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    Year Entries
QE75 .B9 no.1790 : Geologic and hydrologic investigations of a potential nuclear waste disposal site at Yucca Mountain, southern Nevada / by Michael D. Carr and James C. Yount, editors.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1792 : Conceptual design for the National Water Information System / by Melvin D. Edwards, Arthur L. Putnam, and Norman E. Hutchison.  1987 1
QE75 .B9 no.1793 : The response of vegetation to disturbance in Death Valley National Monument, California / by Robert H. Webb, John W. Steiger, and Evelyn B. Newman.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1794 : Anhydrite deposits of the United States and characteristics of anhydrite important for storage of radioactive wastes / edited by Walter E. Dean and Kenneth S. Johnson.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1795 : Development of a velocity model for locating aftershocks in the Sierra Pie de Palo region of western Argentina / G.A. Bollinger and C.J. Langer.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1797 : Geology and geochemistry of the Pitch uranium mine area, Saguache County, Colorado / by J. Thomas Nash.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1799 : Potassium-argon ages for plutons in the eastern and southern Sierra Nevada batholith, California : a study of the ages of 26 plutons in the eastern and southern Sierra Nevada / by Edward A. du Bray and David A. Dellinger.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1800 : Stratigraphy of reference sections in the Popotosa formation, Socorro County, New Mexico / by Sigrid Asher-Bolinder.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1801 : Geological history of glacial Lake Algonquin and the Upper Great Lakes / by Curtis E. Larsen.  1987 1
QE75 .B9 no.1802 : Evaluating coinciding anomalies along a fault trace or other traverse--simulations and statistical procedures / by Russell L. Wheeler and Katherine B. Krystinik.  1987 1
QE75 .B9 no.1803 : White mica geochemistry of the Catheart Mountain porphyry copper deposit, Maine / by Robert A. Ayuso.  1987 1
QE75 .B9 no.1804 : Principal reference section for the Santa Rosa Formation of Middle and Late Triassic age, Guadalupe County, New Mexico / edited by Warren I. Finch.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1806 : New potassium-argon ages, geochemistry, and tectonic setting of upper Cenozoic volcanic rocks near Blackfoot, Idaho / by Karl S. Kellogg and Richard F. Marvin.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1807 : Analysis of stream-profile data and inferred tectonic activity, eastern Ozark Mountains region / by F.A. McKeown ... [and others].  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808-B-D : Depositional environments of the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation in the eastern San Juan Basin and vicinity, New Mexico / by Russell F. Dubiel. Trace fossils and mollusks from the upper member of the Wanaka Formation, Chama Basin, New Mexico : evidence for a lacustrine origin / by Jennie L. Ridgley. Stratigraphy, facies, and paleotectonic history of Mississippian rocks in the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico and adjacent areas / by Augustus K. Armstrong and Lee D. Holcomb.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808 E-F : Revisions of Middle Jurassic nomenclature in the southeastern San Juan basin, New Mexico / by Steven M. Condon. Eolian and noneolian facies of the Lower Permian Cedar Mesa Sandstone Member of the Cutler Formation, southeastern Utah / by John D. Stanesco and John A. Campbell.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808-G : X-ray diffraction studies of the <0.5-[mu]m fraction from the Brushy Basin Member of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Colorado Plateau / by Douglass E. Owen, Christine E. Turner-Peterson, and Neil S. Fishman.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808-H : Regional diagenesis of sandstones in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado : geologic, chemical, and kinetic constraints / by Paula L. Hansley.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808-I : Geochemistry of Mariano Lake-Lake Valley cores, McKinley County, New Mexico / by Joel S. Leventhal ; with an appendix on chemical analyses and precision by J.S. Leventhal, C.A. Gent, and F.E. Lichte.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808-J-K : New interpretations of the stratigraphy and sedimentology of uppermost Jurassic to lowermost Upper Cretaceous strata in the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico / by William M. Aubrey. X-ray diffraction studies of the <2-[mu]m fraction from the upper part of the Brushy Basin Member of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation and the Lower Cretaceous Burro Canyon Formation in the Four Corners area, Colorado / by Gary Skipp and W.M. Aubrey.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808N : Upper Cenomanian foraminifers from the southern part of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico / by Mary Alice Carey.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808-O : Stratigraphy, structure, and paleogeography of Pennsylvanian and Permian rocks, San Juan Basin and adjacent areas, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico / by A. Curtis Huffman, Jr. and Steven M. Condon.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1808-P : Authigenic albite in a Jurassic alkaline, saline lake deposit, Colorado plateau : evidence for early diagenetic origin / by Neil S. Fishman, Christine E. Turner, and Isabelle K. Brownfield.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1809 : Bass Lake quadrangle, west-central Sierra Nevada, California--analytic data / by Paul C. Bateman.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1810 : The muPETROL expert system for classifying world sedimentary basins / by Betty M. Miller.  1987 1
