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Author Niedecker, Lorine.
Title Works. 2002
Collected works / Lorine Niedecker ; edited by Jenny Penberthy.
Imprint Berkeley : University of California Press, [2002]

Author Niedecker, Lorine.
Alt Name Penberthy, Jenny Lynn, 1953-
Description xxiii, 471 pages : facsimiles ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0520224337 (cloth : alk. paper)
0520224345 (paper : alk. paper)
OCLC # 47989785
Table of Contents
 Life and Writing1
 This Edition13
 Mourning Dove23
 Promise of Brilliant Funeral24
 When Ecstasy is Inconvenient25
 For exhibition33
 Beyond what34
 I heard34
 Memorial Day34
 Stage Directions35
 Will You Write Me a Christmas Poem?37
 Next Year or I Fly My Rounds Tempestuous41
 Domestic and Unavoidable68
 The President of the Holding Company71
 Fancy Another Day Gone73
 O let's glee glow as we go85
 Troubles to win85
 A country's economics sick86
 Lady in the Leopard Coat86
 Jim Poor's his name86
 Scuttle up the workshop87
 There was a bridge once that said I'm going87
 When do we live again Ann87
 Missus Dorra88
 No retiring summer stroke88
 To war they kept89
 Petrou his name was sorrow89
 The eleventh of progressional90
 Young girl to marry90
 I spent my money90
 Trees over the roof91
 Don't shoot the rail!92
 Hop press92
 Ash woods, willow, close to shore93
 The music, lady94
 For sun and moon and radio94
 She had tumult of the brain94
 My coat threadbare95
 Mr. Van Ess bought 14 washcloths?95
 Not feeling well, my wood uncut95
 Remember my little granite pail?96
 A lawnmower's one of the babies I'd have96
 My man says the wind blows from the south97
 Du Bay97
 I'm a sharecropper98
 Here it gives the laws for fishing thru the ice -98
 On Columbus Day he set out for the north98
 Black Hawk held: In reason99
 We know him - Law and Order League -99
 The clothesline post is set100
 I said to my head, Write something100
 Grampa's got his old age pension100
 There's a better shine101
 The museum man!101
 That woman! - eyeing houses101
 Hand Crocheted Rug102
 They came at a pace102
 I doubt I'll get silk stockings out103
 To see the man who took care of our stock103
 A monster owl103
 Gen. Rodimstev's story (Stalingrad)104
 Birds' mating-fight104
 From my bed I see104
 Asa Gray wrote Increase Lapham105
 Well, spring overflows the land107
 van Gogh108
 What a woman! - hooks men like rugs108
 The brown muskrat, noiseless109
 The broad-leaved Arrow-head109
 To a Maryland editor, 1943110
 Summer's away, I traded my chicks for trees110
 She was a mourner too. Now she's gone111
 Seven years a charming woman wore111
 The land of four o'clocks is here111
 Just before she died112
 Brought the enemy down112
 Nothing nourishing112
 The number of Britons killed113
 Old Hamilton hailed the man from the grocery store113
 Motor cars113
 Allied Convoy/Reaches Russia114
 Depression years114
 Coopered at Fish Creek114
 A working man appeared in the street115
 Woman with Umbrella115
 Automobile Accident116
 Look, the woods, the sky, our home116
 Coming out of Sleep116
 I walked/from Chicago to Big Bull Falls (Wausau)117
 See the girls in shorts on their bicycles118
 When Johnny (Chapman) Appleseed118
 Tell me a story about the war118
 Poet Percival said: I struck a lode119
 Terrible things coming up119
 Their apples fall down120
 The government men said Don't plant wheat121
 Chimney Sweep125
 Swept snow, Li Po126
 Regards to Mr. Glover126
 Sunday's motor-cars127
 Let's play a game127
 Lugubre for a child128
 Could You Be Right129
 Look close129
 If I were a bird130
 High, lovely, light131
 Letter from Paul132
 Two old men132
 Paul, hello133
 So this was I133
 Am I real way out in space134
 On a row of cabins/next my home134
 In moonlight lies135
 The cabin door flew open135
 The elegant office girl136
 When brown folk lived a distance136
 What bird would light137
 Nearly landless and on the way to water138
 Understand me, dead is nothing138
 How bright you'll find young people139
 If he is of constant depth140
 The young ones go away to school140
 Some have chimes141
 O Tannenbaum141
 In the great snowfall before the bomb142
 Not all that's heard is music. We leave143
 Tell me a story about the war144
 Laval, Pomeret, Petain144
 Thure Kumlien145
 Shut up in woods145
 Your father to me in your eighth summer146
 To Paul now old enough to read146
 What horror to awake at night147
 Sorrow moves in wide waves148
