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    Year Entries
QE389.625 .E84 : Clay minerals for petroleum geologists and engineers / by Eric Eslinger and David Pevear.  1988 1
QE389.625 .V44 : Clays and clay minerals in natural and synthetic systems / B. Velde.  1977 1
QE389.625 .W4 : The chemistry of clay minerals / by Charles E. Weaver and Lin D. Pollard.  1973 1
QE389.64 .P46 : Phosphate minerals / edited by J.O. Nriagu and P.B. Moore ; with contributions by F. Betts ... [and others].  1984 1
QE389.64 .S5 : GĂ©ologie des phosphates sĂ©dimentaires. English  1986 1
QE390 .M47 : Metallogeny and global tectonics / edited by Wilfred Walker.  1976 1
QE390 .T55 : Time- and strata-bound ore deposits / edited by D. D. Klemm and H. J. Schneider.  1977 1
QE390.2.M35 M36 : Manganese mineralization : geochemistry and mineralogy of terrestrial and marine deposits / edited by Keith Nicholson ... [and others].  1997 1
QE390.2.U7 U75 : Uranium in sedimentary rocks : application of the facies concept to exploration : short course notes / edited by Christine E. Turner-Peterson.  1980 1
QE390.2.U7 Z99 C6 : Bibliography and index of literature on uranium and thorium and radioactive occurrences in the United States. part 5: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.  1958 1
QE390.5 .A58 : Alteration and alteration processes associated with ore-forming systems / editor/organizer, D.R. Lentz ; authors, H.J. Abercrombie ... [and others].  1994 1
QE391.A6 M3 : Apatite; its crystal chemistry, mineralogy, utilization, and geologic and biologic occurrences / D. McConnell.  1973 1
QE391.B55 S56 : Mineralogy and geological significance of the Mowry bentonites, Wyoming / M. Slaughter and J. W. Early.  1965 1
QE391.F3 B3 : Feldspars / Tom. F. W. Barth.  1969 1
QE391.F3 E5 : Selected petrogenic relationships of plagioclase / by R. C. Emmons, editor [and others.  1953 1
QE391.F3 N37 1972 : The feldspars; proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute, Manchester, 11-21 July 1972. / Edited by W. S. Mackenzie [and] J. Zussman.  1974 1
QE391.F3 S58 : Determination of volcanic and plutonic plagioclases using a three-or four-axis universal stage; revision of Turner method.  1962 1
QE391.F3 S63   2
QE391.G37 R6 : Rotated garnets in metamorphic rocks / John L. Rosenfeld.  1970 1
QE391.Q2 K83 : Atlas of quartz sand surface textures / David H. Krinsley [and] John C. Doornkamp.  1973 1
QE391.Z5 G67 : Natural zeolites / Glauco Gottardi, Ermanno Galli.  1985 1
QE392 .B3 : A Roman book on precious stones; including an English modernization of the 37th booke of the Historie of the world / by C. Plinius Secundas [adapted from the English translation of Philemon Holland.  1950 1
QE392 .G92 : Internal world of gemstones; documents from space and time.  1974 1
QE392 .K7 1947 : Gems and gem materials / by Edward Henry Kraus and Chester Baker Slawson.  1947 1
QE392 .K95 1968 : Gems and precious stones of North America : a popular description of their occurrence, value, history, archaeology, and of the collections in which they exist, also a chapter on pearls and on remarkable foreign gems owned in the United States / by George Frederick Kunz.  1968 1
QE392 .L5 1969 : Handbook of gem identification / by Richard T. Liddicoat, Jr. With a foreword by Edward H. Kraus.  1969 1
QE392 .L5 1975 : Handbook of gem identification / by Richard T. Liddicoat, Jr. ; with a foreword to the 1st ed. by Edward H. Kraus.  1975 1
QE392 .V4 : Edelstein; systematik und beschreibung. Precious stones; classification and description.  1966 1
QE392 .W37 1975 : Gems : Their sources, descriptions, and identification / Robert Webster.  1975 1
QE392.5.N6 S5 v.1 : Gemstones of North America. / Colored illus. and line drawings by the author.  c1997 1
QE392.5.N6 S5 v.2 : Gemstones of North America. / Colored illus. and line drawings by the author.  c1997 1
QE393 .B45 : Physical properties of diamond / edited by R. Berman.  1965 1
QE393 .S5 1955 : Famous diamonds of the world. Fascinating stories of famous diamonds which are linked, as are all diamonds, with the ambition of men and the love of women.  1955 1
QE394.O7 P47 1970 : Australian opals in colour / Nance and Ron Perry.  1970 1
QE395 .M65 1934 : Minerals from earth and sky. Part I. The story of meteorites / by George P. Merrill. Part II. Gems and gem minerals, by William F. Foshag.  1934 1
QE399 .O4 : Tektites.  1963 1
QE421 .G45 : Petrologic studies: a volume in honor of A.F. Buddington. / A.E.J. Engel, Harold L. James, and B.F. Leonard, editors.  1962 1
QE430 .W47 1786a : Kurze Klassifikation und Beschreibung der verschiedenen Gebirgsarten. English and German  1971 1
QE431 .B37 1970 : Die Entstehung der Gesteine, ein Lehrbuch der Petrogenese / bearbeitet von Dr. Tom. F.W. Barth ... Dr. Carl W. Correns ... [und] Dr. Pentti Eskola ... Herausgegeben von Dr. Carl W. Correns; mit 210 Textabbildungen.  1970 1
QE431 .B38 : Theoretical petrology; a textbook on the origin and the evolution of rocks.  1952 1
QE431 .B43 : Introduction to petrology.  1968 1
QE431 .G7 : Petrography and petrology / a textbook by Frank F. Grout.  1932 1
QE431 .J26 : Textbook of lithology / Kern C. Jackson.  1970 1
QE431 .M6 1906 : A treatise on rocks, rock-weathering and soils.  1906 1
QE431 .P68 1926 : Rocks and rock minerals; a manual of the elements of petrology without the use of the microscope.  1926 1
QE431 .S7923   3
QE431 .W73 : Petrography ; an introduction to the study of rocks in thin sections / by Howell Williams, Francis J. Turner, and Charles M. Gilbert.  1954 1
QE431.2 .C62 1985 : Coal petrology : its principles, methods, and applications / by R.M. Bustin ... [and others] ; sponsored by the Geological Association of Canada.  1985 1
QE431.2 .F76 : Applications of thermodynamics in metamorphic petrology / Edgar Froese.    1
QE431.2 .N6 : Petrology for students / S. R. Nockolds, R. W. O'B. Knox, G. A. Chinner.  1978 1
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