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Q11 .N5 v.266 : Pathobiology of invertebrate vectors of disease : [papers] / edited by Lee A. Bulla, Jr. and Thomas C. Cheng.  1975 1
Q11 .N5 v.364 : The Clever Hans phenomenon : communication with horses, whales, apes, and people / edited by Thomas A. Sebeok and Robert Rosenthal.  1981 1
Q11 .N5 v.441 : Science and technology in medieval society / edited by Pamela O. Long.  1985 1
Q11 .N5 v.443 : Experimental assessments and clinical applications of conditioned food aversions / edited by Norman S. Braveman and Paul Bronstein.  1985 1
Q11 .P6   9
Q11 .P6 n.s.   28
Q11 .P6 n.s.v.73 pt.6 : Ripon Minster : the beginning of the Gothic style in northern England / M.F. Hearn.  1983 1
Q11 .P6 n.s.v.78 1988 pt.7 : The Wittich connection : conflict and priority in late sixteenth-century cosmology / Owen Gingerich and Robert S. Westman.  1988 1
Q11 .P612 v.173 : From Latin to Spanish / by Paul M. Lloyd.  c1987- 1
Q11 .S66   87
Q11 .S672   29
Q11 .S732 1934 : A study guide in general science and biology for the Smithsonian scientific series. / Prepared by Morris Meister, Louis Eisman [and] Alexander Joseph.  1936 1
Q11.S8 C3 : James Smithson and the Smithsonian story / by Leonard Carmichael and J.C. Long.  1965 1
Q11.S8 O39 1970 : The Smithsonian Institution / Paul H. Oehser  1970 1
Q11.S8 O4 1968 : Sons of science; the story of the Smithsonian Institution and its leaders / Paul H. Oehser.  1968 1
Q11.S8 S8 : The Smithsonian experience : science, history, the arts ... the treasures of the nation.  1977 1
Q11.S8 T7 1934 : The Smithsonian institution / by Webster Prentiss True.  1934 1
Q11.S8 T74 : Treasures of the Smithsonian / general editor, John S. Bowman.  1992 1
Q11 .S872 : Smithsonian year; annual report of the Smithsonian Institution.    1
Q11 .U5   21
Q11 .U6 no.100 v.5 : Ophiurans of the Philippine seas and adjacent waters / by René Kœhler ... <Manuscript tr. by Austin H. Clark>  1922 1
Q11 .U6 no.104   2
Q11 .U6 no.109 : Contributions to a history of American state geological and natural history surveys / ed. and comp. by George P. Merrill.  1920 1
Q11 .U6 no.118 : Handbook and descriptive catalogue of the collections of gems and precious stones in the United States National museum / by George P. Merrill ... assisted by Margaret W. Moodey and Edgar T. Wherry.  1922 1
Q11 .U6 no.122 : A monograph of the American shipworms / by Paul Bartsch.  1922 1
Q11 .U6 no.123 : Revision of the North American moths of the subfamily Eucosminae of the family Olethreutidae, by Carl Heinrich.  1923 1
Q11 .U6 no.124 : The type species of the genera of Chalcidoidea or Chalcidflies / by A. Gahan and Margaret M. Fagan.  1923 1
Q11 .U6 no.127 : Catalogue of the watercraft collection in the United States National museum, compiled and edited by Carl W. Mitman.  1923 1
Q11 .U6 no.128 : List of North American recent mammals 1923 / by Gerrit S. Miller jr.  1924 1
Q11 .U6 no.213 : Automobiles and motorcycles in the U.S. National Museum.  1957 1
Q41 .L8 Ser .A v.267 no.1181 : A Discussion on the structure and evolution of the Red Sea and the nature of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Ethiopia Rift Junction. / Organized by N.L.Falcon, I.G.Gass, R.W.Girdler and A.S.Laughton.  1970 1
Q41 .L8 Ser .A v.274 no.1238 : Mount Etna and the 1971 eruption / edited by J.E. Guest and R.R. Skelhorn.  1973 1
Q41 .L8 Ser.A v.271 no.1213 : A discussion on volcanism and the structure of the earth. / Organized by J. Sutton, P.A. Sabine and R.R. Skelhorn.  1972 1
Q41 .L8 Ser.A v.273 no.1235 : A Discussion on the evolution of the Precambrian crust / organized by J. Sutton and B.F. Windley.  1973 1
Q41 .L8 Ser.A v.274 no.1239 : A Discussion on the measurement and interpretation of changes of strain in the earth / organized by Alan H. Cook ... [and others].  1973 1
Q41.L85 H35 : All scientists now : the Royal Society in the nineteenth century / Marie Boas Hall.  1984 1
Q41.L85 L9 1968 : The Royal Society, 1660-1940 : a history of its administration under its charters.  1968 1
Q41.L85 S7 : Scientists and amateurs, a history of the Royal Society / Dorothy Stimson.  1948 1
Q45b : The blind men and the elephant; an old tale from the land of India / re-told by Lillian Quigley. Illustrated by Janice Holland.  1959 1
Q60 .G67 : The Soviet Academy of Sciences and the Communist Party, 1927-1932 / by Loren R. Graham.  1967 1
Q101 .S3 : Science and technology in developing countries; proceedings of a conference held at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 27 November-2 December 1967 / edited by Claire Nader and A. B. Zahlan, with the assistance of Soraya Antonius.  1969 1
Q105 .W4 1962 : Your science fair: an opportunity for youth; a guidebook to successful science exhibits / by Arden F. Welte, James Dimond [and] Alfred Friedl.  1962 1
Q111 .A5 : Exploring the universe. / Edited by Louise B. Young.  1963 1
Q111 .J58 1963a : Science before Darwin; a nineteenth-century anthology. / Edited by Howard Mumford Jones and I. Bernard Cohen, with the assistance of Everett Mendelsohn.  1963 1
Q111 .K47 : Masterworks of science ; digests of 13 great classics / edited by John Warren Knedler, Jr.  1947 1
Q111 .K5 : Classics of modern science (Copernicus to Pasteur) Edited by William S. Knickerbocker ...  1927 1
q 111 m6 : The autobiography of science / edited by Forest Ray Moulton and Justus J. Schifferes.  1945 1
Q111 .R78 : A treasury of world science. / With an introd. by Wernher von Braun.  1962 1
Q111 .S48 1965 : Treasury of science  1965 1
Q113 .A83 : The beginning and the end / Isaac Asimov.  1977 1
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