adrift on a slim spar --|tThere exists the 
       eternal fact of conflict --|tOn the brown trail --
       |tRumbling, buzzing, turning, whirling, Wheels --|t"The 
       Battle Hymn": All-feeling God, hear in the war-night --
       |tUnwind my riddle --|tA naked woman and a dead dwarf --
       |tA grey and boiling street --|tBottles and bottles and 
       bottles --|tThe patent of a lord --|tMy cross!|gLiterary 
       remains.|t[Notes on Madame Alberti] --|t[The Twelfth 
       Cavalry and the Indian Wars] --|t[Mr. Richard Edgemont 
       Sharp] --|t"Jack" --|t[A small black and white and tan 
       hound] --|t[Apache crossing] --|t[In the country of 
       rhymers and writers] --|tThe camera in a compromising 
       position --|t[Listen oh man-with-a-gigantic-nerve] --
       |t[Hearken, hearken, oh, man-with-a-copper-stomach] --|tA 
       flurry of condensed milk --|tA desertion --|t[Gustave and 
       Marie] --|gLiterary notes --|tIn brief --|t[Matinee girls]
       --|t[Little heap of matches] --|t[Sixth Avenue] --|t[A 
       mournful old building] --|t[The toy shop] --|t[Mexican 
       sketch] --|t[Frankly I do not consider] --|t[He told me 
       all he knew] --|tDan Emmonds --|t[During a session of 
       Congress] --|t[The right of arrest] --|t[New York boarding
       house tale] --|t[Church parade] --|t[And his name shall be
       called under truth] --|t[Play set in a French tavern] --
       |tThings Stephen says --|t[Spanish-American war play] --
       |tPlans for a new novel --|tPlans for story --|tThe fire-
       tribe and the pale-face : play --|tThe fire-tribe and the 
       white-face : Spitzbergen tale --|gAppendixes. Poems.|tThe 
       text : history and analysis /|rFredson Bowers --
       |gApparatus. --|tLiterary Remains --|gThe text : history 
       and analysis /|rFredson Bowers --|tApparatus to use in 
       Stephens life --|gAddenda to Volume VIII. Tales and 
       sketches.|tHow the ocean was formed --|gNew York City 
       sketches.|tKellar turns medium. 
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650  0 Short stories, American.|0
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776 08 |iOnline version:|aCrane, Stephen, 1871-1900.|sWorks. 
       1969.|tUniversity of Virginia edition of the works of 
       Stephen Crane.|dCharlottesville : University Press of 
       Virginia, 1969-1975|w(OCoLC)573259208. 
776 08 |iOnline version:|aCrane, Stephen, 1871-1900.|sWorks. 
       1969.|tUniversity of Virginia edition of the works of 
       Stephen Crane.|dCharlottesville : University Press of 
       Virginia, 1969-1975|w(OCoLC)608583474. 
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