 Jesse James and his brother Frank148
 May you have lumps in your mashed potatoes149
 Old Mother turns blue and from us149
 I hear the weather150
 Can knowledge be conveyed that isn't felt?150
 Ten o'clock151
 Adirondack Summer151
 The slip of a girl-announcer152
 Now go to the party152
 Dear Paul153
 My father said "I remember"154
 You know, he said, they used to make154
 He built four houses155
 In Europe they grow a new bean while here155
 Paul/when the leaves156
 I've been away from poetry157
 I am sick with the Time's buying sickness157
 The death of my poor father157
 To Aeneas who closed his piano158
 My friend the black and white collie159
 "Oh ivy green"159
 As I shook the dust160
 They live a cool distance160
 Violin Debut161
 Horse, hello162
 Energy glows at the lips -162
 Hi, Hot-and-Humid163
 Woman in middle life163
 We physicians watch the juices rise163
 European Travel/(Nazi New Order)165
 Depression years165
 So you're married, young man165
 She grew where every spring166
 I sit in my own house167
 On hearing/the wood pewee167
 Along the river168
 He moved in light168
 Keen and lovely man moved as in a dance169
 He lived - childhood sumnmers169
 I rose from marsh mud170
 Dear Mona, Mary and all171
 Don't tell me property is sacred!172
 February almost March bites the cold173
 People, people -173
 July, waxwings174
 Old man who seined174
 Mother is dead174
 The graves175
 Happy New Year176
 Linnaeus in Lapland181
 Fog-thick morning -181
 Cricket-song -182
 Musical Toys182
 I fear this war183
 Van Gogh could see183
 No matter where you are183
 How white the gulls184
 Springtime's wide184
 Dusk -185
 Beautiful girl -185
 My friend tree186
 In Leonardo's light189
 You are my friend -189
 Come In190
 The men leave the car190
 The wild and wavy event191
 My life is hung up193
 Get a load194
 Poet's work194
 Property is poverty -194
 Now in one year195
 Club 26196
 To foreclose197
 To my small/electric pump197
 T. E. Lawrence198
 As I paint the street198
 Art Center199
 Consider at the outset200
 Ah your face200
 Alcoholic dream200
 To my pres-/sure pump201
 Something in the water202
 If only my friend203
 Frog noise/suddenly stops203
 In the transcendence204
 To whom204
 Margaret Fuller205
 Watching dan-/cers on skates205
 Hospital Kitchen205
 Chicory flower/on campus206
 Fall ("Early morning corn")206
 Letter from lan207
 Some float off on chocolate bars207
 I knew a clean man208
 So he said/on radio209
 I visit/the graves210
 For best work210
 The obliteration211
 The park/"a darling walk/for the mind"212
 Who was Mary Shelley?212
 Wild strawberries213
 Last night the trash barrel217
 The boy tossed the news217
 Popcorn-can cover218
 Lights, lifts218
 O late fall219
 Churchill's Death219
 The Badlands220
 A student220
 Bird singing221
 Easter Greeting221
 City Talk222
 As praiseworthy223
 They've lost their leaves223
 My mother saw the green tree toad223
 Autumn Night225
 Nothing to speak of226
 I lost you to water, summer227
 I married228
 You see here228
 Your erudition229
 Why can't I be happy230
 And what you liked230
 Cleaned all surfaces231
 Young in Fall I said: the birds231
 In every part of every living thing232
 Iron the common element of earth232
 (The long/canoes)233
 Through all this granite land233
 And at the blue ice superior spot233
 Ruby of corundum234
 Wild Pigeon235
 Schoolcraft left the Soo - canoes235
 Inland then236
 The smooth black stone236
 I'm sorry to have missed237
 My Life by Water237
 Far reach239
 We are what the seas240
 What cause have you240
 The eye241
 For best work242
 Fall ("We must pull")242
 Unsurpassed in beauty243
 Human bean243
 High class human244
 Ah your face244
 Sewing a dress245
 I walked/on New Year's Day245
 J. F. Kennedy after/the Bay of Pigs246
 Wintergreen Ridge247
 Paean to Place261
 The man of law271
 Not all harsh sounds displease -271
 Jefferson and Adams271
 Katharine Anne273
 Thomas Jefferson275
 The Ballad of Basil282
 Nursery Rhyme285
 Three Americans285
 Blue and white286
 The soil is poor286
 Wallace Stevens287
 Sleep's dream287
 Waded, watched, warbled288
 Illustrated night clock's288
 Thomas Jefferson Inside291
 His Carpets Flowered292
 Switchboard Girl335
 The evening's automobiles ...338
 As I Lay Dying343
 from Taste and Tenderness361
 Contents Lists That Differ from Order in This Volume459
 Index of Titles or First Lines467

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