QE75 .B9 no.1811 : Descriptive and grade-tonnage models of volcanogenic manganese deposits in oceanic environments : a modification / by Dan L. Mosier and Norman J Page.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1813 : Geology of the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary coal-bearing rocks in the western part of the Wind River Basin, Wyoming / by Nelson L. Hickling, Ralph C. Warlow, and John F. Windolph, Jr.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1814 : The Paxton Group of southeastern New England / by Patrick J. Barosh and George E. Moore, Jr.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1815 : Geology and metallogeny of Archean and Proterozoic basement terranes in the northern midcontinent, U.S.A.--an overview / by P.K. Sims, Eva B. Kisvarsanyi, and G.B. Morey ; prepared in cooperation with the Missouri Geological Survey and Minnesota Geological Survey.  1987 1
QE75 .B9 no.1818 : Geology and resource appraisal of the Felix coal deposit, Powder River Basin, Wyoming : a research project with the People's Republic of China / by Bion H. Kent [and five others].  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1820 : Deformation in the Stensgar Mountain quadrangle, Stevens County, Washington / by James G. Evans.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1822 : Stacked crystalline thrust sheets and episodes of regional metamorphism in northeastern Georgia and northwestern South Carolina : a reinterpretation / by Arthur E. Nelson.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1823 : Methods for sampling and inorganic analysis of coal / edited by D.W. Golightly and F.O. Simon.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1824 : Rocks and structure of the southern Sapphire Mountains, Granite and Ravalli Counties, Western Montana / by C.A. Wallace [and three others].  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1825 : Cyclic triaxial tests of the Bootlegger Cove Formation, Anchorage, Alaska / by Poul V. Lade, Randall G. Updike, and David A. Cole.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1827 : Segmentation of the Wasatch fault zone, Utah--summaries, analyses, and interpretations of geological and geophysical data / by Russell L. Wheeler and Katherine B. Krystinik.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1828 : Some slope movement problems in Windsor County, Vermont, 1984 / by Charles A. Baskerville and Gregory C. Ohlmacher ; prepared in cooperation with the Vermont Geological Survey.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1829 : Eocene to Miocene biostratigraphy of New Jersey core ACGS #4 : implications for regional stratigraphy / by Richard Z. Poore and Laurel M. Bybell.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1830 : Quantitative petrographic analysis of mid-Cretaceous sandstones, southwestern Montana / by T.S. Dyman, K.B. Krystinik, and K.I. Takahashi.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1831 : Index of granitic rock masses in the state of Nevada : a compilation of data on 205 areas of exposed granitic rock masses in Nevada / by Florian Maldonado [and three others] ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1832 : Liquefaction potential in the central Mississippi Valley / by Stephen F. Obermeier.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1833 : Stratigraphy and lithocorrelation of the Snowslip Formation (Middle Proterozoic Belt Supergroup), Glacier National Park, Montana / by James W. Whipple and Sue N. Johnson.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1834 : The Betsie Shale Member : a datum for exploration and stratigraphic analysis of the lower part of the Pennsylvanian in the Central Appalachian Basin / by Charles L. Rice [and others].  1987 1
QE75 .B9 no.1835 : Lithological, geotechnical properties analysis, and geophysical log interpretation of U.S. Geological Survey drill holes IC-79, 2C-80, CW 81-2, and CE 82-1, Tyonek Formation, Upper Cook Inlet region, Alaska / by Jack K. Odum [and four others] ; prepared in cooperation with the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1837 : Shorter contributions to paleontology and stratigraphy / edited by William J. Sando.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1838 : Predictive model for important ground motion parameters associated with large and great earthquakes / by J.F. Evernden and J.M. Thomson.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1839 A-D : Evolution of sedimentary basins--Appalachian basin.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1839-E,F : Structural and stratigraphic framework of the Giles County area, a part of the Appalachian Basin of Virginia and West Virginia / by Robert C. McDowell and Arthur P. Schultz. Late paleozoic depositional trends in the Central Appalachian Basin / by Kenneth J. Englund and Roger E. Thomas.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1839-G-H : Stratigraphic framework of Cambrian and Ordovician rocks in the central Appalachian basin from Morrow County, Ohio, to Pendleton County, West Virginia / by Robert T. Ryder. Depositional environment of the Fincastle Conglomerate near Roanoke, Virginia / by Chrysa M. Cullather.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1839-I-J : Principal oil and gas plays in the Appalachian basin (Province 131) / by Wallace de Witt, Jr. Middle Eocene intrusive igneous rocks of the central Appalachian valley and ridge province-setting, chemistry, and implications for crustal structure / by C. Scott Southworth, Karen J. Gray, and John F. Sutter.  1992 1
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